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Do you think that L was truly at H's shows? I was a little skeptical because how could he not been photographed? But then he just so happens to show up at Niall's tour date after H did his show and yeah, that really makes you start to wonder! Also I think L looks so much better/happier with a clean shave!

I think Louis was probably at Harry’s San Francisco show. He’s been in the United States far longer than expected, lying low and MIA— until yesterday. We know that Harry arrived in LA a week before Nova Red Room and had surgery on his hand, and none of his family came to be with him— because he had someone here. As I said before, surgery was on Harry’s dominant hand, and for a few days, he really did need some help.

Niall and Harry both had shows on September 19. Louis was MIA for both, but his tweet during the concerts, about an NBA game, to someone physically in San Francisco, was as blatant as he could go. He could have done nothing, but he wanted it known that he was in SF. He knew fans would figure the tweet out.

When I saw Niall at Harry’s concert, even though it was expected that the boys would show support for each other, I was so touched, I almost started crying. I don’t know— it just got to me, how they care about each other, and want the best for each other. How they plan their careers so they don’t compete with each other, but are all doing so amazingly well nonetheless.

And it reinforced for me that there’s love— a lot of love, which we might not witness. We see only the tip of the iceberg.

Louis coming to Niall’s concert, looking like an angel— I’m loving it. These initial concerts mean so much to them, and to have their bandmates there, the people who can best understand what it feels like to be on stage, the ones who have shared your nerves, fatigue, and exhilaration— is irreplaceable. Niall notoriously has a terrible poker face, and his face when introducing Louis says it all— the unbridled joy and the love.



Personally, I think there’s no way that Louis, being in LA, would miss going to Harry’s tour opener.

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If you have time, could you write a drabble in which Harry praises Louis' mouth? You know what i mean haha Louis' pics from today where he smokes made me think some things haha Only if you want tho haha

Warning for blindfolding, face fucking, and light d/s undertones

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Do you know any fics with pining and jealousy? I know that's basically every fic ever, but one where they both get jealous at one point or another during the story would be great! It's pretty broad, but thanks anyways!

Hi lovely! Sorry for the delay, hope you enjoy: 

Far Away. by dimpled_halo:

Summary: Harry swallows hard, clearing his throat. “Hi Lou,” he says, looking at Louis reluctantly. He’s even more gorgeous than he remembers, so much, he feels uneasy looking directly at him, he’s so beautiful.

Louis looks at Harry, does a quick once-over and smiles, eyes so bright and blue—just how Harry remembers. “Harold!” He gets up out of his seat and embraces him into a warm hug. It’s a friendly platonic hug; one that ends way too soon. Harry wishes it would last longer so that he can breathe Louis in and memorize his new but somehow still familiar scent. It instantly leaves his body aching for more.

Harry returns to London after five years. Stuck in the past with “what ifs” and “what might have beens”, he sees that his friends and ex (and possible love of his life) Louis have all moved on with their lives while he finds himself questioning his own life choices, past and present.

You Drive Me Crazy (but it feels alright) by MrsStylinson:

Summary: “Harry is not short for Harold,” he corrects, his voice as thick as molasses. He lowers his eyes to Louis’ sequined lapels, rubbing one between two fingers. “Is this small or extra small? It looks lovely.”

Louis breaks away from his grip with a petulant huff and pushes him back with two fingers.

“You’re mocking me. Again.”

Harry smiles and it’s a real honest swoop of his lips this time. Louis’ stomach swoops with them.

Just a Flower Boy by Larryruinedme:

Summary: Harry Styles is a clumsy, flower crown-wearing, openly gay junior with only two true friends, Niall and Zayn. Louis Tomlinson is the school’s attractive, straight football captain, with a small body and a big personality. As fate will have it, Harry has a huge, unrequited, utterly hopeless crush on Louis.

Fate is thrown out the window the day that Harry and Louis find themselves partnered up for a history project. Harry starts to receive notes from a secret admirer, Louis starts to get jealous of Harry’s budding friendship with senior Nick Grimshaw, Zayn and Liam develop a thing for each other, and Niall is the best mate anyone could have asked for. And suddenly, Harry’s crush on Louis doesn’t seem so utterly hopeless anymore.

If You Love Me Let Me Go by Icelandichairdresser_irl_ (Icelandichairdresser):

Summary: Harry loved Louis he really did. He was perfect, for Harry, at least most of the time. You see Louis had this problem with being possessive. Harry had been holding it in, the snappy retorts and the rolled eyes for a while. It was only natural that he blow up. It couldn’t have come at a worse time really. Louis was already feeling insecure about their relationship and this was the tipping point. Louis felt it everywhere he went, that sensation that Harry was in love with someone else. That he couldn’t possible love Louis. That Louis was only a fling to pass the time. And he deserved better, he deserved someone he could love. So Louis tried to do everything in his power to help him get that.

Dreaming of You by Velvetoscar:

Summary: The world is winter and steamed milk and creamy espresso shots. The world is a never ending queue. The world is a Starbucks logo and a pink-cheeked smile from Niall and a bored scowl from Zayn and the world is Louis watching his best mate, Liam, fall in love with their newest customer, Harry. Who may or may not be in love with Louis. The world is cruel.

