'this ship sure felt like home'

Ships Lost at Sea

A short little piece of fluff of a moment between Betty and Jughead shared on a couch. 

This ship inspires a need to write fluff like never before, it’s too cute and completely uncharted territory for me to be writing something so fluffy.

She wasn’t sure what they were. When Veronica had asked her why he had comforted her in such an intimate way she didn’t know what to say. She told her the truth he had been comforting her and she had found comfort in the most unlikely of places. That he was helping her through what had been one of the most difficult times of her life. She hadn’t even told her that they had kissed.

The pair  found themselves on the couch of the Blue and Gold offices well after school had finished and they had continued to work on the school paper, while the case of Jason Blossom had dried up for the time being. With his head resting on her lap Betty found herself reminiscing about the little touches they shared. The way he would reach for her hand as he walked her home and how in turn she would hold  on to his arm or placing her hand on his cheek. They were such simple gestures, on the surface so insignificant and inconsequential but to her they meant everything.

She absent mindedly moved her finger tips across his forehead, brushing away the hair that had settled there as he continued to read out his latest article to her as she listened attentively.

She didn’t want to put a label on it, what was occurring between them. She felt as though they were two ships lost at sea who had found each other. They both had their own problems, both trying to survive being a teenager with their own separate challenges. Her with a mum who was protective to the degree of being psychotic and him with a dad who just couldn’t get it right. It was this that brought them together in addition to their need to find Jason Blossom’s killer. Maybe that was why they both had latched onto this case as an interest, it was something else to focus on rather than the homes that they came from and the perceptions of who they should be that they were trying so desperately to distance themselves from.

The others didn’t get it, Archie’s dad was supportive and kind, Veronica’s mum cared for her daughter in a way that Betty envied, and Kevin had his dad supporting him through his coming out and the towns reaction, he would protect his son through it all. But her and Jughead they knew what it was like when your parents didn’t quite measure up the way you hoped they would, they understood what it felt like to be disappointed by your parents again and again and needing a soft place to land. Maybe that was what they were to each other a soft place to land.

“Betts, are you listening?” The change in his voice broke her away from her thoughts and she realised that he had now finished and was looking at her expectedly for her response.

“Sorry Juggie I just drifted off.” She explained. Turning her head away from him.

“Somewhere nice?” He asked intrigued as to where her thoughts had taken her.

“Not really. Just thinking.”

“I assume about my mind altering article on why our school mascot is a mongoose. Thanks again for the plum assignment.” He stated sarcasm tingeing his voice.

“It’s been a slow news week.” She explained. “But you have done wonders with it.”

“Good.” He smiled up at her, moving aside the printed article to rest on his chest and closed his eyes, as she continued to play with his hair.

He still couldn’t believe this was happening. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones sharing an intimate moment. He had been afraid that once their friends had found about them that she would have distanced herself, that maybe this was a phase she was going through and while it was behind closed doors it was fine but outside in the real world where everyone could see that he wouldn’t be enough.

When he had been dragged away from school in the Sherrif Keller’s car he was sure that that would be the final nail in the coffin. The gorgeous golden girl Betty Cooper would not want to be associated with a suspected murderer. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks and a criminal record. But there she had been, holding his hands, reassuring him that she knew who he was she knew the real him and there was such trust in her eyes that he had felt safer just knowing that she was on his side. That if she was there he could make it through.

He found himself reaching for her constantly needing to feel her skin, her presence near him. It calmed him knowing that she was close.

They hadn’t talked about their relationship, he didn’t want to jinx it, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. He knew their friends were calling them ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ and they hadn’t corrected them.

“Can I?” Her voice broke into his thoughts and he noticed that she was motioning to his beanie. He nodded and she removed it, delicately placing it on the armrest of the couch. Her fingers returned to move through his hair, fingertips brushing against his scalp as he moaned his approval. She continued to massage his scalp delighting in the sounds he was making, knowing that she could bring him some peace. They stayed that way for a while her fingers moving across his scalp, directed at the areas that produced the greatest response. He felt like he was dreaming, completely at rest, safe in her arms.

“Betts,” He whispered to her even though they were the only two in the room.

“Yeah.” She whispered back

“We are going to stick together aren’t we? Through this even after we find out who killed Jason, if we do?” He kept his eyes closed not sure he could look straight into her eyes while he asked her. This was the most directly they had spoken about what was going on between them.

“I would like that Juggie.” He opened his eyes to find her smiling down at him, he could lose himself in those eyes. They felt like home. He shifted his body to move up and capture her lips with his. Before resting his head again in her lap, his arm moving to around her shoulders and closing his eyes. Safe and content he felt as though his ship had finally come into port.

Build A Boyfriend - Jongup

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“You are immature, childish, and care for no one but yourself! I don’t know how I’ve dealt with you for so long, your a wreak of a person. Good luck finding someone to deal with your crazy ass!” Your boyfriend screams as he shoved his suitcase into his truck.

“Please, Don’t leave me! I can change! Please just give me one more chance.” You begged him. Your face was covered in tears and running mascara. Your eyes burned from crying so much and it paired with a raw throat. 

You grabbed his arm but he yanked it away. He turned to you with a glare. “I’m going to stay with friends. I’ll be back in a week, Be gone when I get back, understand?”

“Y-yes. I do.”

“Good.” He said. He god in his car and slammed the door. He turned it on and sped away. You watched the truck disappear down the road and it only made you sob harder. He was your everything and you ruined it by just being you.

It’d been three days since your, now ex, boyfriend left to his friends house to escape from you. You called a friend of yours who was selling her home and made a deal with her and her soon to be husband. You were surprised they agreed on such short notice but you weren’t complaining.

You were going to be at at your ex’s for one more night to make sure you had everything you owned packed and ready to go. It sucked, but there was nothing you could do about it. He wouldn’t answer your texts or calls. It drove you insane knowing he looked at his phone but straight up ignored it as long as it came from your number.

You gave up and decided to text your friend instead to ask about the house a bit more. All you knew was it was a two bedroom, 2 and a half bath place with a decent sized kitchen. You didn’t understand why they would want to leave that place. It sounded like the perfect home for a soon to be married couple that planned on a baby. 


‘Hey (Y/n)! What’s up?’

‘You got everything out of the house right?’

‘Yes we did. There is one thing there but its a present for you.’

“Oh. You didn’t have to do that. But anyways I’ll be moving my stuff in tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure it was clear.’

‘It’s the least I could do for my long time friend.’

You changed out of your clothes into pajamas and crawled into the covers on your chair. It was the only furniture you owned in the house and the only thing you’d be taking to the new place besides a mattress. You felt your chest tighten when you tried to hold back the tears that tried to escape. You knew you would be crying yourself asleep again tonight.

You had all of your things packed into a moving truck. The man driving it was super nice and agreed to take you to the place since you didn’t have a car. He told you he’d help get everything out of the back but that’s the most he could do because he was scheduled to help out another person move. You thanked him for even doing that.

He brought you to the place and got some stuff out from the back into the yard. You were thankful it hadn’t rained the night before. You began moving everything in but stopped dead in your tracks when a boy stood in the center of your living room. He just stood smiling at you, not a creepy smile but a welcome home kind of smile, but given the circumstances it did creep you out a little bit.

“Uhm…Hello. Who are you?”

“Hello (Y/n), I’m glad you’re finally home. I’m Jongup, your boyfriend.”

You took a surprised step back and looked at him with confusion. He just kept smiling like what he said was normal. “Uh no. No you are not.”

