'this is hard'

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Is there any reason why you're not on the market? Or are you just not looking for a relationship right now?

I’m closer than I have been in a long time, but I don’t think I’d feel comfortable committing to it yet. So no girlfriends for me :’(

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Hi can I just say I adore your art style so so very much!! I am basically obsessed with the way you draw Yuuri Katsuki especially. I think the way you draw him makes him look much more confident and masculine than other art I've seen of him. But he's still adorable and great. Like he's so pretty but also still handsome and sexy!! Anyway, love this blog. I hope your having a good day!! :) ahhh I'm sorry I'm awkward this message felt awkward.

OH MY GOD……….. THANK U!?!! you think I draw him sexy? heck yeah life goal accomplished haha TBH confident sexy yuuri is really important like we need more of that eros wow BUT LMAO TYSM YOU MAKE ME WANT TO DRAW HIM MORE <3

let yourself feel. don’t suppress it, and don’t let anyone else suppress it. it’s healthy to let feelings come and go. acknowledge your emotions, validate them, and purge them. find a safe space, secure some time and give yourself permission to hurt and heal. no, it’s not easy, and sometimes the circumstances won’t allow this, but don’t repress your pain if given the opportunity for a little catharsis.

Have you noticed that Batman’s chin seems to be getting bigger?

I know from a zoomed out distance it doesn’t look that big

but let me show you

1969′s batman had a big chin

All of these Bats had the same large chin

Batman of 2004-2008 had a huge chin…

All I’m saying is… If batman keeps on going with this large chin thing, he’s gonna go from


by the year 2020.