31 Best Fics Of 2016:

↳ 1.- Swim In The Smokeby whoknows [@crazyupsetter](101k)

     “Why would I want to kiss a mouthy little omega like you?” Harry asks, stepping forward almost unconsciously, backing Louis into the wall. Heat drips through his veins, smoldering and gentle. He isn’t ready for it. He’s especially not ready for the way Louis tips his head up, exposing the line of his throat.  

     It’s not - it’s just because Harry is taller than him and he has to look up to meet his eyes. That’s all it is. That’s all it’s allowed to be.  

     “Because you watch my mouth,” Louis says. “All the time. Whenever I’m speaking. Sometimes even when I’m not.”  


The details of this syco deal need to be yet seen but to me it’s a good sign when even the heavily syco connected Dan Wootrot skips the 3/3 chances to ask ot3 about F. Niall is one thing but Harry? He’d wank on causing Harry pain by bringing up F and Louis’ fatherhood.. instead he threw such high balls as EDM music and the sexuality question… but the icing on the cake was that he asked Liam about Bear for minutes and not even one mention, nothing like exchanging tips as new dads w Louis it’s like F is non existent.

So I wouldn’t jump the gun just yet.

He Saves You

“Alright y/n,” Louis tipped the beer and pointed at her.

Y/N shifted in the pool as she laid on the raft. She was careful not to tip over, she couldn’t swim. The raft sunk a little and then popped up.

“What, you know if you get caught in the pool with that they’ll yell at you,” she warned.

“Shush child, that life guard is mostly interested at girls then what I drink,” Louis stated, “oi! Niall!”

Niall jumped in swimming over and holding on to the edge where Louis was setting his beer down, “hey man, hey y/n,” Niall winked at her.

Y/N opened her magazine once again, “what brings you to the eleven feet side,” Niall teased swimming over and grabbing her magazine.

“The suns over here,” Y/N grabbed it once more from his hands, “and I was hopping to stay warm.”

She flipped it over and Niall pouted, “give me some attention well you?”

“No,” Y/N laughed, she flipped a page and kept reading, “I tend to find Bruce Jenner more interesting.”

“Mate will you come get a beer with me?” Louis called lifting himself up and out of the water.

Niall patted her raft and turned following Louis. Y/N panicked turning, “you can’t leave me here!” She said sitting and the ends of the raft popped up.

“Just stay still. Lay down again,” Niall called, “relax. It’s just five minutes.”

Y/N struggled hitting the sides of the pink raft and she shrieked as she felt herself flip over. She slide down and she started flapping her arms widely. She kicked and kicked until she felt a pair of strong arms around her waist pulling her up. Y/N wrapped her arms around the hero and started coughing widely.

“Hey. Hey shhh it’s okay I’ve got you,” The deep voice assured as he took her to the two feet and then sat her down.

Y/N clutched her chest as she coughed, “it’s alright,” he patted her back.

Y/N looked up meeting his green eyes, “you okay? I’m Harry,” he said, “the lifeguard.”

His hair was wet and matted against his face, he ran his hands through it pushing it back, “thank you,” y/n coughed out, “I’m y/n.”

“Holy shit y/n,” Louis set down his drink, “we told you to sit still. Uh shit. Don’t tell mum and dad. They’ll kill me.”

Y/N rolled her eyes and Harry helped her up, “I think-I’m just going to-I’m going up to my room.”

“Come on, I’ll help you, my shifts over,” Harry smiled.

Y/N blushed as he handed her a towel, “thanks.”

“No problem, it’s my honor,” he gave her a small smile and slipped on his life guard jacket waving to the girl who was now in his seat.

“My head hurts. Is that normal?” She asked him.

Harry nodded at her and they set out walking, “I know this is pushing it. But maybe we could go for dinner.”

“Well you did just save my life,” y/n laughed nudging him, “I would like that Harry.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, hun!!! Can you recommend some really well written fic with plot, good utterance, good descriptions, just skillfully written ones.

I was supposed to make this fic rec long time ago (are you the same anon than weeks ago?) so here we are, let’s do this tonight.

- Coup de Foudre : Harry moves to the front door accompanied by insistent lightning flashes. He acknowledges it could also be a murderer on the other side and that he will likely be dead in five minutes.It should stop him. It doesn’t. Harry decides not to waste another second and calls through to the other side, “Just a second.” He turns the key in the latch and opens it and—everything around him drops away in one long cloud coming into another cloud. (15k)

- my heart’s a stereo (and this melody is meant for you) : Louis Tomlinson, an ex-boybander now stuck in the rut of a comfortable has-been, gets the chance to resuscitate his career when a pop star asks him to write a duet for her highly-anticipated comeback album. Through a chance encounter, he finds a quirky lyricist in Harry Styles, the curly-haired baker and former writer with an above-average sense of rhyme and inexplicable interest in personal questions.Or: the Music & Lyrics AU that no one asked for, in which Louis is Hugh Grant, and Harry is Drew Barrymore, and the slow burn is (hopefully) worth the wait. (122k)

- over fire and water (for your love): non au; where a car accident changes everything, except for what they call home. (6k)

- once upon a dream : Louis is psychic and gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation led by FBI Special Agent Harry Styles.aka. the Medium/Criminal Minds-inspired AU no one ever asked for. (33k)

- Cameras Flashing  : With his breakout single platinum three times over and his second album still selling out in stores around the world, Louis Tomlinson has made it to the top. However, his position as Pop Heartthrob of the Decade is threatened by the edgier, more artistic Zayn, who happens to be releasing an album a week after Louis’ upcoming third. Louis needs something groundbreaking- scandalous, even- to push past him in the charts. Much to Louis’ dismay, his PR team calls in The Sexpert. Consulting with PR firm Shady, Lane and Associates pays the bills so that Harry Styles can spend his down time doing what he really loves: poring over data. On weekends and late into the evenings, he researches gender, presentation, and sexual orientation, analysing the longitudinal study that is his father’s life’s work. That is, until his newest client, the popstar with the fascinating secret, drags him off his couch and frighteningly close to the spotlight. As the album’s release date approaches, will Tomlinson and Styles be able to pull off the most risky PR scheme of the millennium and beat Zayn in sales or will the heat of their feelings for each other compromise everything? (81k)

- a house built out of stone : Louis has a used bookshop and Harry has a habit of claiming things that don’t belong to him. (22k)

- To Give You a Hand to Hold : Marine Louis Tomlinson is medically discharged when an IED explodes in Afghanistan. Months later, he’s reunited Stateside with his Navy medic Harry Styles. The two of them shelter each other even as they refuse to admit they’re in the throes of PTSD, until one night nearly destroys them.   (26k)

- taking tips and getting stoned : Louis drives a taxi. He hasn’t seen Harry in eight years when they have a chance meeting. A lot has changed in that time. But not everything. (24k)

- on a thousand miles and more       : That’s why, after Granada, they decide to stick to the places they went to together.  Retrospectively, maybe that’s when it becomes less of a holiday and more of a pilgrimage. Louis thinks he’s beginning to understand what they’re searching for. It’s something akin to closure, but not closure exactly. Something more tenuous than that. More difficult to put into words.  Something like the first exhalation you take after a particularly horrendous nightmare and you think god, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real.   Except that, in their case, it was.“[Harry and Louis go back to the places that made them who they are.] (12k)

- we’re only stones around the sun       : Harry used to talk about him like that once, months ago when he wouldn’t let himself linger on touches that lasted a beat too long or looks that held unspoken promises. Back then it’d been easy, with the hiding of feelings, now it’s all a mess, complicated and hard. He doesn’t know where one feeling starts and another one stops, how he’s supposed to figure it all out. He doesn’t know where to begin, which thread to pick up and begin untangling, where it’s going to lead him if he does. He doesn’t know if he wants to find out. or, Harry finds that he can’t ignore his feelings for his best friend when the months start ticking down to Louis’s graduation. (46k)

- 210 Days : Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. They’ve done it before, and they can do it again. (16k)

UPDATE (last update on April 3rd 2017)

- Feels Like Coming Home  : The last thing Harry Styles expects when he’s hanging out at the Someday Cafe in Somerville one rainy October day is for his ex, Louis Tomlinson to walk through the door, but that’s exactly what happens. After a spectacularly ugly break-up three years prior, Harry hasn’t heard one word from Louis, and he’s moved on. Gotten over him. But having Louis back in his life, not to mention working at the restaurant where he’s a chef, isn’t easy, and the feelings that Harry thought he’d left turn out to be not so easily forgotten. This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives. (60k)

- Where Your Heart Is  : Louis is ready for his brand new adventure. So what if he suffers from a genetic condition that prevents him from being touched? College is going to be awesome. It has to. Karma kind of owes him right now. Forget about his overprotective mother, or Liam– his entirely too chipper step brother– or his mess of a roommate. Forget about the gloves he has to wear at all times. He’s here to expand his knowledge, write and drown himself in books – No matter how distracting ‘Hallway Boy’ may be– The obnoxious, flirty frat wannabe determined to become the bane of Louis’ existence.Or, a college AU set in San Francisco where two lost boys who seemingly have nothing in common find inspiration, each other, and themselves in the process. (154k)(has been deleted, so here for the pdf, or come ask me off anon for the epub)

- X&Y : Harry writes, except tonight, he can’t. Louis is his muse, except really, neither of them know that. They drive in the middle of the night and figure things out.  (4k) *

- like a boomerang : AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it’s always February 2nd. Until it isn’t. (51k) *

- got the sunshine on my shoulders  : five years ago, harry styles left his tiny home town to make it big as a recording artist. he didn’t have much regard for what he left behind - a life, a family, and a husband, who woke up one morning to find him gone.now, harry has everything he could possibly want: he’s rich, famous, and adored by everyone he meets, including his boyfriend. but when said boyfriend proposes to him, he’s forced to face the uncomfortable facts of his past - and louis, who’s spent the last five years returning every set of divorce papers harry sent him.(or, an au based on the movie sweet home alabama.) (124k)

- Have Me And Hold Me  : Or, a wedding day AU in which Louis will let nothing stand in the way of a perfect day - especially a little rain. (6k)

did my dear sweet love @bigbrotherlouis up a bit of a tomlinshaw, love u, happy birthday. xx

Louis stands across the room, looking a little lost. Nick would think it’s because of the painting he’s staring at – admittedly, it’s quite the thinker – but he’s spent most of the night wandering around, looking out of place on his own.

