Because some of my followers are probably heading back to school soon (my youngest sibling is now entering high school) I’ve decided to make a list of the top five things I’ve done/learned over the years being stuck in school. 

  • Work Ahead

Briefly imagine your teacher/professor giving you an assignment or project that isn’t due for another week or so (or a month, or a few months, etc.). Obviously, most people would take that as “lol I’ll just do it a week from now” and some people can get by doing that. Ideally you could do chunks of the assignment leading up to the due date instead. Think of it as doing ten, twenty-ish minutes of work a day rather than six hours the night before. This is also great if you have a teacher/professor who gives out assignment lists for the quarter or semester. 

  • Take Notes 

This might seem unnecessary to some and cumbersome to others, but it’s a great skill to have if you plan on pursuing post-secondary education. There are a few different techniques that different people use to take notes and it really depends on what works for you specifically. I personally think it works best to scribble everything down during a lecture and then rewrite it in a more organized manner later on that day (or type it up) while the information (and what my abbreviations mean) are still fresh. 

  • Get Help Early

If you aren’t very strong in a specific subject or find yourself struggling within the first week the best thing you can do for yourself is seek help. Depending on your school there are different options, but generally your teacher/professor should be available if you need help with something. My high school had a lunchtime math lab and my university has two places on campus that offer tutoring at various times of the day. Also, we had a writing lab for help in anything written (term papers, lab reports, etc.). Another option is seeking a private tutor, but that may cost some money. 

  • Study, Study, Study…

It seems self-explanatory to some, but like note taking this tends to be neglected until it’s way too late. In high school, I almost never did much beyond reading the material, taking the test, walking away with an A, and never looking back. Later, as things got harder in college, I realized that simply cram reading the material didn’t cut it. I’ve found that reading the material, reviewing my notes, using flashcards and quizzing myself in chunks of twenty to thirty minutes was more helpful than reading a textbook for four to six hours the night before a test. 

  • Take Care of Yourself

Get enough sleep, eat enough of a balanced diet, drink enough water, take some personal time for yourself, meet with friends/family you like, and so on. In the end, despite what others might say, your overall well-being is more important than a perfect GPA. Planning and time management can be helpful here, but I do understand that these things can be difficult. Also, sometimes it is best to cut out unnecessary baggage (toxic people, a part time job you hate, etc.) that may be harmful to you and your future. 

Concert Going Tips

So I went to the One Direction WWA stadium tour at LP Stadium last Tuesday and I realized there was a lot of things I wish I would’ve known or thought of before I went. So here are the basic tips I’ve piled together for any first time concert goers or someone who can never remember anything, like myself.

Prep (A week or more before the event)

1. Choose your outfit.

     Whether you go purchase a new outfit specifically for the concert or you choose something from your existing wardrobe, it’s really important to decide what to wear at least a week in advance. Try it on, and if at all possible, wear it for a day to see if there are any issues that need to be dealt with, especially if you’ve never worn it before. Wardrobe malfunctions suck and if you can avoid them, please do. Remember, wear something comfortable. You’ll be walking and jumping around a lot and that’s no fun to do in a mini dress and heels.

2. Hair and makeup

If you aren’t so much into beauty then this might not be necessary, but if you want to try out any new products, do it WAY in advance. It’s no fun to break out right before your event. Also, try out the look you want to achieve and wear it for a day. That way you’ll know what to do and how to do it when concert day rolls around. Remember, if it’s hot, wear a primer and waterproof makeup! Also, do yourself a favor and wear minimal makeup. Not only will you be sweating and your makeup will most likely slide, but it’s also more comfortable in the long run.

3. Check the weather

      Do this AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Make any wardrobe adjustments according to how hot or cold it will be. The heat index was 105 degrees for my concert and many people were wearing black jeans and tshirts and they were dying. They will most likely have rain coats available for purchase at the venue so don’t fret if it starts to rain!

4. Beauty

If you want to look your absolute best, I would suggest whitening your teeth, using a self tanner, and exfoliating if you want. Use your favorite products and have a spa day!

5. Check the venue

       There is going to be a shit load of traffic and tons of fans so make sure to have the address and distance time to your venue. It will make concert day go so much smoother. There also may be rules depending on what type of venue. I highly suggest checking to make sure your purse and other items fit within any requirements on the ticket selling website (Ticketmaster for example), the venue’s website, or the artists’ website. If it’s in a stadium they will have bag size requirements so please check! They will make you throw your bag out if it doesn’t follow the guidelines.

Night before the concert

1. Set out your outfit

        Set out everything you’re going to wear so you don’t forget anything important.

2. Pack your bag

        Pack items such as

Your wallet and ID (which you will need to receive your tickets)


      Pressed powder

      Blotting sheets

      Lip products

      Any other touch up items

Phone and charger (They will most likely have outlets scattered around, even outside the venue!)