Loving You’s a Little Different by oakland30:

Summary: “Uh- Jake, I think? Met him at one of Niall’s ‘get together’s. He’s alright. Nice face.” Louis pulls out a paperback book and squints at its small print, “Won’t be calling him, though.“

Harry sighs, but it’s wasted. Why wouldn’t random boys with nice faces approach Louis in an empty library? The circles under his eyes are puffy and his hair is ruffled from a stubborn night’s sleep, but he looks gorgeous. Like he isn’t from this planet.

Harry’s in love with his roommate. Misunderstandings abound.

standing here but you don’t see me by loudippedincaramel:

Summary: “Louis being with a guy is something Harry has always known was a possibility. Ever since Louis told them he was gay, he knew that this would come up at some point. But it was just that. At some point. It’s always been a hypothetical. Harry never thought it would bother him. But now, watching Louis squirm as he watches that other guy, it’s just not a hypothetical anymore. And Harry is very bothered by it.”

or: Harry’s discovery that he like boys as well as girls. One boy in particular catches his eye and he’s determined to get him.

Can’t love, Can’t hurt by Samcgrath:

Summary: Harry is living on Gemma’s sofa after he moved out of his and Louis’ flat because he just couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Louis with his girlfriend during the day and then coming home and curling around Harry on the sofa. So he moved out and now Louis might be losing his mind because Harry’s gone. The lads worry after Harry says something in an interview that he just won’t talk to them about. And Gemma is an awesome sister.

doesn’t have to be a real thing by loupiter:

Summary: In which Harry helps Louis get over his ex and it kind of becomes a regular thing. It’s totally casual – they have an understanding. But what happens to Harry when Nick reappears in Louis’ life?

something lovers call fate (kept me saying I have to wait) by bravefortheboys:

Summary: Okay – so he may have some feelings for his best friend. That’s completely fine. It happens. Except it doesn’t just happen like this. He can’t just listen to a little bit of a sappy speech and realize his everlasting love for his best mate of 10 years, right? That’s impractical. This had to have been a gradual sort of thing and – fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. Has he unknowingly been falling for his best friend this entire time? Were those sharp tugs of endearment a secret way of his inside telling him this is it? How unfortunate. How humiliating. Louis could scream his lungs out if it weren’t for, y’know, the wedding in progress.

It’s Niall’s wedding, officially leaving Louis and Harry to be the only unmarried (and single) friends in their group. Naturally, this puts Louis into a crisis. (ft. declaration of love in the men’s restroom, hiding out in the women’s restroom, and plenty of sappy songs with hidden meanings to help the night pass)

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hellooo :D how are you?? i hope your having a good day and was wondering if you can rec any waiter/delivery boy fics??

sure !


- autumn leaves , by @suspendrs : Or, Harry is an American soldier in France during World War II, and Louis is a French waiter that doesn’t mean to fall in love with him. (27k, NR)

- This Shifting Ground , by zarah5 : University AU. In which Louis, law student, is the cheeky waiter to Harry’s dates. This is how it starts. (28k, M)

- Summer Loving Happened So Fast , by kikikryslee :     Or, the one where Harry is staying at his dad’s beach house for the week and meets Louis on the third day. Five days later, he thinks he might be way past the ‘summer fling’ stage. (16k, M)

- Tall Tales For Summer , bturnyourankle  :   Harry knows something is up when his mum insists on throwing him a birthday party in the summer. He’s even more suspicious of her intentions when he notices the guest list is all male. (Or, modern nobility AU where Harry’s mother is trying to set him up without his knowledge.) (11k, E)

- The Accidental Dateby louisandthealien  :   The Valentine’s Day AU where Louis gets stood up for his date and, instead of going home, ends up eating an entire five course meal by himself out of spite (and not at all because his waiter’s cute as hell.) (9k, G)

- Aphrodisiac , by  aimmyarrowshigh :   The day he made roasted asparagus tips wrapped in Serrano ham with lemon aïoli, Louis knew: Harry Styles was trying to seduce him. (4k, NR)

- the first meal is free , by blameitontheboyband :  Harry works at a restaurant. Louis comes in one night after work. (3.5k, G)    

- Put Your Hands on Me in My Skintight Jeansby  iwillpaintasongforlou :    Harry is a popstar who –according to the media– does a lot of cocaine and fucks a lot of boys. Louis is a waiter at a gay nightclub who finds it hard to believe that anyone who wears a straw hat to a bar can be the party animal Harry’s made out to be.(Famous!Harry meets non-famous!Louis in a club and things progress from there… in the direction of Louis’ bedroom.) (7k, E)        

- hot, sticky sweet, by  @a-writerwrites “concept: harry (in early 20s) being a cutesy little waiter at this cute milkshake and bakery type shop that’s all frilly and pink and they wear roller skates and serve the people there and harry is in cute high waisted shorts and an adorable crop top…” (6k, E)

- I always Get Lucky, by @phd-mama : When Louis complains that he’s been single too long, Niall decides to help him out by signing him up for Gaydar, a “dating” app. What happens when a great guy messages him? Just remember, not everything you read on the internet is true. (7k, T)