Not that Nick’s been watching him. It’s just he’s got one of them looks on that could be considered devastating if you looked at it head on, blazer sleeves rolled up, skinnies curving in the right places, a quiff higher than Nick’s, not that that’s too difficult these days.

Honestly, sometimes Nick can go a whole bloody year without seeing Louis Tomlinson in anything other than a professional capacity, and he’s run into him twice in as many months. Enough that he’s able to catalog the differences between Louis smoking in an alleyway behind a theatre with soothing words and a wry tilt to his lips, and this Louis puttering around like a lamb that’s lost its shepherd.

And really, Nick’s not much better off than the last time he saw Louis, but at least he’s not crying. He is, admittedly, wearing a jumper with Crying inside stitched on it because he’s got a theme to adhere to.

But Nick’s doing things for himself now. If doing things for himself means sequestering himself in his flat, never leaving or talking to anyone unless he’s going to work or taking the dogs on a walk or he’s forcibly dragged kicking and screaming to an art gallery.

And he’s off men. He supposes he’s doing that for himself too.

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hiiiiii first of all I love you💙💙 and second can u do a Drabble on what made Harry realize for the very first time that he developed romantic feelings for Louis when they were younger? like which moment tipped him off? maybe he felt something when he saw Louis with Chris together?

Meeting Louis Tomlinson is simultaneously the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to Harry.

Louis is loud, he’s brash, he’s obnoxious, he never shuts up, he makes Harry’s life a living hell - in more ways than one. From the very start, Louis makes it his mission to tease Harry mercilessly, embarrass him at any cost, and Harry curses the day Chris just had to bring him home, Harry politely holding out his hand with “nice to meet you” on the tip of his tongue, Louis snorting and punching him in the stomach, instead.

But it’s so easy to overlook all of that; in fact, if anything, Harry is endeared by it. He likes that Louis is never too careful with him, that he calls him out on his ugly puns, his sloppy hair, his briefs that can never seem to stay inside his jeans. He’s sarcastic and sometimes he takes it too far but he’s undeniably funny and Harry is always smiling as long as Louis’ around.

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Hello! Do you have a tag for fics where either Louis or Harry (or both, why not?) have unconventional jobs? I tried looking at your fic masterpost but I couldn't find it. If not, could you please do one? Thanks in advance lovely!!

Ooookay this one was a great challenge love ! (thanks a lot to @miniboyfriendloueh and @tvshows-addict for the brainstorming, it was fun !)

Also, warning, it’s gonna be a long one :)

At first, I can’t just not talk about Escapade  , Wear It Like A Crown , You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) , Wild And Unruly , or Love Is A Rebellious Bird , but yeah, those are all classics :)

- Worlds Away  : astronaut au fic where Louis is staying on the international space station and Harry is on earth working ground control and he and Louis have really quiet late night chats after most of the workers are gone and get to know each other in the biggest long distance relationship u could ever have…then eventually Louis comes back to earth and they have a beautiful meeting  (7k, Astronaut Louis, and ground control Harry)

- It’s All Brand New Because of You  : It’s nearing six o’clock in the evening, and despite the fact that it’s summer, the aquarium has emptied out considerably and it’s quiet as Louis wanders the exhibits. A few people try to ask him questions as he wanders, but Louis knows less about the creatures in the tanks than they do, so he keeps having to apologize and explain that he’s just a counselor, not a biologist.AKA, Louis starts a new job as a summer camp counselor at the local aquarium and Harry is a biologist who really likes teaching people about the ocean.(16k, biologist Harry)

- the impossible now  : A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction. (50k, botanist Louis)

- Come Along With Me :A little magic can take you a long way.” — Roald Dahl
or An AU where Harry is a magician and Louis doesn’t believe in such a thing.
(28k, Magician Harry)

- i can be the motor (you’ll be the gasoline): Harry is a British pop star living in LA. While trying to escape his reality of publicity stunts and record sales, his Harley breaks down. Stranded in the mountains, Harry has no choice but to call for help. And, somehow, a fit tow truck driver with the ocean in his eyes might end up fixing more than just Harry’s bike. (8k, mecanic Louis)

- Take My Breath Away   :There is a prestigious school in the British Royal Navy classified as Premier Delta - or as it is known by its flyers, 1D. These select pilots are an elite set of Naval lieutenants who are trained in the skill of aggressive aerial combat. They are instruments of war, trained in times of peace. They are dogfighters, relentless and fearless in their mission to protect their beloved country. From their lofty vantage, they are always watching, waiting, and ready to lay it all on the line.Lt. Harry Styles, call sign Sparrow, is a prodigy when it comes to flying. The owner of an unrivaled Naval pedigree, being a pilot was always written in the stars for Harry. With his trusty RIO, Lt. Niall Horan, Harry has made an unprecedented ascension in the ranks of the Naval aerial combat elite, and has been recruited to the esteemed Premier Delta flight school, carrying on his family’s legacy. What he finds there are unexpected friendships, perilous challenges, and something beyond what he ever thought possible. Because as his father had always told him, before the great Captain Styles went tragically missing in combat, you don’t fall in love with the sky, you fall in love with what keeps you on the ground.(150k, Pilot!Harry and Louis)

- taking tips and getting stoned: Louis drives a taxi. He hasn’t seen Harry in eight years when they have a chance meeting. A lot has changed in that time. But not everything. (24k, Taxi driver Louis)

- Running In Circles, Chasing Our Tails : Harry has a very sick guinea pig, and Louis is a vet.OR The one where Harry Styles is completely in love with the man who saved his pets life. (7.5k, vet Louis)

- Panorama  : Louis’ cabin crew at Panorama Airlines are in need of a new member. Cheeky Harry Styles joins the group, but to his mild disappointment Louis determinedly has no intention of joining the Mile High Club.Their first kiss might not be their first kiss. (34k, steward Louis and Harry)

- anything you ask and more : Louis knows that he’s in love the second harry begins speaking about the bolsheviks. (or, louis is a history teacher & harry is the fit curator that he desperately wants to mongol invade him, however many times niall tells him he’s a psychopath.)  (19k, Curator Harry)

So Darling, Just Say You’ll Stay Right by My Side  : Harry is visibly buzzing with excitement as they get into the police car, and Louis laughs, reaches out to put a hand on Harry’s knee and try and calm him a bit. “Relax, McClane, we’re just stopping in on a few of the local businesses to say hello. No need to sit with one finger on the trigger.”“I don’t think you’ll need to worry about me being trigger-happy, Lou,” Harry says with another one of his megawatt grins, patting the water pistol holstered by his hip.[AU where Louis is the chief of police in a small sea-side town and Harry is his new deputy who’s a bit of a pacifist and a lot wonderful.] (28k, Deputy Harry and Chief Police Louis)

- Pining for You : Harry sells Christmas trees. Louis doesn’t mean to buy so many of them. (10k, Christmas tree seller Harry)

- once upon a dream:  Louis is psychic and gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation led by FBI Special Agent Harry Styles.aka. the Medium/Criminal Minds-inspired AU no one ever asked for. (33k, medium Louis, FBI Harry)

- Love Actually, is all around. : Love Actually AU. Louis is Prime Minister and Harry his fortunate catering manager. (16k, Prime Minister Louis)

- Naked & Proud :  The town itself is tiny, as evidenced by the ten minutes it’s taken Louis to drive the entire thing. There’s not a single recognisable brand in sight—no Tesco or McDonald’s or even a bloody Starbucks. Lining the streets instead are mom and pop stores with names like ‘Jerry’s Burgers’ and ‘The Market Basket’ and…  “'Naked & Proud?‘” Louis almost slams on the brakes at the outlandish sign, the name written in a seemingly innocent font, words curved around a large cartoon peach. He can’t help turning into the carpark, easing the car into a spot next to a beat up truck.  He isn’t sure what to make of it. Surely it isn’t a strip joint or sex shop, not with the families and little old ladies going in and out of the establishment. Some kind of nudist hangout, perhaps?  And, oh, God. Did Louis’ mother accidentally send him to live in a nudist colony? In which Harry runs an organic store, not a nudist colony, and Louis doesn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed. (18k, organic store owner Harry)

- let’s savour what we’re falling over : west wing au (loosely); in other words everyone works in the white house and louis likes getting coffee with the washington post reporter in his briefing room. (20k, West Wing AU)

- Be My Little Good Luck Charm  : In which Harry is a promising amateur golfer making his debut at the PGA Championship, and Louis is a Sky Sports anchor who would really rather be commentating on footie.The other boys are around too: caddy!Niall provides victory pints, Liam is Louis’s Very Serious co-anchor, and poor Zayn just gets his face drawn on. (34k, golfer Harry, commentator Louis)

- fill my little world right up : When the doorbell to his flat rings and Harry walks to the door irritated and bored, he definitely doesn’t expect the repairman to be so…fit.  He has to keep his jaw from falling completely open when he comes face to face with the man that’ll be in his house for the next hour or so trying to fix his Netflix.  And god, this is embarrassing.  AU in which Harry’s Netflix isn’t working, and Louis comes over to fix it.  Fluff ensues. (2k, Netflix fixer Louis)

- I’ll Throw Away My Faith (Just To Keep You Safe)  : AU. Harry Styles is an MI6 agent on a mission to find out who’s planning on killing the Prime Minister. Louis Tomlinson is a wanted professional assassin, hired by the MI6 to kill whoever wants to kill the Prime Minister. Louis doesn’t do relationships but he does Harry. Featuring Niall as their handler, Liam as Harry’s boss and Zayn as his sidekick. (42k, Spy AU)

- You’re My Favorite Bird  : a lso known as: Harry is an ornithologist and Louis owns the camera repair shop where Harry gets his photos printed. Niall works for Louis, Liam works with Harry, and Zayn paints. There’s a cat, some camping, some bird watching, and obscene amounts of fluff.  (33k)

- Behavioural Ecology  : Louis Tomlinson is a primatologist working with the Jane Goodall Institute for primate conservation; and Harry Styles is the photojournalist sent from National Geographic to write a piece promoting awareness about the endangered species. They meet, and love is never, ever simple, as we know.Featuring Eli the chimpanzee, bickering humans, storytelling, and five men who come to gain an understanding of what it means to be human; all stationed in the Republic of the Congo.    Series  (81k)

(updated on April 11th 2017)

Babygate timeline

Okay, so this is just everything pulled together from all the stuff I’ve seen about babygate. Not sure if all dates are accurate etc etc and obviously I have missed stuff out but I’ve included the stuff I think is key. (Obviously on top of all this, we have the RBB hints all the way through and keeping us sane). 