“Let me explain it to you. I am Moon Jongup. I was made just for you to be your boyfriend. I have been told that a friend of yours was the one who did it instead of you.”

“Made for me? You kidding me right?”

“No. You can even call your..Friend it was? And ask them!” He was practically pleading you and it was kinda sad. You caved and called her.

“Yeah at first I thought it was a bunch of bull too but then he showed up and well… that.”

You hung up and looked at him in disbelief. He forced a smile at you and twirled his thumbs. You sighed and looked at the ground. “I’m sorry Jongup, I’m not ready for another boyfriend. I just got out of a relationship and need time. Please understand that.”

“I do, but I am not leaving. I will stay with you as a friend until you are ready. And when you are I will make sure you never get hurt again.”

You smiled at him and felt a tear go down your face. You could stop the river that came down your cheeks. You let out a surprised gasp when Jongup came up and hugged you. “It’s okay (Y/n), Don’t cry I’m here for you.”

You knew you weren’t ready but this assured you, that when you were, he was going to be exactly what you needed and wanted. You barley knew him and already he felt like home.

Turn Loose the Mermaids(Part 30)

AU belongs to Taulun

Well this chapter is somehow filer-ish and I don’t really like it but welp. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta and dealing with my shit

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Chat Noir came to the conclusion some things never change: Kim has always been an impulsive idiot, Nino gulps down at least two bottles of rum since the day they met, and Chloé still screamed louder than a banshee. At least this time, it was for a good reason. Afterall, it wasn’t everyday the most feared pirate of the Seven Seas bursted into your cabin.

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Of course I can! It’s been so long since I’ve written Siren!Marco. I hope you enjoy the story and I hope it came out good! Sorry it’s pretty short, it’s just a little drabble. Enjoy!

Marco poked his head up out of the water and grinned at the sailor. “I have a present for you!” Marco sang. Tom jumped at the edge of the boat and looked down at him with a big smile. Marco pulled himself up a little and handed Tom a shell. “Do you like it?” He asked. “I found it on a sandbar!” He grinned.

“I love it.” Tom smiled. “It’s very pretty.” He mused and ran into his den to put the shell up on display with all the other little treasured Marco had given him. Some were shells of different colors, some were coins, there were a few glass bottle, a bottle cap and more than many rocks. Tom went back out and smiled at the mermaid.

“Did you put it with the rest!?” Marco asked excitedly. Tom nodded. “How does it all look?” He asked. Tom grinned.

“Just as beautiful as who they came from.” He teased, bopping Marco on the nose. Marco blushed and pulled away a little bit. Tom tilted his head. “Why have you been giving me all these gifts lately?” He asked. Marco had been showing up often with his arms full of trash from the ocean. But sometimes it was a nice shell, but most of the time it was a coke can.

“I just thought…” Marco trailed off. “You could sell them.” He explained. Tom tilted his head confused and Marco sighed. “You… do you want to be a sailor forever?” Marco asked.

“Well… what else would I do?” Tom asked. “And why the sudden concern in my future?” Tom asked, grinning.

“Well… you always seem so tried.” Marco sighed. “It’s trying out here, it’s dangerous. I thought if you could sell some stuff you could… buy a house! And then get a job that wouldn’t have you chasing around everything all the time, and you could finally get some rest.” Marco told him. Tom walked down the three steps and sat on the side of the dck to be right next to Marco. He gave the siren a concerned look.

“Hey, why didn’t you tell me you were worried about me?” Tom asked. “You know I’m okay, right?” He asked. Marco shook his head.

“You’re sick, you don’t get enough food or sleep. You’re always running away from somebody. You trade illegal stuff, you could get killed by a cop or a client. I’m scared for you.” Marco cried. Tom cut him off with a tight hug.

“Hey! Hey now, come on Mar-Mar. It’s okay.” Tom soothed. Marco sniffled a little.

“I’ve lived in the ocean my whole life, I know how dangerous it can be. It’s no place for a human to live.” He explained.

“Marco, I can take care of myself, I promise.” He assured. “I have for years. I’m going to be just fine.” Tom promised. Marco nodded and wiped away some tears. Tom could tell that his words weren’t helping as much as they could. Marco had seen Tom get hurt, kidnapped and battered too many times. “Hey Marco… I’ll make you a deal.” Tom offered.

“What kind of deal?” Marco asked, confused. Tom laughed at the siren’s scrunched up face and gave him a soft kiss.

“I promise you, that if at any point I even just BEGIN to feel like this life is too dangerous… I’ll stop. And I’ll do my best to find a job on land, and get a home. Like all those boring land-people do.” Tom rolled his eyes and Marco smiled.

“Really?” Marco asked. “You’ll truly make sure to stay safe?” He asked. Tom nodded. “Even if that means giving up sailing, you’ll do what’s best for you?” Marco rephrased. Tom leaned down off the side of the ships and gave him a deep kiss.

“I swear Mar-Mar.” he whispered. Marco closed his eyes and smiled, letting Tom lift him out of the water a bit to hug him close. It felt wonderful to hear Tom promise to keep himself safe, all he wanted was his human to be safe.

But Tom was lying.

He could never give up this life and leave the sea. But theta had nothing to do with his job or boat or money.

He could never leave Marco.

Summary: JD succeeds in his plan to kill Heather McNamara, but Heather doesn’t want to move on just yet.

I’ve just been drowning in ideas for these two so lets start here

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JD hadn’t told Veronica about his next hit, but the opportunity was too perfect to pass up.

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Would u maybe be able to do an imagine for a human captor turned leader of a vehicon uprising after becoming friends with all of them by painting flowers and animals on them per their request? Maybe?

Holy shit Anon friend thank you for this I had a grand ‘ol time writing this prompt 

           Les Misèrables  was on your mind as you painted the swiped your paintbrush up, finishing the sharp petals of a bird of paradise. They adorned Steve’s helm like a crown, though he was no king. Nor did he have any desire to be one. No, the flowers signified liberty- freedom from their so-called Lord Megatron. You hummedDo You Hear the People Sing” as you smiled at the leader of the Vehicon uprising. Today was the day.

           Long ago- though it couldn’t have been long ago in a very literal sense, just in the sense that you’d forgotten what the sun felt like on your skin- you were stolen from your home and brought aboard this dark ship of metal giants. For what purpose you weren’t sure- you remembered the word leverage, but what power could an insignificant creature such as you have?

           As it turned out, quite a bit.

           The vehicons- who were as much prisoner as you were- flocked to you, and soon stole you away and hid you from the shark-toothed monster called Megatron. They were gentle with you, never left a single scratch or bruise. They listened to you about your affinity for the Victor Hugo’s writing, and one day even brought you worn copies of Les Misèrables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You read them to them in return.

           One day they asked you about your home. You’d described your garden to them; how each flower you lovingly planted had a meaning.

           You smiled as you remembered the Vehicons researching plant symbolism in their spare time. They’d chosen names for themselves to use in secret, rejecting the serial numbers they were given. The first act of rebellion.

           Which led to this. Today you were leaving- all of you. Today you would claim what had always been rightfully yours- freedom.

           “Where will we go?” you’d asked Steve, knowing there were few places where you wouldn’t be found. His visor glowed bright.

           “Anywhere we like,” he’d said, and that was that.

