M577 Armored Personal Carrier [APC]

The APC is built around a 4 x 4 wheeled layout, powered by a 286 kW multi-fuel gas turbine engine which generates a power-to-weight ratio in the region of 19.7 kW/kN and has a top speed of approximately 150 km/h.

The M577’s chasis is made of bonded titanium and incorporates a 5 cm foam-packed floor cavity to protect against forged-fragmentation mines. Ground clearance is normally only 22 cm, but the vehicle employs a hydro-pneumatic, fully active suspension to allow a clean ride over rough terrain. The suspension is capable of boosting clearance by a full 30 cm and allows the M577 to comfortably tackle vertical obstacles up to 0.5 m.

The inside of the hull is lined with boron carbide ceramic tiles, each of which has been coated with a polymer resin to prevent cracks or shattering during normal travel; this resin is 2 mm thick on the outward-facing surface of the tile and is said to provide limited ablative protection against pulsed lasers.

The driver’s view is limited to a forward window of quartz armoured crystal, though this is supplemented by periscope ports providing vision to the sides and forward quarters. Multi-function screens by the driver’s and section commander’s positions present a sensor-fusion display of the tactical zone around the APC. 

The M577 carries a formidable array of weaponry in support of its infantry complement. It can either carry one of two front weapon alternatives both housed in a hull mounted cupola covering the APC’s forward area.