May 2015

12th: The Twitter account @BrianaFacts was created. Briana had not yet been associated with Louis, and how would a fan know that she would be significant, let alone become ‘pregnant with his child’. A more believable explanation for this is that it was management setting things up early.  

14th: Louis and Briana seen leaving the club in LA together. @annasprivate on Twitter was tweeting his location all night, WANTING paps to go there and see them. The video below is that night. Briana is walking quite close to Louis (so every pic of him, she will be there in the background). At 29 seconds, you can hear the pap go ‘this one’s for the sun’ (who later went on to use the photo for their ‘One Conception’ front page), and the infamous photo of them was taken. You can see Briana posing in the photo when it is taken – she WANTED (and was most likely instructed) to be in all photos, becoming associated with Louis.


June 2015 

27th: Fake baby thrown on stage at concert. Louis picks it up, saying ‘it’s fake, it’s not real’ etc etc, before throwing it off stage. A foreshadowing, perhaps?? 

July 2015 

12th: 2 days before the babygate articles drop, Louis tweets:

14th: Two months after Louis and Briana were papped out clubbing, the first babygate articles come out. Briana was clearly very keen to get the news out there, and for the world to know it was DEFINITELY Louis’. This is bad press – Louis got a girl pregnant on a one night stand. Any good management would have paid her to keep her mouth shut. Modest! want to put forward Louis’ ‘I am in fact straight’ image, no matter the cost. To them, any publicity is good publicity, especially with the album coming later in the year.

August 2015

4th: A confirmation (if you can call it that) from Louis, live on GMA, even though the topic was blacklisted. A boy with six younger siblings – why would he not be excited about the concept of becoming a father and have the topic blacklisted.

September 2015 

27th: (Not sure of exact date) Briana attends one (?) of the OTRA shows at the O2 Arena in London. Paps were hired to go inside the venue and take photos of her, which were later published. We can seen that, clearly, her and the Tomlinson family have become so close. (Detect sarcasm).

November 2015

12th: Ann Marie, head of Syco PR gives birth to twins. Louis happens to be in LA (where she lives, and most likely gave birth) that week. Coincidentally, his hair during this time is the same length as it is in the picture he posted with his new baby son.

December 2015

Louis seems to have taken over the winter girlfriend too (alongside Harry faffing about on a yacht with Kendall, which was in a location where you go to get photographed i.e. that was the initiative). Louis and Danielle Campbell spotted swanning around various places together, weeks before Briana is due to give birth. Oli tagging along with them also.

January 2016

Early in the month: Louis still swanning around with Danielle (Oli is still with them too). They literally got papped going to the supermarket and stood in the carpark whilst photos were being taken. Funny that.

21st: Freddie Reign Tomlinson was born. On that same day, Louis decides that a visit to get some sunglasses will make his day 100x better, so decides on a little trip out, and surprise surprise, there are paps. Funnily enough, he is also displaying his hospital band. Paps were called for the sole purpose of photographing him wearing the band. After Louis’ tweets ‘confirming’ the birth, there are very few congratulatory tweets filtering through. None from the boys, Lottie and Jay only retweeted him. Also, Lottie, who has a very close bond with her brother, has not stuck around for the birth and is on holiday with her boyfriend instead.  

Louis always leaves spaces. Like this !! It is not unlikely that management tweeted this on his behalf. 

24/25th: Louis, Briana, Oli and driver are photographed exiting doctors. Their location would not have been known, unless paps were tipped off (which obviously they were).

 Louis is ahead of Briana and Oli carrying the baby car seat (along with the baby/bundle of blankets). Briana has dressed up nicely for her pre-planned pap walk – skinny jeans and heels only a few days after giving birth. More photos are released soon after of another outing (honestly, is Briana not tired?), which is said to be a different day in the press. The driver is wearing the same clothes. It’s the same day, but Louis and Briana have changed. Why are photos being released slowly?

26th: Louis papped going into Briana’s house to celebrate her birthday. Obviously, again, paps tipped off.

28th: Louis and Briana posts first pictures with ‘Freddie Reign Tomlinson’.

Louis hair in the photo with his son is much shorter than it was in photos only days before (look at the bit at the nape of his neck). Not only this, but Freddie in the photo with Louis and the photo with Briana looks ever so slightly different.

Now onto Freddie:

People have been saying that pictures Briana has been using is actually Amber Fillerup (her cousin allegedly, although I am not sure how we know this.) She has a lifestyle blog and two children, one of which was born 2 weeks ago. Her and Briana look extremely similar.

Mentioned above was the birth of Ann Marie’s twins. Freddie, in the picture with Briana, looks shockingly like one of her children:

It’s also not too crazy (in my opinion) to think that this photo was taken when she had just had them. Louis’ hair is the same length as it was when he was in LA that week for no reason at all, and the baby looks very much alike. 

29th: Briana was out doing yet another pap walk, this time seen leaving her house carrying the car seat wearing tights and shorts. In pictures from whatever day also, she was impressively carried the seat and baby with four fingers, displaying some kind of super strength (those seats are bloody heavy, even when empty). Freddie has spent more time out of the house than in it at that point – what is the reasoning behind why Briana can’t just stay at home and rest? TMZ released articles about Tammi buying web addresses, relating to Briana and Louis. 

Like Father Like Stepson

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles (Larry)

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Underage, Bdsm, Slightly non-con scene 

Word Count: 7500

Summary: Louis has a complicated life being the stepson of prestigious business executive Harry Styles. It doesn’t help that he is forced to live along side two annoying step brothers Liam and Niall. With Louis’ bad temper and lack of boundaries, quite the eventful week is about to ensue. 

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prettiestpervyprincess  asked:

Your Yandere 2pFrance was super crass. I need moar ^0^ (maybe actual sex (noncon or consensual if you aren't comfy) between the two? Where he tries (emphasis on tries) to make love and stuff? Really do as you wish, or simply delete this question dear !!)

Haha, thanks :3 aaaand here ya go lad :D


You awoke felling someone stroking your cheek, you slowly opened your eyes to see Louis. He smiled at you.
“Hello sleepy head.” He whispered, you looked around the room, which was still only dimly lit.
“L-Louis…what are y-you doing?” you asked sleepily, he smiled again.
“Oh, I was thinking it was about time I made you mine.” He replied, you furrowed your brows and pulled away from him, pulling at the handcuffs in the process.
“What a-are you on about?” You asked, he tilted his head.
“Don’t move away.” He replied, ignoring your question, reaching out and grabbing your arm.
“L-let go of me, Louis.” You replied trying to pull your arm free from his grasp, he then suddenly forced you back onto the mattress, and straddled you. You pulled on the cuffs, and tried to get him off you, but he didn’t budge.
“Stop struggling, Y/N,” He growled, he took your free hand and placed it on his chest.
“Do you feel that?” He asked, you looked at him confused.
“My heart, it always beats fast whenever you were around me…” He whispered, he then released your hand and started to unbutton his shirt.
“…I have loved you since the first day I met you…” You watched as he discarded his shirt, he then reached down to yours, and started to lift it, you started to squirm underneath him.
“Louis, stop d-don’t do this!” You shouted, he then remembered the cuffs, he pulled out a knife from his pocket and started to cut your top< you kept struggling which made the knife cut into your skin.
“Damn it Y/N, I told you to stop struggling…now look what you’ve done.” He growled, he leaned down and kissed your wound, you whimpered as he continued to kiss up along your chest and then your neck, where he bit softly and kissed.
“L-Louis…” You whispered, he smirked against your skin and then started to kiss along your jawline, until he then forcefully kissed your lips.
“Mmphh.” You muffled protests didn’t make him cease his actions, he slid a hand behind you and unclasped your bra. He leaned back and smirked.
“Y/N…” He purred as he trailed his hands along your side and to the top of your pants, he proceeded to unbutton then and started to pull them down.
”Louis, s-stop!” You cried, pulling at the cuffs again, he didn’t listen and tossed your pants on the floor.
“I love you, Y/N.” He said as he began to unzip his pants,
“Y-you can’t do this!” You continued to plea, he pulled down his pants along with his boxers, you saw his member bounced when it was released. He looked at your shaking form and started to stroke his member. He let out soft moans as he spread the pre-cum around his erect member.
“L-Louis, please…” You whimpered, he trailed his hand back up your side and when it reached your breasts he started to massage them, you let out a moan and he leaned down and kissed you again, he licked the bottom of your lips asking for entrance but you denied, he then took his forefinger and thumb and pinched you buds, making you gasp, he then slid his tongue into your mouth and explored every inch of your wet cavern. You moaned into the kiss as you felt his erection rubbing against the inside of your tight, without ceasing the kiss he reached his hand down to your woman hood and began to stroke your clothed entrance. He pulled away panting.
“Y/N…” He purred pulling your panties to the side, he licked his lips and placed his member at you entrance, he began to push the tip in.
“P-please, Louis…don’t do this.” You pleaded placing your hand on his chest trying to push him away, he forced more of his member inside of you, tears started to well up in your eyes, he then forced his full member into you, you cried out in pain and gripped the bed sheets.
“Don’t worry, It will feel good once you adjust.” He assured you, the tears fell as he began to thrust himself into you, but despite what he said to you, all you felt was a burning sensation, since you were not aroused. After a while the crying stopped and you just lay there in silence as he had his way with you.
“Uhhng, Y/N, you’re so tight.” He grunted as he moved faster. His breathing got heavier as he neared his release, it only took a few more thrusts before he released himself inside of you. He pulled his member out of you and laid down beside you panting.
“I love you, Y/N.” He said pulling you close to him, you silently cried as he hugged you.

