wow so i said i’d do something for 300 followers and i think i just hit 400 sometime today?? i’m probably making too big a thing out of this, but i’ve only had this blog for about a month and half, so even this much support was so surprising, but also super welcome :-) ilysm guys, thanks to each of my followers for helping me get this far <3

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2.30.32 for vernon please. Thanks

2. Practice room
30. Cuddles
32. “Just hold me.”

The way he danced fascinated you. The turn of his head, the way he moved across the floor and became one with the rhythm in a way you knew you never could. The look in his eyes was one of pure concentration. You heard the beat before the music changed, before the rhythm became faster and you leaned forward in anticipation.

Step, step, turn and -

“Dammit!” Vernon cursed as he slipped onto the floor for the nth time that day. You sighed as your boyfriend ran hid fingers through his hair frustratedly. Leaning over to the side you turned off the music that was still resonating through the practice room before walking over to your boyfriend.

“You’ll get it babe.” You said, sliding down next to him. He groaned in response, burying his face in his knees. “I’ve been trying all day Y/N. All the other members already know the step, I’m the only one who’s behind.” His voice came out slightly muffled but you could hear the stress in it.

Your heart went out to the boy who you sat next to. You knew how hard he worked, how hard he practiced. Even now, when all the other members had gone home long ago, he was still here practicing. Almost unconsciously your hands went around him, hugging him close to you.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” You asked him softly. He shook his head, leaning back into your embrace. “Just hold me.”

You could hear in his voice the anxiety of preparing for a comeback that was looming closer everyday, the long night’s spent practicing and the worry, the worry that he wouldn’t do as well as the rest of the members.

And as you had done every night that week, as you had done on those nights he had been in tears over lyrics that just wouldn’t come to him or when he voiced out his fear of not being good enough, you held onto him, hugging him close to you. It wasn’t much; you knew that of course. But when you felt his body relax, when you felt all the tension leave him, you realized it was enough.

Hours later when the rest of the boys entered the practice room they found the both of you cuddled up in a corner. Vernon had not looked so at peace that week as he did at that moment.

Two in one day wow is this ever gonna happen again XD - Minnie

In the Bag because its National Parks 100th Anniversary weekend

I stared at her, speechless with astonishment. She was wearing a Jessica Gutenberg dress, very much like the one I had on, except that hers was a vivid lime green, with plastic jewels stitched across the front.

“That’s a perfectly horrible color for you,” I said.

“It’s the only one they had in my size,” she answered calmly.

In which I continue to flail over the tiniest details nobody gives a shit about - BUT. So much of Claire’s emotional response to leaving Bree is her trying to deny that innate, emotional response. E.g. leaving at dawn, “That’s a perfectly horrible color for you.”, “Stand up straight and try not to get fat.” She tries so hard to push it away (via some hilarious, classic Claire Sass, omfg) because if she doesn’t, there’s no way she can actually leave.

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When you thought your characters were fucking up your entire plan with their shenanigans only to realize that they’ve just shown you the perfect way to connect a ton of plot points you were concerned about

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hey it's me an anon, here to tell you that I think you're genuinely really cool, and seem very passionate about the things you like, which I think is extremely important. Hope you have a nice day

holy shit thank you?? this came out of nowhere I really appreciate it. I’m gonna keep trying my best for people like you, anon. Thank you so much.


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TAGGED BY: @hisxandorxhers – who somehow magically knew that I REALLY fucking wanted to do this one cause she’s fucking amazing.


NAME:          Mike
PRONOUNS:          He/Him
SEXUALITY:          Heterosexual
ZODIAC SIGN:    Libra/Scorpio cusp baby
TAKEN OR SINGLE:       Single. Not sure I’m really the boyfriend type anymore.

 I spent a decade and a half as a counter-terrorism analyst for the government. A lot of the things relating to Brett/Evan/Lucas/etc that I write about are actually tales from that part of my life. 

2. I’m a dad of two boys. They’re my world and I would give up everything I have for them.

3. I’ve lived and visited all over the world. As it stands, I’ve been in 38 different countries and about 30 different US states. Germany was one of my favorites and would move back there in a heartbeat. North Carolina was one of my favorite US states to live in.


HOW LONG   (  MONTHS / YEARS ?  ):    20+ years.
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:     Forums, E-mail, IM, Tumblr
BEST EXPERIENCE:    Moving to my Indie blog on Tumblr has opened me up to a whole new world and given me a ton of new friends all over the world that I would have never met otherwise. I love all the interactions I’ve had. 


FEMALE OR MALE:     The bulk of my muses are male but I actually do have some females now. I’m willing to write either. I’m likely a bit more selective with my ladies but I love all my muses.
MULTI OR SINGLE:        Multimuse of course. Each muse is a piece of me so I have a strong connection to all of them. 


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT:      I have no preference and will write on just about any topic. There are times when I will write more on one specific type. That is usually dictated by my muse, though. I will admit that writing smut is easy for me so when my muse is low, I can write that and keep something coming out. For the most part, I prefer smut that is plot based but there are times when I will just write it. Human connections and their interactions are what really gets me excited. 
PLOTS OR MEMES:  Typically plots and I will take memes and build them into larger plots or explain already existing plots. Memes are nice when my muse is low or I’m just relaxing and my brain is tired.
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES:  It depends on the partner and the plot we’re writing on. I can get long winded at times on some subjects.
BEST TIME TO WRITE:    For me, it is either first thing in the morning with my coffee or late at night with a drink. Middle of the day, my muse tends to be all over the place.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S):   Yes with caveats. All of my muses are based on different parts of my personality or parts of my life. Some of it is extrapolations of those who I interacted with in my life. Others are based on things I enjoy or characters I enjoy. Other aspects are things I aspire to be in my life.

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