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tom holland x reader
warnings: none

a/n: i’ve been thinking about this all day lol so why not write it before i sleep? ps. i’m writing this straight on tumblr and on my phone— instead of google docs or notes. how spontaneous of me right? right? anyways, enjoy :) [oh! and also, i don’t know how the whole d23 expo thing works and how the cast talked to everyone or whatever, i’m just basing this off of my day dream from today lol]

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You went to D23 Expo with your boyfriend Tom. Although, no one else knew you two were in a relationship— other than Harrison, and the Spider-Man cast of course. You gather in with the fans, ready to see the trailer for Infinity War. You watched as your boyfriend pops up into the screen and the crowd went nuts! The excitement of seeing Spider-Man on screen was making you tear up a bit. You’re so proud of your man!

As the trailer came to the end, the crowd was still yelling and screaming, and clapping nonstop. The cast came on stage, which made them go even crazier. They each talked about what they thought of the trailer, and you waited for Tom’s turn.

“I actually, felt like crying,” he said, the fans all saying ‘awwww’. “I still can’t believe I’m in one of these movies, I still remember the time Harrison and I went to watch the first Avenger movie. Who would’ve thought I’d be in one!” Everyone starts clapping and 'wooing’, before Tom speaks again. “The second Avengers movie was my first date with my girlfriend actually,” he said, the crowd gasping, making him laugh. “Oh yeah, have I mentioned, I have a girlfriend?” The crowd screamed 'No’ in all different times, some in unisons. You felt your cheeks heat up, Tom didn’t mention that you were announcing it, now. I mean you didn’t mind, a heads up would’ve been great though. “Say hi (Y/n)!” He yelled over at you, everyone trying to look where he’s looking at. You were right in front of the stage.
“Hello everyone,” you waved. The fans screaming and greeting back. Making you giggle. “Can she come upstage?” Tom asks, looking at someone backstage. Guessing they said yes, Tom smiled widely, walking over to you. You shook your head no, but he jumped off of the stage, picking you up bridal style. So you would be going up there whether you liked it or not. He chuckled— and so did everyone else— when you playfully smacked his chest. He put you down, staffs ran over to you to put a mic on your shirt. “Everyone,” Tom says, “I’d like you all to meet, my beautiful girlfriend, (Full Name).” The whole crowd screamed again for you two. Robert Downey Jr. popping out of nowhere and speaking up, “are you sure you two are a couple?” The crowd laughed as you looked at Tom, “you still like me right?” Tom shaking his head at Robert, “why would you say that? Of course I love you.” He said the last part to you, melting all the fans heart. “Kiss her,” Robert says. The crowd bursted into 'oooooohs’. You felt yourself blushing and Robert points it out. “Aww look at her, she’s blushing!” He waves a finger close to your face and you playfully push it away, hands slapping your cheek, in attempt to hide your blush. Tom shoves his hand in his pockets, and bends down to your level. His butt sticking out as he closes his eyes and puckers up for you. Everyone laughing as you push his face away. Tom’s eyes quickly opens as a over exaggerated shocked face replaced his kissy one. “Darling,” he says, in a hurt way. “Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him,” the crowd chants. Tom smirking cockily. Robert walking behind you two, so he’s in between. “There you see her, standing there across the way,” he sings, changing the lyrics a bit, of kiss the girl. You rolled your eyes and gave in, grabbing him from the collar of his shirt and crashing his lips into yours. The crowd. Went. Wild.

When you pulled away, you felt your whole face turn red and you quickly buried your head into Tom’s chest. He puts his arms around you and laughs. “Can she stay up here with us until we go?” He asks again. The stage manager saying yes. “Harrison must be so jealous of you right now,” he laughs. “Damn right he is!” Harrison yells from back stage.

“Jim, buddy, come on, let’s go. Forget these pipsqueaks, leave them to live whatever crackpot of a life they have stirred up.” Harvey tugs his partner away, but not before pelting Ed’s phone at his stomach, forcing out a wince.

Ed wants to sass back some retort, perhaps even perplex them with a riddle, but in favor of ending the dispute, he forces himself to remain quiet. It’s over…and no one died.

When the parasitic pair disappear from his line of sight, Ed closes his eyes and breathes out a sigh of relief, before snapping them open in distress.