           Now it was finally happening. Steve placed you on top of his helm and stood up tall. From here you could see everyone one of the vehicons, decked out in floral patterns and poetry. Like a rainbow when the sun finally breaks through the clouds; a sign the storm was finally over. Thistle took the servo of his Conjux Endura, Hollyhock, and rubbed it soothingly. They were nervous. So were you.

           “Alright everybody,” Steve said, his voice shaking. “Here is where we take our stand. Today, freedom is ours. Today, we will bring down the Nemesis and- more importantly- we will bring down Megatron.

           “In the memory of our good friend Breakdown,” he continued. “No harm shall come to his Conjux Endura. Our objective is to land this ship and leave Megatron without and army, not to be the mindless killing machines we were always told we’re meant to be. Now, let’s move forward.”

           A mighty cheer rose from the crowd, and you started to hum again under your breath. Forward you went. 

           We will walk again in freedom in the garden of the Lord.

Right from the start~Hyuk (VIXX)

Requested By @exodarkwolf16


Hey love👋~ Sorry for making wait so long😖 After my laptop broke down and I lost everything I really couldn’t write it again, but now everything is better😄!…I hope this is what you wanted and that you will like it. If you don’t like something let me know I will fix it right away!! Thnks for requesting and feel free to request again whenever you want!! 💖

Pairing : Hyuk x reader 

Genre : Fluff, Bestfriend!Au

Warnings :None 

Words :1.233

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Even when we were at middle school he used to stick up for me. He’d say “Don’t talk to my wife like that!” It was funny. We weren’t even dating. But he was cute so why would I mind? Then in high school, we drifted apart, different schools and busy lives. I didn’t see him for another seven years, a lifetime when you’re at that age. It’s unbelievable that we bumped into each other like that, in an empty Café.

 He changed so much, I changed so much but still, after all this time I can’t see him as a stranger. It feels like we were together just yesterday, messing around with our friends, pulling pranks at our teachers and getting detention together. But that’s just an illusion. We actually have changed so much during these past years. He’s an idol now and I’m just a college student. We got our orders and sat in the corner of the shop, next to the heater. After staring at each for a long time, he started talking again.  

You know, when I was twelve, I used to imagine that we actually were married and I even named our two kids and we even had a dog.” He said while laughing, remembering his childish imaginations.”That’s a weird fantasy,“ I said while laughing softly. He smiled like a kid and sipped his coffee. ”So how have you been?“ he asked while trying to eat the whipped cream with his straw. I guess that some things never change. 

We used to have competitions about who will finish eating the whipped cream with a straw first. “Nothing much really, studying to get my degree in sociology. I am sure you have a more interesting story, I mean you’re an Idol!” He let out a small snort, not agreeing with me “If by more interesting story you mean endless hours of training and never having time to see my family or friends, you got it! “ 

Come on now! It can’t always be that bad!” “Yeah, it’s not..I mean I love our fans and the feeling I get when I am on stage and when I get to meet them at fan meets.  It’s amazing!” His eyes were shining. He was happy.

What about your band mates?” “The guys are really awesome. We fit very well, even Taekwoon, who is very shy and quite. You will absolutely love them!” I smiled at him, I never really realized how much I missed him till now, but now things are different, more complicated. “They are actually going to be here in a while, so you can meet them! “ His smile was so bright, and his eyes had the same warm brown color that I remembered. “That’d be great! I would love to meet them!” I really wanted to. Maybe If I get to meet them, I won’t lose him again.

 We sat there for a while, just talking about the past. We had so many memories together, so many promises that we both forgot about. I hope things will be different this time.  The door opened and Hyuk stand up immediately “We’re here!” I could feel a lump forming into my throat, it’s not like I get to meet kpop idols every day!

 Hyuk grinned like a kid and hugged each one of them. “Guys! This is Y/N. We grew up together. She was my best friend!” Was…I was his best friend. What’s wrong with me today? Why does it bother me so much? “Hey. It’s nice to meet you.” All of them smiled softly and introduced themselves. Hyuk was right, they are very open, and they instantly make you feel comfortable.

We didn’t even realize how quickly time passed. We were having the time of our lives. They shared stories about their practices and the concerts.  I told them about our younger years with Sanghyuk. It was great!

For the past hour though Hyuk hasn’t talked a lot. He only listens and stares at floor. “He is jealous!” Hongbin, who was sitting next to me, whispered “Huh?” Hongbin smiled softly and turned the other way to talk to Wonshik. Jealous? Why would he be jealous? I could see him staring at me when I was talking with the guys and I could feel my heart beating faster.

I will take Y/N home and then I will come to hotel ok?” That was definitely strange. Old Hyuk would never do that, he would whine and refuse to do it. ”We came with the car, we can drive Y/N home and then go back together there is no reason for you to wa-Hey!” “Have fun walking home!!” Jaehwan along with the other grabbed Hakyeon and left us.

Come on, it’s late.”

Hyuk’s POV 

She was beautiful. It has been so long since the last time we met. She didn’t change so much, she still has that soft smile and warm eyes. I can remember myself always admiring her from afar, but never being enough brave to let her know. Middle school was fun; I mean we were still kids and have fun. Things change later on, High school drifted us apart, I got accepted into Jellyfish Ent. And we completely lost contact. 

I do regret that we didn’t keep contact, it was mostly my fault, but I can fix it now! I just have to make sure that Hakyeon and Hongbin will stay away. “You are turning green!” Jaehwan had jokingly whispered when she was talking to Hongbin. I was not; I just didn’t like all that skin ship. When Hakyeon offered to drive her home, I really wanted to kick him, I just wanted to spent a little more alone time with her.

All the way towards her house we were talking about our future. It was nice to have someone so close tome and to be able to talk about anything. We hadn’t met in seven years and I felt like it hadn’t even been a day. I knew she was special, but I never realized how much.

“We are here. Thanks for bringing me home.” That soft smile appeared again. It was a magical moment, like the one we see in films, where the guy kisses the girl under the moonlight, but this was not a movie and I definitely was not that brave to do that. 

No problem. It was nice to see you again.” I really didn’t want to leave but I had to. The only thing I could do now was ask for a phone number in order to keep in touch. I wasn’t going to do the same mistake twice. I promise I won’t forget this time… “Goodnight Hyuk” “Goodnight” I could swear at that moment that her eyes were shining, she looked beautiful and this time I wasn’t going to let her go… We have time to fill all the empty space.

I love her…


Hongbin’s POV

“Okay, so why couldn’t we drive Y/N home?” This was the 100th time that he asked…How could someone be so naïve? I could see it in his eyes every time she turned to talk to me. He didn’t like it. I didn’t like their close proximity either but her heart was already his. Nothing could be done.That night, Hyuk came home happier than he has ever been. She was special and I couldn’t do anything…


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Gallagher Girls Classified Week: DAY 2 // Favorite ship

Cammie & Zach

“Sometime years before, I had dragged an old bean bag chair to that place. I watched Zach sink onto it, and then he pulled me down to lean against him. I felt his arms go around me, holding me tight.
I was safe.
I was warm.
I was home.”

Sooooo Saturday I freaked the fuck out and was ridiculous and just could not get a grip on my anxiety. I haven’t ever felt anxiety this acutely or consistently before, and it is really throwing me for a loop. Most of Sunday I was convinced I was a horrible person and disappointing everyone, but the Windhand show really leveled me out and has me feeling human again.

