'trust me'

when you have a deep nd meaningful conversation with yourself n you end up sobbing in bed at midnight

Voltron: Legendary Defender (2018) Season 5 Episode 1: Here We Go Again

I saw it coming and I still stifled a scream at 7 am. 

Just to think, a year ago I thought Keith was ‘space zuko’ 

I think Bakugou would be a good foster for stray cats… he keeps Daisy (well, she allows him to adopt her)

anyway lance has been in love with keith since the garrison, but he mistook his crush for jealousy and didn’t realize he had feelings for keith until the bedroom scene when keith tried to comfort him. keith, however, started developing feelings for lance during/after the bonding moment and has been pining, completely aware of his feelings, since then. this is canon trust me i asked dreamworks


Spider-Man: Homecoming + text posts (pt 5)