- paris holds the key , by  fleetofships :  They’re all moments that pale in comparison to what Harry feels right then, standing in front of the dark Parisian restaurant, with the sun barely peeking over rooftops of the 4th arrondissement. It’s a late September morning. He feels like he might throw up from excitement, or cry from nerves, or both. But he doesn’t. He’s learned to keep it together. Harry tries to regulate his breathing, and stuffs his hands into his coat to do something that isn’t fidgeting. He’s only been here for two days, but his heart hasn’t stopped beating since he got off the train.  It’s Paris. Here’s finally here, with a semi-fluency in French, and he somehow gets to extern for three and a half months at British ex-pat Simon Cowell’s contemporary brasserie. ++ Culinary AU. Harry is an extern pâtissier abroad for three months, Niall gets him the job, Louis is a cheeky server who only speaks French, and Liam is Harry’s boss and really likes Zayn’s bread. (9k, M)

- walking with each other think we’ll never match at all (but we do), by larryjohnlock  : Louis, along with Niall & Zayn, gets a job on a luxury cruise from Southampton to New York. Harry’s the son to a businessman. They meet when Louis is serving Harry’s table. This is just something dumb that turned out longer than it should’ve. So. A little bit of angst, a little bit of sex but mostly just Harry and Louis on a boat. And in a kareoke-bar. (30k, M)

- All Waiters Deserve a Tip,  by SLD24 :  Louis is a really clumsy waiter who is forced to serve Harry and his date. (5k, NR)

- hipster boy , by zaplarry : Louis was supposed to be on a blind date but he can’t seem to keep his eye off the clumsy waiter. (3k, NR)


- Special Topping , by LoadedGunn  : Or, the AU where Harry delivers pizza and Louis really just wants Tim Gunn to spank him. (13k, E)

- Pizza Boy , by @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee : “You just flirted with the pizza boy. On your anniversary! Liam’s in the next room!!”
“Alright, alright, calm down. I was not flirting, I was just being friendly.”
“Unbelievable.” Harry scoffed, expressing his irritation. Niall joined them in the kitchen, pulling open the pizza box greedily and helping himself to a slice. “Harry’s just upset ‘cause you flirted with his boy.” Niall smirked. - Harry fancies the pizza boy and attempts to flirt.
  (3k, T)

- making love like professionals on the first time, by jacqharries   :   “Oh,” Louis mutters. He.. what? Did the green eyed, tight trouser wearing, plump lipped, ringlety haired boy just say that? “Thanks?”  The boy frowns, confused as to why Louis sounds confused. “You told me to.”  "Excuse me?“  "To give you a compliment.”  "Oh! Oh, right. You went proper poet on that, mate. I was just hoping for a ‘hey, you look okay today’ or something.“ Or, Louis orders pizza and asks papa to bring him a cute boy that will give him a compliment. sex transpires, obviously. (5k, E)

- Pizza My Heartby Happilysunlight and  yslstagram : Plans fell through, and Louis ends up alone for his birthday and Christmas. He gets a little tipsy and decides to order pizza put on a show for the delivery boy. Harry’s just elated he gets to deliver a pizza to the boy he’s had a crush on for years. (13k, E)

- Knock Knockby watchoutamore  : Harry is in his second year of uni and orange chicken and pizza are the only things he and his best friend Niall can afford. It’s just a plus that he gets a cute delivery boy on the other end of the phone. (5k, M)


31 Best Fics Of 2016:

↳ 1.- Swim In The Smokeby whoknows [@crazyupsetter](101k)

     “Why would I want to kiss a mouthy little omega like you?” Harry asks, stepping forward almost unconsciously, backing Louis into the wall. Heat drips through his veins, smoldering and gentle. He isn’t ready for it. He’s especially not ready for the way Louis tips his head up, exposing the line of his throat.  

     It’s not - it’s just because Harry is taller than him and he has to look up to meet his eyes. That’s all it is. That’s all it’s allowed to be.  

     “Because you watch my mouth,” Louis says. “All the time. Whenever I’m speaking. Sometimes even when I’m not.”  

He Saves You

“Alright y/n,” Louis tipped the beer and pointed at her.

Y/N shifted in the pool as she laid on the raft. She was careful not to tip over, she couldn’t swim. The raft sunk a little and then popped up.

“What, you know if you get caught in the pool with that they’ll yell at you,” she warned.

“Shush child, that life guard is mostly interested at girls then what I drink,” Louis stated, “oi! Niall!”

Niall jumped in swimming over and holding on to the edge where Louis was setting his beer down, “hey man, hey y/n,” Niall winked at her.

Y/N opened her magazine once again, “what brings you to the eleven feet side,” Niall teased swimming over and grabbing her magazine.

“The suns over here,” Y/N grabbed it once more from his hands, “and I was hopping to stay warm.”

She flipped it over and Niall pouted, “give me some attention well you?”

“No,” Y/N laughed, she flipped a page and kept reading, “I tend to find Bruce Jenner more interesting.”

“Mate will you come get a beer with me?” Louis called lifting himself up and out of the water.

Niall patted her raft and turned following Louis. Y/N panicked turning, “you can’t leave me here!” She said sitting and the ends of the raft popped up.

“Just stay still. Lay down again,” Niall called, “relax. It’s just five minutes.”

Y/N struggled hitting the sides of the pink raft and she shrieked as she felt herself flip over. She slide down and she started flapping her arms widely. She kicked and kicked until she felt a pair of strong arms around her waist pulling her up. Y/N wrapped her arms around the hero and started coughing widely.

“Hey. Hey shhh it’s okay I’ve got you,” The deep voice assured as he took her to the two feet and then sat her down.