Windhand was the last band whose music I played for Wil, their patch was on the sail of the miniature Viking ship at Wil’s funeral. Dorthia even dedicated a show to Wil’s memory in 2014. So I wasn’t sure how my emotions would fare last night, but it wound up feeling like Home and Family. Dorthia squeezed into a photobooth with me and our friends, she bought us a shot of fireball, we hung out in between every set and after the show she snagged us some merch and Ryan and Garrett (drummer and guitarist) also came out to say hello, which I was really touched by.

Another concert goer, Lindsay, had been at the last Windhand show Wil and I had been to together, and she sought me out to say hello, share some memories, and buy me a drink.

I got to see so many dear friends, and spread so much love - it was just what my soul needed.

The Little One

A/N: I used this title because it sounds like the Lucky One and I hate chick flicks so I’m pretty much making fun of it and I think I’m hilarious. Hahaha sorry it took so long for this to get done, I’ve been having writers block, and I’ve been kind of busy doing my own things, but I’m excited to start the next one!

Prompt: the reader is really short and the team likes to tease her for it, but they aren’t expecting her to save the day.

You groaned as you stood on your tiptoes, reaching for your coffee mix. You jumped, wiggled your fingers, stretched as far as you could, but you still couldn’t reach. You saw a hand reach over your hand and grab it effortlessly. You sighed, lowering yourself and looked up at Pietro.

“C'mon, Y/N, it wasn’t even the top shelf,” he mocked, laughing to himself.

You groaned again, reaching for the coffee. Pietro raised his hand up above his head. “Hey, asshat, give me my damn coffee,” you snapped, tiredly. “I need to be awake for our mission, today!”

Pietro chuckled and lowered it, but it was still out of your reach. “I’ll make it for you. Go get dressed into your suit.”

You nodded, thanking him, and ran out of the room. You skidded down the hallway, almost running into Steve. He didn’t notice you at first, his eyes were focused straight ahead, which was annoyingly above your head. “Sorry, Steve,” you chuckled.

He looked down at you, smiling at how short you were. He poked your nose, ruffled your hair and laughed. “It’s fine, Y/N!”

You rolled your eyes at his antics and walked around him. Once you arrived in your room, you began looking for your suit. When you found it, you slipped it on, attaching your armor and slipping your guns to your waist. You pulled your hair into a ponytail and walked out of the room. Slipping around the rest of the team, easily, and secretively, you made it into the kitchen.

“Y/N,” Pietro spoke, a smile on his face. He handed you a to-go cup and a napkin. “Here is your coffee, just the way you like it!”

“Thanks, Piet! When are we leaving?”

Steve entered the room, holding his belt. “Now. We’re infiltrating a HYDRA base in the outskirts of Russia. Let’s go.”

You nodded, seriously and saluted, jokingly. “Right behind you, Cap!”

When you made it to the base, Steve, Tony, and Thor rushed out, ahead. They were the first group to go, the next was you, Wanda, and Pietro.

You snuck behind a group of fighters and began to channel your powers. You could feel the energy swirl up your arms. Reaching closer to the group, you shot them with an energy ball. They were knocked out cold and you moved further into the camp.

After knocking out numerous groups of HYDRA soldiers, you continued pushing closer to the base. “Come in, someone come help Pietro and I,” Wanda’s calm voice echoed through your mind. “I am injured and we are cornered. We’re about a quarter mile away from the base.”

You started sprinting towards the location Wanda gave you. When you made it, you easily knocked out the soldiers, without using your powers. You turned to Wanda, breathlessly, assessing her injury.

“Is it bleeding?” She asked, quietly.

You nodded, slightly, took a deep breath and channeled a healing power towards your fingers. Your fingers hovered over the bullet wound. Slowly, the blood dried and stopped seeping out of the wound. Your eyelids grew heavy as you fully healed her. “There, you should be good,” you sighed.

“Y/N,” Pietro spoke, awed. Wanda’s face mimicked his. “Are you alright? How did you do that?”

Your eyes flew open, realizing that the twins didn’t know about your powers. “I was born mutated, I have a whole set of powers. I can shoot energy balls like Wanda, make shields, force fields, I can heal, if I work hard enough, I can have super strength and speed, but that takes too much energy.”

Pietro’s mouth fell open. “Wow.”

“Y/N, this is Steve. I need your help. I’m inside the base.”

You told the twins you needed to leave and ran. Dodging Thor’s swing-which was irritatingly over your head- you sprinted further inside the base. You pushed open the doors and took in the surroundings.

“What are you doing here,” an accented voice spat from the side of the lab. Without stopping, or looking you shot an energy bolt at them.

“Kicking your ass,” you muttered.

“Y/N, over here!”

You jogged over to Steve and saw him at a computer. Laughing to yourself, you pushed him, gently out of the way and began copying the data to a flash drive. “You’re so old. Don’t even try to work this, Steve,” you laughed.

Steve chuckled, nodding. “Yeah, I shouldn’t.”

Before you could reply, a swarm of soldiers ran in. You slipped behind Steve, fully hidden by his large frame, and began working your way around to the crowd. You started shooting energy beams and fighting with your hands. As you kept fighting, you shouted to Steve, “Watch the computer, I got this!” You flipped around the group, using your energy balls to help you, and knocked out the group.

Once you finished, you breathlessly walked over to Steve. “How’s the computer?”

Steve turned to you, shocked, and looked at the mass of knocked out guards. “Damn,” he muttered. “Uh, it looks like it’s done.”

You nodded, punched his arm, lightly and unplugged the flash drive. “Looks like we can go home, Cap.”

Steve watched, awed as you walked back to the ship. “What a woman,” he sighed.

On the quinjet, you sat beside Natasha, sighing as you felt your bones grow heavy. “I’m so tired,” you whispered.

“Well, I’m sure if you lay down, you’ll only take up two seats,” Nat spoke, a smile playing on her lips.

“Stop,” you laughed. “I’m not that short!”

Bruce chuckled from where he sat. “I’m taller than you, Y/N. That’s saying something.”

You rolled your eyes. “Shut up,” you groaned, spreading out on the seats.

“Hey, Y/N, how big on you do you think my suit would be?” Tony yelled across the room, laughing hysterically.

Pietro stood next to Steve, hands on his hips. “Damn, she’s pretty wicked,” he muttered to Steve. “I’ve never wanted to kiss someone that much.”

Steve laughed. “She’s really…something,” he sighed.

They watched as you tried to get comfortable on the chairs. You laughed along with everyone’s light-hearted joking. “Do you think she’d murder us if we told her she looks really sexy in that outfit,” Pietro murmured.

Steve laughed and turned another way. “I think all three of the girls would murder us.”

Pietro chuckled, already hearing Wanda’s angry thoughts after reading his. “Yeah, they would.”

lajulie24  asked:

I loved your Running Hot stories about Greer Sonnel. What made you decide to write about her, and is there any chance we'll see her in a future fic?

Basically I decided that I loved Greer from the first moment because I felt like she was the kid who I wished Han and Leia had. She’s into ships and flying, she’s a racer in her gut, she’s tough as nails (read: tough as Leia) and able to understand and master a career in politics. She’s everything Ben Solo should have been and I wanted to spend some time with her and to give Han and Leia some time with her.

You will surely see her again in the things I write because I love writing Racer!Han and older, chill, married Solos. I have a story cooking about Ben being home for a visit after Greer starts working for Leia and Han visiting at the same time – Greer and Ben meet, Ben’s issues get out of whack, and Greer isn’t having it. The story may or may not ever get written, but there are definitely scenes in my brain already.

The Hunter and the Pirate 2

An OUAT/Supernatural Imagine

Summary: The reader is Captain Hook’s sister (OUAT), and one day the Winchesters show up in Storybrooke.

