Wondering and Waiting ||OPEN STARTER||

Glitch stood at the edge of insanity, of pain, of heart break and sorrow. He stood at the end of his life, alone standing over a cliff’s edge, staring down at the rocky terrain below him.

You would almost question what would have driven him to this again, to the pain and to the hatred and to the sadness and to the urge to… to leave. You would almost question. But, there was no need to question. No, because he had explained it all. His words stood clogged in his throat, his heart breaking as he spoke them to no one but the air. In reality, he was speaking into a phone. It was like his last message, his broken and heart felt words spilling out into the microphone.

“I… I know this is coming as a surprise… I’ve seemed so happy lately, it’s almost crazy I’m back here…,” he began, tears slowly rolling down his pale cheeks, his eyes staring off blankly into the distance. He watched it. His life, the short one he had lived, drift past his eyes and into… into nothing but the darkness that would soon take him too. “Oh god… um…” He sniffled, wiping some tears away. “But… Its been hard. I just can’t… I can’t do it, y'know…? I’m useless, I know that, I have a voice reminding me that everyday… I just need to… quiet it… Do you know what I mean? Actually… This is a voice mail, you’ll never be able to reply to that.” He chuckled weakly. He shouldn’t have been chuckling at the moment, he knew that.

Glitch stepped forward, sitting himself down on the edge of the cliff, staring down at the rocky waves. “So… uh… That’s not the point. I wanted to say sorry. Sorry for being so useless. Sorry for being a burden. Sorry for never… never being what you wanted, I guess…” He brushed off his jeans a bit, sighing quietly. “I love you…” Tears rolled down his cheek faster and he couldn’t help but smile weakly. “I… I truly do wanna stay with you but what’s the point? I’m just disappointing… I was made for the void… and I’ll be going back to that…” He swallowed thickly again. The words were slipping, he knew that. They were choking him, sobs surfacing. “I’m… I’m at my cliff… I’ll be here… you might get here in time, you might not… Whatever you do… I’ll see you soon, okay?” He sighed shakily and hung up, throwing his phone off the cliff and looking down.

He wondered as he sat and waited. What would be the outcome of this? Who was going to come save him? And could he hold back long enough to let them…? He simply sat and thought, waiting for the right moment to leave. Or, waiting for the right moment to be saved.

No Laughing Matter: The Media's Despicable Portrayal of AIDS in the '80s (Watch)
AIDS was often used as a punchline because it was seen only as a gay disease, and therefore warranted ridicule from comedians such as Andrew "Dice" Clay and Eddie Murphy.

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Regulus tries to cope with the aftermath of Sirius running away from home. He finds solace in a certain black leather jacket

He shouldn’t have kept it.

Regulus doesn’t know how but that stupid, fancy, heavy black leather jacket that Sirius adores so much somehow got left behind in 12 Grimmauld Place the night Sirius ran away.

Though in hindsight, Regulus supposes that Sirius didn’t really have much time to pack.

But when their mother waltzed into Regulus’s room the evening after Sirius left home and asked if he had any of Sirius’s belongings, Regulus had to make a split second decision.

“No” Regulus stated calmly, subtly kicking the jacket sleeve further underneath the bed, “I don’t have anything of his.”  

Walburga smirked, patted him a little too harshly on the cheek then turned sharply, leaving the door open as always.

That night, Regulus watched ashen-faced as his father burned every last one of Sirius’s possessions left behind from his old room.

Regulus’s heart ached as he stared at the darkening edges of Sirius’s favourite muggle records, the rotting wrappers of old Honeydukes’ sweets, a beloved Gryffindor scar once the vibrant colours of gold and maroon, now just multicoloured shades of grey and of course the beaming faces of James Potter, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin from a photograph that was already turning to ash.

Thankfully Walburga had been too busy cackling with joy to notice the unshed tears in her new heir’s eyes.

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When people say vaccines cause autism.

When people use functioning labels.

When parents sign their kid up for ABA.

[All three reaction images are an animated GIF of Rocket Raccoon from the GOTG2 movie trailer slapping both hands against his head in frustration and shouting “NO!”]

Rocket gif by @scarletswitch