Y/N clutched her chest as she coughed, “it’s alright,” he patted her back.

Y/N looked up meeting his green eyes, “you okay? I’m Harry,” he said, “the lifeguard.”

His hair was wet and matted against his face, he ran his hands through it pushing it back, “thank you,” y/n coughed out, “I’m y/n.”

“Holy shit y/n,” Louis set down his drink, “we told you to sit still. Uh shit. Don’t tell mum and dad. They’ll kill me.”

Y/N rolled her eyes and Harry helped her up, “I think-I’m just going to-I’m going up to my room.”

“Come on, I’ll help you, my shifts over,” Harry smiled.

Y/N blushed as he handed her a towel, “thanks.”

“No problem, it’s my honor,” he gave her a small smile and slipped on his life guard jacket waving to the girl who was now in his seat.

“My head hurts. Is that normal?” She asked him.

Harry nodded at her and they set out walking, “I know this is pushing it. But maybe we could go for dinner.”

“Well you did just save my life,” y/n laughed nudging him, “I would like that Harry.”

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Hey I love you! Your amazing I just found you and now I know love at first site is real? { Get it;) } will you marry me babe!! Anywho... I love when you recommend fics, I was wondering if you would rec some of your favorite bottom!harry fics? ^.^ it doesn't have to be smutty smutty just like young, innocent and like Harry is the more submissive in like just him everyday way?idk how to explain it hahaha just your favorite ones? That probably made no sense. Sorry

OMG. OMFG. I love you too anon !! (please come in my ask with you real url ! i want to know who you are!! I want to follow you !!). I love so much when I wake up with something like that on my ask !!


Let’s start with some young and innocent Harry , smutty but not too much.

- nonstop earthquake dreams of you  : canon fic, X-factor era.

- Red brick heart :  Uni AU, Harry founds out he might be gay. (ok, there’s top!harry too at the end but the entire fic is really awesome)

- Give Me Truths : Uni AU (Louis is a psychology student with a tattoo count as high as his genius IQ. Harry is in a (sort-of) relationship with a homophobic man and hates himself a little more every day. Things fall apart and Louis puts him back together.)

-Want You More Than A : Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.

- feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream      : Royal/magic AU (I think it’s only bottom!Harry? m’not sure?)

- bring out feelings in me i never show      : Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving.

- Sail Across Me : Pirate AU (Virgin Harry/first time)

- Just Lay With Me : the one in which Louis is the coach of Harry’s daughter’s football team and Harry likes Louis’ bum. One day there’s a parent football game and Louis, just maybe, starts hitting on Harry and, just maybe, Harry gives in.

- Web Me Harder  : Spiderman AU

In the Checkout Line : Louis is a cashier and Uni student. Harry is the awkward kid who comes through his line nearly every day. Louis knows that it’s just so he can talk to Louis, but he doesn’t say anything. He quite likes it. They become friends, and then maybe a bit more.

- truth be told, i never was yours : College AU in which Harry is a virgin and Louis is definitely not in love with him. One night, this all changes.

And now, some smutty bottom!Harry fics. Like porn without plot (i love this tag so much OMG)

- give you my fever    : x-factor era. harry’s never had an orgasm before, louis gives him his first .

- i’ll fuck you like the devil    : Harry is 17, dresses as an angel for Halloween, and attends Louis’ Halloween party. Louis fucks him.

- wishing for rain as I stand in the desert : Louis is moving out of the flat he shares with Harry because Eleanor thinks they’re too co-dependent. Harry can’t let him leave

- feels so good getting what i want. : Harry is a slutty yoga teacher with his sights set on Louis and Louis wants to pull that long hair of his while he fucks him really hard from behind.

- Number One Fan : Cheerleader!Harry .

UPDATE  (under the cut, it’s very long) (last update on June 30th 2017)

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The details of this syco deal need to be yet seen but to me it’s a good sign when even the heavily syco connected Dan Wootrot skips the 3/3 chances to ask ot3 about F. Niall is one thing but Harry? He’d wank on causing Harry pain by bringing up F and Louis’ fatherhood.. instead he threw such high balls as EDM music and the sexuality question… but the icing on the cake was that he asked Liam about Bear for minutes and not even one mention, nothing like exchanging tips as new dads w Louis it’s like F is non existent.

So I wouldn’t jump the gun just yet.

Babygate timeline

Okay, so this is just everything pulled together from all the stuff I’ve seen about babygate. Not sure if all dates are accurate etc etc and obviously I have missed stuff out but I’ve included the stuff I think is key. (Obviously on top of all this, we have the RBB hints all the way through and keeping us sane). 

May 2015

12th: The Twitter account @BrianaFacts was created. Briana had not yet been associated with Louis, and how would a fan know that she would be significant, let alone become ‘pregnant with his child’. A more believable explanation for this is that it was management setting things up early.  

14th: Louis and Briana seen leaving the club in LA together. @annasprivate on Twitter was tweeting his location all night, WANTING paps to go there and see them. The video below is that night. Briana is walking quite close to Louis (so every pic of him, she will be there in the background). At 29 seconds, you can hear the pap go ‘this one’s for the sun’ (who later went on to use the photo for their ‘One Conception’ front page), and the infamous photo of them was taken. You can see Briana posing in the photo when it is taken – she WANTED (and was most likely instructed) to be in all photos, becoming associated with Louis.