anonymous asked:

Hello!!!!! Can you please rec me fics where they have a past together (relationship/best friends or even if they hated each other)

Update : I split this post between Ex to lovers , and Ex friends to lovers cause it was such a mess ;)

(You can find some other ex to lovers fics but Canon, here)

 - Bigger Than Life  : “Boybander Harry Styles spotted leaving West Hollywood joined hand in hand with new beau, Xander Ritz”His heart drops in his chest as he scrolls down, ignoring the short irrelevant article and looking desperately for a picture. Sure enough, there’s pap shots of Harry and Xander, walking hand in hand, looking drunk and cheerful and together.And that’s—that’s really not what Louis was expecting at all. (48k)

- No One Does It Better: : Harry’s an alcoholic and Louis is a bartender. The first time they meet isn’t the first time they’ve met. (53k)

- don’t tell the gods (we left a mess) : After a misunderstanding with Liam’s mother, Louis agrees to accompany his best friend to a family wedding and pretend to be the world’s best boyfriend. But their simple plan goes awry when he learns that Harry, ex-boyfriend/ex-love of Louis’ life, will also be in attendance. (aka: fake!boyfriends with a twist ft. bromance, romance and cake.)

- Empty Skies : For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain?Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates. (137k)

- Love Is A Rebellious Bird : AU in which the boys still make music.  Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best.  Zayn and Liam are around too.Don’t hum Bolero. (well I cheated because the ex part is so tiny but well)

- no pressure, no diamonds : A life of crime means there is no nine to five, no white picket fence and definitely no happily ever after. In a life where lying gets you everywhere and stealing things becomes a sport, there is no place for romantic endings. Louis knows this, and so does Harry. Problem is, they’re both wrong. orLouis is a thief, Harry a grifter. They are thrown together for a huge diamond heist in Paris, where their past soon catches up to them. (42k)

- Whirlwind : AU. Acclaimed actor, Hollywood heartthrob, and Oscar nominee, Harry Styles, seems to have the world at his feet, but seeks out an old friend when he needs a date for his big night. (21k)

UPDATE : (last update on April 4th 2017)

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And Maybe That's The Reason You Talk In Your Sleep

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles (Larry)

Genre: Smut, Daddykink, Underage

Warnings: Explicit/Suggestive Themes & Language

Word Count: 2000

Summary: Louis has never seemed more distant from his 16 year old son Harry. However, one night everything changes when Harry starts talking in his slumber.

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Zianourry Smut


Warnings: Smut. Bdsm. Toys. Smut. Dirty smut. Underage sex.
Niall frowned moodily as he plopped down at the kitchen table. Zayn smiled softly and ruffled Niall’s hair gently. “Hey buddy, sleep well?” Niall scowled and slapped Zayn’s hand away, not responding to his question. “Where’s breakfast?”
Harry frowned and exchanged worried looks with the other parents, but he just put it off to the fact that Niall was growing up. Harry placed Niall’s breakfast on the table and he grinned happily at the younger boy, “I made pancakes for you Ni, it was your favorite food when you were a kid.”
Niall looked up and he pushed the food away. “I don’t like pancakes, make me something else.” Harry sighed and grabbed the plate, swallowing the slight hurt he felt. “Ok…what do you want?” Niall turned around to shoot a glare at Harry. “I don’t know, but make me something edible for a change.”
Louis walked over to Harry and pecked him gently. “Don’t talk to your father like that.” Niall crossed his arms stubbornly, “Maybe I will when my parents stop being fags.” Zayn’s eyes narrowed dangerously, moving over to comfort Harry who was near tears. “We didn’t raise you to be this way Niall.”
“What’s going on?” The four males looked up to see Liam surveying the kitchen with a worried gaze. Louis gestured to Niall and wrapped his arms around Harry, “Niall called us fags, insulted Harry’s cooking, and basically was rude.”
Liam stared at Niall with a stern face, “Is this true Niall?” Niall looked away with an uncaring face, “So what if it was true, of all foster parents in the world, I ended up with the gay ones.” Liam’s composure faltered a bit and he said in a shaky voice, “Go to our room, we’ll deal with you there.”
Niall rolled his eyes and followed Liam’s commands, though trying hard to not seem like he cared along the way. The four men watched as Niall disappeared from their view and Liam turned to the others.
“We need to punish him.” The other three nodded in agreement and Zayn spoke up. “He needs a bigger punishment than being grounded or taking away his videogames…if we do that, he’ll just get angry and his attitude will stay the same.”
Louis looked up and smiled mischievously, “Remember how we used to punish each other…it was pretty effective and not to mention hot.” Harry glanced at Louis hesitantly, “We’re supposed to be his parents though and he’s only thirteen.”
Zayn shrugged and glanced at Louis, mirroring his look of mischief, “Oh come on Harry, we need to punish him in some way and this punishment would be really fun.” Liam glanced at the others for a moment before nodding slowly, “Well then, why not?”
Niall looked up when his parents walked in and he opened his mouth to say something. Zayn held out a hand and he shook his head, “Save it Niall…you know you’ve been a really bad boy and we have to punish you right?”
Niall bit his lip nervously and he looked away. “Well, you guys are so disgusting and-” Niall broke off when he felt Louis lunge towards him, pinning him against the bed. Louis growled softly and glared at the smaller boy, “Don’t talk to us this way…take off your clothes.”
Niall’s eyes widened in surprise, “N-no…you can’t order me to strip.” Louis frowned, “No talking unless we give you permission, guys help me.” The other three adults eagerly walked forward. Harry and Zayn pinned Niall onto the bed while Liam and Louis worked on taking the clothes off of a struggling Niall.
A faint blush bloomed on Niall’s face when he was finally naked and he struggled wildly. “W-what are you going to do?” Zayn growled angrily and he flipped Niall around roughly, gesturing for Liam to take out the supplies as he used to be one of the doms in the relationship.
Liam smirked and he tossed the handcuffs to Harry, rummaging around the cabinets for other fun stuff. Harry grinned and he sauntered over to Niall, grabbing his limbs and cuffing him to the bed. The four stared down at the small boy and lust filled their eyes when they saw him eagle spread on the bed, his innocent and confused face staring up at them.
Niall pulled slightly against the cuffs and he glanced at his parents who were slipping out of their clothes. “What’s g-going on?” “Didn’t we tell you not to talk?” Liam growled softly at the boy and raised his hand to smack his bottom, electing a small squeal to escape out of Niall’s mouth.
Niall snapped his mouth shut and he gasped softly when he felt someone fondle his dick. Zayn smirked and he stroked it softly, feeling the small length harden in his hands. “Do you like that baby?”
Niall shook his head, but a small groan left his mouth when Harry joined in. Harry chuckled softly when Niall bucked forward, attempting to rub against their hands. “Who knew you were such a little slut, but this is a punishment, not a reward.”
Harry slipped a cock ring on Niall and Niall gasped at the way it pinched his length. Niall squirmed around and another groan escaped his mouth when he felt Harry rub against his bum. He knew this was wrong and he felt so dirty, but he couldn’t help but feel aroused by the whole thing.
Harry grinned and pressed a finger at Niall’s hole, “Do you want me Nialler?” A small whine left Niall and he nodded desperately, his pride forgotten. Harry laughed softly and he shook his head, moving back.
Niall pouted impatiently and he tried to touch himself, though he couldn’t do so because of the handcuffs. Liam moved forward, becoming bored quickly and he took out a plastic toy, slathering it with lube.
Liam poked the dildo against Niall’s entrance and he roughly slammed it in, chuckling when Niall let out a small scream. Niall let out small pants and he whimpered softly when Liam didn’t move it, “D-dad please…”
Louis growled and he moved in front of Niall, “Didn’t we say no talking, how about we do something to occupy that mouth of yours.” Niall nodded eagerly and he immediately wrapped his mouth around the tip, sucking lightly.
Louis let out a groan and he just hardened more when he saw Niall’s angelic face look up at him for approval. Niall slowly moved up the cock and he flicked his tongue back and forth naturally. Louis gripped Niall’s hair and he moved deeper into Niall’s mouth, “Jeez…who knew you were so dirty Niall.”
Niall just smirked at the older man and he swirled his tongue all the way from the base of the cock to the front, placing small kitten licks that left Louis a squirming mess. Zayn frowned when he saw what was happening and he removed Louis from Niall’s mouth, ignoring his protests.
Zayn turned to Louis, “This is a punishment for Niall not a punishment for you.” Zayn shoved Louis away, ignoring his exclamation of what was he going to do now with his hard on. Zayn just shrugged and responded with use your hands.
Zayn glanced at Liam, “Use the remote.” Niall stared at the interaction with confusion, but a shout of surprise escaped him when he felt the piece of plastic in him start vibrating. A whine escaped him and he rubbed against the bed, desperate for some friction.
Zayn grinned and rubbed his length against Niall’s face, “Do you want this Ni?” Niall nodded desperately and he opened his mouth to take it in, but he stared at Zayn with confusion when he placed his hand in front of his mouth.
Zayn looked at the squirming boy and he smirked, “I want to hear you beg for it Nialler.” Niall immediately complied with his orders and he stared at the man with wide eyes, “P-please dad…p-please let me taste you.”
Zayn’s lust increased when begs erupted from Niall’s mouth, the small boy lying there completely submissive. He nodded approvingly and he prodded Niall’s mouth, smiling when Niall happily opened his mouth and started licking him.
Zayn scowled when Niall started moving his mouth slowly and look up at him with a teasingly innocent face. Zayn pulled out, “I don’t like it when you tease me Ni…that means you get another punishment.”
Harry moved forward as this was always his job and he pulled out a paddle, moving in between Niall’s legs. Niall looked at him nervously and a small moan escaped him when he lifted the paddled and smacked his bum.
Harry grinned and continued at a steady pace, laughing when the paddle hit the vibrator further into his hole. Niall almost blacked out from the pleasure he was feeling and he gripped the bed sheets tightly, heaving into the air.
Niall whined softly when he couldn’t cum and he poked his bum into the air slightly, enjoying the torturous sensation. Harry stopped abruptly and he stared at Niall’s reddened bum with lust, rubbing his cheeks softly with a large hand.
Zayn nodded and the other four men turned to him as he clambered between Niall’s legs. The four had created the rule long ago. When one member needed to be punished, near the end the other three would fuck the member in order of dominance.
Zayn removed the vibrator, turning it off and placing it on the dresser table. He positioned himself against Niall’s entrance and he slammed himself in, moaning at the feeling of the tight heat.
Niall let out a small cry of pleasure and pain. Zayn was much bigger than the vibrator, but soon the feeling of pain was soon overcome by the feeling of pleasure. Liam stared at the scene aroused and he moved next to Zayn.
Liam pushed in right when Zayn pushed out and Zayn groaned softly when the tight entrance became even tighter than it originally was. The two moved in sync and when one moved in, the other moved out.
Niall started trembling from the amount of pleasure he was getting and he moaned softly when he felt the two adults release into him. The two slid out and Louis moved forward eagerly, moving a hand forward to cup Niall’s rock hard cock gently.
Louis moved to release Niall from the cuffs and Niall pouted when he didn’t remove the restraint on his length. Louis gripped Niall’s sides roughly and he carried the boy up until the tip of his cock was poking Niall’s entrance.
Niall separated his legs and he slowly slid down on the cock, his arse still hurting. Louis gripped Niall’s hips tighter and he pulled the boy down in one forceful pull. “Didn’t Zayn tell you already that we don’t like it when you tease?”
Niall nodded and he bounced up and down on Louis quickly, grinning when Louis possessively wrapped his arms around his waist. Harry stared at the scene in arousal and he moved forward, kneeling down in front of Niall and easily taking his small cock into his mouth.
Niall stopped momentarily when Harry skillfully sucked his length and he bucked forward into Harry’s mouth eagerly. Louis scowled and he growled into Niall’s ear, “Move or you’ll get another punishment.”
Niall complied willingly and he continued, moving around in attempts of finding his prostate. A shiver of pleasure ran threw him when he found the bundle of nerves and he continued bouncing that way, the feeling of Louis’ dick in him and Harry’s mouth around him becoming too much.
He felt Louis release to him and he felt Harry’s mouth leave his dick. Louis lifted him up and he placed the boy on the bed, letting Harry climb on top of the younger boy. Harry rubbed their hard cocks together and he stuck his tongue into his mouth, exploring it.
Niall bucked his hips upward and he let out a small whimper, “D-dad…p-please let me c-cum.” Harry just hummed and he moved a hand up to tweak Niall’s nipple, moving to the next one when it became hard.
Niall vaguely recalled Harry cum onto his stomach. He saw the four men crowd around him and Niall squirmed around desperately, almost near tears as the pleasure was just too much.
Liam stared at the boy sympathetically and he glanced at Zayn, moving his hand towards Niall’s length when the elder nodded. He took off the restraint slowly and he chuckled softly when Niall immediately released his load and sigh tiredly.
Liam smiled slightly and he cleaned Niall up with his clothes, throwing the stained articles into a corner when he was done. Liam clambered onto the bed and pecked Niall’s forehead gently, wrapping his protective arms around the smaller boy.
Niall laid his head on top of Liam’s chest, worn out from what happened and he moved closer to the older man. The other three men smiled softly and Harry moved on the other side of Niall, resting his head on Niall’s small shoulder.
Louis moved beside Liam and Zayn moved beside Harry. Niall smiled contently, but he winced slightly every time he moved. “Dads?” “Yes Nialler?” Niall bit his lip shyly and he buried his face into Liam’s chest, “I’m sorry about the way I acted earlier…I guess I was just scared of being gay.”
The other four men just exchanged fond looks and they awed slightly at how adorable Niall looked at the moment.