Camera (I will warn you, security can be dicks about you using your camera during he performance so don’t bring anything big or too expensive.)

Hand sanitizer (because there are fucking germs everywhere. Control that shit)

And MOST importantly, WATER (Bring a plastic grocery bag filled with them and keep hydrated while you wait. They won’t let you bring any food or water into the venue but have some on had for while you wait.)

3. Last minute things

       I would suggest doing your nails the night before so you don’t have to worry about them not drying in time! Tweeze those brows and shave those legs if that’s your thing and moisturize moisturize moisturize.

Day of the concert

Yes! The day has arrived! Only a few things left to do.

1. Get ready super early

         I skipped school that day to avoid excess stress and also to give myself plenty of time to get ready. Take your time if at all possible and just relax and enjoy yourself.

2. Go to the venue early!

         If you get to your venue plenty early then you won’t have to worry about any mishaps that are bound to happen. It also gives you plenty of time to get your hands on some merch before they sell out. Make sure you get to AND STAY AT the correct entrance for your tickets. Make sure you know when and where to get them (that is if they’re will call of course). Also, STAY IN ONE SPOT NEAR THE FRONT! Lines form fast and who doesn’t want to be up front? Don’t worry about being bored while waiting! Everyone is there for the same reason: to see their favorite band! So socialize and make friends! Who knows! You might even see the artists while you wait too!

Random tips

1. Signs

           I know. We all want to tell Harry Styles to fuck us over a table but it is NOT okay to put that on a sign. Not only does security have to look at your sign before you enter the venue (you can gauruntee that cuss words and sexual innuendos won’t fly with them) but there will probably be young kids there as well so just avoid anything super obviously inappropriate. Also, want to bring multiple signs but don’t want to carry them all? Attach Velcro to the corners of your signs so you can stick them together!

2. Be respectful but firm

           You are there to have fun so cut loose! BUT remember that other people are there to have fun too so be mindful! No pushing or cussing because… just don’t. Thanks. Also, security can be bitches. Make sure to follow the rules they lay out but if they are being rude, tell them. Be respectful (because you don’t want to be kicked out) but just let them know you are trying to adhere to the rules as best you can.



               See a band member? Walk over and ask that fucker for a picture! I saw so many people get pushed to the side because they didn’t get in there and ask. There’s nothing worse than having the opportunity of a life time and letting it walk away! But again, be respectful of others and don’t push or be rude!

Additional notes

               Stadiums do not allow umbrellas in their venue and bags cannot be bigger than your spread out hand unless it clear. It can be 12 inches by 16 inches if it is clear.

Also, don’t bother bringing anything super obvious (like stuffed animals, blow ups, etc) to throw to the band. Security will take it away.

WATCH! Pay attention while you wait or even in the concert. That’s how I met One Direction’s manager, Paul!

I hope this was at least slightly helpful for any newbies or forgetfuls! Let me know about your concert experiences or tips and I’ll be happy to add them to the list!


Amazing tips from One Direction

Message to all parents

- not taking your child’s injuries seriously when they’re younger, may make them feel like they can’t tell you anything when they’re older. 

 - PLEASE let your kids take personal days once in a while once they reach high school. 

 - grades are NOT everything. you can get plenty of well paying jobs now without having to go to college. 

- really strict parenting WILL lead to sneaky kids. trust me. 

 - let them be who they want. they can’t change who they are, whether it be sexual orientation, gender identity or anything else. they need someone to support them.

 - ^never say “they’re too young to know" 

- 1 in 5 teenagers deal with mental illnesses of some sort. please make sure they know. 

 - you can’t MAKE them choose an educational field. 

 - even an A+ student, who’s a star athlete can be suicidal. 


- self harm is more common amongst teenagers than you think. it’s not always cutting (or on wrists). PLEASE BE AWARE. 

 - sex ed. doesn’t teach them anything 

- tattoos and piercing aren’t "unprofessional” anymore. 

 - if they have depression, please DO NOT call them lazy. it’s almost the worst insult you could say. 

 - if their grades are dropping for no reason, ask about it, don’t assume things. 

 - most teenagers don’t have high self esteem. don’t make it worse. 

 - school is much harder now than it ever has been before. 

 - not everyone on the Internet is a predator. 

 - take them seriously. 

 - don’t take their phones/ computers away from them, as that is severing a link to what they feel could be the only people that understand and care about them. 

 - don’t get mad at them for always being on their phones/ computers. they have friends online and its absolute hell to get yelled at by your parents for talking to your friends.