June 2015 

27th: Fake baby thrown on stage at concert. Louis picks it up, saying ‘it’s fake, it’s not real’ etc etc, before throwing it off stage. A foreshadowing, perhaps?? 

July 2015 

12th: 2 days before the babygate articles drop, Louis tweets:

14th: Two months after Louis and Briana were papped out clubbing, the first babygate articles come out. Briana was clearly very keen to get the news out there, and for the world to know it was DEFINITELY Louis’. This is bad press – Louis got a girl pregnant on a one night stand. Any good management would have paid her to keep her mouth shut. Modest! want to put forward Louis’ ‘I am in fact straight’ image, no matter the cost. To them, any publicity is good publicity, especially with the album coming later in the year.

August 2015

4th: A confirmation (if you can call it that) from Louis, live on GMA, even though the topic was blacklisted. A boy with six younger siblings – why would he not be excited about the concept of becoming a father and have the topic blacklisted.

September 2015 

27th: (Not sure of exact date) Briana attends one (?) of the OTRA shows at the O2 Arena in London. Paps were hired to go inside the venue and take photos of her, which were later published. We can seen that, clearly, her and the Tomlinson family have become so close. (Detect sarcasm).

November 2015

12th: Ann Marie, head of Syco PR gives birth to twins. Louis happens to be in LA (where she lives, and most likely gave birth) that week. Coincidentally, his hair during this time is the same length as it is in the picture he posted with his new baby son.

December 2015

Louis seems to have taken over the winter girlfriend too (alongside Harry faffing about on a yacht with Kendall, which was in a location where you go to get photographed i.e. that was the initiative). Louis and Danielle Campbell spotted swanning around various places together, weeks before Briana is due to give birth. Oli tagging along with them also.

January 2016

Early in the month: Louis still swanning around with Danielle (Oli is still with them too). They literally got papped going to the supermarket and stood in the carpark whilst photos were being taken. Funny that.

21st: Freddie Reign Tomlinson was born. On that same day, Louis decides that a visit to get some sunglasses will make his day 100x better, so decides on a little trip out, and surprise surprise, there are paps. Funnily enough, he is also displaying his hospital band. Paps were called for the sole purpose of photographing him wearing the band. After Louis’ tweets ‘confirming’ the birth, there are very few congratulatory tweets filtering through. None from the boys, Lottie and Jay only retweeted him. Also, Lottie, who has a very close bond with her brother, has not stuck around for the birth and is on holiday with her boyfriend instead.  

Louis always leaves spaces. Like this !! It is not unlikely that management tweeted this on his behalf. 

24/25th: Louis, Briana, Oli and driver are photographed exiting doctors. Their location would not have been known, unless paps were tipped off (which obviously they were).

 Louis is ahead of Briana and Oli carrying the baby car seat (along with the baby/bundle of blankets). Briana has dressed up nicely for her pre-planned pap walk – skinny jeans and heels only a few days after giving birth. More photos are released soon after of another outing (honestly, is Briana not tired?), which is said to be a different day in the press. The driver is wearing the same clothes. It’s the same day, but Louis and Briana have changed. Why are photos being released slowly?

26th: Louis papped going into Briana’s house to celebrate her birthday. Obviously, again, paps tipped off.

28th: Louis and Briana posts first pictures with ‘Freddie Reign Tomlinson’.

Louis hair in the photo with his son is much shorter than it was in photos only days before (look at the bit at the nape of his neck). Not only this, but Freddie in the photo with Louis and the photo with Briana looks ever so slightly different.

Now onto Freddie:

People have been saying that pictures Briana has been using is actually Amber Fillerup (her cousin allegedly, although I am not sure how we know this.) She has a lifestyle blog and two children, one of which was born 2 weeks ago. Her and Briana look extremely similar.

Mentioned above was the birth of Ann Marie’s twins. Freddie, in the picture with Briana, looks shockingly like one of her children:

It’s also not too crazy (in my opinion) to think that this photo was taken when she had just had them. Louis’ hair is the same length as it was when he was in LA that week for no reason at all, and the baby looks very much alike. 

29th: Briana was out doing yet another pap walk, this time seen leaving her house carrying the car seat wearing tights and shorts. In pictures from whatever day also, she was impressively carried the seat and baby with four fingers, displaying some kind of super strength (those seats are bloody heavy, even when empty). Freddie has spent more time out of the house than in it at that point – what is the reasoning behind why Briana can’t just stay at home and rest? TMZ released articles about Tammi buying web addresses, relating to Briana and Louis. 

Like Father Like Stepson

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles (Larry)

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Underage, Bdsm, Slightly non-con scene 

Word Count: 7500

Summary: Louis has a complicated life being the stepson of prestigious business executive Harry Styles. It doesn’t help that he is forced to live along side two annoying step brothers Liam and Niall. With Louis’ bad temper and lack of boundaries, quite the eventful week is about to ensue. 

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Hiii, 1st i love ur blog. And 2nd do you have any fics like "baby heaven's in your eyes" or possessiv harry/ louis ?

Hi! Thank you so much, you’re so lovely! Hope you enjoy:

Forever, Uninterrupted by sparkk:

Summary: Harry finds a mysterious picture in Louis’ bag one night and drives himself crazy over it. It’s definitely not what he thinks.

