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Every now and then I randomly remember that sixteen year old Harry just kinda knew that he wanted to live with Louis. He actually said that their home was going to be a family home and not a bachelor pad. And then of course I remember that he was looking forward to being domestic and then I cry.


tbl 312 “the vehm”


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Scarlett’s tattoos appreciation post!

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The black and neon grass rustles beneath Pierce’s feet as he’s rushed across Waterfall’s terrain. The monster, frantic, insists that something ‘cute’ lies ahead, though the purple SOUL is given no time to debate and, not wanting to lose his friend, follows in the hopes that they have the same definition of ‘cute’.

It wouldn’t be the first time his seeing eye led him to something dangerous, but… they’re learning this together. Pierce sets aside any doubts and soon finds himself at the center of a wooden bridge, creaking softly underneath his footsteps. He appears to be alone, save for Temmie.

Normally, this area would be calm with its running river, brisk air, and glowing botany, but any ambiance it may have had is thrown away as Waterfallian creature starts to vibrate and shout.

“hoI…….. nEW HUMAN!!111! I’M TeMMIY! AND DIS IS My humaN FREN…… nOT TEmMIE1!!” 

“Oh,” Pierce arches his brows, turning in the same direction as the monster’s voice. “Hello. I take it we haven’t met yet, then? I’m Pierce.” 

He holds out a hand. 


For the amount of time (my friend and) I have run this blog, I have had a lot of fun running it so far. It’s great to see that people actually enjoy my writing! I’ve had a tendency to look through the tags when people reblog, or looking at the added messages, and I want you all to know that I greatly appreciate all of the compliments. Even if you just like my post, it makes me very, very happy! Thank you all for being kind enough to even read what I create, or taking the time out of your day to follow me. Seeing all of the kind messages really helps me a lot, thank you so much.

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You ever start talking about your life and then you’re like “oh wow, you’re right, that IS super fucked up”?? And then you kinda just want to run like, every single thing past someone else? Just to see if like maybe it’s all as fucked as you secretly felt like it was? But you also have this weird sense of almost like, pride? That you survived these things? It’s fucking weird.

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What would you do if you found a four-armed, four-eyes version of your cousin, alone and crying and afraid of some horrible mad scientist?

      “Oh… Is he okay…? Why does he have four
      arms and what’s wrong…? Oh no… Is Mettaton

in all seriousness can someone pls explain the dangerous rubbish eating sinks that americans have in their homes bc i’ve seen that post going around and i’m no closer to understanding.

there are some things about growing up in the south that apparently haven’t made it across the country. a lot of people know that southerners call any carbonated beverage “coke” but get confused when my answer to “you’ve been drinking coke since you were a toddler??” is “i’m from georgia.” and the only nuts i like are peanuts and i keep a jar of peanuts next to my bed for late night snacks and when asked why, i say “i’m from georgia.” 

also, my dietitian just discovered the miracle that is frying everything in bacon drippings. everything is better fried in bacon drippings. also adding bacon while cooking vegetables because clearly it makes it taste better.

i should start using “i’m from georgia” as an excuse for any weird shit i do since no one seems to know what that means out here.

My brain is just not here today and I have so much to do this weekend I haven’t left my bed all day and I just managed to turn the lights on and drink some water and everything is /wrong/

why! is! it! so! hard! to! let! your! hair! grow! back!

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     It seemed as though she’d become rather absorbed in her activity, having gone rather quiet as her pencil scribbled across a page in her sketchbook. Once in a while, blue eyes would glance up, taking in details, before quickly returning to the paper and her task. The brunette was perfectly content for the moment, thoroughly distracted as Dorian worked on his motorcycle; the silence that had been hanging between them as the two of them worked on separate projects seemed not to bother Wynn, the other’s company being enough even with neither of them speaking.

     Besides that, Dorian made for an interesting subject, and his bike was proving to be something of a challenge for the girl. So intent was she on getting the specifics of it down that Wynn hasn’t really thought about the quiet that hung between them, something which others might have found uncomfortable. In fact, the only words that escaped her were close of irritation whenever part of her drawing seemed to be giving her a hard time.

     “Für Fick willen…” It was a good thing that none of her younger siblings were present.

When your psych class starts talking about how technology affects development and they keep mentioning how the internet causes people to develop ADHD like hey guys:) it’s your friendly ADHDer here:) can you not talk about it:) like there’s no one in the room who’s not affected:) because every one of us who is:) is imagining how nice it would be :)to staple your lips together:)))))))