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sterek + things you said when we were the happiest we ever were, please?

Stiles was the one to propose. 

He and Derek had been walking down the street, hand in hand, enjoying the sunny day, and it had just felt so completely right to turn to Derek and say, “marry me,” while interrupting what Derek had been saying.

“What?” Derek had choked out, frozen in the middle of the sidewalk. 

Stiles had just turned to Derek’s shocked form and smiled, moving close to Derek and repeating, “marry me,” in a whisper. 

“Okay,” Derek had replied with a nod after a long moment of still shocked silence from the man. 

Stiles had smiled and kissed Derek hard, had kissed him messily, in the middle of that sidewalk next to a convience store, people walking around them, some looking at them with annoyed looks for interrupting their steady and fast walk, and others looking at them with smiles on their faces, others just looking confused. It didn’t matter, anyway. 

“You and me always, right?” Stiles had murmured once they broke the kiss. 

“For forever and a day,” Derek had replied, and that was the sappiest they got before Stiles took Derek’s hand and they continued on with their walk as if they hadn’t just gotten engaged, small smiles on their faces.


Lydia had insisted on a big wedding, even though Stiles and Derek would have preferred a small wedding at the courthouse with just their family and closest friends.

But the outdoor wedding in the woods, with an arch filled with flowers, and the white carpet leading them down the middle aisle, and then the outdoor reception under a big tent, with tables filled through it, and then a dance floor in the middle of all of them, with the big wedding table at the font, hadn’t been so bad either, they had had to conceed to Lydia later that day, music playing as people danced or chatted at their tables.

It was beautiful.

Stiles and Derek had had the first dance, and Stiles had rested his face in the crook of Derek’s shoulder, Derek’s cheek resting on top of his head, and Stiles had felt content, happy. 

“You and me always, right?” Stiles had whispered into Derek’s ear so that no one else, not even the other werewolves, could hear. 

“For forever and a day,” Derek had whispered back, and Stiles had smiled in response and layed his head back on Derek’s shoulder, swaying back and forth with his brand new husband. 

Husband. Stiles felt giddy at thinking the word. He had a husband, he was a husband now. 

Stiles felt unstoppable. 

A few hours later, Stiles had dragged Derek onto the dance floor when a loud, fast paced song came on and had danced wildly while Derek stood there, arms crossed, shaking his head and refusing to join Stiles in looking ridiculous.

Of course, it was Stiles, so Derek gave in eventually, and forgot about how he had to look to the others, because all he really cared about was how Stiles looked at him.


“Look at her, Derek. Look how beautiful she is.”

“She has your eyes,” Derek murmured, and Stiles looked up at Derek, smile big and wide. 

“She’s got your lips,” Stiles said in response, and Derek smiled, slinging an arm around Stiles’ shoulders as they looked at the sleeping baby girl in Stiles’ arms. 

They’d just come home from the hospital. 

They had found an egg donor who looked as close to Derek in female form as they could, and Erica had been their surrogate. 

Next time, Derek would be the biological father, but that didn’t matter to Derek, anyway. 

The little girl in Stiles’ arms was fully theirs and only theirs.  

Their daughter. 

Derek couldn’t believe it. 

Stiles let out a shaky laugh and turned to look at Derek, and Derek smiled and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. “I love you.”

Stiles grinned, and leaned in to kiss Derek again. “You and me always, right?” Stiles whispered against Derek’s lips.

“For forever and a day,” Derek confirmed, and Stiles gave Derek a short, hard kiss before he pulled back and looked back down at their daughter, who whined in her sleep and then pursed her lips, and then yawned. 

Stiles cooed, and Derek smiled softly, reaching out to stoke his daughters’ cheek, and she smiled in her sleep in response. 

“Damn,” Stiles whispered, and he couldn’t help but turn and give Derek another soft kiss. 


Of course, Stiles and Derek were bound to fight, but it was the really bad ones where they shouted their endearment. 

“You and me always, right?” Stiles shouted, pointing at Derek to stop his shouted, harsh words. 

Derek blinked, and stopped his angry tirade to look at Stiles, eyes wide. 

“For forever and a day,” Derek murmured in response, and Stiles grinned and moved over to Derek, kissing the fuck out of him, reminding him of how in love they were. 

“What were we fighting about?” Stiles pulled back to whisper, and Derek shrugged. 

“No idea.”

The fight had barely landed a blow in their relationship, and the next day, it was forgotten. 


Ellie giggled whenever she heard her Daddy and Papa say the words to each other, even as her heart soared at her parents being so in love, and she turned to her little brother, Jamie, with a smile even as the little boy grimaced at his parents being all lovey dovey. 

“Aren’t they the bestest?” Ellie whispered.

“No, they’re ‘barrassing,” Jamie grunted, and Ellie laughed. 

“You could only hope to be as happy and in love as Daddy and Papa one day.”

“I hope not!” Jamie gasped, and Ellie laughed loudly, causing Stiles and Derek to look over at them. Ellie squealed and pushed at her brother to run. 

They weren’t supposed to be out of bed. 