An excuse to write Harry in rut, because there’s already so many heat fics out there.

doesn’t have to be a real thing by loupiter:

Summary: In which Harry helps Louis get over his ex and it kind of becomes a regular thing. It’s totally casual – they have an understanding. But what happens to Harry when Nick reappears in Louis’ life?

Only You Can Be My Alpha by wubwubnparmaham:

Summary: Louis has never liked being an Omega. As if it wasn’t enough to despise what he was born into, he couldn’t even be what he was correctly.
Harry Styles changes all of that.

OR the one where Louis is banished from his tribe, and lands himself in Harry’s instead. The alluring Pack Alpha makes Louis question his nature and he doesn’t know how he feels about that. But you can’t fight destiny.

Falling in Love by Centa0592:

Summary: Louis was just looking for a job so he didn’t have to start university right away. When he accepted the role as Harry Styles’ personal assistant, he had no idea he would find a lot more than work.

Or the Boss/Employee AU where Harry thinks he’s straight, since he has a gf, but, after meeting Louis, soon discovers that sexuality means nothing when love is involved.

Darkness by Centa0592:

Summary: Innocent, wealthy, and sheltered Louis Tomlinson arrives to London for a new life and in hope of adventure but instead he meets local badboy Harry Styles. Louis has no idea who Harry really is or what he’s capable of but once he finds out that his angel is no angel at all it’s a bit too late because Louis has already fallen. But will Harry’s Darkness consume him completely? 

Where It Went Wrong by thedagger:

Summary: Louis Tomlinson has everything he could want: a loving family, a good group of friends and he just released his new album, announcing a world tour next year. Everything seemed to be going well, all under control. His career was kicking off, earning millions and gaining a lot of fame. But, there was one thing missing from his life and that was the bubbly 17 year old Harry that Louis fell in love with.

Harry stopped talking to Louis three years ago when he first got together with his boyfriend: Dalton.

Once they bump into each other, sparks are ignited and Louis knows he feels something just like he did all those years ago. But, Harry’s hiding a secret that Louis is determined to find out and solve. The media spotlight is on them, continuously getting attention for their friendship or more.

And then, it all goes downhill.

Where it went all wrong.

Can’t love, Can’t hurt by Samcgrath:

Summary: Harry is living on Gemma’s sofa after he moved out of his and Louis’ flat because he just couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Louis with his girlfriend during the day and then coming home and curling around Harry on the sofa. So he moved out and now Louis might be losing his mind because Harry’s gone. The lads worry after Harry says something in an interview that he just won’t talk to them about. And Gemma is an awesome sister.

Kiss Me On The Mouth And Set Me Free by ls2k14:

Summary: Louis has his head thrown back in a laugh, his wet fringe hanging in front of his eyes, and a beautiful flush to his cheeks. From this angle, the sun hits his face just right to where the beams of light are shining in between the spaces of each individual clump of watered down eyelashes. His chest is showing through the soaked material of his white jersey and it seems that his biceps are attempting to break free from the sleeves that are clinging to his skin.

And Harry can do nothing except take it all in. He doesn’t even think he’s breathing at this point. He is literally stuck in place, admiring the true beauty of Louis Tomlinson, while being surrounded by fit footballers and generally attractive people. He doesn’t think he’s ever been in love before, but if Louis let him, he’s pretty damn sure he could change that in the matter of a few nanoseconds.

A Real Boy by Centa0592:

Summary: Harry is a college student who is forced to live with his dad in Portland. Louis is a vampire, who’s in Portland to catch a hunter. They meet, drama ensues, they fall in love and this is their story.

If You Love Me Let Me Go by Icelandichairdresser_irl_ (Icelandichairdresser):

Summary: Harry loved Louis he really did. He was perfect, for Harry, at least most of the time. You see Louis had this problem with being possessive. Harry had been holding it in, the snappy retorts and the rolled eyes for a while. It was only natural that he blow up. It couldn’t have come at a worse time really. Louis was already feeling insecure about their relationship and this was the tipping point. Louis felt it everywhere he went, that sensation that Harry was in love with someone else. That he couldn’t possible love Louis. That Louis was only a fling to pass the time. And he deserved better, he deserved someone he could love. So Louis tried to do everything in his power to help him get that.

anonymous asked:

Hey, hun!!! Can you recommend some really well written fic with plot, good utterance, good descriptions, just skillfully written ones.

I was supposed to make this fic rec long time ago (are you the same anon than weeks ago?) so here we are, let’s do this tonight.

- Coup de Foudre : Harry moves to the front door accompanied by insistent lightning flashes. He acknowledges it could also be a murderer on the other side and that he will likely be dead in five minutes.It should stop him. It doesn’t. Harry decides not to waste another second and calls through to the other side, “Just a second.” He turns the key in the latch and opens it and—everything around him drops away in one long cloud coming into another cloud. (15k)

- my heart’s a stereo (and this melody is meant for you) : Louis Tomlinson, an ex-boybander now stuck in the rut of a comfortable has-been, gets the chance to resuscitate his career when a pop star asks him to write a duet for her highly-anticipated comeback album. Through a chance encounter, he finds a quirky lyricist in Harry Styles, the curly-haired baker and former writer with an above-average sense of rhyme and inexplicable interest in personal questions.Or: the Music & Lyrics AU that no one asked for, in which Louis is Hugh Grant, and Harry is Drew Barrymore, and the slow burn is (hopefully) worth the wait. (122k)

