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Fic idea where a lonely person sells their soul to Satan to be their friend. And Satan just rolls with it until he realizes at the time of their death he genuinely likes them.

Since he can’t renege on the contract he takes them to Hell and puts them in a high position of power. Demons hardened by millenia of torture now have to answer to a shy, self-conscious, quiet, depressed, lonely person who has unintentionally become Satan’s #1


Men who adhere a sense of justice, the children who’ve had their loved ones taken away from them, and those who fought to protect someone. Why should they have to lay down their lives? I’ll change it, I’m going to change this wrong world of ours!

When authors or amv editors make France the bad guy in any situation ever.

When people say FrUK doesn’t make sense because their relationship is “unhealthy”

Misinterpreting this ship just because they argue and is automatically labeled as “abusive”.

"England deserves better!"

"How can you ship that? They hate each other!"


For me, out all the HTTYD characters, Astrid is the most compelling. I mean, I love Hiccup and Toothless, but I also get them. I understand where they’re coming from, why they do what they do. But not Astrid.

Astrid has more mystery to her character, and not in the this-hasn’t-been-thought-through way, because you can just tell that behind her actions there’s logic and principles- it’s just not given exposition. And I love that, because it makes me take out my analyzer goggles.

Now, I’m not on the Astrid-loved-Hiccup-from-the-beginning bandwagon, because…well, I don’t see it, and it doesn’t make sense. 

But! I just re-watched the movie and there are some things about Astrid’s interactions with Hiccup throughout the movie that really hold my interest. I’m not saying I’m definitely, 100% right on my takes on them, but they are my takes. And I’m a blabbermouth who needs to interact with more HiccStrid shippers. So.


Seven Things I Really Want To Talk About Concerning Astrid and Her Relationship With Hiccup.


Thing No. 1

“You’re acting weird. Well, weirder.”

She always notices him. I don’t mean notice like ‘stare with hearts in my eyes at my one true love’ but notice, as in…how to say this. Well, look: at the start of the film, everyone else seemed to feel like Hiccup was just part of the background. They didn’t care if he was around or not outside of him being a nuisance and prime mocking material. But Astrid has always noticed him as a person apart from the background.

She looks up at the sound of his voice. She gets up when she sees he’s gone somewhere. She encourages (read: orders) him to participate in training. She tells him off when she thinks he’s not trying hard enough. Which brings me to…


Thing No. 2

“I normally don’t care what people do.”

Astrid doesn’t mock Hiccup, but she does scold him. Watch her after the “hit a nightfury” scene. She looks up from her ax when Hiccup says he was trying. Her eyes follow him offscreen, and she’s not mad at his incompetence. She’s not making fun either. (She almost looks a little sad.) Why? Because even though he’s done so much damage, she knows that he was trying to be helpful. That shows a lot about Astrid’s character. She knows that, results aside, trying is important.

But during the dragon training, it looks like Hiccup isn’t trying at all. That’s what gets Astrid boiling point mad; Hiccup’s lack of ambitionnot his lack of competence. It’s what brings out “he’s never where he should be” and “is this some kind of a joke to you?”. She scolds him because she expects better from him. She doesn’t expect him to be super competent, but does expect him to take things seriously and try. 

No one else cares if he tries or not, outside of mocking him. Astrid does. (This outburst of hers is also interest because Astrid herself says that she normally “doesn’t care what people do”.)


Thing No. 2.5

"Get down! Run! Run!”

Astrid may want to maul Hiccup when he gets suspiciously talented, but she still pushes him down and tells him to run when she first comes across Toothless. In the words of ‘Lie To Me: I wanted to kill you…not hurt you.


Thing No. 3

Hiccup! Get me down from here!”

Maybe she doesn’t even realize it herself, but Astrid always trusts Hiccup at a certain level. Even after she sees him as a traitor to Vikings, runs off, gets grabbed by Toothless and ends up hanging off the top of a tree, she still doesn’t totally mistrust him.

Listen to her furious and bossy “Hiccup! Let me down from here!”. Watch her body language: she’s snarling “I’m not listening to anything that you say!” and moving towards him at the same time (being a bit of a body language nut, I laugh my head off every time I see this giant contradiction).

