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Zodiac Signs + Running Away from Love

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Why Aries might run away from love: They fear showing their softer side or losing a sense of independence and individuality.

Why Taurus might run away from love: They fear loyalty won’t be return at the same level as their own or fear eventually losing the person.

Why Gemini might run away from love: Fear that the individual won’t truly “get” them or they can’t really become close to them.

Why Cancer might run away from love: Fear of betrayal, fear of vulnerability, or fear of losing them.

Why Leo might run away from love: Fear of ego being unwrapped and exposed or hesitance to sacrifice.

Why Virgo might run away from love: “Too good to be true” syndrome or still doesn’t meet their idea of perfection. Some Virgos can fall into thinking they aren’t good enough for the person.

Why Libra might run away from love: Fear the person isn’t “the one” or fear of uncovering their ugly side.

Why Scorpio might run away from love: Fear of being truly vulnerable or not in control or self-loathing in someway.

Why Sagittarius might run away from love: Partner doesn’t truly trust them, fear of being tied down still exist, and could fear being judged or analyzed by their partner. 

Why Capricorn might run away from love: Fears showing their emotions and desires, doesn’t want to lose control, and fear of unfaithfulness.

Why Aquarius might run away from love: Fear of intimacy, fears or knows they can’t give enough, or fear of loss of autonomy.

Why Pisces might run away from love: Fears that their partner’s love is all lies.

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but how do we know that dean "made" the mixtape for cas, maybe dean made it a while back and had it laying around before he gifted it to cas, btw i ship destiel, i just think that our reading of the scene; ya know (dean giving cas a mixtape that he made specially for cas) is too good to be true :(

Hello, lovely!

Well, you have to look at the scene itself and everything around it to know what the scene is actually trying to communicate, right? Aw yiss!

So what does the scene tell us?

Well, not only is the Mixtape Exchange centred around Cas playing Dean (I mean, the fact that Dean later ties his own fury over Cas lying to him to the mixtape itself by using the word “played me” is kind of amazing to me) but more than that, the scene is the first private scene between them in… the entire season? 

And what was their last face-to-face moment? 

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That’s right, it was Cas telling Dean “I love you”. 

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Toughest Witch - Kyle Spencer x Reader (Fluff)

Toughest Witch - Kyle Spencer x Reader (Fluff)

Requested by @trafalgarlau

Word Count: 2,850

Warning: None

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“Come on. Come on. Please. Please work. Come on.”

You were sitting in the middle of the living room ground of Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies trying to light a candle using your powers, but it wasn’t working. Tomorrow, or should you say today since it was around 2 in the morning, you had to show the Supreme and the counsel that you were actually a witch or you had to leave the academy. You had powers but since the day you ran away to New Orleans, it stopped working. It still shocks you that Miss Cordelia let you into her school even after you bombed your entrance exam. The counsel tried to tell Miss Cordelia that you were a fake but she saw something in you and let you stay but gave you until the end of the week to show your powers.

You were still sitting in the dark with your hands over the unlit flame. “Come on. You can do this (y/n). Just do it, you can do it. Come on. Come on. Come -.”

You quickly removed your hands when someone turned on the small lamp in the room and called out at you. You opened your eyes and saw it was the academy’s butler, Kyle Spencer. “Hey. What are you doing? It’s the middle of the night.”

You just sat there and stared at him. You could say that you and Kyle were close. You were the only one that didn’t take advantage of Kyle and make him do obnoxious task that you were more than capable to do for yourself. You were even there to comfort Kyle when he broke up with his long term girlfriend, Zoe. According to him, Zoe broke up with him because she was too tied up and busy with running the counsel to be caught up in a relationship.

“Hey, are you crying?” Kyle asking as walked around the table and got a good look at you.

You didn’t know you were crying until you brought your hand up to your face and it insistently became wet. It only made you cry more.

“Whoa, whoa (y/n). What happened?” He ran and sat by you and wiped your tears away.

“I can’t do it. I can’t even light a freaking candle. I can’t do it.”

“That’s not true. I know you can do it, you c-”

“I can’t do it Kyle. And if I don’t show the counsel that I actually have powers tomorrow, I have to leave.” You looked into Kyle’s eyes as you said that. He saw sadness, and you saw fear.

Kyle grabbed your hands and put them back over the candle. “Then try again until you can. Miss Cordelia said that when she was performing the Seven Wonders, she thought of her most happiest thought and that gave her the strength to become our Supreme. So think of your most happiest thought and channel it to light the flame.”

You nodded and closed your eyes. You tried to feel the happiest in your heart and then Kyle came into full view. Seeing him each morning when you wake up for breakfast, inside jokes you made that no one else knew about, the smiles he would give you throughout the day. It was Kyle, he was your happiness.

“(Y/n), open your eyes.”

You opened your eyes and smiled. Not only did you light the candle in front of you, but you also lit every candle in the room. “I did it. Kyle, I did it!” You smiled at him.

“I know you could. What did you think about?”

You looked down at your hands and whispered so low that you barely heard it, “You.”

You thought Kyle was gonna laugh, but he brought his finger under you chin and lifted your lips to his. It was all that you dreamed it would be, his soft lips to yours and you feeling fireworks and sparks.

Kyle pulled back and said, “So then think of me and show them that you can be the toughest witch here.”

You laughed and brought your lips back to his.

Someone asked why I don’t smile in my photos. I do smile occasionally but I want my photos, like my body, to convey the truth of a moment. If you’ve met me in person before, you know that I will react with what I’m feeling and often have a hard time not expressing myself outwardly. Despite that, I generally don’t express much because I spend more time thinking than feeling in general. I know the same is true among many trans women who have our feelings so deeply tied to the legitimacy of our gender. If we’re too expressive, then our gender is “just a feeling” but still more legitimate than if we express too little, when we’re secretly heartless men. There’s no way to be authenticated to the public so I just do what’s natural for me. In the end, it’s never a good time to ask someone why they aren’t smiling.