- over fire and water (for your love): non au; where a car accident changes everything, except for what they call home. (6k)

- once upon a dream : Louis is psychic and gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation led by FBI Special Agent Harry Styles.aka. the Medium/Criminal Minds-inspired AU no one ever asked for. (33k)

- Cameras Flashing  : With his breakout single platinum three times over and his second album still selling out in stores around the world, Louis Tomlinson has made it to the top. However, his position as Pop Heartthrob of the Decade is threatened by the edgier, more artistic Zayn, who happens to be releasing an album a week after Louis’ upcoming third. Louis needs something groundbreaking- scandalous, even- to push past him in the charts. Much to Louis’ dismay, his PR team calls in The Sexpert. Consulting with PR firm Shady, Lane and Associates pays the bills so that Harry Styles can spend his down time doing what he really loves: poring over data. On weekends and late into the evenings, he researches gender, presentation, and sexual orientation, analysing the longitudinal study that is his father’s life’s work. That is, until his newest client, the popstar with the fascinating secret, drags him off his couch and frighteningly close to the spotlight. As the album’s release date approaches, will Tomlinson and Styles be able to pull off the most risky PR scheme of the millennium and beat Zayn in sales or will the heat of their feelings for each other compromise everything? (81k)

- a house built out of stone : Louis has a used bookshop and Harry has a habit of claiming things that don’t belong to him. (22k)

- To Give You a Hand to Hold : Marine Louis Tomlinson is medically discharged when an IED explodes in Afghanistan. Months later, he’s reunited Stateside with his Navy medic Harry Styles. The two of them shelter each other even as they refuse to admit they’re in the throes of PTSD, until one night nearly destroys them.   (26k)

- taking tips and getting stoned : Louis drives a taxi. He hasn’t seen Harry in eight years when they have a chance meeting. A lot has changed in that time. But not everything. (24k)

- on a thousand miles and more       : That’s why, after Granada, they decide to stick to the places they went to together.  Retrospectively, maybe that’s when it becomes less of a holiday and more of a pilgrimage. Louis thinks he’s beginning to understand what they’re searching for. It’s something akin to closure, but not closure exactly. Something more tenuous than that. More difficult to put into words.  Something like the first exhalation you take after a particularly horrendous nightmare and you think god, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real.   Except that, in their case, it was.“[Harry and Louis go back to the places that made them who they are.] (12k)

- we’re only stones around the sun       : Harry used to talk about him like that once, months ago when he wouldn’t let himself linger on touches that lasted a beat too long or looks that held unspoken promises. Back then it’d been easy, with the hiding of feelings, now it’s all a mess, complicated and hard. He doesn’t know where one feeling starts and another one stops, how he’s supposed to figure it all out. He doesn’t know where to begin, which thread to pick up and begin untangling, where it’s going to lead him if he does. He doesn’t know if he wants to find out. or, Harry finds that he can’t ignore his feelings for his best friend when the months start ticking down to Louis’s graduation. (46k)

- 210 Days : Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. They’ve done it before, and they can do it again. (16k)

UPDATE (last update on April 3rd 2017)

- Feels Like Coming Home  : The last thing Harry Styles expects when he’s hanging out at the Someday Cafe in Somerville one rainy October day is for his ex, Louis Tomlinson to walk through the door, but that’s exactly what happens. After a spectacularly ugly break-up three years prior, Harry hasn’t heard one word from Louis, and he’s moved on. Gotten over him. But having Louis back in his life, not to mention working at the restaurant where he’s a chef, isn’t easy, and the feelings that Harry thought he’d left turn out to be not so easily forgotten. This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives. (60k)

- Where Your Heart Is  : Louis is ready for his brand new adventure. So what if he suffers from a genetic condition that prevents him from being touched? College is going to be awesome. It has to. Karma kind of owes him right now. Forget about his overprotective mother, or Liam– his entirely too chipper step brother– or his mess of a roommate. Forget about the gloves he has to wear at all times. He’s here to expand his knowledge, write and drown himself in books – No matter how distracting ‘Hallway Boy’ may be– The obnoxious, flirty frat wannabe determined to become the bane of Louis’ existence.Or, a college AU set in San Francisco where two lost boys who seemingly have nothing in common find inspiration, each other, and themselves in the process. (154k)(has been deleted, so here for the pdf, or come ask me off anon for the epub)

- X&Y : Harry writes, except tonight, he can’t. Louis is his muse, except really, neither of them know that. They drive in the middle of the night and figure things out.  (4k) *

- like a boomerang : AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it’s always February 2nd. Until it isn’t. (51k) *

- got the sunshine on my shoulders  : five years ago, harry styles left his tiny home town to make it big as a recording artist. he didn’t have much regard for what he left behind - a life, a family, and a husband, who woke up one morning to find him gone.now, harry has everything he could possibly want: he’s rich, famous, and adored by everyone he meets, including his boyfriend. but when said boyfriend proposes to him, he’s forced to face the uncomfortable facts of his past - and louis, who’s spent the last five years returning every set of divorce papers harry sent him.(or, an au based on the movie sweet home alabama.) (124k)

- Have Me And Hold Me  : Or, a wedding day AU in which Louis will let nothing stand in the way of a perfect day - especially a little rain. (6k)

teentomlinson  asked:

Listen Louis is so tiny and everything looks big on him and I’m crying


louis is t i n y. like the jacket is so big that it’s falling off his shoulders :((

like i’m 100% sure louis knows just how tiny he is and uses it to his advantage

like he just knows how small he is like jsfgnskjnf his fist is basically gone from how much sweater paw he has!!!!!

