uh listen I get that 1D’s shitty team trained people to think Harry doing anything for himself is a betrayal to the other boys and somehow means the fate of the band rests on only his shoulders but… considering it’s been over a year since the hiatus started… meaning as a band they aren’t currently active… and he’s only now dropping something music wise after being ghost for so long and the rest of them have ALL been publicly working on or releasing solo material for months… it doesn’t exactly make sense to still be claiming that does it

Home (Sidlink oneshot)

Here’s some more sidlink. This one is really short and fluffy but oh well.

Pairing: Sidlink (prince sidon x link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: G

Word Count: 689 (Wow this one is really short sorry.)

Warnings: PDA

Most people just looked at Link strangely whenever he talked about ‘home.’ Out of all the places he had discovered during his travels, why would the Zora Domain be the one he considered ‘home’?

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Her comment I guess was deleted but this asshole was like “I thought that was a man at first.” Usually I ignore dumb things like that but I’ve been kinda dysphoric so I genuinely was triggered and kinda of saw red and contradicted myself with girl hate… I feel bad but I don’t apologize for dumb white girls like her.

anonymous asked:

If a character is stuck in an abusive relationship, would it still be a No to romanticize them cheating?

So this was something I thought about before I added that to the list, and I’ve continued to think about it since, and I still don’t have a perfect answer.

Here’s what it boils down to for me:

If someone is trapped in an abusive relationship–or in a relationship they didn’t choose or don’t want to be in but can’t safely leave–and they mange to safely find someone they love who isn’t abusive, that is good. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with writing as a good thing.

That being said, I don’t think that contributes to the romanticization of cheating. At least to me, they are conceptually different issues, in large part because, when I am talking about cheating, I am referring to relationships where everyone involved has some choice in being in the relationship.

Here’s an example of how I’ve seen cheating romanticized in a story before (it’s a generic example, not from any specific story that I’m thinking of):

A woman is in a long-term relationship with a man. They fell in love but now he’s away a lot for business. She feels lonely and neglected but doesn’t talk to him about it for no clear reason. She also doesn’t leave the relationship despite being unhappy in it. One day she runs into a man she used to have romantic and/or sexual feelings for. They start talking. They have sex. They start an affair. She falls in love with him. Her significant other comes home at some unexpected time, finds out, gets angry, is presented as being the bad guy for never being around, and so of course she would find someone else to sleep with. He does or threatens something bad to her and/or leaves. She is temporarily separated from the man she’s been having an affair with but ultimately they declare their love to each other and end up together.

In this case, she had a choice to 1) talk to her SO about feeling lonely, 2) break off her relationship with her SO, 3) discuss the concept of an open relationship with her SO, or 4) do none of the above but also not engage in an affair, and instead she broke the agreement they presumably made to be monogomous and engaged in an affair.

That is a very different situation from a person in an abusive relationship they can’t safely leave finding someone who isn’t abusive.

That’s why I don’t consider them the same thing.

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I don't think it's homophobia with Jill. It literally is her job to get people to reproduce. And she's best friend with Gil, I'm sure she doesn't say that out of malice but more like to tease him. And with 20 000 humans, everyone is important to get the species to continue, the context makes it have sense to me. Plus my Ryder gets to be a dad :D I want to see the baby in the next game.

Jill knows that there are families in Andromeda, older people, infertile people or even children that might have lost their parents during the trip and who could be adopted… But she pressures her gay best friend and makes him feel he needs to have children to “contribute” to the Initiative, despite the fact that he IS already contributing, in a BIG way. 

So we’re not talking about some cute little relationship where a platonic couple raises kids because they really want to. If we were, I wouldn’t be upset? 
We’re talking about the only mlm LI who is constantly talking about the “biological imperative” and his guilt and unhealthy relationship with his best friend, making it hard for people to even talk to him. He is also, so far, the ONLY one who is constantly talking about it. Other people aren’t, despite the fact that nothing indicates they want children or even that they can. 

This is really bad.