Te/Ti: Observations and a sort of analiysis


I’ve been typing characters and people for a long time now, but for some reason, Te vs. Ti still trips me up from time to time. Usually I just go by default “He’s ESFP so he uses Te…..He’s blunt and tells it like it is” Likewise “She’s INFJ so she uses Ti…….She’s blunt and tells it like it is”. So yeah, kinda shallow and not much difference there. 

First, we need to rectify some of the common descriptions.

Ti is is often described as a mental blue print, inner logical consistency and categorizing things. I find this true, but mostly in NTP types. NTPs are usually easy to spot. Have you ever seen one getting their hands on the latest technological gizmo? They won’t stop at telling you this is awesome and describing one or two of its core feature, no. Instead get ready for a long exposé of every single thing this gadget does, how it compares to previous gadgets and what it means for future development and of course then ins and outs on how this thing works with a good chance of them repeating themselves several times. In either case, they always show some curiosity about how things work on every aspect but in more general terms, NTPs seem to really enjoy knowledge for its own sake. The more knowledge, the more power. They dislike quick judgements and shallow rationalization.

I find that this doesn’t really ring as true with STP types despite being Ti users too. STPs typically dislike academics and learning things that don’t amount to anything concrete real soon, if not now. So the whole “over-analytical, mental blueprint” definition doesn’t seem as accurate when describing them. The way I see STPs is that in their case, Ti is more like connecting mental wires together. They prefer to live in real time and fast-paced environment and situations, therefore stepping back and analyzing things for extended periods of time is not a preferred option, but rather connecting wires on the spur of the moment to figure out what makes the most sense, what will lead to desired results now. This is why I sometimes question whether someone is STP or a TJ type because of their wanting concrete results fast. Hence the King Leonidas GIF….ENTJ or ESTP? (I’m leaning towards ENTJ). For instance, when dealing with someone, an STP looks at their non-verbal: Posture, tone, ticks, movements, expression etc. which Se is excellent at spotting, then can come up with the best way to answer that person with lower Fe. But it is Ti that connects these two functions together. 

Now Te. As of all extroverted functions, this one is way easier to explain. It’s often describe as this really bossy, authoritative function that is geared towards results, organization and more than often, financial success. While I’m sure a lot of TJ types agree with this definition while they are tugging on the necktie of their business suit, not all TJ types can relate to it. Te simply looks at cause and effect in the external world. A+B = C. Don’t like the “C” result? Then fix either A, B or both. It’s just that simple. Anything else will over-complicate things and derail from the objective. Both Ti and Te go for logical arguments but Te prefers arguments that are concise, to the point and hopefully can’t be dispelled. Te is actually born out of fear and anxiety and its purpose is to understand the world around it in a very concrete, logical fashion in which one can then control their environment to not only to alleviate said fear and anxiety but to feel a sense of empowerment and competency. Thus the controlling businessman type cliché. Ti doesn’t seek to control but to understand and/or find the most logical course of action in the moment.

This is why TP types are typically better with improvisation. Because Ti is much more adaptable, what makes sense for that, won’t make sense for this because of different data filtered by Ti. This is more of a struggle for Te types who prefer to just tackle the problem without over-analyzing it. So for all their competence, Te users may look like fish out of water when dealing with on the spot problems. And this is often also because Ni and Si are slow functions that need a good deal of time to synthesize data. They don’t do well with improvisational fixes. So cue the anger and irritation as their sense of control and competency feels like it’s under attack.

This is why Te is better at organizing and implementing where Ni and Si can take time to work their magic and again is what links them often to the “corporate world” where these skills are paramount. 

Finally, let’s look at the way Ti and Te deal with people. Ti for all their detachment and often cynicism, have lower Fe so are often bound to seeing people as part of the equation. Therefore it’s important for them to be heard but they also tend to lose patience with others because of that. Ti types often feel the need to hammer people over the head with their logic until that person gets it. They have a “Why can’t you see how simple this is?” mentality. Which granted doesn’t have to be so harsh if the develop Fe better. Te types however prefer to dismiss illogical and irrational people. Te operates more on a “You don’t get it and I can’t make you get it, so moving on..” mentality. They see over-emotional or irrational people like obstacles that need to either be taken out of the equation or simply to be walked around (often with co-workers and in-laws, you know, people you can’t avoid). 

So in a pretty big nutshell, those are the differences I look for now. 

12x19: the Colt/Cas parallels

I wrote in this post that I feel the Colt has always been Dean’s security blanket. He thinks of himself as invincible with the Colt in his hand. I would argue that he feels chosen to wield it, and this brings confidence and strength. The Colt is a powerful ally, with a history all of its own, fighting the good fight when aimed at evil things by good men. 

I also wrote about the ways in which Cas represents those same things to Dean: Cas entered the scene as the most powerful ally the brothers have ever had. He’s immediately a point of strength for Dean, no matter how wary Dean is of this imposing supernatural creature. Cas comes with work for Dean Winchester assigned to him by God: how could it not make Dean feel like the might of Heaven has got his back? Dick angels, or no. By 12x19, with all they’ve been through, the reliance Dean feels for Cas is undeniable, even to Dean himself - he wants Cas around, he wants Cas to be alright, alive, and for Cas to stay close, or at least answer his goddamn messages, and Dean still hides this want behind phrases like “We could’ve needed the backup”, because it’s too complicated to tell the truth, even when the truth is simple. 