Preference #21: Morning Sex

Preference #21 Morning Sex

A/N: dirty!! smut warning! So enjoy my horny readers ;)

Niall: His hot breath across your neck woke you from a dead sleep. His boner apparent against your ass. “Mornin Princess” his thick Irish accent buzzed in your ear as you stirred.
“Morning Nialler” you let out a groan as he attaches his lips to your neck a hand wrapped around your waist “Someone think they’re gonna get some?” you ask smirking to yourself.
“Mmm yeah baby girl, you” he sits up and pushes you on your back “I had the best dream baby” he kisses you and moans in your mouth, his breath heavy.
He starts grinding into you, your core getting wetter by the minute. He sucks on that sweet spot he can find so easily and you let out a girly whimper making him moan into your neck “Fuck princess you like that?”
“Yes Niall, holy shit I want you so bad baby” You look into his eyes that are hooded from sleep and dark from lust, “ Fuck me already.”
“Your wish is my command baby girl” He smirks and reaches over grabbing a condom from the bedside table pulling it over his hard dick. He pulls off your panties moaning low at how wet your folds are “you’re such a naughty girl, what made you this wet” his calloused thumb moves over your folds pressing into your clit
“Y-you did Niall, its all for you” you prop yourself up onto your elbows and he moves over you. With one thrust he’s inside of you and you moan, your body moving with his.
His moans grow louder as he makes love to you, He cups your face stroking your cheek “I love you so much baby girl”
you whimper at his words “ I love you too” He kisses you and starts making out with you getting closer to his orgasm, his thrusts sloppy and hard “Im c-close Niall fuck” your body goes limp in his arms as your orgasm takes over, his quickly coming after. You lie with him, panting and out of breath.
“So who’s making dinner?” he asks earning a smack on the arm from you.

Harry: You joined harry on their US tour for a while, having that you were off school for the summer and you wanted to see your boyfriend. You were cuddled up under his arm fast asleep after having a late night at the show. The way he moved on stage turned you on, and you just happened to be having a dream about the way he moved for you on stage. Harry is stirred awake by your soft moans and your body moving against him. He smirks and strokes your cheek kissing your forehead waking you up “Haz..I”
He cuts you off “Shh baby i know Hazza is gonna take care of you now” his long fingers move into your panties going to work on your clit.
“H-Harry” you moan out his name your fingernails digging into the tattoos on his hips. You were so turned on by this, half asleep and being pleasured by your boyfriend couldn’t have been better.
“God Y/N you’re so wet for me…” he whispers and moves a few stray hairs out of your face.  You kiss his lips hard bucking your hips into his hand leaning into him, giving him your body as much as you could.
“Harry fuck, i wanna cum” you grab his hard dick through his boxers and he lets out a throaty moan as you stroke him hard.
Harry quickly pushes one finger into you moving it in circles making you throw your head back in pleasure, he was always so good at this, cheeky bastard. You continued like this, sharing passionate, lust-filled kisses before your orgasm took over your body. Harry held you close as your back arched and you came in his hand, his cum spurting out of his tip a few minutes later.  

Louis: You were Lottie’s close friend, Louis invited Lottie, her boyfriend and yourself out to a club. Of course you were ecstatic, Louis was smoking hot, you really liked him and you had the idea he liked you too. Before Louis and Lottie you were never much for a club scene alcohol having a less than attractive effect on you, but that wasn’t going to stop you from having some fun. It was about 3:00 am and you were practically passed out on a sofa in the VIP area
Lottie rushes over to Louis “Y/N is passed out on a sofa we need to get her out of here”
Louis is shocked “Did anyone give her a drink? c’mon lets go get her” lottie leads him to you and He sits next to you rubbing your side “Lets get you out the back love I’ll help you”
You can barely understand him, your head in a cloud “Someone gave me something, i shouldn’t have taken it” you clutch onto him for dear life and it takes all Louis has to not lock down the club and find who did it
“Shh love i gotcha its ok,” he turns to security “Get the car in the back of the club, no paps at all” you feel him pick you up and rub your back, passing out as you get in the back of the SUV. He gets you to where your staying and tucks you into bed, sleeping next to you to keep you comfortable.
Louis liked you, he wanted you to be safe and he felt terrible you were drugged last night “Poor thing” he mumbles in the morning stroking your cheek. You stir and wake up, hungover and turned on at the oldest Tomlinson next to you.
“Louis, Morning…” you whisper and sit up a bit your faces just centimeters from each other. Before you knew it you were both naked and he was inside you “Ive always wanted this louis” you say as you ride him, your hips rocking back and forth.
“Me too babe me too” He kisses you giving you his all, wanting you to be his.

