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How dan and Phil probably broke up #62
  • Phil: You've been bad and bad boys get punished
  • Phil: *ties Dan to the bed*
  • Dan: Ooo are we gonna have kinky se-
  • Phil: *plays hello internet on loop*

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Do you think Keith is afraid of the dark? Or Lance?

[my first reaction to this was “keith?? is not afraid of lance??? what the fuck??????” until I understood what you meant lmao]

So, are Keith or Lance afraid of the dark. I don’t think so. I don’t think any of the paladins are afraid of the dark - but let’s start with Lance, because he’s easier to prove:

He sleeps with a sleep mask. A sleep mask and headphones. On the first night in an alien ship. That’s not something he would do if he was afraid of the dark. He also tried to sneak out of the Garrison at night (!!!) and chose to hide in a really dark trashcan:

Sneaking around in general seems to be something he is pretty good at/used to. And that’s just not something you can do in broad daylight without making use of dark corners. So no, I don’t think he’s afraid of the dark.

[He is, however, afraid of unnatural darkness. In s1e9, Crystal Venom, he came pretty close to freaking out when the castle’s lights suddenly turned off. But it’s not the darkness itself that was the problem, it’s what it implies. Something was not right. He seems to be scared of ‘haunted’ things: “you wanna know what I think? I think this castle is haunted!” *shudders and looks from side to side*]

Next, Keith. He has to have explored Blue’s cave all on his own and while he most likely brought a flashlight, it doesn’t seem like the best activity for someone that is afraid of the dark. There was also the Blade of Marmora episode where Keith faced lots of his fears - but never once was darkness brought up:

We have Shiro leaving (into the light; but Keith was already chasing after him before the light appeared) and being forced to leave his past with any explanations for his Galra heritage behind (and the pic I chose is the darkest it gets). No darkness.

Most importantly though:

He wakes up from a nightmare. A nightmare that was bad enough to get him to try and leave the team to see if Zarkon is tracking him. It was dark in the nightmare itself too but he never even attempts to turn the lights on after waking up. Instead, he just grabs the knife and sits in a dark room:

So nope, I don’t think Keith is afraid of the dark either^^

Life is honestly so difficult being a yixing stan. We gotta defend him from the nasty ot8 stans and antis whenever news of him not particpating in promos and concerts come around 😒. Yet it’s so worth it becuase he cares for us deeply and works so hard so us, xbacks,xingmis and exo-l’s will be proud. Also, don’t you think we hate it too? Not seeing our man perform with his brothers or to be with them in general? It honestly sucks. I remember the dear happiness photo book where all the members were there minus Yixing having a blast and I couldn’t help but feel upset that Yixing couldn’t be there having fun..

In Persian we don’t say “Bullshit” we say “زهر مار (Sah’re mar)” which roughly translates to “snake venom” and as my teacher always preached we should use less scatological language.

maybe taehyung idk