Reader Gender: Female

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1557

Warnings: Fluff, maybe some violence, Hook being an overprotective big brother, some flirting

A/N: So, here’s part 2. I hope that, since so many of you seemed to like the first part, that this part doesn’t disappoint. Let me know what y’all think (yes I said y’all, I am from the South). Don’t be afraid to send in any questions you may have. Love y’all! ;)

Read Part 1 here


When you got back to Mary Margaret’s house, both Winchesters looked at you expectantly. You looked around at everyone, Mary Margaret, David, Killian, Henry, Regina, and Robin Hood, took a deep breath, and told them everything. 

The others interjected every so often. After you had explained everything, well almost everything, both boys looked at you shocked. 

“So, let me get this straight,” Sam said. “All of you, except Henry, are fairy tale characters who were brought here by a curse, and now your daughter,” He pointed at Mary Margaret and David, “is something called the Dark One.”

“Which means that she is the most powerful sorceress in the world,” Dean finished.

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Imagine: Anakin kissing you in the heat of the moment

For anon… Enjoy <3

“How long will you be gone again?” Anakin asked you for the third time that day. He was wringing his hands nervously as you made your way over to the ship that would take you to Sullust. On the barren, obsidian world was the looming threat of the evil empire, which grew larger everyday. You and three other Jedi were being sent there to gather as much information as you can and possibly even delay the Empire’s plans. You were leaving in a matter of minutes. 

“Anakin, I won’t be gone forever. Maybe a few weeks at most. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” You reassured him, touching his arm awkwardly. He looked at you, something swimming in his eyes that you couldn’t place. The young Jedi gave you a quick smile and backed away, his eyes not leaving your face. 

“Take care of yourself.” He said quietly. It sounded like more of an order to you.

You waved to him before boarding the ship, the three other Jedi followed close behind you. There was pain on Anakin’s face. He waved back to you, ripping his eyes from you and staring at his feet. 

He had never acted this way around you. Usually, Anakin was jokingly running up behind you to scare you or he would make faces at Obi Wan Kenobi behind his back. You had never seen him this serious or upset. It worried you. 

As your space ship blasted off towards the atmosphere, you watched as Anakin stood on the landing platform, his head craning back to watch as you left. 

You jerked awake as your ship hit solid ground. Unsteadily, you got to your feet, a sudden pang of nausea making your stomach convulse. You doubled over, willing yourself not to vomit. As you did so, the pain in your left calf burned where a Sullustan had shot you. You yelped, which caused your Jedi companion to look back at you from the captain’s chair. The other two were still asleep.

“You alright, Y/N?” He asked. You noticed the dark bags under his eyes and the dying light in his eyes. 

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Are we home?” You replied hastily, limping over to a small window. 

“We are. I had almost forgotten what Coruscant looked like.” The Jedi said, heaving himself out of his chair. 

You smirked. 

“Now, don’t be ridiculous. We’ve only been gone a month.” 

The Jedi shook his head. 

“It felt like a lifetime. I’m going to go wake the others. You can go get a head start outside. I’m sure there’s people already waiting for us.” 

You nodded to him before he disappeared to the sleeping quarters of the ship, opening the ship’s blaster door as he did so. 

You blinked as bright light poured in to the ship, causing your eyes to snap shut. Fresh air wafted to your nose. It smelled heavenly. 

You made your way outside slowly, your calf only enabling you to take one small step at a time. 

As soon as you touched solid ground, you heard a pair of footsteps running up to you. 

You looked up just in time to see Anakin barreling towards you, his dark Jedi robes billowing out wildly behind him. 

“Anakin-” You started but you were quickly cut off as he enveloped you in to a tight hug, his hands stroking the back of your head. His arms were around your middle and he lifted you off the ground, spinning in circles. 

The young Jedi planted you back on the ground again, a wide beam spread across his face. 

“Thank god you’re okay.” He panted, his hand on your arm. You smiled back at him. 

“That was quite a greeting, Ani.” You replied, smirking at him. 

Anakin didn’t even seem embarrassed by your comment, to your surprise. Instead, he leaned forward and kissed you. 

It was a soft, light kiss. His nose brushed past yours and his head was turned to the side. His hand slowly found it’s way to your face and he held it as his lips met your mouth. You melted in to him, your eyes fluttering shut. Anakin smiled slightly and pulled away, almost reluctantly. His forehead rested against yours, his hand still holding your face. 

“How was that for a greeting?” He whispered.

loved you once or was it twice | newt scamander

prompt: Oh my god Hollow was absolutely perfect! I’m the anon that requested it and my heart broke and it was pretty much the way I imagined it. Thank you so much. You did a beautiful job. Do you think you could do a Muggle!Reader and Newt and she/he has to get obliviated and Newt’s teary-eyed and stuff? (Maybe this time have them kiss? I need something like that after your amazingly heart-breaking Hollow story.)

theme: angst

warnings: idk newt tears dudes

author note: LOL have fun

Originally posted by newdscamander

He knew that this was coming; since the day he met you; he knew that you being American would lead to him being washed from your memory. Now, you’d known him for a little less than a year and the friendship was strong and you enjoyed being together but when you admitted you were going home he was shocked. But, he was going to New York anyway so he decided to just accompany you to New York. It was like a clock in the back of his head, knowing you were going back to America meant your time was running out with him. Not that you knew that, no, you just assumed he was being a bit different than usual because of the romantic tension that was slowly building.

From the moment you stepped off of the boat he had been very off. Although he wasn’t one for eye contact, he suddenly stopped making any an effort to do so all together. He was a bit shaky and he stutter much more than normal. Most of the time, he seemed to be on the verge of crying but he insisted he was just fine. Anyone could tell he wasn’t but you couldn’t bring yourself to push him.

Everything started clicking when you met Tina who was, in the very least, bewildered you knew about magic. As if it were some crime. Which, you knew wasn’t completely true in The United Kingdom as witches and wizards often married muggles, as Newt liked to put it.

It wasn’t until you stood with Queenie and Jacob in the half destroyed subway did you realize that your time for Newt was coming to an end. Since, as an American, you were staying and going home you’d have to be Obliviated. And suddenly, your world came tumbling down around you. You were about to forget everything and everyone that were involved with magic. As agitating and heartbreaking as it was, you couldn’t do anything about it.

You were shocked, and depressive, and over-all angry that Newt didn’t tell you that coming home with him meant this. If you would have known you would have simply written your family that there was no one you could come and live in America again. That England was far too nice but possibly you could come back for the Holidays. He didn’t even give you that–but you couldn’t stay mad at him. He knew you wanted to come back and he wasn’t going to take that from you.

“Oh honey, it’ll be okay.” Queenie mumbled to you, though, she knew you were hurting. Having known Newt this long and suddenly have to forget him as if he never mattered to you. It hurt you, deeply, and she could see it.

Nodding softly you looked over to Newt who looked to be trying to strike a deal with the President of the MACUSA. Everyone knew that he had no chance of your memory not getting destroyed as you were an American Citizen and legally under her jurisdiction. He turned to you, the look of utter defeat clung to him like a child.

“I’m going to do it myself, since this is ultimately my own fault.” He whispered to you, his voice cracking a bit, “And I honestly don’t want to.”

You smiled and touched his cheek softly, “I know, it’s okay. Just promise me, Newt, promise me that you’ll never forget me?”

Wand in hand and tears finally falling he gave you the best smile he could and whispered that he couldn’t. Never in his life could he forget you. Then, in what seemed all too vivid, he leaned and kissed you. It lasted no longer than a few seconds and you could have swore he mumbled an I love you against your lips.

As soon as he had been there he was gone and so was everyone else. It was only you in the subway with a strange sense of Déjà Vu and a mission to head back home. Though, you still wondered why you were down there or why you had the feeling you were just crying.

Newt watched you leave and then made sure you made it to your family home before heading back to the ship. He noticed that certain things hadn’t changed and for moments it seemed that you recalled everything.

When you would suddenly stop and look around you and his name would be on your lips but never past your teeth. He knew you remembered for a moment, but only that long.

It was a little over a year later when the two of you bumped into each other. He was just checking on you and you both collided. And for what felt like a million years, your eyes lit up and you knew him and you smiled and went to hug him, but it was gone. Just that fast. “I’m sorry but I feel like we’ve met.“

He shook his head and pushed past you, “I may have loved you once or twice,” he mumbled to you but you couldn’t be sure.

Fic: The Scanner

This is the next installment in my Anakin survives ROTJ AU, originally meant to be a oneshot for anghraine and now apparently a monster AU ‘verse. It follows The Guiding Winds and Nature Nurture Heaven and Home.

I’m blaming this mostly on grand-duc, who has encouraged me with talk of Uncle Iroh!Anakin. I’m still gonna write that fic, but first I have to get Anakin to that point.

Also, for everyone who was wondering what mysterious device Anakin was working on in Nature Nurture Heaven and Home, here’s your answer.

The Scanner

Luke didn’t think his father had actually slept for the last three days at least, though it was sometimes hard to tell with him. He had an uncanny knack for sleeping with his eyes open.

They’d been on Tatooine for nearly five weeks now, but they were still living in the shuttle. Kitster Banai (his uncle, Luke thought, and it was no less astonishing now than it had been when they’d met four weeks ago) had of course offered his family’s hospitality, but Anakin could only sleep inside his hyperbaric medical chamber, and they certainly didn’t have the resources to construct one in Kitster’s home.

So they’d stayed on the ship. Anakin shrugged it off. “I’ve spent most of my life on ships,” he said, and the rest remained unspoken. But Luke thought he understood it all the same. I’m not sure I’d know how to live in a home, his father didn’t say.

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Save us (Part 2)

Part 1 Part 3

Cassian x Fem Character

Summary: Fem Character and Cassian are on a mission and things don’t go as planned.

Warnings: torture

Word count: 726

She had lost all track of time. She also had lost a lot of blood. At first she had tried to feed Bast false information, hoping he would believe it and lessen the pain. It didn’t happen. He had managed to read through all her bullshit and she payed for it. And so she started sharing unimportant or old information. Little tidbits that wouldn’t hurt the rebellion. She told herself she could stand strong, however with every question was closer to breaking. Maybe he’d be satisfied with what she was giving him.. Maybe they’ll kill her soon. 

They didn’t. They broke her body so many times and they were close to breaking her mind. Bast was feeling comfortable, constantly talking to her about his plans for her. There was no way to get away, the walls were closing in on her. She either stayed quiet, or rambled without stop. All she felt was fire. She didn’t feel individual parts of her body. She didn’t feel her broken leg, cut hip or fractured breastbone. It all blended into a burning pain. She just wanted to die. 

She passed out from the loss of blood and Bast took a break.

Cassian was scared. He had overheard that she was in room 731B, that she was still alive, but the way the troopers had talked about her suggested that soon it would be too late to save her. Maybe it already was. The plan was simple. Kill the troopers guarding her and get out. K2 and Cassian agreed that the captain would be the one to carry her, since K2 would struggle with being gentle and might end up hurting her even more. 

They were lucky, it seemed that the station hit a lull and the general that was interrogating her left to get a break. The room was guarded with but a couple troopers. 

“Let’s go!” Cassian whispered. K2 walked in. The troopers immediately aimed their blasters at him.

“The general say I’m to take the prisoner to room 2107.”

“Identify yourself! What is your number?” K2 sighed. 

“Every time. Lying isn’t my strong side.” He quickly knocked down the troopers. Cassian ran in. “We have 2 minutes before they realise she’s gone.”

Cassian felt his heart drop when he saw her. She was… hurt. He couldn’t even estimate the damages done to her. Her limbs where hanging in unnatural angles and she was covered in blood. The little skin he saw was blue and purple and he was sure those were burns he saw on her arms. He stood still, eyes wide, staring at her, not being able to move. K2 pushed him forward, bringing him out of the trance. The droid rushed forward, and started to work on her restraints. She was bound to a metal chair by metal clasps on her legs and arms. There was a click and she fell onto the ground, sprawled. Cassian’s heart ached for her but he had to concentrate on getting her home. 

He lifted her up without much difficulty (thanking the Rebellion for making sure he was fit) and nodded to K2. They rushed out and ran towards the ship. He felt how broken her body was and just held her tighter as they raced through the station. Her eyes opened slightly and she muttered something that sounded like his name. His heart panged and he shushed her soothingly, letting her know he was there. That he’d always be there.

They managed to get to the ship unseen. No sooner had they reached it than the alarms went off. Cassian lay her on the bed, strapping her so she wouldn’t roll off as K2 started the ship. Thankfully, they managed to launch without further difficulty and soon were on their way to Yavin IV.

His eyes watered as he held her hand. He had bandaged her up as much as he could so she wouldn’t lose anymore blood, but now that he had nothing to occupy him, he could only sit there thinking about how just mere hours ago they’ve been laughing together. How she’d been okay and next to him. He lay his head on hers and breathed in raggedly.

“I’m so, so sorry.” He stroked her knuckles with his thumb, desperately needing contact. “You’ll be okay, everything will be okay, we’ll be okay.” He whispered brokenly.

Part 3

Guess who? - Brett Talbot

“I need to show you something. It might change how you feel about me, but know that I still love you.”

“Hey, nothing would make me change the way I feel for you.”

He smiled and stepped back. He took a deep breath and his face began to change. His ears elongated and his face got hairier. He lifted the corners of his mouth and you saw his fangs. His eyes changed from their beautiful blue that you looked into with love and admiration to a fluorescent yellow.

“I’m a werewolf.”

“Stay away from me you freak!” You screamed

“Y/N please,” He stepped closer to you.

“Stay away” you cried, backing away.

“It’s still me its still Brett.”

“No! You’re a monster! Do not come near me ever again.” 

You turned and ran, hearing Brett call after you. You didn’t stop until you got home.

“We need to leave. we need to leave now.” You explained hysterically to your parents. 

“What? You’re not making sense.”

“We just need to leave.”

“Explain what-”

“No, we need to get out of this town. People here are monsters.”

They kept asking you what was wrong but you ignored them, shoving all of your things into different bags. You finally managed to convince them that Beacon Hills want safe and they booked you a flight out of Beacon Hills for the next morning and you went to your grandmother’s house. 

Your life in Canada was great. You were living with your grandma for a year until your parents decided to join you. You were away from the supernatural and you fit in very well in school. Your life was great and it made you forget about the horrors you had seen in Beacon Hills.

A few years later you were walking home from your friends house. It had got really late and you didn’t have enough money for a cab so you had to walk home. You stayed to main roads but for some reason they seemed as deserted as the back roads. Your anxiety began to bubble and you patted your pockets to call your one of your parents to pick you up. From out of nowhere you were knocked to the floor. A man circled you. He looked familiar.