Liam: After a long day at the studio, Liam always loved cuddling and watching Harry Potter or Toy Story until you both fell asleep on the sofa. The front door to your house opened and Watson, the not so little puppy that you and Liam shared running to the door “theres my big puppy” he pets Watson’s head and kisses it
“What about me babe?” you chuckle and Liam turns to you looking like an actual heart eye emoji.
“Theres the Mrs!” He walks up to you giving you a kiss and hugging you “Soooo Toy Story? Im in the mood for a good Pixar movie” he smiles at you and takes your hand leading you over to the large sofa, letting you sit in between his legs and gets the movie started. About an hour into the second movie you and Liam are both asleep. You wake up around 8:00am when the sun comes up, and Liam is kissing your neck “Baby… Daddy needs you”

“Fuck Liam… again” you smirk “i want you so bad” he practically throws you across the sofa so he can start undressing you doing the same 

“Lets try not to break the sofa again ok?” he chuckles and kisses you sliding into you with ease. You moan and kiss him hard as he fucks you “god Liam you’re so huge.. i love your dick” 

“Yeah baby? you wanna cum all over my cock princess?” he grunts and thrusts into you harder getting closer to his own orgasm
“Yes daddy yes fuck me” you scream out his name as your orgasm takes over and you squirt all over his cock and the floor.
“Fuck baby.. gotta have morning sex more often” He smirks and pumps himself cumming all over your stomach.

Mood swings

Mood swings:

Harry: You walk around the house aimlessly, you just feel like walking. “Why are you pacing around? What’s wrong?” Harry asks, lifting his head from the couch. You place your hands on your hips, continuing to walk. “Y/n why are you pacing around? You’re making me nervous.” Harry comments sitting up on the couch. “Because I feel like it okay! Gosh let me be, I can walk around without there being a problem. I’m not going to fall down and break to pieces just for walking around the house.” you snap out of nowhere without any warning. Harry looks at you stunned, he wasn’t expecting you to snap on him, you barely snap on him for anything. You look away and stomp to the laundry, feeling energy running through you. You grab the basket of clean clothes and walk to the living room. You huff starting to fold the clothes; mumbling things to yourself. You get to pairing the socks before getting easily frustrated. You throw a sock into the basket. You feel hands on your hips, “Take a breath and calm down” Harry voice whispers, “no piss off.”
“Take a breath love” Harry again says not letting you wiggle away from him. You take a deep breath, feeling a kiss on your cheek. You take a few deep breaths before realizing how rude you were towards Harry. You turn around, “I’m so sorry.” you apologize wrapping your arms around him. “It’s okay, I don’t think either of us were expecting you to snap.” Harry smiles kissing the tip of your nose.

Louis: You cuddle up to the sheets of the bed, enjoying the time off you have, no waking early, no work. You bury your head into the pillow happily. You feel your body drift back into its sleep before you feel a dip in the bed, you feel arms around you that usually make you smile, but at this instant it makes you want to crawl away. You shrug away from he arms, “mm” you sound a little whinny. “What’s wrong?” Louis asks seeming a little confused to why you wiggled away. “Leave me.” You mutter unhappily as you huff and pull at the covers. “What’s ruffled your feathers?” Louis asks, poking your side, trying to make the situation a little easier. “Go away. I don’t want you poking me.” You raise your voice a little; Louis being taken back by how you’re acting. “Is something wrong?”
“Yes, yes there is. I don’t want to be smothered, give me space; just back up. I’m not a teddy bear you have to hug 24/7.” You huff dramatically. “Uhm.”
“I don’t need your comments either, it’s simple just let me be. Is it that hard? Do I ask for too much?” You question.
“No no, it’s fine. I understand.” Louis sighs. He’s pretty good when it comes to dealing with you. He’s dealt with you when you’re moody from your period and it is no different now that you no longer get it for 9 months. “Do you want a tea?” He offers,
“No I don’t want a tea.” You mumble close to breaking out in tears. “Are you going to cry?”
“No.” You shake your head holding back all tears.

Niall: you sit on the hotel bed watching as Niall gets out his clothes for the awards tonight. “Which shirt?” He holds up a white button up and an off white button up. “White.” You reply before he grabs a jacket, “Hm suit jacket or casual jacket?” He asks holding up two jackets. “It’s the kids choice awards you don’t need to be formal like it’s the Grammys.”
“So the casual jacket?”
“Hm wear that denim one you have.”
“I don’t have a denim one.”
“Yeah you do.” You comment,
“I didn’t bring it with me.” He comments making you huff. “I don’t know then.” You mumble a little upset he didn’t bring his denim half jacket you like. “I’ll wear this jacket.” He softy comments, before buttoning up his white shirt and sliding on his jacket. “Your collar isn’t right.” You point out unhappily,
“Why are you upset?” He asks trying to fix it but completely failing.
“I’m not.” You bite your lip before getting up and forcefully fixing his collar. “You’re mad. Calm down.”
“Your shirt is creased.”
“It is fine.”
“No it is creased. Change it.” You demand. You demanding is definitely not something you do. You’ve never demanded anything of Niall. “Woah controlling much?” He snaps on you, making you realize what you had just said. “What?” You take a step back from him. “You need to get back on the bed and go back to sleep. You woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” Niall mutters seeming a little annoyed with you. “Why?” You question,
“You are a little controlling right now.” He sighs, “I’m, I’m sorry.” You mumble, a little embarrassed you just did such a thing. “Mm apology accepted. I didn’t think mood swings were this random.”
“It wasn’t a mood swing.”
“It was, so do I look okay? Or are my pants crinkled too?” He asks with a chuckle, you playfully hit his arm before he kisses you. “I’m kidding.” He assures you, making sure you don’t end up having another mood swing.

Liam: You sit in the hotel room, rubbing your small stomach, waiting for the room service to be delivered. “Y/N have you seen my orange top?”
“No.” You shake your head,
“Did you wear my hoodie?” Liam questions, “yes, I’m wearing it.” You point to the hoodie that is keeping you nose and cosy. “Okay.” Liam nods, your eyes look at him before they water up. “Okay? Is there a reason you are saying it like that? Am I not allowed to wear your hoodies?” You mumble, on the verge of tears. “What? No I didn’t say that.”
“You might as well have, you’re so inconsiderate, all I wanted was to wear your hoodie, and you use that tone of voice.” You let out, starting to cry for no real reason. Liam chuckles before coming to you. “Now you think it’s funny? It isn’t funny.” You cross your arms childishly. “Baby, calm down, do you want some chocolate? You’re very sensitive.”
“No, I don’t want chocolate, I just want to wear your hoodies.” You whine, wiping your tears away. “You can wear them any time my love, stop those tears.”
“Maybe I don’t want to stop them.” You huff, unable to control how you feel right now. “Okay, dinner will be here shortly, until then, lets cuddle.” Liam smiles, pulling you closer to him and calming you down.

Zayn: You walk through the front door, your feet hurting from your shoes, your back hurting from the small bump you’ve got going on, on your stomach, and your mood just dropping to an all time low. You close the door, huffing as you walk into the living room and fall onto then couch. “Uhm, hey, hard day at work?”
“No, yes, maybe, I don’t know.” You mumble, “so is that a yes, no, or a maybe?”
“I don’t know.” You sob, kicking off your shoes. “What happened?”
“Everything went wrong, everything. I want to quit, can I quit? I hate this, I hate work, I want ice cream, where the bloody ice cream?” You huff, hurrying to the freezer, “there’s no ice cream.” You wail as you see the freezer no longer consists of a tub of ice cream. “My day’s ruined.” You cry even harder, closing the freezer door and sinking to the floor, just wanting to cry. Zayn looks at you as if you’re a crazy woman, completely unaware of what to do. Nobody has prompt him for any of this. “Uhm, do you want me to get you ice cream?” He offers, “no.” You mumble,
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I am sure.” You cross your arms, your cheeks tear stained. “Do you want a hug?”
“What do I do?” He asks, and you look at him. “You don’t know what to do? How do you not know? You’re meant to know.” You let out getting up off the floor and padding to the bedroom. You get on the bed and cuddle up to the sheets, “I’m sorry, I am not good with all this. How about Uhm… Uh.. Dinner?”
“I just want ice cream and to sleep.” You mutter, “I’ll get you Ice cream.”
“No I don’t want you too.” You whine, making him even more confused on what to do.

kiss me on the mouth and set me free - Part I


Następnie przenosi się na Twittera, gdzie wszystko jest jeszcze troszkę dziwniejsze. Jego powiadomienia są pełne tweetów o jakimś Larrym i z tego, co może wyczytać, wszyscy próbują go gdzieś wysłać*. Ale i dość duża ilość ludzi, w tym większość jego zagorzałych, gamerskich fanów, jak i tych, mających w nim małego crusha, krzyczy o tym, jak obrzydliwy jest ten koleś, Larry.

Piętnaście minut przewijania uświadamia Louisa, że Larry Stylinson nie jest osobą, a zamiast tego kombinacją imion jego i Harry’ego. Ludzie, którzy twierdzą, że „shippują go” najwidoczniej pragną, by się ze sobą zeszli, co jest. Okej.

Lub; Louis jest graczem, Harry guru urody, a VidCon okazuje się być całkiem dobrym miejscem na zakochanie się w sobie.

*ship – gra słów, ship może oznaczać zarówno dostarczać, wysyłać, jak i łączyć dwójkę ludzi.

Autorka: suspendrs

Link do oryginału: kiss me on the mouth and set me free

Zgoda: Jest!

Pairing: Larry

Od tłumaczki: No to jedziemy!


Part I

Louis znowu wierci się na swoim fotelu, by wydał pisk w zetknięciu z podłogą i tym samym sprawia, że Lottie przerywa swoje intro po raz trzeci, tylko żeby móc odwrócić się w jego stronę i spiorunować wzrokiem. Próbowała zmusić go do nagrania tego filmu od miesięcy, jako że jest to najbardziej pożądany przez fanów challenge, ale Louis uparcie odkładał go na potem, aż do teraz.

– Louis, naprawdę, siedź prosto. To zajmie góra dziesięć minut, a poza tym, będziesz mógł pomalować mnie tak idiotycznie, jak twoja dusza tylko tego zapragnie – przekonuje.