Originally posted by cypherhoseokie

the infamous tip toed louis just to further prove he’s a smol!!!

Originally posted by tomlinsonisdaddy

also cara and i 100% believe that louis wears a size small and even that’s too big!!!!!

like is this not the cutest bean you’ve ever seen??? his thighs and big sweater and paws and lil socked feet and collar bones and dfkgjdfslkfnd

at the end of the day louis is a smol and loves to show off just how smol he is

and also harry lovs his smol the end

did my dear sweet love @bigbrotherlouis up a bit of a tomlinshaw, love u, happy birthday. xx

Louis stands across the room, looking a little lost. Nick would think it’s because of the painting he’s staring at – admittedly, it’s quite the thinker – but he’s spent most of the night wandering around, looking out of place on his own.

Not that Nick’s been watching him. It’s just he’s got one of them looks on that could be considered devastating if you looked at it head on, blazer sleeves rolled up, skinnies curving in the right places, a quiff higher than Nick’s, not that that’s too difficult these days.

Honestly, sometimes Nick can go a whole bloody year without seeing Louis Tomlinson in anything other than a professional capacity, and he’s run into him twice in as many months. Enough that he’s able to catalog the differences between Louis smoking in an alleyway behind a theatre with soothing words and a wry tilt to his lips, and this Louis puttering around like a lamb that’s lost its shepherd.

And really, Nick’s not much better off than the last time he saw Louis, but at least he’s not crying. He is, admittedly, wearing a jumper with Crying inside stitched on it because he’s got a theme to adhere to.

But Nick’s doing things for himself now. If doing things for himself means sequestering himself in his flat, never leaving or talking to anyone unless he’s going to work or taking the dogs on a walk or he’s forcibly dragged kicking and screaming to an art gallery.

And he’s off men. He supposes he’s doing that for himself too.

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anonymous asked:

hiiiiii first of all I love you💙💙 and second can u do a Drabble on what made Harry realize for the very first time that he developed romantic feelings for Louis when they were younger? like which moment tipped him off? maybe he felt something when he saw Louis with Chris together?

Meeting Louis Tomlinson is simultaneously the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to Harry.

Louis is loud, he’s brash, he’s obnoxious, he never shuts up, he makes Harry’s life a living hell - in more ways than one. From the very start, Louis makes it his mission to tease Harry mercilessly, embarrass him at any cost, and Harry curses the day Chris just had to bring him home, Harry politely holding out his hand with “nice to meet you” on the tip of his tongue, Louis snorting and punching him in the stomach, instead.

But it’s so easy to overlook all of that; in fact, if anything, Harry is endeared by it. He likes that Louis is never too careful with him, that he calls him out on his ugly puns, his sloppy hair, his briefs that can never seem to stay inside his jeans. He’s sarcastic and sometimes he takes it too far but he’s undeniably funny and Harry is always smiling as long as Louis’ around.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!!!!! Can you please rec me fics where they have a past together (relationship/best friends or even if they hated each other)

Update : I split this post between Ex to lovers , and Ex friends to lovers cause it was such a mess ;)

(You can find some other ex to lovers fics but Canon, here)

 - Bigger Than Life  : “Boybander Harry Styles spotted leaving West Hollywood joined hand in hand with new beau, Xander Ritz”His heart drops in his chest as he scrolls down, ignoring the short irrelevant article and looking desperately for a picture. Sure enough, there’s pap shots of Harry and Xander, walking hand in hand, looking drunk and cheerful and together.And that’s—that’s really not what Louis was expecting at all. (48k)

- No One Does It Better: : Harry’s an alcoholic and Louis is a bartender. The first time they meet isn’t the first time they’ve met. (53k)

- don’t tell the gods (we left a mess) : After a misunderstanding with Liam’s mother, Louis agrees to accompany his best friend to a family wedding and pretend to be the world’s best boyfriend. But their simple plan goes awry when he learns that Harry, ex-boyfriend/ex-love of Louis’ life, will also be in attendance. (aka: fake!boyfriends with a twist ft. bromance, romance and cake.)

- Empty Skies : For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates. (137k)

- Love Is A Rebellious Bird : AU in which the boys still make music.  Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best.  Zayn and Liam are around too.Don’t hum Bolero. (well I cheated because the ex part is so tiny but well)

- no pressure, no diamonds : A life of crime means there is no nine to five, no white picket fence and definitely no happily ever after. In a life where lying gets you everywhere and stealing things becomes a sport, there is no place for romantic endings. Louis knows this, and so does Harry. Problem is, they’re both wrong. orLouis is a thief, Harry a grifter. They are thrown together for a huge diamond heist in Paris, where their past soon catches up to them. (42k)

- Whirlwind : AU. Acclaimed actor, Hollywood heartthrob, and Oscar nominee, Harry Styles, seems to have the world at his feet, but seeks out an old friend when he needs a date for his big night. (21k)

UPDATE : (last update on April 4th 2017)

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