'they are trying to be in sync :d

So I was derping around trying figure out something to make for you guys and I realized something…

Jack’s dance LITERALLY went with EVERY single classic EDM Song I knew of. So I figured I’d put a compilation together with some shitty lip syncing to show you guys. :D 

Also I kinda went over board with the 5th song lol.  Hooray shit edits!

Song list:

  1. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction 
  2. AronChupa - I’m an Albatraoz 
  3. DJ Sammy - We’re in Heaven
  4. Darude - Sandstorm
  5. Basshunter - DOTA 

Edit: YouTube version here!


Most of the Armys right including myself just got resurrected..Bless our souls..they killed us with their new album and here we are blogging from the grave. And all these new Jikook moments just resurrected me and bought me to a whole new level of heaven..

💮 Eventhough they live on the same house..they get to see each other 24/7..Jikook still couldnt resist the urge to glance and ogle at each other..

(source: kookminworld0507)

💮 in-sync lovers?!!

(Source: on pic)

💮 Rapmon being the “lowkey Jikook shipper”..trying to tease them..and look how obvious JK is.. He is so fidgety and a nervous wreck all through out.. (I’d love to see more of this everyone vs Jikook teasing game..

(Source: on pic)

💮 Jimin doesnt wanna go subtle..Of course you are going to put your boyfriend’s pic on your room..like no big deal Ayt??!! and Jk choosing their couple pic..ok ok 👌🆗 we get it..❤❤❤

Source: on pic

💮 and to end it all…❤❤❤

Bless our shipper’s heart.. We are well fed.. Now let’s stream some more and ignore all the antis and rude “shipper” who called Jikook shippers delusional..

Shall we?!!

Have a nice day everyone 🌸🌸🌸

24.05.17 book of mormon london

so I went and saw book of mormon in london back in may. twas excellent, a highlight of my life, so here below are my thoughts and observations

kj hippensteel → elder price

cody jamison strand → elder cunningham

alexandra ncube → nabulungi

stevie webb → elder mckinley

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A Serious Battle

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam is present.

Summary: Reader vs Dean

A/N: I’m not tagging this useless drabble. Just something I vomited to try and cheer myself up. Take it for what you will.

Dean looks deep into your eyes, his green gems slightly narrowed and darkened. You stare back, trying to mimic his broody, threatening persona.

You tilt your head, cracking your neck slightly and grit your teeth. He rolls his shoulders, then proceeds to roll his sleeves up. He means business. You mean it too. He growls in an attempt to intimidate you. You shrug it off, he’d have to do better than that to make you back off.  

You bring up a hand, palm facing skyward and you slam a fist on top of it. Dean copies. Let battle commence.

“On three,” you smirk.

“Fine,” he retorts.

Rapidly you count down, both slamming your fists onto your palms in sync.

One. Two. Three.

Sam’s words of wisdom ring in your mind, Dean, always with the scissors.

“Ha!!!” you shout victoriously as your rock crushes his predictability.

Dean’s eyes illuminate with fury. He turns to his younger brother who watches on like a disappointed parent.

“You told her didn’t you,” Dean spits whilst you claim your prize.

“Better luck next time Winchester!” you stick out your tongue and bite into the last piece of piece of pie, “Oh man…it’s so good too.”

“Oh you bitch!” he cries, lunging for you.

You squeal and run away, Dean Winchester in hot pursuit.

There are worse scenarios to be in.


Okay so - story time!

Last night was the Diamond Edge concert in Toronto and I thought I’d share my experience (and hype all of you up that haven’t seen it yet/couldn’t make it)!

 So first of all, when they say “Stan Seventeen, Stan Talent” - they MEAN IT. These boys are all incredible at performing, the entire night I was SHOCKED by how in sync they were and how hard they were dancing and performing and trying to treat us all to an incredible night. Seeing them through video is one thing and in person is really something else like, they are defining talent. 

Impressions of the members were also HELLA good in person, I did not expect them all to be even more beautiful in real life. Also lemme tell you, PREPARE yourselves for Soonyoung. Every single one of those boys are godlike in beauty, but in person Hoshi is actually ethereal and SUCH a good entertainer like, he comes alive on stage.

 Also special shout out to Soonyoung, Jeonghan and especially Minghao and Seungcheol for putting in an extra strong effort to wave and to acknowledge so many people in the audience. Seungcheol literally acknowledged my sister and I 3 times and it was the sweetest thing ever, especially since we were higher up. Every single one of the members made us feel incredibly special, by saying thank you and voicing their appreciation for us being there over and over again throughout the night. It was SO sweet, like honestly guys they are very very humble and genuine and it made us Toronto Carats feel so lucky to stan such a lovely group. It felt like they wanted to reach out to each of us personally and it’s that effort, that they didn’t even need to do, that touched so many of us.