“Oswald!” he exclaims, finally giving into his panicked state, as he turns his attention to the man in his arms. His hands flutter about checking Oswald’s pulse, the bleeding lump on the back of his head, and the temperature of his skin. They are all within normal range for the injury he received, yet Oswald isn’t speaking and he still holds that dazed look in his eyes as he peers up at Ed, unblinking.

“I was so worried about you. When you failed to show, when I thought Jim was going to kill you…I—I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,” Ed rambles as he crushes Oswald to his chest in a firm hug. Too close—he had come too close to losing one of the most important people in his life. “You need to keep yourself safe. I—I need you to stay safe.”


Overcome with emotion, Ed drops his lips to Oswald’s forehead, pouring every ounce of his concern and reverence into it. His eyes water as he lingers for moments he cannot be bothered to count, only to draw back when Oswald shifts and sharply inhales, slowly sinking to the pavement, losing the strength to stand.

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Imagine Visiting Jax in Jail...

Request: I combined these two requests, Dom Jax smut & Jax old lady seeing him a conjugal visit 😘

A/N: unprotected sex(for real guys wrap it up) RATED R FOR SIN.

Word Count: 802

The boys been locked up for a few months now. But today is the day I get to have a conjugal visit with my old man. I put on my shorts and a v neck shirt, I was finishing my makeup when Abel came to me.
“Mommy, im thirsty” Abel says, half awake. I giggle, pick him up and bring him to the kitchen. He sat at the table as I got his juice ready.
“Grandma!” Abel yelled as soon as Gemma walked in.
“Hey baby” Gemma says, greeting me and Abel with a kiss.
“You look hot hun, go see your man” Gemma says with a wink. My excitement grew as I got into my car.
The ride to the jail was kind of long, I’m just so excited to finally be able to touch my man and I know for sure he misses my touch. I walked into the jail and did the usual pat down. The officer led me to the back room, and let me in.
“Baby!” I yelled as I dropped my bad and ran to my man, attacking his face with kisses. The kisses turned hungrily. Jax having a fist full of my hair. I slipped my shirt off and Jax ran his hand up my back.
“Damn babe, I’ve missed you so damn much” jax said while stripping himself of his clothes, me doing that as well. I sat ontop of the cold metal table while Jax opened my legs. He started kissing in between my thighs, circling his tongue around my clit.
“Mmmm my baby gets so wet for me…” Jax purred, his tongue dancing along my folds.
“Jackson…” I manage to stuttered out, throwing my head back in pleasure. Jax stood up and hungrily looked at me.
“I’m going to fuck you hard princess, are you ready?” Jax growled while shoving his member inside me, clawing my back. I arched my back up and Jax started sucking on my breasts, sucking on my nipples.
“Sir…” I purrd into Jaxs ear. His pace started picking up.
“I’m the only one who gets to fuck You” Jax said loudly, his hand around my throat. I let my moans escape as he thrusts in and out of my fast.
“Yes daddy, only you. This pussy is yours” I cried out in pleasure, Jax grabbed my hips roughly.
“I’m gonna come-” I whimpered out, Jax finishing as soon as I did. Jax leaned down and kissed me.
“Baby you have no idea how much I’ve missed you” Jax said as he was handing me my clothes. He got dressed and sat on the table next to me, holding my hand as my head rested on his shoulder.
“I love you Jackson. I will always be here.” I assured him, his arms wrapped around me.
“I love you y/n Teller”
“Y/n?” I heard Gemma yell from the front door, I was in the bathroom, throwing up for the third morning in a row. Abel sat next to me, rubbing my back.
“Grandma mommy is sick!” Abel said getting up to see Gemma.
“this is what, the third day?” Gemma questioned. I nodded yes before puking again.
“Here, I picked up these on my way here” Gemma said looking through her purse and pulling out two pregnancy tests.
“Gem, I think I have a bug” I reply, taking the tests anyways.
“Yeah, I’m sure. Did you guys use something at the conjugal?” She inquired, I looked down and knew we didn’t. I sighed and ushered them out of the room, Gemma smirking. I opened the tests and took them. Those three minutes seemed like forever. I looked down and they both were positive. I put the tests back in the box and hid them. I walked out to the kitchen where Gemma started breakfast.
“You were right” I say, sitting next to Abel who was coloring.
“Call it a grandma thing” Gemma says with a smile before coming to hug me.
“Abel, you’re going to be a big brother!” I say to him who smiles.
“Yay!” Abel says loudly, hugging me. Well today conjugal visit should be fun.
“Y/n go on, Jackson is waiting”
I walked down the long hallway to the room where Jax was. Jax was sitting against the wall, smoking a cigarette. As soon as he saw me he put the cigarette out and ran up to me.
“Babe” Jax says, lifting me up, kissing me all over.
“I have news” I say, Jax raised an eyebrow.
“Good or bad?” He questioned.
“You know our first conjugal?”
“You got me pregnant” I admit,, couldn’t help but smile as Jax picks me up again.
“Really babe??” Jax eagerly asks me and I nodded yes.
“I’m going to be a daddy again” Jax coo’d at my stomach. Pure bliss.