Cas saved Dean from what he was becoming in Hell - what he was allowing himself to become. Cas stopped Dean from saying yes to Michael. Cas is the reason the Mark didn’t corrupt Dean’s soul to the core. Cas stopped demon!Dean from killing Sam. And Dean’s love for Cas blocked any attempt The Darkness Amara Sister of God made at capturing Dean’s heart. Cas is tied to the goodness in Dean - his compassion, humanity and capacity for deep, deep unconditional and abiding love. (yes yes very romantic) (but also very true)

So, with these parallels between Cas and the Colt in mind, here’s something that made me smile:

In 12x19 the brothers have a short exchange where they discuss how Cas played Dean and took the Colt. Dean is infuriated, while Sam is incredulous to how the hell Cas could even get the Colt in the first place, if it was where it was supposed to be: locked in the safe. 

And Dean makes this face:

Yup, them dimples of discontent, because, of course, the Colt wasn’t in the safe. It wasn’t locked away, out of sight, in the dark, by itself. It was where Dean could see it and touch it and be absolutely certain of it being where he put it last. And yes, Dean is a control freak to the core, but also - with Cas missing AGAIN - it’s quite understandable that this other thing, this other thing that also, like Cas, anchors Dean to some sense of faith in himself, and faith in the fact that he can kick it in the ass - whatever it is - because at least he has this other outside thing to rely on, it’s understandable that this thing is kept where Dean feels it’s safest, too.

Yes, it was. And I bet you sleep better with it in your bed, Dean. Not only do you know precisely where it is, but you feel stronger with it there. You feel protected.

Okay, yes, thank you for helping me make my point.

It’s also quite lovely how hard this is for Dean to admit to Sam. Dean’s been caught out in making a reckless choice while seething over the reckless choice Cas has just made. So yes there will be dimples, but also a confession. Honesty, when confronted. 

What I’m getting at here is that this exchange - looking at the close parallels between Cas and the Colt, looking at how Cas taking the Colt - choosing not to wield it because he finds a better way - and the Colt ending up destroyed while Cas is, in a sense, restored, is all extremely symbolic to me.

(Especially when looking at the broken Colt at the start of 12x20 and the exchange the brothers have over it.) (Because perhaps the Colt isn’t meant to be fixed.) (Perhaps it’s time for the safety blanket to be let go of.) (Perhaps there’s no need for it anymore.) (Because that spot in Dean’s bed will be occupied by Cas.) 

Okay, I am reading into things here, but think about it. Think about how the episode ends –>

Dagon gets her hands on the Colt and destroys it, leaving Dean to yell out a feeble “No!” - but it’s much too late for protestations. The Colt is gone.

Still reeling from the shock of losing something that’s given him the upper hand for so many years, Dean’s now confronted with this:

This confrontation is a perfect emotional mirror for the destruction of the Colt. 

The difference between the destruction of the Colt, and Dagon attempting to destroy Cas, is that we’re led into this moment through Dean yelling “No!” before Dagon even touches Cas, rather than his protest being too little too late. 

And, yes, dear friends, this tells us which source of strength is the most important one to Dean Winchester.

There’s also the rather amazing detail to remember that Cas destroys the destroyer of the Colt. He sets her aglow, just as she did with the Colt. He’s the more powerful source of strength in every sense and he always has been. (granted his power is supplemented by the nephilim when destroying Dagon, but that’s thanks to Cas’ inherent goodness - I believe that if he hadn’t shown such humanity around Kelly, the nephilim wouldn’t have chosen Cas as protector)

Either way, Cas will not simply be destroyed, because he can’t be

The Colt may have run its course (or it may not, I sincerely don’t know, but I’d love it if it has) but Cas isn’t merely a weapon or a tool - and this is the moment when he steps completely out of thinking of himself as such (which he has done for a long time now, assigning himself that role because he thought it was the only thing the brothers needed of him) and begins the movement towards the role he’s stepping into in S13. 

I think this role means… well, you know –> that he’ll end up sleeping on Dean’s pillow. Won’t it be so much nicer than having cold, hard steel in your bed, Dean?

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Yes. Yes, it will.

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explain mania au?

here’s what started it: [x] [x]
all illustrations referenced by sarufish

updated: 8/21/17

mania au takes place somewhere that isn’t like the reality we know. it’s always night, the buildings seem like they’re alive and loom taller and taller by the day in pitch black spires, and the ground rumbles in what could be the subway lines. depending on who you ask the city is normal despite all this, full of citizens who simply bide their own and work each day and go home again, rinse and repeat. for others the empty streets are a playground and the underground beasts pick each other apart for mere pieces of concrete and asphalt, sculpting territories. 

everyone in the world appears to be human, an acceptable vessel for what every single one of them truly is. each person has a Monster or a true form, something that embodies them in a way their human exterior cannot express. some can be contained more easily than others, living without having to deal with the effort involved in keeping it reigned in. meanwhile others are born with unusual gifts or instinct behaviors that interfere and make a perfectly average life nearly impossible.

no one knows what happens to the monsters whose vessels get destroyed or they become too much for them to bear and break loose. everyone wonders the golden question of who are we, what are we here for, where did we come from? they have mythology and pieces left behind from the beasts and monsters of old but it’s scraps, many of them left to interpretation and exaggerated tales exchanged and changed slowly over centuries. but in reality, the vessel-less monsters inevitably become caught or are attracted to what is essentially a collective and very living void beast that consumes and houses them, a hive for the lost. we call it The Big Bad.

pete is a fragment of The Big Bad let loose like a worker bee to collect souls and bring them back to it. his basic instinct and purpose is to attack, consume, and then bring back the boon; rinse and repeat. his true form is an extension of The Big Bad conglomerate which is a vast collection as it is, making him a chimera of different fragments from all different kinds of monsters to begin with. his monster seems to resemble a very estranged wasp-like creature at first but it vaguely shifts appearance given he’s composed of many different pieces.