It’s so obvious that she’s mad at him and weary, but she doesn’t really distrust him. When Toothless is getting his revenge flight, she thinks Hiccup’s co-operating to scare her, but she doesn’t expect him to push her off or kill her or harm her; in fact, she clings tighter to him as a safety measure. Later, when they find the nest, Astrid briefly doubts Toothless but doesn’t doubt Hiccup for a second. (“It looks like they’re hauling in their kill.” “What does that make us?”).


Thing No. 4:

“Hiccup, we just discovered the dragons nest. The thing we’ve been after since Vikings first settled here! And you wanna keep it a secret? To protect your pet dragon? Are you serious?!”

If you ask me what the most important moment of Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship is, it is not the tree trust. It is not the ‘why didn’t you?’. It’s the moment above.

Because even though Astrid has furiously scolded him to try and not said a word when he’s tried and it didn’t work out, nothing shows more than that moment that a part of Astrid never really took Hiccup seriously. She took him a little seriously during the Toothless flight, but as soon as that’s over and there is Serious Viking Business Afoot, she’s back to treating him like he’s a wishy-washy amateur.

But then Hiccup turns in reply to her rhetorical question and says yes and the look on his face is wonderful. He’s serious and determined and maybe a little bit angry, and he doesn’t care what she thinks of him, he is sticking to his decision. This is such a big moment for Hiccup, who wanted nothing more than to get the other Vikings to accept him and did everything in his power to try and get that outcome.

But, back to Astrid. The look on her face. That reaction. She looks stunned and almost dazed and reprimanded, like she’s just realized that she’s done something she should feel sorry for and she does this thing where her eyes look up and down as if she’s seeing him for the first time and it’s just- I would give so many things to figure out what’s going through her head. But the thing is, after that ‘yes’ she takes him seriously. She never takes the things that he says or decides lightly again.

I’m not saying she doesn’t joke around with him (as the delicious HTTYD2 visual spoilers can attest) but I think that in that moment, she saw the serious Hiccup who was going to change the world. And if you ask me, that is when something in Astrid’s heart went thump.


Thing No. 5  

“The rest of us would’ve done it. So why didn’t you? …why didn’t you?”

This is still a pretty cool moment. Just a day ago, Hiccup was trying to convince her to give dragons a chance. Now, she’s trying to remind him of what he convinced her and how much he believed in it. And she succeeds. I really love how she says that she ‘wants to remember what he’s going to say to her right now’, because it’s just so obvious that she believes in him like she’s never believed in anything or anyone.


Thing No. 6 


I love this one second, because it’s so different from what you’d expect. You’d expect her to be proud or to be faithful, but she just looks scared and hopeful more than anything. She hopes she can do this and she knows he has to do this but she’s still afraid for him.


Thing No. 7 

“That’s for scaring me.”

"And that’s…for everything else."

I could write about these things forever, but I’m trying to keep this short and concise (yes, people laughing their heads off, this is short and concise for me). The look on Astrid’s face when she thinks Hiccup is dead. Throughout this whole movie there has never been such a look of pure emotion on her face (except maybe during the ‘yes’ moment). That look kills me. The way she just seems to lose control of her expression it’s just….I’ve never seen anyone look so openly distraught in animation. Never. And then he’s alive, and she’s all smiles and tears.

That’s the thing that I love a lot about HiccStrid: he makes her smile. Look at Astrid in the promos of HTTYD2. Look at her in the final part of the film. And then look at her in the beginning. At first, she seemed to always be so withdrawn and controlled and distant in her facial expressions, and Hiccup got past that, and started to get her smiling and openly expressing again.

I feel like in their own ways, they were both trying so hard to be a perfect Viking, and both losing themselves because of it. And now, whenever he feels lost and doubtful, she reminds him of who he is. And he reminds her who she is, every time she looks at him and smiles.


To Sum It Up:

I love HiccStrid.


'Is that so wrong?'

↳ ‘The Sins of the Father’ 21/65


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