'the way you make me melt'

good seeing yr face // that smile you give saying thanks

10 word story // melting // wait … lost his place.

like yr nails caress // on his back // makes him lose focus.

exhausted // way yr eyes light up // gives him bliss.

(glowing orbs // deserve more description                                                                     than can be mustered // at the moment.)

green, clear // sparkling, water themed // aquamarine // most stunning ever seen // lost in yr sea // longing for you // kiss me longer  what was he saying?

ah, right // he’s happy // new love.

tying yr apron // wants desperately to touch.                                                       humph // damn plastic gloves.

used to running first // then coming to screeching halt.                                       we crawled // tottered // finally beginning to walk.                                                      see, now he’s rambling about “us”…

(thankfully, he doesn’t mind sandwiches.)

by you // easily distracted.

xxx SirPup Kingston // 03.25.2017

Rhysand as an older brother

So we all know that Rhysand had a little sister before the absolute toolest-to-tool got in the way but just imagine what Rhysand would have been like as an older brother:

-He’d still be the annoying, over-bearing, over-protective, over-everything (come on, don’t tell me Rhys’ personality doesn’t thrive on being extra to everyone)

-But when she wasn’t around, he’d melt like butter every time she was mentioned (”Would do anything to protect you my smol bean” “…What did you just call me, Rhys??”)

-Please don’t even think about bullying her because not only would Rhys make you suffer, but so would best-friend/cousin Morrigan, holy-shit-terrifying-older-sister Amren, yes-you’re-my-favourite-older-brother Cassian, and the-chillest-and-illest Azriel.

-Period. Just. Don’t.

-Cheekiest older brother to cheeky (if you tell me Rhysand wouldn’t tease her about crying about crying over a dog picture, (and then crying in his room after she showed him the picture of the most floofiest, smollest, cutest to ever cute dog he’d ever seen) then you lyin’)

-Point to an ugly bat contest

-Like legit, they’d point to an unattractive bat picture

-“Dat u” 

-Like he’d be an ass, but you know it’s not Rhysand if he ain’t one of the best older brothers

-They would have a very, very close relationship

-I mean, she would take time to comfort him every time Rhys was stressed about becoming a High Lord and Rhys would in turn devote his life to having his little sister safe at his side

-Because being the High Lord of the Night Court would mean a target on his, and everyone he loves’ back 24/7

-But Rhys never tells that to his little sister

-That the thing he’s most afraid of is failing to protect her just because he was the heir to the throne (don’t even get me started on how guilty he felt when he heard that she died at the Spring Courts’ hands)

-Don’t even get me started if she started dating

-Like Rhys would have the address, number of living relatives, and the freaking social security number of their entire family in 2 seconds flat (”What?? Me?? Abusing my position as High Lord to find out who breathes where in my territory?? Noooooooo”)

-Just imagine family life within the Inner Circle and Rhysand’s little sister

*goes off to cry because the feels decked me like a patio on steriods*

*imagines her with the Inner Circle.* *cries even more*

*imagines her watching Rhys suffer Under the Mountain and meeting Feyre* *decks myself*

I am not the kind of girl
That people fall in love with
My smile doesn’t melt hearts
Or create butterflies
No one sees me and thinks
“Wow, isn’t she something?”
And when I smile I hope he’s watching
And I hope that it’ll change
And maybe he’ll see that I’m happy
And want to make me feel that everyday
And maybe he’ll fall for my smile
The same way I fell for his
But when I laugh he just laughs at me
And how my eyes squint different shapes when I smile
And my face falls just a little
Just enough that he won’t notice
And my blue eyes lose a bit of their sparkle
But it’s not like he’ll even see
Because his eyes are falling in love with someone else
His eyes that obliviously hold my whole sky
Are gazing at her
And my eyes are a river
Flooding out every night
And never quite as full as they once were
—  Unrequited Love
the date

ok but guys what about marinette finding out that adrien has a huge crush on ladybug and being the overconfident little shit she is, deciding to set him up on a date with her because she has -1000000% chill (for @miraculousstorytelling)