Dainty, Good Tipping Louis

A series of anon messages sent to @banana-louis. Reposted with her permission.

i feel so glad for the way i got to meet louis. it was at work where i’m not allowed my phone and where i got to talk to him for a solid 10 mins about crap, he was asking me about my uni and stuff. a+ would recommend, got a hug at the end and my skin was clear for weeks

okay okay. i was trying to stay calm and do my job and not be a freak ahaha and i basically said i thought mitam was sick? and he was like ‘ahaha thanks’ and he asked me if i worked full time? and i said 'no, i’m just doing this part time’ and told him i went to med school and he asked what kind of doctor i wanted to be and i told him i’m stuck between ob/gyn and paediatrics and he told me about jay being a midwife and about the eden dora thing :) and he’s about 5'8" but he’s v dainty???

he is dainty thats the only way i can describe it! you know how they sometimes say about marilyn monroe that she was very curvy but still teeny overall? that’s louis hands down ahaha, he’s not bony or anything when you hug him but i’m pretty sure i can wrap my arms twice around his waist u know? also he tips very well king of pop KING OF POP

he also ordered a load of corona and he was like 'ahhhhh don’t worry you don’t have to open them all’ and whacked out his own bottle opener because there were about 10, what a beautiful soul, i didn’t have to stand there awkwardly trying to open a load of bottles as fast as i could. i’ve had other celebrities in but none of them have been as pretty or tipped as well as louis lmao

it was an after business thing i think, there were a load of older men with him. but he was in jeans and a jumper so who fucking knows haha, i just know i didn’t see oli or calvin or anyone

no idea haha, he got led to the private car park we reserve for vip and had a set time he was going home though so i assume someone was picking him up. i went and asked security after my shift who they’d seen just in case and they said they didn’t know who it was (head of security has met harry and his family, plus all the other boys, so i’m assuming it wasn’t them)

i bled my own blood after he tipped, ngl. other info - harry bought robin a private box at old trafford (manchester united’s ground), niall is a fucking idiot who wandered out to say hi to people without telling security first so they had to go and drag him back in, zayn stood up the rest of the band at an event they did and anne was telling him about it

x - x -x -x -x - x 

advice for new concertgoers/concert masterpost

so an anon messaged me asking for advice for her first concert. it’s a one direction/5sos concert so i’m going to make this masterpost based on the stuff you’d need to know for this kind of concert (a 1D concert is going to be really different from a death metal one, but this should work for most concerts lol)


a drawstring bag / large purse; don’t bring something expensive or brand name. there’s a chance you’ll lose your bag, and you don’t want to lose a nicer bag


bottled water and small snacks! make sure to keep hydrated.

your charged phone and/or camera with batteries. please check the venue’s rules online before you bring a camera; many 5sos concerts in the past haven’t allowed you to bring them. this goes for others too

money. (this post is meant for USA people lol so i’m putting this in dollars) merch stands are pretty expensive.. a t-shirt usually goes about $35-45. you might want to bring money for a taxi, etc.


check the weather before you go! and keep in mind it will probably be very crowded; you will get hot and sweaty.

wear something comfortable! (comfortable shoes are a must)

go with your own personal style :-)

if you can’t decide what to wear here are 2 comfortable and functional ideas:

a flannel, cute t-shirt, shorts, and converse

tank top, leggings, vans


try to arrive early!!!!! traffic and parking is always tough so plan ahead at least an hour or two in advance.

when in line, stay where you are supposed to be and respect others in line.

try and make friends with the people around you of course lol

be ready for a security check at the door of your bags!

respect the security guards!!!!!!!

it will get very crowded at the end of the show so i suggest buying merch BEFORE the show


sing along, dance, do whatever, don’t mind what people around you think bc everyone’s there for the band (well almost everyone lol)

if you feel faint/nauseous/lightheaded tell a friend/security guard if you’re near one immediately. sit down if you’re in a seating area and take small sips of water.

if you need to get out because of panic/anxiety attack—same as above. health and safety always

DON’T SPEND THE WHOLE TIME ON YOUR PHONE TAKING VIDEO! i know you want to remember the event with videos, but you will remember the concert a lot better if you don’t take so many videos. there’s no point in paying so much for tickets if you’re just going to watch through your phone lens. allow yourself three videos at most.

stay back from the stage if you’re in front. secirity will push you back anyway lmao

don’t throw stuff on stage that could be dangerous/harmful. the guards will have confiscated anything that’s dangerous from your bag already during check, but use common sense and don’t throw something right at yoir favorite band member’s face or where he’ll trip.

above all…HAVE FUN! stay safe!

Have a safe Fourth of July! Look out for your fuzzy friends! A few ideas to keep them safe:

  • Blacktop is hot so if your pets are in a parade, get them shoes!
  • Bring water with you if you take your fuzzy friends outside. It’s going to be hot!
  • Make sure they are in a safe, comfortable place during fireworks! Those loud noises can be so scary to your small, and big!, fuzzies!
Bill Burr Teaches You How to Make A Damn Good Pie Crust

“The fuckin’ holidays are coming up — who’s kidding, you know you didn’t do shit with your life, right? You haven’t done anything, you’re not bringing anything to the table — you don’t have any kids, maybe you got busted for fuckin’ drinking and driving, you just don’t fit in with your family — you gotta do something, right?”

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