I won’t spoil performances, but lemme say that the track list is PERFECTION. And I’m serious. There were so many points in the night where I was just screaming from how many of my favourite songs they performed and HOW WELL the staging, outfits, etc. we’re organized. There are lots of visuals, lighting, videos, sets and it adds up to a genuinely a 11/10 experience.

When it was time for comments, each member took their time and so many of them made efforts to speak English in order to convey their feelings to all of us. Like besides Joshua and Vernon (who were absolutely lovely), Minghao (who I honestly bias after last nightttt) said his entire thank you in English with help from Vernon and even at the beginning said thank you to all of us for coming after his introduction in literally perfect English just so he could make sure we felt the love from him directly. The shear amount of effort and love like? Just unreal. Stan Seventeen ya’ll.

Overall, I’m SO proud of Seventeen for this tour and being able to come to Toronto. They kept saying they would definitely come back and I really hope they do because Toronto (and Canada) loves them! So thank you to Pledis and MyMusicTaste for making it happen!

As for tips I can give to anyone else attending Diamond Edge:

1. The most important one - Have a GREAT time! It’s a phenomenal concert and I know you’re all going to love it!

2. If you have a good view/seat, please don’t stand up or block anyone else’s views! It causes a domino effect of rows and rows of people not being able to see!

3. Don’t crowd around/stalk the boys in ANY way. Show them as much love as possible because they’re there to show you as much love as possible!

So!!!! If you’ve read this thank you! I hope I was able to hype you up/fill you in and if any of you want to talk about the concert or have any questions PLEASE don’t be afraid to send me a message!

{BIG disclaimer as this was my experience only and I don’t know how the night went for everyone else there}


Imagine you’re decorating the tardis with the tenth doctor for Christmas. You walk off to get more decorations and when you come back, there he is in all his ugly xmas sweater, glory lip syncing to christmas music.

(Written by @tricksy-fun :D)


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Can I get headcanons gif of Ace Sabo and Law meeting their girlfriends toddler son(she had her son in a past relationship and the father isn't involved) for the first time.

Im trying to get out of my slump but so I’m giving this a shot :)


Originally posted by 100diarys

Ace is going to suggest doing something fun and exciting to break any ice, because is just a naturally warm guy who lights up any situation. I did that on purpose. Honestly you may or may not feel like the one left out, until they pull you into their antics and you guys look like a cute little family. You see that person in the background on the skateboard? Lmao would that be you trying to keep up xD, I’m just joking, but in all honestly they both love you too much to leave you behind. As soon as Ace says goodbye you son is going to be like “Whe can we hang out with him again?” Ace overheard that part is his heart melts . 

Originally posted by biggrizzzly

THIS IS AN ACCURATE PICTURE OF ACE WITH ANY KID. They both do cool little shows like these all the time, its a precious scene :)


Originally posted by d-estinny

Sabo is going to greet the kid with some kind of cool trick, thats is going to impress the socks off of your toddler. I have this HC he’s a good ice skater, even though fire is his natural element. Sabo is really encouraging to your toddler to get on the ice, and falls on purpose to ease the fear on going on the ice and embarrassing themselves. Then he skates backwards and does these cool little show off tricks that leaves you stunned and your toddler in complete admiration. Then Sabo suggest tag between the three of you. You guys know you would run slow on purpose so the kid would think their catching up to you and get all excited? Thats Sabo.


Originally posted by disickissick

Law is going to be an awkward dork, but he’s going to try and be less intimidating and you kid establishes Law as some cool role model he most follow and does all of Laws faces, poses, even try to imitates his face. Law is completely amused, and when you toddler tries to do Laws infamous ‘Room’ move Law does it in sync with your toddler and your toddler its all baffled like “DID YOU SEE THAT, DID YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID!!” And Laws going to be silently proud, and feign innocence

Would people be interested in having like a Maria movie night where we’d all watch some of her stuff together while on a group Skype call? As a way for her fans to come together and get to know each other some more.

There’s a website that allows one host to stream videos and other people to watch directly, that way there would be no issue with trying to sync when movies/shows are played for everyone as we’d all be watching the same stream. And I think being on a Skype call would make the experience really fun. If anyone is uncomfortable with that then the streaming site has a chat option that could be used.

Idk I think it could potentially be quite fun should people be on board. If there’s enough interest I would gladly arrange something!

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Now that I knew that going to work would be impossible in the daylight hours, I had no choice but to quit. I was in the middle of trying to find a night shift job, preferably one where I’d work alone, when there was a knock at my door.

I walked slowly towards my front door. There were two heartbeats so out of sync with each other that the dissonance was deafening.  I could also hear the heartbeat of a much smaller person.

I didn’t need many more clues to know who was at my door.  My first thought was to just ignore them and pretend that I wasn’t at home…

…but after one more knock, Lizzie called out, “Val…we insist on finding out if you’re okay and will not leave until you open this door!”