Of course, Jamie ate his words when he met the love of his life, and Ellie was smirking at Jamie on his wedding day, and then the smirk turned to a mushy one when she looked over at her Daddy and Papa and could just catch their whispered words of endearment as they leaned close to each other. 

“You and me always, right?”

“For forever and a day.” 


Two former employees of a New Jersey day care are facing serious charges for allegedly creating a “fight club” made up of a dozen children aged 4 to 6 — and then recording the entire incident.

Erica Kenny, 22, and Chanese White, 28 are charged with fourth-degree child abuse for orchestrating these deranged fights. According to NJ.com, Kenny is also looking at an additional third-degree endangering the welfare of a child charge.

Union County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Sheets claimed Kenny acted as the camerawoman, recording the fights and uploading them to the social media platform Snapchat. Though the short videos are only available for 24 hours, someone captured the clip and forwarded it to investigators. (X)

By now, you have perhaps looked at, and been horrified by, the pictures of the Syrian child lying dead on a Turkish beach. They have rocketed around the world, landing on the front pages of many newspapers and provoking the kinds of reactions we often see when such tragedies cross our path. The boy, whose name was Aylan Kurdi, has become a potent symbol of the refugee crisis currently spiraling out of control in Europe. Almost immediately after images of his corpse hit the internet, European leaders were pledging to do more to deal with the situation. All in all, the last day has been a testament to the power of photojournalism to shock the conscience.

It shouldn’t have taken the drowning of child to lay bare the depth of the refugee crisis. For too many, it did

I really need to stop having arguments with strange men in bars

I mean, this in itself is not inherently a problem, but APPARENTLY men do not find it attractive when you fight with them and are actually less inclined to make out with you

@god  this is a design flaw I think you should have made some dudes ~25 years ago who took one look at a woman who argued with them and went DAMN let me put a ring on that

My body is nothing more than a vessel for my brain, laugh, bones, joy, muscles, and love. It does not exist to fade away. It does not exist to justify my confidence (or lack thereof). It exists to let me run, jump, sing, dance, laugh, grow, learn, and inspire. It does not exist to shrink. That is not my purpose.
It is to love and be loved.
I am more than this skin, these bones, and these insecurities. I am unbridled joy, wisdom, strength, and power.

Custom CAS Trait: Asperger Syndrome

Asperger syndrome, also known as Asperger’s syndrome, Asperger disorder or simply Asperger’s, is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical (peculiar or odd) use of language are frequently reported. 

*Research found in various sources, personal messages given to me from bearers of the condition and WebDM.

Sims with Asperger Syndrome:

  • Are inspired by default (+1)
  • Social need decays 90% slower
  • Fun need decays 15% faster
  • Energy need decays 10% slower
  • Learn ALL Creative skills 30% faster
  • Learn the Logic and Rocket Science skills 30% faster
  • Learn the Charisma skill 20% slower
  • Child Creativity increased by 45%
  • Child Logic increased by 45%
  • Child Social reduced by 20%
  • Child Motor reduced by 20%
  • Friendships increase 15% slower and decay 20% faster
  • Mischievous relationships increase 15% faster and decay 20% faster
  • Autonomy includes that of the Genius, Clumsy, Hot Headed, Loner and Creative traits as well as the Inspired emotion
  • Whims include that of touching on each and every creative skill such as cooking, painting and writing, becoming inspired, logic based interactions, minor mischievous actions, scientific interest for adults and children, engaging in homework completion and extra credit for children and teens and  being alone

*Note: The mean trait I had tested in the autonomy focused more on the sim being rude rather than touching on the real aspects of this condition such as lack of empathy, social problems and a strong increase in advanced interests most children do not have, such as increased logic and more. Therefore it was removed and replaced with hot headed. Thank you to the few who contributed some personal experienced and information. This trait is available for all ages.

*DOWNLOAD: Simfileshare | Mediafire

Chopping up veggies is hard even for people who don’t have low spoons! In-season fresh fruits and veggies are usually really cheap, but just the thought of cutting them up can be really off-putting, even when you know you can do it.

You can’t make chopping effortless, but there are some things you can do to make it less hard.

  • Make sure your cutting knife is sharp! You don’t have to buy an expensive knife, just grab a knife sharpener. A dull blade can double the amount of time you have to spend standing at the chopping board, and you’re more likely to hurt yourself because of the extra force you need to cut through things.
  • You don’t have to stand up at the counter if it’s hard for you to stand up for a long time. You can lay down a placemat/paper towels/newspaper on a table, set the cutting board on top of that, and cut up vegetables there. (If someone in your house complains, offer to let them do the chopping.)
  • Some people’s food processors can chop food up pretty well, with the tradeoff that it’s more to clean (and that of course you have to have a food processor). Cut off the parts you don’t want to eat and throw the rest right in there. I suggest using a small amount to test and one of your slowest speeds.
  • Don’t try to cut everything into perfect, uniform pieces. It’s pretty much impossible and if you cook the food all of it will change into other shapes anyway.
  • Watch a youtube video or two about knife technique. It’s well worth the time investment.
  • Some things can be cut up in advance and stored in the fridge, so you can space out the work. Some things (like peppers) can just be cut up and stored, while others (like apples) might need to sit in a bowl with some lemon water.