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Mine (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: 65. “Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!”

82. “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

Warnings: Slight smut, swear words

Word Count: 873

A/N: I just didn’t like this one… Idk… I was not planning on writing any imagines till Sunday but the recent pics of Tom just made me want to write a million.

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It was getting harder for Peter to breathe as each second passed. He couldn’t believe all of these were happening. He was not the jealous type; well at least he didn’t show how jealous he was all the time. He knew, if he got angry, he would break both of their hearts but he was fed up with everything.

He took a deep breath and got up from his seat. The loudness coming from the music and the people in the crowded room was irritating him more than anything. He tried to calm himself down by watching the kids playing some game at the corner and the others cheering but he could not just wipe the terrible scene off his head.

He shut his eyes and scratched the back of his neck, remembering how Y/N was all over that guy… He knew it was some stupid dare and him and Y/N were no longer dating, he knew he had no right to say word but… The reason why they have broken up over all was something entirely stupid and they were not really broken up at all. They were just on a “break” and Y/N knew this very well. He clenched his fist; he couldn’t take it anymore. He marched to Y/N who was still sitting on the guy’s lap, giggling uncontrollably.

He was now standing in front of them staring down pretty irritated by how they were ignoring him. He coughed to get their attention, which was not a smart thing to do since music was too loud to even talk to somebody. He yelled: “Hey!” and threw his hands in the air. “What do you want Parker?” the guy asked, annoyed by Peter’s existence near them. Just a second later he smirked and pointed at Y/N, who was not laughing at all now: “You want some of this? Well too bad, she doesn’t give anything to losers!”

The guy grabbed Y/N’s hips roughly and laughed hysterically. Peter clenched his jaw, trying to keep calm since he knew he could destroy the guy’s existence less than a minute, which would not be a polite thing to do. “Get your hands off her,” Peter said calmly.

“Oh! Our loser seems to be angry! What are you going to do Parker? Get over it! She used you, she is no longer your girlfriend, she can do whatever she wants!” It was enough for Peter. Those words didn’t only anger him more; they were attacking at his heart too. However, Peter didn’t attack the guy. He grabbed Y/N’s arm roughly and dragged her to one of the empty rooms in the apartment.

“Get. Your. Hands. Off. Me!” Y/N yelled at him and Peter let her arm go.

Y/N headed to the door but Peter held her hands once again and gritted his teeth: “Listen to me.” His voice was showing how angry and broken he was. However, Y/N didn’t want to understand it, therefore she kept on walking. “Listen to me!” Peter yelled this time like he had never before in his life. Y/N was visibly shaking but she was also trying not to show how scared she was to Peter: “What the hell Peter?” she asked, not able to control her shaky voice.

“What the hell did you think you were doing back there Y/N? Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!” Peter was shouting at her and throwing his hands all over the air uncontrollably.

“NO! It fucking does not Peter! Do you have any idea how much I missed you?!” Y/N shouted back, no longer afraid to show how she was feeling.

Peter shook his head. His eyes were no longer shining like they always did; they were dark and full of lust.

Y/N was calming down, in fact she was smirking: “Do you have any idea how much I had wanted you for this whole month?” She knew very well what she was doing. Peter gulped, he was calm too. Though he could not just forget how that guy was touching her. Peter was no longer himself, this was a new person. Jealous.

“I want you. Right here. Right now.” He demanded with a deep voice. Y/N laughed lightly and shrugged: “Too bad. You already lost me.” She wasn’t actually going anywhere; she just loved playing with Peter like this. Peter’s eyes and gaze were still the same. He slowly walked towards her until there were inches between their lips. He held Y/N’s both hands roughly and slammed her against the wall behind. “Too bad, I had never lost you or never will,” he whispered, staring deeply into her eyes. Without hesitation, Peter attacked on her neck with his lips, causing her to gasp. She was surely not waiting this from Peter. He was always gentle, now these were all different. “Peter,” she whimpered. Peter tilted his head to face her and whispered: “We had just started love.”

He continued to suck on her lips, collar bone, neck; everywhere, roughly, while grabbing the side of her legs and ass. Y/N was moaning his name, begging for him to do something while Peter was mumbling how good she was looking like this just for him and no one else.


Sharing my drawing’s of Rarity & PinkiePie & AppleJack in a KH style! ;)

well i try my best to design the clohtes like EquestriaGirls clothes to kh?….hmmm i got it….lol sorry the colors are lame, ikr XP

also the keyblade,rarity’s was reference on Aqua’s, pinkie was ref on somewhere in the internet keyblade D.s., Applejack well i guess on terra’s~ (*w*)”  hope you bro’s liked it ^^

Onehanga park south Auckland still go;s off at night time 

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Also shout out to that anon who sent me that message a bit ago about Beauty and the Beast and Belle Steph bc I saw the movie finally on Friday and I was swarmed with emotion.

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Don't worry about not having a morning upload. You are a real person with real life concerns and those come first. It's really nice of you to share your fantastic artwork with us in the first place. ^_^

And then we have gems like this hhh–

It’s nice to hear that every now and then ;A; Because it’s a very real possibility it might come out tomorrow instead if I get any worse today.


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Tropetastic Tuesday wrap up Week Two: 3/14 - 3/19

Memory loss, punches, passion, pain, hospitals and more! In no particular order here’s a wrap-up of works submitted for @thegreyhenley’s Tropetastic Tuesday challenge this week. In this challenge, writers and artists had from Tuesday through till Sunday to submit trope inspired pieces to the #tropetastictuesday2 tag. There was a LOT of amazing work this week so I am bound to have missed some. If so I apologize and please message me so it can be added in among the wonderful pieces under the cut.

This week’s challenge was… create a Hurt/Comfort piece in 200 words

Check out the responses below the cut. 

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we’ve passed into 2 camps: 

  1. this is bullshit and they’re going to hell
  2. this is bullshit and they’re going to hell but nothing is real so we’re gonna spend every moment till sunday 8pm drunk and screaming ✌✌