I could tell that Lizzie was determined enough to do exactly as she said. I couldn’t face them…not with the thirst being so strong.  

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Also, what do UT/UF/US Sans, Reaper!Sans, and Gaster think of a witch S/O who considers skeletons a symbol of purity, calamity, and rebirth rather than death?

Oooh, I gotcha on this *rolls up sleeves* - Mod Sync

Undertale Sans

He’s kinda… confused? He’s glad you’re not scared of him, but… What? He’ll try to deflect some of it with puns. He knows he’s not pure, and he doesn’t want to be calamity unless he has to, and he’s just entirely unsure how to take ‘rebirth’. He might ask you about it, to clear up his confusion a bit.

W. D. Gaster

He’s asking you about it. How your system of beliefs came to that conclusion, events that cemented it, anything he can think of. He’s curious, but as long as it doesn’t interfere with your relationship, he let’s you believe as you wish.

Underfell Sans

Oh, he’ll be a fucking calamity alright. But he ain’t pure in any sence of the word, and fuck whatever rebirth was supposed to mean. He’s unsure of how to handle the idea that he can be seen as something good. Because he’s not. So he’s probably trying to disprove you, or straight up telling you that you’re belief is bullshit. He doesn’t mean to discredit your beliefs, he just doesn’t want to disappoint any unrealistic stadards they may have set for you about him.

Underswap Sans

If he isn’t the definition of pure, then I don’t know what is. And he absolutely believes that people can change and, in a sense, be ‘reborn’ as better people. But calamity… He doesn’t like people hurting, so he doesn’t know how to take that. But he’s glad that your beliefs let you two come together! He might ask you about it. What dashing skeleton lead you to such a belief?

Reapertale Sans

It hits a little too close to home for him. He can see pure in Papyrus yeah, but not him. And he’s literally Death. He can’t bring people back to life, that’s Toriel’s job, and a fuck ton of laws against it. Calamity… That brings out a hollow laugh from him. He doesn’t elaborate. He let’s you believe whatever, but he’ll remind you that some things don’t live up to your beliefs. A small part of him though, is glad that someone doesn’t hate or fear him for simply being him.

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I'm trying to find a gif from the 4 nipples 1 electric shock with Jacksepticeye, specifically the part in around 4.00, when they move left and right in sync. Can you help?

I’d love to help, but have you already seen it as a gif and you’re just trying to find it or do you want me to gif it? 

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I'd love a reading if it's ok!! Thing's have been kind of crazy here at the moment and I keep seeing different numbers in sync. I have no idea where the universe wants me right now!

Hi there! Not a problem~ The card I pulled for you is the Four of Swords. What this card tells me if that you may be tiring yourself out trying to figure everything out at once. Take a bit of a rest; sometimes just taking a step back can help you see the bigger picture a bit more clearly or gather a different perspective on what is going on in your life :) 

I hope this helped~ Thank you for the ask!

celticarche said: Not heard of it, either. If you join up, would you blog a bit about it? I’m perpetually fuckless when it comes to giving a damn about my own health and well being, but I fret over my animals getting clean water.

elysean said: Never heard of it, but am I… reading this right? I’d get cash for improving my health. For real. idk have you tried it yet?

I just signed up so give me a couple weeks to try it out and report back. The idea is that you sync the app to your fitbit or applewatch or whatever, and you get points for exercising, logging meals and getting so many hours of sleep. Once you have 10000 points, you get ten dollars. It’s not going to make you rich, but it is a nice little extra incentive to help motivate you to do something you kind of know you should be doing anyway. 

Mostly I want to see how long it takes to accrue points, and how efficient the payment process is. Let me cash in and I’ll report back.

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TMI 'Tuesday' question that I forgot to ask when it was Tuesday: How would you classify the Tales of the Abyss characters according to the cinnamon roll meme? As in 'looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you; looks like they could kill you but actually cinnamon roll; etc'

you mean they’re not all cinnamon rolls

ugh okay let me try to remember all the classifications

cinnamon roll: Luke, Ion, Natalia, Mieu
looks like a cinnamon roll, would actually kill you: Guy, Arietta, probably Tear
looks like they would kill you, would actually kill you: Asch, Sync
looks like they would kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: absolutely fuckin NOBODY in this canon they’re either total sweethearts or definitely going to shank you
sinnamon roll: Jade
looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a sinnamon roll: Anise
looks like a sinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: Peony
looks like they’d kill you, actually a sinnamon roll: Dist
rotten cinnamon roll please throw out that mold is toxic: Van

It’s 4 am and I think I’m funny

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Can u do something w/ Spartos and Bye Bye Bye by N'Sync? ;D

trying to ignore the memes and listen to the lyrics for this was challenging, as was figuring out how the hell Spartos could fit with the song. pls appreciate my efforts