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Week Eight: By Your Side

Premise: What if Claire had conceived on her wedding night?

You can read previous weeks here.

July 30th, 1743; Castle Leoch.

I jumped at the sound of someone clearing their throat and turned to find Murtagh standing in the doorway of my surgery.

“I, ah, beggin’ yer pardon, lass,” he stammered as he doffed his hat. “I didna mean to startle ye,”

“No, it’s quite alright,” I assured him and waved him inside. He stepped forward tentatively, making my blood run cold and a question tumble from my lips.

“Has something happened?”

“Ach, nae, lass! Nothin’ o’ the sort. Jamie’s just fine, last I saw him, but he said- ah, tha’ is, I thought ye might- ifrinn,” he trailed off and glowered at me.

I bit my lip to keep from smiling.

I’d never seen Murtagh so tongue tied before. Not that he spoke all that much, but what he did say was always short and to the point. The man that stood before me was clearly at a loss for words and I hadn’t the faintest idea of what he was getting at.

Shifting from foot to foot, he tried again, “Do ye need me to, ah, fetch ye anythin’? More water or wee plants from the garden or such? The lad willna be in from the far pasture til the evenin’ meal an’ I didna want ye to be in need while he was away, ye ken.”

“No, thank you,” I answered slowly, wondering what on earth had prompted his offer. “I’m well situated at present.”

He nodded gravely, placing his worn hat back on his head. “Aye, well, I willna be far.”

With that he turned and left.

What was that all about?

Jamie didn’t make it back to the castle before the meal, leaving me solo amid the myriad of noxious smells that passed for dinner at Leoch. Scents were a constant battle for me and I fought nausea at every meal. Geillis was in attendance tonight, but she was doing little to distract me from my stomach.

In fact, she was only adding to my discomfort.

“Enough about my husband, what about yours?” Geillis asked with a coquettish smile.

“What about him?” I replied cautiously, swallowing hard.

She dug a rather sharp elbow into my ribs. “Well, what d’ye think? Does he look as nice out of his sark as he does in it?”

Oh God, does he ever.

Uncle Lamb had taken me to see Michelangelo’s David the summer we were in Italy, but its chiseled features had nothing on my husband. It was my professional medical opinion that a more perfect pairing of oblique and gluteus maximus muscles didn’t exist.

“Um…” I groped for an answer as I tried to get my brain out of the bedroom.

“Then ‘tis true?” she whispered.

I panicked, imagining the new lie Laoghaire had spun and was feeding the gossip mill, “Is what true?”

“About the thumbs?”

“Thumbs? Geillis, what in God’s name are you talking about?”

“Surely ye ken that? A man’s thumb will tell you the size of his cock, Claire! Great toes too, of course, but those are harder to judge, what wi’ the shoon and all.” She nodded towards Jamie, who had just appeared, as if summoned, in the doorway of the great hall, “Yon wee fox cub looks as though he could cup a good plenty in those hands of his, hm?”

“Geillis Duncan, will - you - shut - up! Someone will hear you!”  I hissed, my face flaming.

“No one of importance,” She waved the idea away and grinned cheekily, her voice rising a decibel or two. “Besides, they ken he’s got ye wi’ child already, ‘twould no’ be a shock for me to commend him.”

If Laoghaire were in the room, I’d have strangled her on the spot, and I very nearly strangled Geillis in her stead.

I could see the girl’s look of pure hate when I told her I was carrying Jamie’s child, the image forever ingrained in my mind. She was not one to let things be and I knew the moment the words left my mouth that gloating this fact was a mistake. She’d even had the gall to suggest, to my face, that the baby wasn’t Jamie’s.

Part of me was surprised she hadn’t spun that into her tale.

“Jesus H Roosevelt Christ, shut up!” I pinched her hard beneath the table. “Its none of your business!”

She took on a look of complete innocence as Jamie sat down on the other side of me. He smiled apologetically and squeezed my hand as he poured himself a glass of wine. I was surprised there was any left, for Geillis seemed to have drank far more than her share.

“Oh, aye? Well,” The sly smile was back in Geillis’ green eyes. “I dinna ken about that, Claire, for the entire castle kens it to be true.”

“Kens wha’?” Jamie asked as he took a sip.

“That ye got your wife wi’ child on your wedding night.”

He choked on the liquid, his face quickly matching the deep crimson of the wine.

it was ungodly hot in here. Sweat trickled down the back of my neck as I tried to breathe thru my mouth and not my nose. The stench of the unwashed Highlander across from me was enough to fumigate an entire city block and, when combined with whatever the hell that was, it was all I could do not to vomit onto my plate. The man dished himself another helping of the concoction, sending a fresh barrage of fumes my way.

“She hasna the sense God gave a goose, ye ken,” Geillis tittered on, oblivious to my discomfort and Jamie’s barely concealed rage. The grating sound of Geillis’ voice swelled with each wave of nausea, her every intonation making the bile rise in my throat.

I gripped Jamie’s arm as my head began to spin.

“Are ye alright?” he whispered, bringing his face very near mine.

Gagging as the smell of his breath overwhelmed my senses, I got out an emphatic no before he swept me off the bench and made for the door.

A combination of sheer willpower and the breeze created by Jamie’s movements kept the inevitable at bay until we made it into the passageway on the other side of the door. He wasn’t able to avoid the mess, and took the brunt of it upon himself as we came to a sudden stop.

“I’m sorry,” I croaked between dry heaves, the both of us now wet with my warm, pungent vomit.

Jamie managed a wry grin, answering, “Dinna fash, Sassenach, I’ve been covered in worse.”