Louis wreszcie pojękuje i relaksuje się, przybiera wesołą minę oraz spogląda na kamerę, która jest umieszczona na statywie tuż przed ich dwójką.

– Cześć, ludzie, tu Lottie! Tym razem jestem z moim bratem, Louisem, którego możecie znać jako louist91, jeśli tylko interesujecie się grami. Mamy zamiar zrobić brother does my makeup challenge! – mówi radośnie.

Louis szczerzy się złowieszczo w stronę kamery, podnosząc jeden z ogromnych, puchatych pędzli do makijażu Lottie i wymachując nim wokoło.

– Louis, jak wygląda twoje doświadczenie z makijażem? – pyta nerwowym przez kamerę głosem Lottie.

Louis mruczy, jak gdyby zastanawiał się nad zadanym pytaniem, i uderza pędzlem o swoją brodę.

– Uh, nie mam żadnego – decyduje, przelatując wzrokiem po wybranych, drogich produktach Lottie, kiedy ta zerka w stronę kamery, jakby dopiero teraz zdała sobie sprawę, że popełnia najgorszy błąd w swoim życiu.

– Dobra, w takim razie zaczynajmy – mówi Louis, klaszcząc dłońmi i zgarniając butelkę korektora. – To musi być coś, uch, do skóry, racja? – Przytrzymuje butelkę przy policzku Lottie, potakując raz głową. – Tak, definitywnie coś do skóry. Więc, po prostu, biorę nasadkę i, oh, jak mam to wyjąć?

Lottie nie daje mu żadnych wskazówek, trzyma swoje usta szczelnie zamknięte, na co Louis wzdycha i sięga do jej twarzy. Dziewczyna piszczy, kiedy Louis odchyla jej głowę do tyłu i nakłada korektor na czoło, przytakując na widok swojej pracy.

– Wygląda przyzwoicie. Teraz, po prostu… – Zatapia swoje palce w bałaganie na czole Lottie, rozprowadza go na jej policzki, wciera korektor w jej skórę, aż nie pokrywa całej twarzy dziewczyny. Ta otwiera oczy i poprawia się, spoglądając w kierunku kamery i potrząsając powoli głową.

– Było aż tak źle? – pyta Louis z dłońmi pokrytymi kosmetykiem.

– Cóż, nie źle. To tylko… inna metoda – informuje Lottie, wzruszając ramionami i wskazując głową na stół, na którym rozłożone są wszystkie rzeczy do makijażu. – Kontynuuj.

Louis pomrukuje, rozważając swoje opcje i decydując się na mały, okrągły pojemniczek. Jedna strona koła ma różowawy kolor, po drugiej jest więcej brązu i Louis nagle dostaje olśnienia.

– Oh! To jest róż do policzków i bronzer, racja? – mówi z podekscytowaniem, stając się znacznie pewniejszym siebie, kiedy Lottie potakuje w odpowiedzi. – Widzisz, nie jestem aż tak beznadziejny – mamrocze, spuszczając wzrok na przedmiot. – Powinienem znowu użyć moich palców? – pyta, spoglądając w stronę Lottie.

– Użyj pędzelka – odpowiada szybko, niemal błagalnie.

Usta Louisa układają się w „o”, kiedy szuka właściwego pędzla, a po chwili wybiera ten duży, którym bawił się wcześniej.

– Lubię go – mówi, zatapiając pędzelek najpierw w tej bardziej brązowej części. Pociera nim delikatnie policzek Lottie, sapiąc, kiedy smuga bronzera zajmuje całą połowę twarzy dziewczyny.

Oczy Lottie rozszerzają się, a Louis zaciska swoje usta i potrząsa głową.

– Nie, nie, wygląda dobrze – zapewnia, powtarzając czynność na drugim policzku i uzyskując ten sam rezultat.

– Cholera, okej, róż to naprawi, tak sądzę – mówi bardziej do siebie, wycierając pędzel o ramię Lottie i sięgając do różu.

Dziewczyna w proteście wydaje z siebie skrzek, ale nie odzywa się ani słowem, zamiast tego potrząsa głową w kierunku kamery i czeka, aż Louis będzie kontynuował.

Robi z różem to samo, co z bronzerem, rozciera go na policzku Lottie tak delikatnie, jak to tylko możliwe. Tym razem na jej twarzy pojawiają się pasy różowego koloru i, oczywiście, nie jest to ani trochę profesjonalne, ale Louis i tak sądzi, że nie wyszło aż tak źle.

– Oh, to dość ładne. Ta część mi się podoba – mówi, kiwając głową oraz odkładając przy tym puder i pędzel. – Powinienem zostać guru urody, naprawdę. Mógłbym nim być, gdybym nie był facetem – wzdycha, potrząsając głową, jak gdyby była to tragedia wieku.

Lottie marszczy brwi, kiedy Louis podnosi coś czarnego, wyglądającego na ołówek.

– Chłopaki też mogą być guru urody. Nie słyszałeś o Harrym Stylesie? On jest w tym najlepszy – odpowiada, wyglądając na urażoną brakiem wiedzy Louisa w tej kwestii.

– Harry Styles? – pyta Louis, spoglądając spod grzywki na Lottie, podczas gdy przekręca kredkę u dołu i sprawia, że pastel odrobinę się wysuwa.

– Tak, Harry Styles – potwierdza Lottie , wzdychając dramatycznie ku kamerze. – Absolutnie wspaniały. Podążam za jego wszystkimi wskazówkami. Dosłownie żyję jego sposobem pielęgnacji włosów – wybucha.

Louis jedynie gapi się na nią przez dłuższy moment, nie mogąc się ruszyć.

– To dziwaczne – mamrocze, wysuwając kredkę wystarczająco mocno, żeby móc rysować nią po Lottie. Jest prawie pewien, że to do oczu, jakoś do okolicy rzęs.

– To nie jest dziwaczne – obrusza się Lottie. – Ma prawie tyle samo subów ile Zoella, możesz w to uwierzyć? Jest niesamowity – mówi, jakby była szczerze urażona tym, jak bardzo Louis ma to gdzieś.

– Harry Styles – mamrocze po raz kolejny Louis, potrząsając też w ramach braku uznania głową. – Brzmi jak poptart*. A teraz zamknij oczy, żebym mógł nałożyć ci ten eyemarker.

– To się nazywa eyeliner, Louis – chichocze Lottie, ale mimo to zamyka oczy.

Louis zbliża się do jej twarzy i przytrzymuje jej policzek, by przypadkiem się nie ruszyła, po czym kładzie bok swojej dłoni na jej nosie, dzięki czemu nie będzie się trzęsła, kiedy sam zacznie malować linię nad jej rzęsami.

– Oh, oh nie. – Louis skomle, robiąc skwaszoną minę na widok swojej roboty. – Okej, jakoś sobie poradzimy. To będzie coś w stylu tego kociego oka – decyduje, biorąc się ponownie za powiekę. Robi kolejną minę i przenosi się do drugiego oka, powtarzając proces i otrzymując tylko odrobinkę gorszy efekt.

Gdy całość jest gotowa, Lottie obraca się w stronę kamery i mruga kilkakrotnie, żeby znów dobrze widzieć. Znaczną większość obu powiek ma pomalowaną na czarno, a nierówne ogonki kresek rozciągają się niemal do samych brwi. Louis odkłada kredkę i czuje, jak jego twarz zalewa się wstydem, za to Lottie po prostu się śmieje.

– Okej, kontynuujmy, mamy więcej do zrobienia – mamrocze dziewczyna, wskazując na resztę kosmetyków.

Louis wzdycha i sięga po coś w zielonej tubce, przekręca, by ją otworzyć i tym samym ukazuje małą szczoteczkę pokrytą czarną mazią.

– Oh, to maskara, nie? – mówi, szczerząc się radośnie przez swoją wiedzę. – Taa. Zaczynamy – nuci, przybliżając się po raz kolejny. Przytrzymuje kciukiem powiekę Lottie, kiedy delikatnie nakłada tusz na jej rzęsy, ignorując przy tym przerażoną minę na jej twarzy. Powtarza to na drugim oku, po czym się odchyla i kiwa dumnie głową.

– Wydaje mi się, że wygląda całkiem nieźle – przyznaje, wyciągając rękę, by przekręcić głowę Lottie w stronę kamery. Na jej powiece roztarta jest odrobina tuszu, jak i pod okiem po jednej stronie, ale poza tym nie jest źle.

– Totalnie rządzę! Jak dla mnie na tym kończymy, Lotts – mówi, zamykając tubkę tuszu do rzęs i odkładając ją na miejsce.

Lottie spogląda w kamerę i wzdycha, zamykając oczy oraz wyciągając dłoń.

– Lustro, proszę?

Louis pospiesznie wręcza jej małe lusterko, leżące tuż obok reszty kosmetyków.

Lottie unosi je i szybko wytrzeszcza oczy na to, co w nim zastaje, a zaskoczony chichot opuszcza jej usta.

– O mój boże, wyglądam jak klaun! – zawodzi, przekręcając głowę, by móc spojrzeć na siebie z każdego kąta. – Eyeliner jest definitywnie dobrym wyborem, bardzo precyzyjny – żartuje, patrząc w kamerę i odrobinę wydymając wargi.

– Świetny – dodaje Louis, szeroko się szczerząc. – Nawet tak na tik-tok. To nie tak mówią? – pyta, marszcząc nos w stronę kamery.

Lottie wybucha śmiechem, potrząsając głową.

– Na tip-top, Louis, o Jezu. Dobra, chyba powinniśmy skończyć zanim ten tutaj obrazi kogoś jeszcze. Jeśli podobał ci się filmik, nie krępuj się zostawić like lub komentarz pod spodem! Zasubskrybuj po więcej filmów każdego tygodnia!

– Nagraliśmy też filmik na moim kanale – wcina się Louis, posyłając uśmiech do kamery i tym samym ukazując rządek zębów.