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Ok that one about fionn and nip piercings had me like biiittccchhhh so hate to sound redundant but how would harry feel about nipple piercings

the original blurb with fionn and y/n has nipple piercings

request more stuff like this here!!!

While Fionn would be in awe and amazed by Y/N’s nipple piercings, Harry would be a bit rough with them – like he’s testing his boundaries.

Y/N’s shirtless and he holds her to his chest, squeezing a little too hard that the piercings start to dig into Y/N’s skin, and when she tries to pull away, they get caught on one of the threads in Harry’s t-shirt. Harry just smirks down at Y/N, like he doesn’t even see the problem, while Y/N feels the tug and is forced to stay against Harry like this until he helps untangle the thread.

And Harry always tells Y/N not to wear a bra because he /wants/ to see the bars and her nipples (which are always hard it seems) through her shirt, even forces her to go out like that to tescos and Y/N flushes when the teenage boy who’s ringing them up stares a little too long. While Harry notices this, too, he doesn’t seem to care, likes that it makes Y/N all embarrassed.

And, of course, there’s the way Harry pays attention to her tits when they’re having sex. He tugs on the bars with his teeth, pulling at them enough to get a reaction out of Y/N. Y/N tries to pull away from his mouth because having him fuck into her is more than enough, but Harry is reluctant to watch her squirm like this, purposely has mouth a centimeter from her nipples when he pants out puffs of air against her, making her all pebbled if she wasn’t already.

Harry also cashes in on Y/N being a little embarrassed about the piercings, since she’s gotten such an intimate place pierced. Like, Y/N and him are hanging out with Fionn in Harry’s backyard and Harry has a pool so Y/N has her bikini on. She’s caught Fionn staring at her chest a couple of times and she wishes she’d just taken the bloody piercings out because when Harry notices Fionn staring, he asks him, “Did Y/N ever tell you she’s got her nipples pierced?”

Harry’s never done anything like this, not so explicitly, before and Fionn just looks shocked and a bit nervous, like he doesn’t know how to proceed because Y/N is Harry’s girlfriend and he doesn’t want to overstep.

“Fionn, you ever been with a girl who’s got her nipples pierced?” Harry follows.

“No.” Fionn responds, avoids looking at Y/N whose nipples are still pebbled and piercings are still trying to poke through her bikini. She regrets not going with something more padded.

But then, Harry continues, “Y/N, why don’t you show him, huh?”

And Y/N is just completely embarrassed, yet somehow thrilled, by Fionn and Harry both staring at her naked torso when she takes her bikini off.

When she goes to put it back on, Harry says, “No, love, why don’t you keep it off. S'just Fionn.”

Though, it isn’t just Fionn when he’s fucking her in the pool, chests pressed together and his mouth all over the part of her neck that isn’t underwater. Harry’s not even in the water, is sunbathing on one of the lawn chairs while he lets Fionn do what he wants with Y/N.

She knows that this wouldn’t be happening if her piercings weren’t so explicit.

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someone just said that jason todd is like a white school shooter (bc he apparently killed some school kids?? i don't remember this??) and mentioned that all tim drake-critical meta is written by jason todd apologists... idk what to say

This is called ‘hypocrisy’, really. I saw the post in question, because it was helpfully not tagged with ‘anti jason’ anything, so once again certain segments of fandom would like to have their cake and eat it too. 