He didn’t turn to go towards the stairs that led to our chamber, but continued down the passageway ahead of us.

“Where are we going?” The back of my throat burned, my words little more than a whisper.

“Your surgery,” he replied, “‘tis cooler, aye?”

It was. For all it’s cave-like disadvantages, it did remain cool in the heat of the day.

Jamie pushed the door open with his shoulder and the chilled, damp air welcomed us. He set me down gently atop the stool near my work table, then moved about the room in a determined frenzy. The empty bucket I used for such a time as this was placed in front of me, the door was latched and locked, the basin was filled with fresh water and a clean cloth found, and the bed in the corner prepared for an occupant. All of this completed, he shed his soiled shirt and knelt in front of me.

“Wha’ can I do, mo nighean donn?”

I took a deep, shuddering breath and leaned forward, resting my head on his shoulder.

“I think you’ve already done it.”

“Did you tell Murtagh about the baby?” I mumbled, half asleep, sometime later.

I hoped Murtagh had heard the news from Jamie and not from someone else, as Laoghaire had saw fit to broadcast my condition to the entire castle.

Jamie brushed the hair off my neck, replacing it with a kiss, before responding with a rumbling, “Umhmm.”

Murtagh’s random visit suddenly made sense, and was far more endearing than I had registered in the moment.

“Why do ye ask?”

“He stopped by to make sure I was alright while you were gone,” I explained.

“Gone?” Jamie’s confusion was evident, “I didna go anywhere, Sassenach.”

I smiled, “Apparently, the far pasture was entirely too unreachable for his liking.”

A knock sounded at the door, followed by the godfather in question’s muffled voice asking, “Are ye within, Jamie?”

Speak of the devil…

Jamie made a sort of growling noise deep in his throat and pulled me closer. “Ignore him and he’ll go away.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the face he made.

“Shh, Sassenach,” he whispered, silencing me by giving me a breathtaking kiss.

It worked.

“I ken ye can hear me, ye wee gomerel,” Murtagh muttered as he tried to open the door, but found it latched. He shook it a time or two, testing the strength of the lock, before uttering something in Gaelic and giving up.

His footsteps echoed in the passageway and I knew he’d left.

“What did he say?” I grinned as Jamie’s ears turned pink.

“Somethin’ about stabling a broodmare with an ass,” he grumbled good-naturedly. “‘Twas a complement to ye, to be sure, mo nighean donn, just not to me.”

“What a pity,” I quipped, taking his mouth in mine as my hands drifted further south, “ for your ass is worth complementing.”

he tipped his head back and laughed in earnest, “I dinna think ‘twould sound the same coming from him, Sassenach.”

McElstuck Classpects (So Far)

I don’t have all of them because I’m simply not familiar with some of the players. Also just went over possible players, not all of em have to be there. Anyways, here’s what I got.