The man lunged at you. He pulled your wrist to his mouth and bit down. 

“It is a gift, not a curse” were the last few words you heard before you woke up in the hospital. 

“It’s amazing how she has recovered from this. Her head wounds were extensive, but they’ve seemed to have healed over night.” You overheard. 

“But she’s okay right?” Your mothers worried voice asked.

“Yes, we want to keep checking up on her with fortnightly appointments.”

You stopped listening into the conversation and looked at your wrist. There was no trace of a bite at all.

Your parents signed a few more forms and you were fine to go home. The car ride home was pretty silent. You didn’t take much notice of it until you got home and your parents asked you to come downstairs.

“Y/N, we need to have a conversation.”

You sat on the sofa opposite them.

“Why? Why now?”your mum asked.

You were confused.

“What are you talking about?”

“We noticed you’ve been going out more”

“With glasses of champagne on the dance floor?”

“She’s drinking too!” she exclaimed

“What are you guys talking about?”

“The drugs Y/N. The drugs!” You dad exploded.

You laughed.

“You think I’m on drugs?” you said still laughing.

“You were passed out in the middle of the road with a blood soaked wrist. The doctor said you lost 2 and a half pints of blood through it. and now here we are less than 24 hours after that and you’re fine. How else do you explain it?”

“I’m a fast healer.”

They kept going on and on at you about your ‘miraculous recovery’ 

“Just drop it okay!” You yelled walking out of the room. 

“We’re going to lose our baby girl” Your mum said to your dad, her voice breaking.

That was the first time you realised something was different. You managed to hear into the conversation from the doctors office and now you heard your mum from downstairs.

It was a few weeks later and you were out again. out at night, only it wasn’t quiet, rather it was a busy night with you and your friends. One of your friends had stolen a bottle of vodka from her parents and was sharing it between your friends. 

“You should take a sip Y/N”

You showed her your car keys and made them jingle.

“Ugh I forgot. I’m going to crash at yours so my parents don’t find out.”

After the whole drug thing your parents decided to go and pitch some new business idea abroad, they said the didn’t know how long they would be away for.

A car drove by playing a beyonce song and that was when your friend decided to put on a little show for you. She sang, horribly, and danced in the middle of the pavement. You were all laughing and snapchatting until she was off the pavement and in the middle of the road, in front of on coming traffic.

You yelled her name and ran into the road, pushing her out of the way and waiting for the impact. Luckily the person driving had stopped and you weren’t hit. The near death experience sobered her up a little. 

“Y/N, your eyes. Why are they red?”

You blinked a few times and shrugged it off. Everyone agreed it would be best if you ended your night, once you got home you locked your self in the bathroom and tried to get your red eyes back. You kept trying and trying but they weren’t coming. You got so angry you threw a bottle of perfume to the floor and watched it shatter and that was when you saw the claws. Great long pointy talons, slowly you approached the mirror and you saw your bright red eyes. Your face had turned a little wolfish. You had seen this change before, Brett.

While you were clearing away he shattered glass you came to the decision that you needed to go back to Beacon Hills, there were people there who could help you. 

A few weeks later you approached your parents with the idea of returning to Beacon Hills.

“I thought you needed to get away from them?”

“Well, I think I may be like them.”

“You mean you might be a-”

“That was why I was healed fully after the whole incident. The man who attacked me turned me.”

“And you want to move back there because?”

“I want to get help from  them.”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to go back there when you cant control yourself honey”

“But that’s the point, I’ll learn how to control myself.”

Your parent’s kept quiet.

“There’s always the people argent-”your dad said.

“No way”

“What people?” You asked.

“Your mother-”

“Y/D/N no-”

“No, let him speak.”

“We spoke to a man, Chris Argent, while we were getting settled. You kept going on about these monsters in your sleep and we wanted to know what you saw so we found a few people from Beacon Hills online. He told us about the wolves and gave us a list of wolves residing in our part of town so we knew who to avoid. You can go to them and if you still want to go back to Beacon Hills we can go back.” Your dad told you.

“But you need to understand that you can’t keep changing your mind every few years. This move to Beacon Hills will be permanent whether you like it or not, is that understood?” Your mum said, sternly.

You nodded. A few days later your parents took you to a family of wolves. A mother father and two sons, all of them werewolves. You stayed with them for an entire month. While you were there they taught you how to shift on command, how to use your enhanced abilities and even how to stop the shift on a full moon. the entire time you were there all you could think about was how you left Brett. You needed to see him, to apologise. He had been your best friend but you two ended up falling for each other even though you were only fourteen.

You packed all of your things up, sold the house and said goodbye to your friends and grandma all within a week of you finishing your ‘training’. Your parent’s never sold the house in Beacon Hills, they said that there were too many memories there plus it would make for a good holiday home in case you ever went back to visit. 

As soon as you landed in Beacon Hills you felt like you were home. Sure Canada was great, but Beacon hills was where you grew up. 

Most of your things were getting shipped over, you only had necessities packed. Before you got to your house your parents decided it would be a good idea to get food and cleaning supplies first so that it would make cleaning a whole lot easier. While you were taking in the groceries you used your super hearing to listen in on your neighbours.

“So, what’s going on with the neighbours?” she asked

“Well, the Greenberg’s either have a new child or their son got a girl pregnant. but it think its the first option. The Walsh’s are the same as before but they’ll be out of town this weekend so their daughter is throwing a party. and I think the Lewis’ have moved out since I can’t hear anything”

“Our first weekend back and we’re on noise patrol”

Your dad came into the kitchen and gave your mum a stack of forms.

“You need to sign these and I’ll drop them off tomorrow while I go and see Argent.”

“What are they?” You asked.

“Admission forms for Beacon Hills High School”


“We didn’t think you wanted to go back to Devenford.”

“Not it’s just that why do I have to go to school?”

“Because it’s called keeping up appearances.”


Your dad shoved cleaning supplies into your arms.

“You have a bedroom that needs cleaning”

You rolled your eyes but decided it would be a good time to clean up. Your room was a mess. Your drawers were all over the floor, the cork board that had pictures you and Brett took was on the floor and the pictures were ripped up. You picked up the pictures that were still in decent condition and put them in your bag. You vacuumed the floor, wiped down the walls, cleaned the windows and cleaned your bathroom. Four hours later you were exhausted and hungry. Your parents asked you to go and get some food and you got the idea of printing out some mementos from your time in Canada. You hooked up your phone to your laptop and copied some selfies you took with friends onto a USB. There was a printer you remembered was near an Italian restaurant so you would take the photos to her while you got the food. 

You queued up at the restaurant behind some really annoying teenagers making out, the guy who had brown eyes stepped away from his girlfriend who looked like she was Japanese. He stared at you before the guy at the till asked him to give his order. They finally left and you went to give your order.

“No way! Y/N Y/L/N?”

You looked at him blankly.

“It’s me Dillon? We used to sit next to each other in like every single class before you left”

“Oh hey”

“Wow, that so weird. anyway what would you like?”

You gave him your order and paid for the food, twenty minutes later you left with two large pizzas, some pasta for your mum and ravioli for yourself. The woman at the printers only charged you $20 for the pictures and you returned home. 

You took all of your food into your room and ate it while laying the pictures onto the cork board nicely. You left the pictures of Brett up too, it was a way of putting two parts of your life together, even if they didn’t end the way you wanted. But leaving Brett meant that you would meet some of the most amazing group of friends and leaving them meant that you would be able to finally apologise to Brett.