Spartos (Bye Bye Bye)

It was really difficult for the general to watch the events unfold.
He knew you weren’t happy, it was obvious in the expressions on your face whenever you saw that person. Spartos was well aware of the situation, and he wished he could do something to help you, but this was your personal battle. If it got out of hand he would step in, but he knew you needed to figure this out for yourself.
Spartos had settled with providing you reassurance and company when you needed it, but he stayed out of it all for the most part. He tried to convince you that it was better for you to just leave that person already, but you wouldn’t listen, saying that you couldn’t just do that, that it was more complicated, that it wasn’t any of his concern. Unfortunately, though, he felt that it was. After all, Spartos was stupidly in love with you, and seeing you unhappy hurt him more than you would ever know.
“I’ve seen it done before,” He had said at one point. “You just say goodbye and leave.”
“Don’t start with this again,” You had replied, effectively ending the brief conversation. Spartos didn’t want to do anything that would upset you anymore, but he also wanted you to come to your senses.
He eventually came to peace with it, figuring that his attempts at helping you would always be in vain, so he settled for just being there for you when you needed him. Unless you told him to leave, he would always be there to support you, to calm you down, to try and reassure you to the best of his abilities.
Spartos had very little (practically nonexistent) experience in relationships, so this was brand new territory for him, and he was never sure if what he was doing was right. All he knew was that you weren’t happy, that that needed to be fixed, and that you needed to do it yourself.
One day, a day so regular that Spartos was almost hoping for something exciting to happen, you arrived in front of him with an anxious smile on your face. You looked as though a weight had been lifted off of your shoulders.
“Is something wrong?” He asked cautiously, pretending to ignore the peeping eyes of Pisti from behind a column.
“No,” You breathed out. “I.. I know I’ve been dumb, and harsh, but… I did it!”
“Did what?” Spartos cocked an eyebrow.
“I told them that I loved them and they ignored me, that I’ve had enough, and that they could hate me all they wanted but I couldn’t take anymore. And then I said ‘bye’ and left.”
Spartos’ eyes widened in surprise, stunned that you had finally done it and left that person. Finally.
“I’m proud of you,” He said eventually, smiling. “What did they do?”
You chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of your head.
“I don’t know. After I said ‘bye’, I sort of took off, heh.”
All he could do was blink in response.
Well, at least the day had become interesting.

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send 💧to find my muse crying and trying to hide it! || accepting!

     Every time it happened, guilt would shoot through his heart like someone had driven glass through it. Moments where he’d look at Lup, stare at her for a moment as if he was trying to get back in sync with her, seconds when he had to come up with a name. They had been together all their lives, they should have remashed as soon as he remembered. Once the Hunger was defeated, they should have gone back to knowing exactly what the other was thinking, matching the other’s movements, finishing each other’s sentences, but it wasn’t like that. There was a lifetime of family, warmth, and a sister at his side, but he also remembered the lifetime of being alone, shuddering without anyone to talk to, fighting his own battles without backup. It led to confusion, controversy in his body.

     Controversy that boosted anxiety to an eleven, shaking as he tried to pick out what was true and what was not. Brain swaying between two realities, leaving him quiet and lost in the dark of his bedroom. Ears pressed against his head, tears streaming down his face. He had felt this building all day, and knowing what would occur, he had excused himself to his room. A simple laugh, an excuse about needing the rest after their shenanigans that day, and he was confident that he was alone when everything hit him. 

     At the moment though, his brain was more preoccupied with the distinguishing of what was real and what was not. His eyes stared at the wall across from him, chest heaving as his nails dug into his legs, sure to leave red marks. He flinched when the door was opened, eyes blinking wide and unfocused at the figure. No one should be up at this time, unless…

     The moment it took to gather her name from the flood of memories just made him feel worse. 

     “ Lup… He mumbled, throat hoarse. // @flamegauntlet

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I'm on the verge of a panic attack due to school can you please distract me?

fuck i’m so sorry okay uhh i can try to make you a playlist? let me know what type of song you’d want - here’s a small playlist of cute songs

try to breathe in sync with this

walk around, sit down somewhere and close your eyes. breathe. you’ll be okay. 

we could talk about something - has anything in particular happened to you today? what are you wearing? are you going to any shows any time soon? which artists would you most want to see live? 


“So, I’ve heard you found out about Luke,” Sync said from his perch on his tree. He’d been waiting for her to finally leave that city and had stationed himself between Kimlasca and Belkind to bide his time. He doesn’t drop down and doesn’t make any sort of threatening motion.

Instead, his head cocks to the side in an almost similiar fashion to a bird. He regards her with green eyes that are barely visible from her point of view beneath him. He makes no point of trying to hide them.

“Are you going to do anything?”