  • Grifin
    • Bard of Light: He needs the codpiece it’s the only way. His story-weaving prevalent in many different pieces of content could fit with the vibes of a traditional fantasy bard, but fuck it, I’ll admit it, the outfit is just really funny. He needs it. He needs the goof. Now for the light part: look, a bard “invites destruction through aspect/allows for destruction of aspect.” Light is about fortune and knowledge. I think that fits pretty damn well, most prevalent in TAZ but honestly? I get that vibe from him in a lot of things. He has the knowledge of games (especially Bethesda) that allows (invites) him to destroy them even more thoroughly.
  • Travis
    • Knight of Hope: He is an optimistic, friendly boy whom I love, and I trust. Did you see his mentorship with the Teens? He is supportive and believes in them and a knight takes advantage and fights with their aspect. A valiant, noble agent of hope, of belief. A good man. He does a hit sometimes, yes, but he apologizes. That’s just the knight-y tendencies coming through a little more. And everyone learns from the experience. Don’t do a hit! (Addendum: All HS knights “hide their innermost selves.” Travis may be hiding his true strength, his true power, his capacity for destruction since he does not want to hurt anyone.)
  • Justin
    • Heir of Blood: Blood’s all about camaraderie, and in this case with his bros it’s very literal. There isn’t much solid lore behind heirs, but they seem to be surrounded by their aspect in some way, speculated to “protect themselves with,” “become,” or “receive” the aspect. In Justin’s case, his relationship to his brothers is an essential part of his life, not just because of blood relation but also because of their bonds of friendship. As the oldest bro, it makes sense for him to embody such values.
  • Clint
    • Rogue of Life: He literally, in a way, gave the boys life. Life also pertains to his role in TAZ, or at least the role he’s SUPPOSED to have, and the safety he contributed to his town through Peace on the Playground. I was struggling with the class and settled on Rogue, but that’s still up for debate. And I’m not saying he’s going to kill anyone (that’d be more thief-y), but there was that story of him POSSIBLY killing that guy in college and selling (redistributing) all his stuff, or whatever. He also “distributes” country music via radio, which I’m sure some people see as life.
  • Nick
    • Seer of Space: Originally I felt strongly about him being a Breath player, but after going over descriptions again, Space is undeniably fitting of his role in Car Boys; they’re concerned with “the size of things and their velocity, and their existence in relation to physics” which is basically Car Boys? Dimension, creation. The whole deal with frogs, and Nick DOES greatly enjoy Kero Blaster, starring a frog. Seers “use knowledge to coordinate their team,” which I feel he does since he’s established that the workings of playing beamNG.Drive are VERY finicky and require a depth of experience. He coordinates the show quite well, and certainly uses all the little intricacies to his advantage. TTS is based around him identifying mods, which are quite obvious at times, but still humors seer tendencies. In a fairly literal sense.
  • Porter
    • Mage of Time: Okay, I’ll admit, I originally landed on time because of the thought process that went this boy->music/DJ->Dave Strider. But that’s okay, because it works, especially with Nick as space. The boy’s aesthetic caters more to space or maybe void, but works with time because of the theme of reality-bending and alternate universes. Time players are shown to have interests in death and destruction in some way, which this boy has DEFINITELY got with his prominent obsession with worlds ending in unique ways. Especially game worlds, and a huge part of time players is….the responsibility of destroying a game world. A mage possibly “gives up their aspect to gain knowledge of it,” which also just kinda Feels Right for a buncha reasons. Plus, mages are regarded as the counterparts to seers, so there’s even more connection between him and his bro.
  • Russ
    • Page of Mind: I’m mostly going off of his LAC-persona, but that makes it all the more fun. Mind is concerned with decisions and their consequences, which Russ has some…interesting history with. A page’s untapped potential ties into his development in decision-making over time. Given, a lot of his decisions were based off of Doug (and the plot of LAC definitely has to play a part in this AU with the whole patron troll thing because uhhh how could it not it’s too good) but that could just be the push he needed to become his true self.
  • Tara
    • Witch of Void: Remember Basketball Ignoring Simulator? She turned their game into a game about nothing, about doing nothing, a void, and despite the efforts of the boys and it being THEIR podcast they couldn’t stop it. They couldn’t. She was simply too powerful. Witches “manipulate” or “unlock,” which is certainly what she did here. She was one of the last members of Rev3 before it died out (became a void?) but she was there til the end, both trying to keep it from its void-y fate (“manipulate”) while also finally deciding when to let go (“unlock”). And I’m not sure how to tie in her appearance on PoolGames, Inc. in which she sat in a hot tub drinking various types of alcohol, but it feels like it fits with the classpect, in some way. Witches may break the rules of their aspect, and while I’m not sure exactly how, I do feel like she’s breaking some void rules and choosing what parts of the aspect she wants (also a witch thing). Maybe my inability to pinpoint these reasons is part of why she’s a void player. Who knows.
  • Simone
    • Knight of Heart: Heart encompasses soul, motivations, emotions, and possibly attraction. Let’s focus on the last two. Two of Simone’s videos focus on her asking strangers on the street about a) which Joy-con is Sexier, and b) which Pokemon they would date. (Kinda horny things that are also definitely a theme with her.) Very, very focused on emotion and attraction. She brings motivation into it, too, by asking why. A knight “exploits their aspect as a weapon,” and honestly? She really drilled into those people. I wouldn’t say attacking, but it’s got that Vibe, and honestly a lot of these are based on Vibe. She’s also just a funny and honest/open girl in ways that strike me as a heart player. She is, of course, quite jumpy and scared of spooky games, and is quite controlled by her uhhh Feelings during them and voices such. But, she is shown to enjoy them nonetheless, the kind of courage one might associate with a knight. She could grow into it even more; room for character development. Knights also conceal their true selves; she’s suggested that despite her fear of horror games, she absolutely loses it in the moment when playing it. Gets buckwild. Maybe that’s it.
  • Rileigh
    • Maid of Heart: I haven’t listened to Still Buffering, but from what I know, she is a Teen and a sweet, sweet girl. Maids may be connected to sylphs, drawing a connection between her and her older sister; they’re also speculated as “made of,” “provider of,” or “protects with” aspect. Heart is the soul or essence of being, and her podcast is all about Being a Teen, something that everyone struggles, struggled, or WILL struggle with at some point in time, and is arguably essential to not only one phase of life but the entirety of one’s life itself. The time in which they learn who they are and find their essence, their soul. The definition of the word “maid” is either a server or an heiress; the former could be a metaphor for how Teens are often controlled by emotions in some way, and the latter could connect to her younger-sisterhood. Thanks, Teen.
  • Sydnee
    • Sylph of Breath: She’s a doctor. It’s a given. Making her life just seemed too obvious, and we already got that one heal-y thing going, but breath is also kind of important to living? I haven’t heard her podcasts, so a lot of this is just based on the Vibe I get. Please help.

I still need help figuring out Dwight, Rachel, and Teresa, plus more depth with Sydnee, since as I said, I’m not as familiar with them and their content and don’t have enough to go off of (like I did with some others here that idk as well).

I’ll update this as it happens!

Functions as board games

SUBMITTED by Steve (Fe/Fi added by Charity)

Introverted Sensing (Si): Trivial Pursuit

This game literally rewards whoever has gone through their lives collecting the most amount of pointless information in their mental database, ‘nuff said! Just don’t take it the wrong way when your defeated opponents yell “Well at least I have a life!!” at you. It’s quite possibly true, but it’s also coming from a place of anger. 

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Operation

No strategy at all, just excellent hand/eye coordination. If it’s too intense, try Hungry Hungry Hippos, if it’s not intense enough, go with Twister. 

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Battleship

The ultimate game of blind guesses. “Dave is WAY too OCD to put two ships right next to each other. Unless he expects me to think that! Hmmm….”  ’'I just got this vibe from him when I tried G-5, I betcha I narrowly missed his patrol boat.“

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Scattergories

Start with one letter, let your mind go crazy finding all the words you can think of with said letter. Ne-Doms might try to push their luck here though. Sorry, but I’m just not accepting ’'Twerking” in “Works of art”.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Chess

This game is tailor-made for Ti. “What’s my best move?” “What’s my next move after that?” “What will be his move if I do this?” From personal experience I can tell you all Ti’s I have played against have indeed mopped the floor with me. And yes, this includes ESTPs. You may think they’re too cool for chess, but the truth is, if these bastards try it, they fall in love with it and instantly become really good. True story. 