– Oh, tak. Sprawdźcie też kanał Louisa i zasubskrybujcie, jeśli wam się spodoba! Ale prawdopodobnie się nie spodoba, bo jest palantem – drwi Lottie.

Louis wciąga powietrze i spycha ją z krzesła, przybierając mały uśmieszek, kiedy ta spada na podłogę.

– Świetnie! To tyle na dzisiaj, pa – mówi głośno i wyciąga rękę, by wyłączyć kamerę. – Okej. Idź zmyć swoją twarz i przyjdź do mojego biura, kiedy skończysz – mamrocze, podnosząc się z krzesła.

Nadal leżąc na podłodze, Lottie patrzy na niego spode łba, po czym wstaje, żeby skierować się do jego gościnnej łazienki, podczas kiedy Louis idzie w tym czasie przygotować wszystko do swojego wideo, polegającym na uczeniu Lottie grać w Slendermana.

Jest YouTuberem od niemal dwóch lat, podczas których zebrał blisko pięć milionów subskrybentów. Nie ma zielonego pojęcia, jak jego kanał rozwinął się aż tak szybko; to prawdopodobnie przez to, że jest uroczym bratem dość popularnej guru urody. Kanał Lottie stale się powiększa, aktualnie ma ponad sześć i pół milionów subskrypcji. A Louis jest pewien, że zawsze będzie najdumniejszym starszym bratem na całym świecie.

Zmywa makijaż ze swoich rąk w kuchennym zlewie, jego własnym kuchennym zlewie w jego własnym mieszkaniu, na które może sobie pozwolić dzięki YouTube’owi. Ma dwadzieścia trzy lata i nie robi prawie niczego oprócz prowadzenia kanału z grami, więc zakłada, że był wielkim szczęściarzem, że mógł to osiągnąć. Powtarza to swoim subskrybentom przez cały czas, ale oni nigdy tego tak naprawdę nie pojmą, jak sądzi, nigdy nie będą świadomi, jak ważni dla niego są.

Z tą myślą, siada przy swoim komputerze, ustawia kamerę i mikrofon, przyciąga drugi fotel i czeka, aż Lottie wróci z łazienki.


Dzień po wypuszczeniu wideo Lottie, Louis zostaje zalany komentarzami i wiadomościami na Twitterze.

@Louis_Tomlinson jesteś hejterem! harry jest najlepszą osobą na świecie !

@Louis_Tomlinson masz cos do mojego chlopca, masz cos do mnie

@Louis_Tomlinson Jak Harry Styles może brzmieć jak poptart??? Czy to ma jakiś sens?????

Louis stara się przez moment przypomnieć sobie, kim w ogóle jest Harry Styles. Kiedy wreszcie przywołuje moment, podczas to którego Lottie mu o nim opowiadała, niemal wyśmiewa samego siebie. Musiał obrazić dzieciaka, a teraz wszystkie jego dziwne, małoletnie, zapatrzone fangirls chcą zrobić mu krzywdę, jak uroczo. Nie ma nawet bladego pojęcia, jak wspomniany Harry wygląda i szczerze go to nie obchodzi, ponieważ pewnie i tak nie jest w jego typie.

Tweetuje o najnowszej wersji FIFY, którą ma zamiar przetestować tak szybko, jak tylko wyjdzie, po czym zamyka aplikację. Wie, że będzie wciąż zalewany wiadomościami w tym stylu przez cały dzień i naprawdę ma je gdzieś, więc w zamian decyduje się na nagranie kilku godzin gier, żeby jakoś zabić czas.

I nie mija nawet kilka dni, podczas których agresywne tweety umierają śmiercią naturalną, za to wychodzi w tego całkiem inna sprawa.

Zaczyna się jednym wpisem, który wpada mu w oko: @Louis_Tomlinson pewnie teraz zastanawia się nad zemstą. Bierz go, Tommo! Przez chwilę marszczy tylko brwi, zanim nie zaczyna przeglądać dalej swoich powiadomień i nie zdaje sobie sprawy, że większość tweetów jest o wojnie, która ma się rozpocząć przez coś, co ktoś o nim powiedział.

Nim dostaje się do końca, znajduje link z twittera jakiegoś rozrywkowego gówna. ZOBACZ: Harry Styles odpowiada na opryskliwy komentarz Louisa Tomlinsona! Louis parska śmiechem i klika w filmik, otwierając go w trybie pełnoekranowym. Tytuł wideo sprawia, że chce mu się wymiotować, bo to coś w stylu: Lush and B&BW Haul!!!

W tweecie nie napisano w którym momencie o nim wspomniano, więc zmusza się do obejrzenia całości, krzywiąc się na tandetną, małą animację, składającą się z imienia tego gościa i tytułu kanału, wmontowaną do filmiku przed intro.

Pierwszą reakcją Louisa jest wybuchnięcie śmiechem. Koleś ma najdłuższe włosy, jakie kiedykolwiek widział u faceta; wygląda jak kombinacja Jezusa i Micka Jaggera, i Louis nie jest zbytnio pewien, jak powinien się względem niego czuć. Szczerzy się szeroko w stronę kamery i oh, okej, ma te absurdalne dołeczki i gestykuluje dłońmi kiedy mówi, co jest dość irytujące, ale jednocześnie dość ujmujące. Louis już mu nie ufa.

Ogląda cały odcinek, aż Harry wreszcie o nim wspomina.

– Więc to na tyle na ten tydzień, kochani – w końcu wzdycha, wrzucając ostatnią ze zbyt wielu kuleczek do kąpieli z powrotem do torby u jego stóp. – Ale zanim pójdę, chciałbym powiedzieć, że nie zamierzam walczyć z tym gościem, Lewisem, kimkolwiek on tam jest. Oglądam co jakiś czas filmy Lottie i słyszałem, co o mnie powiedział, ale nie czuję się zraniony – zapewnia.

Louis zastanawia się, dlaczego każdy uważa, że to miało być tak bardzo obraźliwe, ale wtedy na twarzy Harry’ego pojawia się jeden z tych cholernych uśmiechów, na co Louis mruży oczy.

– Nie obchodzi mnie, co mówi, tak czy siak. Znaczy, ja przynajmniej biorę prysznic częściej niż raz w tygodniu i wiem co nieco o tym, jak się ubrać – drwi, a na jego policzkach złowrogo  rzeźbią się dołeczki.

Szczęka Louisa opada na podłogę. Harry jedynie się żegna, kończąc wideo lekkim machnięciem dłonią. Louis przewija komentarze, gdzie widzi, że każdy robi sobie z niego jaja, pisząc o tym, że bierze prysznic pewnie nawet jeszcze rzadziej i że powinien zainwestować w ciuchy, które naprawdę będą do niego pasować.

Louis zamyka Google Chrome i zatrzaskuje laptopa, obracając się w swoim fotelu oraz wysyłając piorunujące spojrzenie w kierunku podłogi.

– To jest wojna – mamrocze, nim wstaje ze zirytowanym chrząknięciem, mając zamiar iść pod prysznic tylko po to, by zrobić wszystkim na złość.


*poptart – kruche ciasteczko, nie miałam pojęcia jak to określić po polsku. I nie pytajcie dlaczego to brzmi dla Louisa jak Harry, nie mam bladego pojęcia. 


Dainty, Good Tipping Louis

A series of anon messages sent to @banana-louis. Reposted with her permission.

i feel so glad for the way i got to meet louis. it was at work where i’m not allowed my phone and where i got to talk to him for a solid 10 mins about crap, he was asking me about my uni and stuff. a+ would recommend, got a hug at the end and my skin was clear for weeks

okay okay. i was trying to stay calm and do my job and not be a freak ahaha and i basically said i thought mitam was sick? and he was like ‘ahaha thanks’ and he asked me if i worked full time? and i said 'no, i’m just doing this part time’ and told him i went to med school and he asked what kind of doctor i wanted to be and i told him i’m stuck between ob/gyn and paediatrics and he told me about jay being a midwife and about the eden dora thing :) and he’s about 5'8" but he’s v dainty???

he is dainty thats the only way i can describe it! you know how they sometimes say about marilyn monroe that she was very curvy but still teeny overall? that’s louis hands down ahaha, he’s not bony or anything when you hug him but i’m pretty sure i can wrap my arms twice around his waist u know? also he tips very well king of pop KING OF POP

he also ordered a load of corona and he was like 'ahhhhh don’t worry you don’t have to open them all’ and whacked out his own bottle opener because there were about 10, what a beautiful soul, i didn’t have to stand there awkwardly trying to open a load of bottles as fast as i could. i’ve had other celebrities in but none of them have been as pretty or tipped as well as louis lmao

it was an after business thing i think, there were a load of older men with him. but he was in jeans and a jumper so who fucking knows haha, i just know i didn’t see oli or calvin or anyone

no idea haha, he got led to the private car park we reserve for vip and had a set time he was going home though so i assume someone was picking him up. i went and asked security after my shift who they’d seen just in case and they said they didn’t know who it was (head of security has met harry and his family, plus all the other boys, so i’m assuming it wasn’t them)

i bled my own blood after he tipped, ngl. other info - harry bought robin a private box at old trafford (manchester united’s ground), niall is a fucking idiot who wandered out to say hi to people without telling security first so they had to go and drag him back in, zayn stood up the rest of the band at an event they did and anne was telling him about it

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Harry should be getting up. He’s still sweaty and it’s hot in the room, the sheets sticked at his back and his curls damp and clinging at the misty skin of his neck. 

So yeah, he should be really getting up, but he can feel the orgasm still shaking through his veins and fizzing at the tip of his fingertips, the taste of blinding pleasure staining his tongue and the echo of a last breathy moan lingering on his throat. If he looked between his thighs, he knows he would see red blossoms burning on his skin, the faint scratch of beard, a ruined throbbing masterpiece. 

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