As for the school kids thing, Jason never actually killed school kids, iirc (he killed 200 people in a prison which is slightly more his style but still doesn’t fit his stated agenda and moral code). When they turned him full villain I believe they had him like suggest using kids for some plan that might have resulted with them in harms way if they went through with it, but it didn’t actually happen. Again, this is when DC was literally slaughtering Jason’s character in Robin just prior to Battle for the Cowl to make him a full villain. It directly contradicts the character as established in Under the Hood and Lost Days. DC freely admits they did this, so idk what there is to apologize for. Jason fans are aware of what those writers did to Jason but when characterization comes into direct conflict like that you have to pick which you’re going with, and one is a nuanced anti-hero and the other is a villain who makes no sense and was contained within a book (Battle for the Cowl) that fandom regards as terrible for ALL characters, not just Jason, and DC later got rid of that characterization THEMSELVES so…? 

People don’t actually need an agenda to dislike a character or be critical. People can also be critical of a character they actually like. There’s also being critical of a character and being critical of fanon for that character, or how fandom treats a character. Or, y’know, being critical of the writing.

People also need to just let it go because honestly the amount of fuss being made in reaction to the ‘hate’ has far exceeded the hate itself and it’s honestly annoying at this point.

Imagine Happy Surprising You....

Request: fluffy happy where he surprises the reader on Mother’s Day.

A/n: cute happy ❤️

Happy walked into his sons nursery, looking at his baby boy, he couldn’t believe he’s already eight months old. The baby was laying in his crib, fingers in his mouth as always. Happy picked him up and went to dress and change him.
“Okay bud, today is Mother’s Day. I know, we gotta get mom something nice” Happy says to y/s/n, who replies with giggles. Happy quietly walks down the hallway, peering into the bedroom to see a sleeping y/n. Happy grabbed y/s/n car seat and went to the car.
“So bud, your ma, what should we do?” Happy asks, looking back at his happy baby, who looks just like his ma. Happy pulled into a the parking lot of a jewelry store, grabbing y/s/n he went inside.
“Hi sir, do you need help with anything?” The employee asks Happy who grunted.
“Yeah, Im looking for something that goes with birth stones or some shit like that” Happy says to the employee who walks in over to a display case. Happy gazed over all of the jewelry, from rings to necklaces.
“Could I see that locket?” Happy asks, the lady nodded her head and pulled out the necklace. Happy opened it up, he could put y/s/n birth stone on one side and mine on the other.
“This, I’ll get this” Happy said, handing the necklace to the lady. While waiting for the necklace to be made, Happy fed y/s/n, thinking of what else to do. She’s put up with Happys shit for eight years now. She deserves the world, happy thought to himself.
Happy buckled y/s/n in his car seat and headed to the grocery store. Y/n favorite breakfast is pancakes, so Happy will make her pancakes. Grabbing what he needed, he spotted flowers and grabbed them too.

When Happy pulled into the driveway, y/n was waiting at the door. Confused look on her face. Happy pulled y/s/n out of the car.
“Morning babe” Happy greeted her with a kiss, handing her flowers, her favorites.
“Morning, where have you two been?” Y/n asks, a smile on her face while holding her flowers. Happy took her hand led them all to the kitchen. Y/n put y/s/n in the high chair.
“Okay, you have a jewelry box and pancake mix, what are you doing Hap?” Y/n questioned Happy who started getting everything ready to make pancakes.
“It’s mother day babe, and you deserve the world” Happy says to y/n leaning in for a kiss.
“Now go sit with y/s/n and let me make ya breakfast” happy says, ushering her away, causing her to giggle. Y/n started feeding y/s/n a little when Happy came over with pancakes.
“Before you eat, I got you this” happy reveals the locket to y/n, she gasps at its beauty.
“Oh my god Hap, it’s stunning” y/n says opening the locket up. She walked over to Happy and sat on his lap.
“I love you y/n and you deserve the best things in life. Tara is coming to watch y/s/n tonight so we can have dinner and see a movie.” Happy tells y/n who gives him a big kiss.

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