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Monopoly

Every Christmas, that ESTJ in your family wants to cut all the sentimental crap and pull out Monopoly so he can brag about winning all night. You know it. Making money, managing money, buying real-estate, managing real-estate, bankrupting your friends etc. Cue Chandler Bing: “Could this game BE more Te??” Granted, some NTJs out there might find that real-estate is too small-scale for them, so I hope you have the game of Risk handy.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Charades

It demands group participation, emotional engagement, broad (and often hilarious) gestures and good “connections” to other players to be effective. It works best when both teams are in sync with their teammates.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Chinese Checkers

Both a game of strategy and chance, Chinese Checkers is one of the least-mean multiple-player games on the market, where everyone gets a fair chance to win and no one is ever sent home. This game requires putting your pieces first – you have to get across the board! But if everyone is playing just for themselves, the board turns into a disaster zone and no one gets anywhere. The key element of winning is choosing who to help, and who not to help, while all the time aiming to win yourself.

I think the Earth signs are more likely to be hippies, possibly because they really are ones with the earth and they feel so tied to nature, so tied to the purity of this planet. They want to intertwine with the trees, the soil, the plants, everything; it’s almost transcendental in a way. And for Capricorn, especially, they are often said to be the most traditional and the most conventional - and yeah, it’s true for a lot of them, but there are a lot of Capricorns who want to be something larger. They want to contribute to the upkeep of Earth. In popular culture, some of the most prominent hippies were Capricorns. Joan Baez, the folk singer, is a good example of a Capricorn hippie:

Janis Joplin, too, another notable Capricorn hippie who revolutionized psychedelic soul music:

Stevie Nicks, one of the most well-known singers in the world, has a Capricorn Moon and many people have tried to imitate her hippie style since she stepped into the music industry:

And as for the other Earth signs, one of my favorite singers called Donovan is a Taurus Sun/Virgo Moon, and he’s a very big hippie. He has been a hippie since the 1960s and continues to be a hippie; it’s quite cool, he’s super mellow, he even has a song called Mellow Yellow:

The biggest hippie I’ve personally known was an English teacher I had like three years ago. She was a Capricorn and always stressed to the classroom that we should develop an organic lifestyle (in terms of food and just generally), she was so funny though, she wasn’t preachy but you can tell that she felt passionately about her ways of living and it mattered a lot to her.

This right here is one of the reasons I love rewatching A:TLA episodes- and one of the reasons I can never stop talking about them.

Just look at the expression on his face! He looks so pained and it makes perfect sense when you consider what he’s been through in general and recently. Zuko just had false hope dangled by a string in front of him- the hope that his father really does love and accept him- and he’s had it snatched away again. Not only did he get oh so close to being able to go home again, but he was told to believe, just for a moment, that his father really did love him. That what he’s been telling himself this whole time (that his father is right, that he is small and useless and unworthy and the only way to regain his honor is by submitting to an impossible task because he’s such a hopeless case) could be wrong. That his father does love him and think there’s hope for him and wants him. But this is just too good to be true. Azula always lies and this was just another one- albeit particularly nasty.

Zuko’s whole life’s story is practically written on his face as he severs his ties to his family and everything he has ever known out of necessity and probably also despair. The camera shows it to us from the side and his scar is very visible in detail as he lifts his inscribed knife to his hair.

Symbolic in multiple ancient Asian cultures of one’s abandonment of his societal role, a dramatic break with the past, and even rejection from one’s home, the “cutting hair scene” is one that I never fully understood as a child and am so happy to revisit now.

anonymous asked:

If Dark Side of the Moon left anything open if Sam and Dean are soulmates or not "Angel Heart" took any last hope for for it and brutually murdered it lmao

‘Tis true.

In the later seasons they’ve been going back over points like this and “rectifying” the holes/confusion ie. Cas’ sacred oath, Cas being canonically in his own body and not a vessel, Jimmy being happy in Heaven to let Cas free of the guilt, Claire, the Samulet, cupid pairings (which are NOT the same as soulmates!), good witches existing, how Crowley became King, Chuck being bisexual, gruff awesome hunters and lumberjacks being queer etc

It’s almost like it’s on propose ;)

jacobsloaner  asked:

I'd love to see a post describing the impact of dominant judging and perceiving functions. Like how they affect how the types approach the world, and why IPs/IJs aren't what they seem regarding the traditional 'judgers' and 'perceivers' stereotypes.

(Gif: Elijah from The Originals. ISFJ.)

It’s important to remember that cognitive introverts filter everything through “me” and cognitive extroverts filter everything through “the external world.” The focus of this filter, of course, depends on the dominant function.

In the social extroverts – Fe: impersonal emotional dynamics, Te: impersonal objective logic, Ne: impersonal ideas and patterns, Se: impersonal sensory information.

In the social introverts – Fi: whether I consider this right or wrong, Ti: whether I consider this logically correct and precise, Ni: whether I consider this symbolic or visionary, Si: whether I consider this of sensory value.

The only truly pure (objective) perceivers are the EP types, and only in the realm of what they are exploring (Ne - ideas / patterns / motives, or Se - sensory possibilities, opportunities, and information).

But they share something with the IJ types: all eight are open-minded, they take a great deal of time to make up their mind when given new information, and they take in information freely without an immediate need or tendency to judge it. As a result, they share a “laid back” approach to judgments that makes them able / willing to change their minds, without the impediment of a rapid-fire judging bias.

Before IJs or EPs get too full of themselves; your lower functions eventually kick in after enough analysis and make you… biased; welcome to being a human! For the EPs, aux Fi will reach a moral judgment (nope, ain’t right, don’t care what you say); Ti will reach a rational judgment (this is what I’ve decided is true; nothing you say can change my mind); and for the IJs, tert Ti will reach a logical judgment (I’ve decided this is what I think is logical; good luck changing it) and Fi will reach a moral standpoint (that is or isn’t right, forget arguing me out of it).