The next Monday was your first day of school. Ever since you had mastered your werewolf abilities you were a lot more confident, you wore black all the time with fierce eye liner and red lipstick. Your dad sorted his car that was left in Beacon Hills and let you use it to drive to and from school. Armed with tinted windows and a beautiful stereo system you drove to school. 

Going to a new school was always a scary thought, there were people you didn’t know and you were always going to be an outsider until you fit into a clique, maybe they had a supernatural clique you could join.

You made it out as if you were this amazingly confident person so you walked into the school witch your head held high chewing a piece of gum. You went to  the office and got your locker number and code, a map of the school and your timetable. You had chemistry with a Mr. Harris. The bell rang and you followed a bunch of people complaining about Mr Harris assuming that they were in the same class as you. When you informed him you were a new student he huffed and sat you next to Lydia.

“Hey alpha girl”

You rolled your eyes at her.

“So my friends want to meet you”

“That is great but I’m not sure i want to meet them”

“Trust me, you will”

You ignored her for the rest of the lesson after your second period lesson she grabbed your arm and lead you to the lacrosse fields, standing there were a bunch of people.

“Hey, you two were the ones sucking each others face of at Nonna’s” You yelled, remembering them.

“Guys, this is Y/N. You should show them your eyes”

You changed your eyes so they were a blood red.

“You’re an Alpha?” The brown hair asked, his eyes wide.

“I don’t know, I guess so. My eyes have always been red.”

“Well I’m Scott. This is my pack.”

They all introduced themselves. You were all having a conversation when Liam exclaimed ‘no’. You all turned and saw the Devenford bus. They all got off single file and you finally saw Brett.

“Look, I need to go. I’ll see you at lunch” You said, staring at Brett.

You followed him around the school, you had seen a supplies closet while you were walking around the school.You overtook Brett and his friends and hid in the closet. Using your hearing you managed to grab him at the right moment and pull him into the closet with you. You saw two yellow orbs looking at you. Without thinking you pulled him closer and kissed him. At first he was as stiff as a board, however, it was like something had clicked in his head and he kissed you back with equal passion. His hands found their way into your hair getting tangled. He pushed you against a wall, turning the light on. He pulled away and looked at you.


you looked at him sheepishly.

“Hey Brett.”

“What are you doing here?” He snapped, his expression changing.

“Oh honey, please don’t act like you didn’t enjoy that kiss.”

“I didn't”

“You’re lying. your heart rate peaked ever so slightly.”

“How can you hear my heartbeat?”

You flashed him your alpha eyes. 


“After all that you became a werewolf?”

“It wasn’t my choice. but as soon as I found out what I was I had to apologise, so I returned to Beacon Hills to do exactly that.”

“You came all the way here to apologise to me?”

“Yeah I did I couldn’t stand the fact that you hated me, especially since I know how you must have felt.”

“Hey I didn’t hate you, I don’t hate you now. My feelings for you haven’t changed from that night.”

“You still love me?”

“Of course I do.”

You kissed him again, over come with emotion.

“I’ll take that as an I love you too.”

You rolled your eyes playfully.

“Let’s get out of here.”

“I can’t I have lacrosse practice.”

“Fine, I have a free period anyway so I’ll watch like a typical girlfriend.”

“So I’m your boyfriend huh?” he asked, an eyebrow raised

You went to speak but didn’t know how to answer to it.

“I’m kidding. let’s go.”

You went to the field and sat at the bleachers while Brett changed into his uniform. There were some girls seated behind you.

“Oh my god, the new Devenford boys are soo hot!”

“Yaas! The captain, Brett, is mine. Back off bitches. By the end of the year we will be Beacon Hills’ ‘it couple’.”

After hearing that you blood boiled slightly however you came up with a revenge plot.

Once Brett walked on the field you signaled for him to come over to you. He smiled and began to walk over.

“OMG, guys he’s coming over here. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“Show these Beacon Hills High boys what you’re made of baby!”

You grabbed him and practically sucked his face off. After a few minutes, the coach blew his whistle and you and Brett pulled apart.

“Jealous much?” he asked, breathing harder.

You scowled at him and he gave you a final kiss before running back onto the field.

“I guess Brett and I will become Beacon Hills’ it couple. I’ll tell you how it goes.” you sassed, smiling fakely


For my giftee, @captainguylincrDani, you’ve been so nice and it’s been a lot of fun getting to know you! I had a blast writing this, too, so I hope you like it. It’s also posted on Ao3 here, if you’d rather read it there! 


When she first meets him, she burns.

Like little flames licking over her skin, spreading and engulfing her.

“Killian Jones,” he says, and a shiver runs down her spine. Only, it isn’t negative. It feels warm and… distinctive.

It is a long time before it all comes together.

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Day6 Fan Meet 5/22/16

-first ever Canadian fan meet took place on a Sunday if that is not divine intervention I don’t know what is
-Day6 sound amazing,  amazing is an understatement they sound otherworldly live
-Young K looked like a sexy cowboy/Victorian vampire
-Wonpil also looked like a sexy cowboy/Victorian vampire
-Their jawlines can literally cut through steel
-Dowoon is an adorable muffin
-Sungjins voice can cure disease,  prevent wars,  and create world peace
-Jaes voice is literal perfection
-Young K’s voice is literal perfection
-Wonpils voice is literal perfection
-They are all literal perfection
-Jae is ratchet and we love it
-He is also so sassy and I love it
-They are all so handsome
-What even is bias for Day6
-Has anyone noticed that dowoon kinda sorta looks like BAM BAM???
-Dowoon and wonpil saying  they loved Niagara falls killed everyone
-I nearly cried a million times
-Popping balloon game
-Jae and Dowoon as partners and winning
-YoungK and Terry (the MC and young k’s friend)  as partners and doing adequate
-Wonpil and Sungjin as partners and hilariously failing miserably
-The pedometer game with fans
-Sungjin dancing
-Sungjin DANCING is life
-Wonpil doing a grandpa hip twist
-Young K going IN and collapsing on stage because he was so tired after aha
-Jae filming sungjin and Young K dancing on his phone to use against them
-Wonpil doing aegyo because he lost the game
-Wonpils aegyo
-He is literally the cutest human being on the planet
-pretty sure he is made of sunshine
-Dowoons English
-Wonpils English
-Both their English,  just so much yes.  My poor heart
-Sungjins English and his conversations with Jae
-Young K and Jae teasing the members after they spoke English
-Giving them a cake
-Wonpil saying big strawberries in English was everything
-I’m not sure if it was a sold out show but it felt like it was
-Jaes phone continually falling out of his pocket because he was going too hard and the staff running in stage to pick it up
-I’m sure it’s cracked
-They went to Young Ks house
-Do Jae and Dowoon have a ship name? If not they should
-Singing letting go together
-Doing the fan chant
-Young K and Jae almost crying because of the fanchant
-I was consequently a mess because of this as I’m sure everyone else was
-Young K saying that even though he loves Korea and Seoul, Toronto feels like home
-The members feeling so touched because we sang along
-Young Ks parents/family and friends being there
-Literally anything Young K did garnered applause and screams
-The members switching between Brian and Young K and him scolding them aha
-Dowoon saying Toronto is so clean in English was the cutest thing on the planet
- Getting to touch their hands and tell them (Wonpil,  Dowoon,  and sungjin)  fighting
-Telling Jae and Young K they’re amazing
-Day6 felt the love today, they are so talented so why aren’t you stanning them?