  • when he asks marinette how she knows ladybug she makes up some bullshit story about how she’s super tight with ladybug bc she’s friends with alya and they bonded after evillustrator or something
  • adrien is freaking out a little because he’s worried that ladybug won’t like him and might not think it’s cool that his classmate is asking her out for him
  • after talking to him for a bit she realizes that adrien is really concerned about making a good impression and making sure that he doesn’t overstep any boundaries because he really respects ladybug and doesn’t want to impose on her just because he has a crush on her
  • marinette melts a little bit a lot and tells him all these ‘secret’ ways to ladybug’s heart and all of ladybug’s favorite things and he takes notes like he’s never taken them before and she’s like damn he’s serious about this I did not expect this
  • she indulges in it tho and asks adrien more times than is necessary to talk about how much he likes ladybug and grins super hard every time he starts gushing about her
  • adrien is really curious how marinette knows all these things about ladybug but kind of rolls along with it and trusts her bc she is his first friend and obviously has his best interests at heart
  • alya is very skeptical of the whole thing because all of ladybug’s favorite things sound suspiciously like /marinette’s/ favorite things, which she points out after observing a particularly long conversation between marinette and adrien on the finer points of ladybug’s interests
  • as the days pass, she becomes increasingly concerned that marinette is going to show up to adrien’s house dressed up like ladybug and that this whole thing is a charade to get adrien to fall for her
  • marinette doesn’t know how to tell alya that she’s technically right but also completely wrong so she kind of just ignores it
  • the night of the date, ladybug shows up to the agreste mansion, super excited about how the night is going to go, because she’s prepped adrien for the perfect date
  • what she isn’t prepared for is how romantic the boy is
  • it’s one thing to experience adrien gushing about ladybug to her when she’s in front of him as her civilian self
  • it’s quite another to actually witness adrien agreste staring deep into her eyes with adoring eyes and doing every single thing that she told him he needed to do to win her heart
  • ladybug is not ready for this
  • ladybug.exe stops functioning within 30 seconds of being presented with a love poem and a starry-eyed gaze from one adrien agreste
  • ladybug might be a little fucked right now

I don’t miss you.

I don’t miss you, but I miss your voice. I miss the way you’d say my name, like I was hearing it for the first time. I miss the way it was so stern when talking to everyone else but it seemed to melt when you were speaking to me. I miss the way you’d say “come here” and hold your arms open, like you were gesturing me to come home.

I don’t miss you, but I miss your eyes. The way the light would hit them so strategically, making brown seem like the most beautiful color I’d ever seen. I miss the way they’d stare at me from across the room like it was just us two in a crowd full of people. I miss getting lost in those eyes.

I don’t miss you, but I miss your hands. I miss the way your rough palms would feel against my soft skin as you ran them down my arm. I miss the way our hands seemed to find each other, fitting perfectly together, without us even realizing. I miss them in the back of my hair when you’d kiss me; I swear sometimes I can still feel them there.

I don’t miss you, but I miss the way we’d reconnect so easily, like no time had passed. Picking up on things we had left off on, talking for hours about nothing- which ended up being everything. I miss hearing your stories about the things you’d done, things you’d seen. I’d give anything for those stories again.

I don’t miss you, but I miss your smile. I miss the way your lips would curl, showing off those perfect teeth of yours. I miss the way I’d catch you looking at me. I’d ask “what?” and your response was always “nothing”, but that smile you gave afterwards told me everything I needed to know. I swear that smile could end wars.

I don’t miss you, but I miss the memories. I miss driving around with you, even when all I wanted was to be watching movies on your couch. I’d drive to the end of the world if it meant spending time with you. I miss talking to your mom, when all you wanted was for us to be left alone. I miss the eye rolls you gave when her and I agreed on things about you. I miss you telling me how beautiful I was, no matter what I looked like, and knowing you meant it. I miss walking into a party with a house full of people, and catching you staring at me from across the room, waiting for your chance to come over. I even miss the bad memories. I miss being worried sick about you making stupid decisions with your friends, and then getting into fights with you over it. I miss the way people would question why I cared about you so much, like you were an outlaw. I miss you texting me at 3 AM drunk off your ass, telling me you missed me, even though you were supposed to be with her. I miss the way you were never sure about anything. There was never solid ground with you. You were the raging seas, while I was just a sailor, holding on for dear life.

I don’t miss you, but I miss being in love with you. I miss my heart racing every time I’d see you, even if it was the 500th time. I miss those butterflies in my stomach when you’d kiss me, even if it was just on the cheek. I miss being sick to my stomach on the bathroom floor thinking she could never love you like I did, but cheering you on to your face, knowing your happiness meant more to me than anything. I miss when you said it. Those 3 little words. The one and only time you ever said it. I miss holding that in my heart, knowing it was the one thing I had from you that those others didn’t.

But I swear I don’t miss you.

—  Serenesonder

If I take too many pictures of you during the day, don’t hate me. it’s a non-verbal way to tell you; I love you. so much. it means I wanna have a million pictures of you because you look so beautiful. with your hair like that. or wearing that shirt. when you make that funny face. or with the sun in your eyes. it means I don’t wanna forget your face. and that smile you have that makes me melt. I love you I love you I love you

Something More - Theo Raeken

Originally posted by hugwithsleep

Summary: Theo and Y/n are fwb, the pack has no acknowledgement on their status. 

Warning: some smut,fluff and terrible writing 


“Hey Princess” Theo smirked making his way toward Malia and I “ugh get a life Theo” Malia groaned he stopped in front of me “can I catch you after school?” he looked at me expectantly “in your dreams” I fought back the small smile that wanted to make an appearance “your already there” he winked walking away to his locker near the end of the hallway. Damn that boy really knew how to make me melt.

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CS January Joy Round Up

This is a few days late, but guys, can I say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in CS January Joy?! So many authors stepped up to create amazing fics to inject a bit of happiness into what can be a very dreary month. And of course thank you to everyone who read, liked, reblogged, commented and reviewed those stories too!

Here’s all the fics from the past month for your reading pleasure!

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12 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever by @katie-dub

Baby There’s a Price to Pay (I’m a genie in a bottle) by @lassluna

Sugar and Spice by @i-know-how-you-kiss

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Step By Step My Heart Will Start Melting by @ab-normality

Thirteen Seconds by @finndameron

The Snow Queen (or, A Cold Heart) by @metronomeblue

Mother Tongue by @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable

I Remember by @bethacaciakay

One Hundred and One Reasons to Smile by @natascha-remi-ronin

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stay cool, it’s just a kiss by @themmaswan

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To a New Adventure @ahsagitarius

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To Repair a Heart by @icecubelotr44

She Left No Instructions by @thegladelf

Bonus drabble

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Okay I know the Malec Angst™ is stressing everyone out but can you imagine later Alec grinning at Magnus and blushing and saying, “Did you really mean it when you said you would do anything for me?” and Magnus smiles softly back at him and intertwines their fingers. “Every word.” And Alec looks down at the ground but even that cannot hide his blinding smile. “I would do anything for you too.” He replies quietly and Magnus’ heart melts and he squeezes Alec’s hand and when Alec looks back into his eyes, they’re shining with adoration and compassion. “I’m going to be with you every step of the way, understand?” Alec nods and the feeling of Magnus’ hand in his is incredible and the world is spinning and he wants to hold him in his arms and kiss him and make him smile and laugh and just make him happy. “Me too.” Those two words, although simple, are affective as Magnus beams at him and Alec can tell that the urge to adore and admire and love is mutual.

When I’m angry, do you know what I need?Cuddle. Tell me how much you love me. Like the songs you listen every time you missed me. Hug me, because your arms are my home. Comfort me with your words and sorry, because sometimes all ii need is your affection. It’s mesmerizing you know, the way you say “ I love you”, it captivated my heart. Your presence that makes me nervous but also comforting. Kiss me because your lips make my heart melt. Regardless how much anger I felt when I look into your eyes my anger disappear. The way your eyes says sorry every time you hurt my feelings, unexpectedly. Your eyes tell everything about the way you love me. It’s so gentle that sometimes I can’t handle the gaze.
—  Cuddle and Moments // sky 

Sweetheart, you make me smile in so many ways that I never dreamed of before. You make my heart melt and my stomach flutter with just one smile. Your eyes shine brighter than stars and just having your happiness is all I need to have a good day. I won’t ask for anything in return because your happiness and joy is enough.


With the snow falling down around you, wet and sticky, you pulled your half-drenched coat around your shoulders and listened as your feet slapped against puddled pavement… It wasn’t that you didn’t like the snow - winter wonderland and all that jazz but this was damn near akin to rain and it had a way of sinking bone deep every time the partially melted flakes touched against your skin.

“You look kind of miserable…” Ray chuckled after he pulled his hood up; his eyes cutting toward the dirty slush coating the streets as a car zipped through and splashed it onto the sidewalk.

“How could you tell?” You joked, shoving your wet gloves into your coat pockets.

“Well, your resting bitch face looks pretty… resting.” He replied with that spacey grin of his, which managed to make you snort though a small laugh. “Want me to put a smile on your face.”

 At that you let out puff and glanced upward to see the city lights catching and reflecting through the falling flakes before saying, “Unless you and your suit can stop this gross weather, I’m not sure that’s possible.”

“I’ll take that bet.” And in one quick move, Ray wrapped a light grip around your forearm, his touch warming even through your wet clothes, causing a shiver to vibrate up your spine as he dropped on his knee. It took you about ten seconds after he’d fished a small, tell-tale box out of his pocket to really put it together; your gloved hands instinctively shooting toward his face to run a cold, wet touch along his jaw. “Will you marry me?”

With your head now bobbing frantically, you felt your lips pull into a bright grin and without thinking, you bent forward to kiss him senseless.

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Ray Proposing to You*

@rutherfxckerreally cute christmassy way (if that makes sense) to the reader? And also - I check this blog a lot (especially for Harry 😍) and it always cheers me up, so thank you for doing what you do!!! 

anonymous asked:

I was watching the Modern Family episode where 3 year old Lily learns about weddings and then wants to marry her dad (Cam) who loves the idea but her other dad Mitch finds out about it and then tries to outdo their fake wedding and it just keeps spiralling from there. It made me think of what baby jeon would be like with his noona or hyungs after learning about what weddings are for the first time

when jungkook first found out what marriage was, ladies and gentlemen, the boys (all six grown men) realized a three year old had more balls than they ever did. jungkook immediately got on one knee, trying to replicate what he saw on the television and his words, lord take the wheel his words are so pure and precious because he asks past the limitations of trying to articulate what he feels in a way that makes everyone melt to their knees.

with a smooth will noona marry me? you’re swooping him off his feet to your chest, hugging him close with a of course i will, jeon jungkookie and from there it gets wild.

while it was adorable, in the next split of a second, it was complete chaos.

“jungkookie! why marry y/n? there’s so many other girls in the world!”

“shit, if you think so then i’d marry y/n,”

“piss off, man! like hell y/n would marry you,”

“she said yes to a three year old! i wouldn’t be that bad!”

“…this is ridiculous. we’re arguing over a three year old’s fake proposal,”

“then you don’t want to marry y/n? good, one less person to care about,”

“that’s not what i meant!”

“…jungkookie, let’s get out of here, yeah?” you murmur into his ear, and he nods slowly, as long as it makes you happy but - “sit back down, y/n! we’re not done with this!”

Melted(TaeKook). Hot Coals AU.

Pairing: Taekook

Warnings: Smut (+19)
Word counting: 4.604

Sumary: It keeps a story between Taehyung and Jungkook after the end of Hot Coals but is readable without the main story. Taehyung goes throught an existencial crisis with kinky shit all the way.

A/N: It’s under a “read more” tab, if you are in your phone and it doesn’t work try to open it on the navegator. 


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Preference #7-Turn Ons

Bellamy-Your glasses. You’ve always hated having to wear them but for some reason, Bellamy thinks they’re the sexiest thing ever. You’ll slip them on to face him after an argument and bite your lip while waiting for him to speak-and try as he may, he can’t seem to resist you in them. You’ll pull him into a hug and feel him melt into your touch, mumbling a string of “I’m sorry”s as his hands make their way down your back to grab your ass.

Monty-Your intelligence. On the Ark, you and Monty had both been recruited for engineering and it was your mind that had first attracted him to you and now, its one of the many things about you that get him going. You’ll shush him while reading a book and he’ll fire back with “Oh really? Make me.” followed by one of his signature smirks.

Jasper-Neck kisses. Jasper can’t handle it when you tease him so you hover your soft lips over his skin gently, only pressing them to his skin when he begins to moan and pull your head into him. In a string of sloppy kisses, you glide your lips and tongue across his neck sending a jolt of pleasure through him, hardening his member against your body.

Murphy-You taking control. Murphy is usually in the one who calls the shots, but every once in a while, you win against him in the fight for dominance. You’ll climb on top of him, pin his hands down and grind smoothly against him, making him wait until you think he’s earned it. 

seventeen as buzzfeed titles
  • seungcheol: i tried wearing tight clothing for a week to see what will happen
  • jeonghan: this is what 100 layers of foundation, eyelashes, lipstick, hair spray, spray tan, and nail polish looks like ALL AT ONCE
  • joshua: the hardest anime quiz you'll ever take
  • junhui: 15 pictures that will make you say "this is me flirting"
  • hoshi: how much of a chicken expert are you?
  • wonwoo: 11 incredible facts that will change the way you sleep
  • jihoon: 12 extremely disappointing facts about popular music
  • seokmin: is this a sunrise or melted cheese?
  • mingyu: can we guess what type of chicken this hot chef should feed you?
  • minghao: 10 things honey boo boo has in common with donald trump
  • seungkwan: we'll read your mind and tell you which Kardashian-Jenner sister you're thinking of
  • vernon: i tried being "swaggy" for a month and this is what happened.
  • dino: 18 snapchats your dog would send you (#3 shocked me!)