The reputation IJ’s have for being “stubborn, rigid, or opinionated” isn’t entirely correct; as dominant perceiving types, they are not fast to judge unless the information presented has already been absorbed, experienced, analyzed, thought about in detail, and given to their judging functions for a decision or opinion. If it’s totally new, don’t expect an immediate judgment on it.

For the judging-dominant types (IP, EJ) … the rapid expression of a judgment is easily accessed, because all of them have immediate access to their dominant function, which judges new information based on their individual criteria. Thus, the Fe-dom can express a moral opinion as soon as they are confronted with it; a Te-dom can sense and debate whether that is a logical or factual fallacy when confronted with it; a Fi-dom will decide if that’s true or ethical based on a personal belief system; a Ti-dom must stop to analyze, categorize, or assess the logic before it goes further in the stack.

Remember that: with dominant judging functions, this goes no further until I’ve okayed it.

But in dominant perceiving functions: let’s explore, then I’ll decide.

- ENFP Mod

Prompt: Angsty sansby

Thank you for the prompt, @wellmaybesomenerds!  

The first idea I came up for this prompt was a continuation of the idea I wrote something for a while ago where Sans and Grillby were married for like 40 years and then Frisk resets.  Neither of them remembers being married directly, but when they meet again after the reset, they both have sudden strong feelings for each other.  I always figured there would be a breakup some point after they got together.  I hope you like breakup fics?  

Hopefully, that summarizes the idea well enough that no one has to read the other stuff first.

Rating: T

Warnings: angst, breakups, depression

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Arrow: A Generation of Vipers Review

Continuing from the events of THE FLASH: THE HAUNTING OF BARRY ALLEN, team Arrow and team Flash seek to eliminate the bizarre energy that threatens to kill the Scarlet Speedster. Their quest takes them to Markovia, where they must get past an army of mercenaries and assassins to face the enigmatic Count Wallenstein. 

So there’s the official summary of this novel, but let’s delve in deeper to this delightful read. Here are more than thirteen reasons why I thoroughly enjoyed it and my thoughts on the story as a whole. There’s just so many things I never knew I wanted to see on Arrow that I got in reading this iteration of it.

If you’re wondering, it is considered 4A canon (x). However, there are some small plot holes that diverge from that timeline.

Before I discuss the lovely OTA and countless adorable Olicity moments. This mission takes Barry and Cisco from Team Flash and OTA along with Thea and Lyla to Markovia because of an attempt to stop a former friend from Oliver’s past who not so surprisingly turned evil. They always do. The intro felt very much like the season 3/season 1 crossover with Arrow/Flash, which I thought was very action- packed.

I’m going to put the OTA and Olicity moments under the cut, but I also want to discuss the flashbacks beforehand.

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tinkchick555  asked:

What are your opinions on Disney's latest decisions in the parks? Good, bad, meh?


Good: Dumping lots and lots of money into the parks. In the late 90s/early 00s, the way the company tried to make stocks/shares go up was to close attractions, thereby lowering operating costs. Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter reminded Disney that adding great stuff to your theme parks is an EVEN BETTER way to make money, and now look at the number of ‘coming soon’ announcements coming out of Florida and CA.

Good: They are actively listening to the fans, incorporating some of their loves/ideas/weird collecting fetishes into the Parks’ merch and special events. Granted, the ‘fans’ that they are listening to are actually Disney employees who have risen up the ranks enough to have a voice in the boardrooms and backrooms, but hey – at least they are listening!

Good: The folks in charge now really LOVE Disney and the basic Disneyland tenets. Going back to those dreaded late 90s/early 00s, back then, most of the decisions were being made by a group of presidents and vice-presidents who REPEATEDLY said they were trying to make Disney feel “less Disney”…you know, “for adults.” Right now, the opposite is true. So even if I don’t love a lot of what they are coming up with, it at least feels like *they* think they’re doing it for right reasons.

Good: Star Wars Land…in Disney Hollywood Studios. GREAT IDEA! WONDERFUL FIT!

Bad: Star Wars Land…wedged awkwardly in the back of the otherwise perfectly-themed Disneyland. Why not over in California Adventure where it could be tied into the whole ‘Hollywood/making movies’ part? Oh, well. Too late.

Bad/Good: Changing Tower of Terror to Guardians of the Galaxy. The re-do is UGLY on the outside. Hopefully the inside will be better. That said, I’m glad they’re creating their Marvel Land (or whatever they are planning to call it) in DCA instead of trying to shove it into a back alley on Main Street.

Bad: Adding more movie characters to EPCOT. Yes, Epcot has some super boring stuff in it, but why not rework those things to make them interesting? People love learning/knowledge/fun facts. EPCOT used to be all about providing that. Now Disney seems scared that people won’t visit that park unless it features Finding Nemo, Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy. What makes this all the more crazy is that EPCOT is the 3rd most visited theme park in the U.S. Folks clearly DON’T hate it!

Bad: Avatar. Who really cares about those characters or that world???

Meh: The not-so-secret services for the uber wealthy (the $1000 Tomorrowland ‘cabanas’, the $15,000 dinner, etc.). I mean, Disneyland has always had a few expensive perks – Club 33, getting a private tour guide, etc. – but now it seems like they’re announcing a new one every month, and they are never really all that ‘special.’ None of them come close to the magic of, say, a Club 33…even/especially Disney’s recently announced plan to put a Club 33 in EVERY park around the globe! All of that said, I’d gladly see a bunch more cheap-looking cabanas than have management begin closing classic rides with low people-counts.