the whole image of thrifted clothes being wacky and mismatched and kitschy is remarkably classist seeing as it’s really only an acceptable aesthetic when girls who have money do it for giggles, like… if a poor girl mismatches some weird retro neon pre torn shit from secondhand it’s not silly or fun, it’s unfortunate, shabby, mockable etc because she obviously just ‘doesn’t know what she’s doing’ ‘wouldn’t know better’ ‘dresses that way because she’s poor’, there’s almost this unwritten rule that if you’re significantly below upper middle class you have to be constantly working to not show it, always dressing seriously and like you know what you’re doing, it’s bullshit. a lot of ppl have to buy thrifted clothes out of necessity but we can’t ever let it show that they’re thrifted in any sort of obvious way, much less have a little fun with it. 

had a dream last night that ended w me picking up a book of garfield comics (that i havent read or thought about in 10 years probably) right before i woke up and then earlier i went to a thrift store and there were pages from the exact same relatively obscure old garfield book like cleanly fallen out of the book laying out on a shelf really out of place but prominently in the first aisle i went down. @ god what does it mean 

GUYS i found the most perfect vintage levi’s mini skirt in a thrift store today, for only $8!!!!! PLEASE GO THRIFTING BEFORE YOU SPEND $100-$300 ON URBAN RENEWAL / REDONE OK PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF