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Sometimes I find it hard to describe the emotions, facial expressions and/or movements of the characters, Can I Please have some tips on that?

Hi, darling!  Thanks for sending us your question :)

First off, I apologize if I don’t hit your issue right on the nail.  This is a big question, after all, so I’ve put together a general sweep of the subject.  If this post doesn’t answer your question, you can hit us up again with more information on the specific problem you’re having.  The inbox should be open again soon <3

Conveying Emotion Through Body Language

Body language is a powerful tool in fiction – a means of communicating your characters’ emotions without having to come out and say it.  Physical description breaks up scenes that may otherwise be heavy on dialogue or plot, and it contributes to a fuller image of what’s happening in each scene.  But like any good thing, it can be misused or overused.  Below, I’ll outline some tips on what to describe about your characters’ body language, and when to use it.

What to Describe

Obviously, there’s no limit to what about your character you can describe – but deciding what details to use can be the difficult part!  There’s a book I definitely recommend for this, which goes through 75 different emotions and the body language that relates to them.  I’ll give you a few starting points here:

  • Head: tilting, bobbing, nodding, shaking, looking around, lowering, lifting.
  • Eyes: widening, narrowing, blinking, rolling, averting, tearing up, twitching, squeezing shut, lighting up, dilating.
  • Brow: furrowing, wrinkling, (eyebrows) raising, (eyebrows) lowering.
  • Nose: twitching, wrinkling, sniffing.
  • Mouth: smiling, frowning, smirking, pursing, opening, (jaw) dropping, (lips) pressing together; biting lip, gritting teeth, sticking tongue out, licking lips, pushing tongue into cheek.
  • Jaw: dropping, clenching, shifting, grinding, jutting out, trembling.
  • Shoulders: shrugging, hunching, slumping, tensing, relaxing.
  • Chest: expanding, deflating, broadening, tightening, heaving (avoid for female characters).
  • Arms: swinging, wrapped around (self), thrown out at sides, extended, behind back, stiff, bent, crossed, flexed.
  • Hands: curled into fists, clasped, wringing, sweating, scratching (self), rubbing neck/shoulders/head, waving, knocking, tapping, nails digging into palms; in hair, in pockets, on face, on hips, over eyes, over ears, over mouth.
  • Feet: tapping, kicking, turned in, rocking (on feet), skipping, walking, running, trudging, tiptoeing, hopping, dancing.

These are only the basics, of course!  There are many more simple and complex mannerisms you can employ to tell us how your character is feeling about their current situation, conversation, or company.  If you’re struggling to come up with your own ideas, people-watching or just paying attention to your own quirks throughout the day can give you tons of material.

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When to Describe

So when you know the basic emotion your character is feeling (happiness, sadness, anger, discomfort, attraction, etc.) and how you want to show it, the question is when to introduce this information.  Some writers make the mistake of including too much description, so that it interrupts the flow of the scene; while others struggle to include enough, so that their characters seem to be floating heads in the air – and every emotion must be communicated through dialogue.  It’s all about striking a balance between those extremes.

To work on this, try to think about the reason behind the information you’re giving.  Body language should be used to:

  • add to the image of the scene – in other words, to avoid Floating Head Syndrome.  Certain aspects of a scene will naturally come to your reader’s mind; they don’t need to be told that your characters are looking at each other during a conversation, or that they’re frowning while they’re crying, or that they’re smiling when they shout, “This is the best day ever!”  It’s the things that aren’t implied that you should share – like when your character flops onto the couch with a sigh; or when they stare down at their feet as they kick a rock along and pretend to pay attention to their friend; or when they do something or anything that lets on to how awkward or clumsy or gentle or quirky or anal-retentive they are.  Anything that helps the reader to imagine what’s happening, to see it in their heads, is a good thing.
  • to express emotions without dialogue – or often, in spite of it.  When your character isn’t talking, or when they’re lying, body language is your best means of expressing what they’re thinking, without that pesky internal dialogue.  When your character wishes their unrequited love a happy wedding, show us how their shoulders sink and how the corners of their mouth tremble with the effort it takes to keep smiling.  Let us feel the anger swelling behind your character’s stoic expression as they apologize to their boss, and how it melts into a burning face as they walk away.  Show us how your character shoves their elbow into the kitchen table and subtly scratches their nose with their middle finger because their bigoted great-grandmother is making Thanksgiving very uncomfortable for everyone.  Those are the big-ticket items.

As for timing, personally, I tend to space out this information every few paragraphs, especially in scenes with heavy dialogue.  It’s best not to give more than three different descriptors in a row (e.g. “He sighed, wringing his hands, foot tapping anxiously, shoulders hunched, skin clammy” and so forth) unless the situation really calls for it.  Body language should NOT be used to:

  • fill space on the page – This is distracting, time-consuming for the reader, and can ultimately serve as a crutch for you as a writer.
  • replace dialogue tags – Dialogue tags are not bad and shouldn’t be replaced entirely by character descriptors.  Yes, they are interchangeable with body language, but one isn’t better than the other.  No one wants line after line of:

“Words words words.”  Sally yawned.

“Words words?”  Rita stretched her legs.

“Words!”  Sally sat up straight and reached for her glass.

After a while, you’ll find a rhythm to how often you interject description – when you catch your readers up on what your character is doing and how they’re feeling.  Remember that if you’re having trouble coming up with descriptors in the moment, you can always add it in later.  No worries :)

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This is the most I can give you on the general topic of body language and emotions.  If any of our followers have additional advice, be sure to add it in the comments or reblogs :)  Thanks again, and happy writing!

– Mod Joanna ♥️

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I was already mad about Carl being dead but this just takes the cake. This makes absolutely no fucking sense. The only person who should be getting CARL’S storylines is CARL. NOT ANYBODY ELSE. You kill him to not only keep Negan alive but also keep stale, boring and characters who don’t move the story AT ALL relevant (I’m looking at you Daryl) It’s dumb and I’m 99% sure it won’t work or be believable. Enid wouldn’t work and I really don’t want to see that and Judith is way too young for that. Everybody wants Negan dead then all of a sudden they want him alive? Yeah that makes absolutely perfect sense after he killed 3 of there people, cause the death of others, almost killed Rick’s child, obviously wants Rick dead, kidnapped and tortured one, then kidnapped another, super fucking creepy towards Maggie and Rosita, and destroyed their home. Is Rick going to become their father too? Are they going to wear the hat? The Walking Dead is becoming a fucking joke.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Ernesto Strikes Back: A Coco Fan Fiction

[Part 1: Fallen]  [Part 2: Anger]  [Part 3:Cursed]  

[Part 4: Doubt]  [Part 5: Remembering]  [Part 6: Empty]

Part 7: The Important Things

“Where is he? I am going to kill him! That monster, that bestia, that-”

There was a loud commotion with Imelda’s voice leading the way as several sets of feet entered the ofrenda room behind Ernesto, but then it sharply cut off.

Ernesto slowly, so, so slowly pulled himself back to a sitting position. Even more slowly he turned until he was facing Hector, Imelda, and Miguel. All three of them stood tightly together at the entryway.

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…nations that are considerably better as women: 

*Ranked in order of how strongly I feel about this. 

1. Prussia. Hands down. Better as a woman. A better person. A cooler story. A better personality. 

2. America. America the beautiful and so-on and such-and-forth. America should be a woman. i have always thought this. I thought this before Hetalia. Thank you for nothing sexism. 

3. China. Okay, this one is personal because I thought he was a woman and I was like–ah, mild representation. But c’mon, Hetalia, really? Really? Almost all the nations are men?

4. Germany. Okay, have you people seen her design? Not to mention: she’s completely badass.

5. Norway.    

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do you love nicky??? bc i do, and i feel like he makes a lot of social-cue mistakes in the books and the thing w/ kissing neil, but also like he should also be more appreciated bc he sacrifices SM to raise aaron and andrew and that is such a hard task and idk where im going w/ this i just wanted your thoughts on nicky <3

i do like nicky!! and tbh he’s not perfect but he didn’t stay That Way during the entire trilogy, he apologized and made up his mind to be a better person. also we got to see his development throughout the books and i could say i’m pretty pleased with that! and yes god,, i like to imagine how it was living with two wrecked teenagers for like 3 years, him being like barely an adult and having no idea how to provide for other people. but i’d say he managed pretty well honestly

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I'm still miffed that all I did was ask Solas "When were you at court?" and he gave me disapproval. Like, Eggos, if you can't keep your lies straight it's not my fault. Then he tries to go all "Oh well, never directly, I'm totes an unwashed hobo apostate" *paints more wolf motifs on the walls*


Honestly though: he goes on and on about being misunderstood and ignored but every time anyone actually cracks his defenses Solas gets mad?? He should be pleased?? 

I’m like confused how, on one hand, he wants to be seen honestly and believes he’s a pretty decent person yet also feels he has to control the narrative. Its almost like the person Solas thinks he is and wants everyone to see him as and the person Solas actually is are two totally different things.

Six weeks ago, he told me he had to deal with something “really terrible” and needed time and space to do that. I didn’t hear a word from him until he showed up unexpectedly at my door yesterday at noon. Risky.

The something terrible was his feelings. He had to distance himself from me because he was beginning to feel like we should be much more than what he needs us to be to fit into his “life plan.” That plan involves marriage and kids. He achieved the marriage after bringing the woman he had known for six months and seen in person three times from Mexico to live with him. He married her five months later.

I told him he was making a mistake, and that if he felt that strongly for me, and he knows I feel that for him, we should be together. He said I know he only found her so he can have kids… and he implied once that is done…

To which I said…. NO. Once there are children, he has to be the father they deserve.

He is fighting himself way too hard on this. I don’t think he loves her in the right way to build a family and life with her.

In four years, this is the first time he’s needed space because he cared too much for me. And now he’s back because he said he can’t have a life without me in it, and we have to make this work on his terms.

He doesn’t care about my terms. I can’t be just sex. And now I realize he may not be able to do that either.

Here’s a thing that’s hilarious to me:

All the antis are saying “you’re excusing Billy’s behavior,” “you want Steve to get hurt,” “they only ship them because they’re hot,” “you’re fetishizing abusive relationships,” and I’m just ?? I have not seen or encountered one (1) person who ships Harringrove that excuses Billy’s behavior. In the show, he’s an absolute dick and tbh nothing he does is “okay.”

Now in the non-canon Harringrove setting, we all seem to be on the same page wherein that Billy somehow redeems himself and does his best to not be the abusive dickhead he is in the show. Almost every fan fiction I’ve read has had nothing but positive interactions between Billy and Steve, and if they’re negative, they turn in to “let’s work through this” situations.

I don’t think that Billy should get a redemption arc in the show if for nothing but the simple fact that the Duffers would have to introduce another character, and they’ve already stated that they want a human antagonist. No one in the harringrove fandom wants Steve to get hurt. No one is shipping it as a fetish (at least I hope not). No one thinks what Billy does in the show is okay and I see no one excusing his behavior.

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day.

I’m out ✌🏻

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Why the eff is so much hate coming at you for speculating Sam’s instagram? It’s his freaking SM that he uses to engage fans. It’s a goal to get fans talking. Not to mention the least invasive thing we’ve talked about. Speculation is normal on SM. It’s one thing to say we should give privacy on personal topics though I’ll argue his personal drama’s been strategically thrown into the fandom’s face to talk about but the purpose of SM is to interact/create buzz. There’s no issue to send hate about.


I’ve seen so many posts lately describing Norway as “arrogant,” and it’s just like?? That’s one of the last personality traits that should be attached to him imo. In fact, he seems to be one of the most humble and shy characters in Hetalia. He hates having his picture taken and having the spotlight on him, as well as the fact that he never really brags or boasts about anything. In fact, he seems to be annoyed by others’ arrogance (*coughDenmarkcough*).

I think “arrogant” is a personality trait that describes Denmark more tbh. Yes, Denmark has flaws too, ladies and gentlemen. He’s not a pure sweet kind sunshine rainbows puppy dog 24/7.

I apologize for yet another (mild) Norway-related rant. I just wish everybody would start portraying him like the kind, pure person he is. He’s just as nice as, say, Finland or Denmark. Perhaps even more so. He’s NOT cold. He’s NOT rude or mean. He’s NOT arrogant. And he most certainly is NOT abusive or cruel.

PS: Norway raised Iceland too, and is just as much a good, loving brother/parent to him as Denmark. :)

Double PS: He’s the baker and mom friend in the Nordic family, not Finland.

when will popular christian discernment stop being “if you don’t want to do it, that’s 110% direct proof and insistence from God Himself that you should or else you’re a terrible person :):):) (He still loves you thoooo…but only bc He loves all the worst things ever.”)

Sneak peek of chapter 3 of The Sin of Greed…

“That’s also a Dove?” Touka raised a brow and Kaneki gave a small nod. “Like I said, sly dogs.”

“It’s called business, darling.” He spun her around, lifting one hand and held it in his, his other moving to her waist. “Speaking of which, we should probably blend in before you get started.”

“Why?” Touka leaned her head back, her nails digging into his shoulder. Kaneki grinned, tugging her closer until her body was pressed against his.

“I haven’t found the person I’m looking for. Once I find him and have him distracted, you should be able to slip away.” He tilted Touka’s chin up and she flinched away with a snarl. “Humour me, won’t you?”

“I’d rather not.” However, the music began to play again and they started to move. “W-Wait, I don’t know how to-”

“It’s okay. It’s simple, just follow my lead.”

He glided smoothly across the dance floor, Touka carefully making sure not to step onto his feet and her grip on his hand and shoulder tightened as she held in her breath.

“Relax, Touka.” He whispered into her ear. “Don’t be so afraid. I’ll catch you if you fall again.”

“I hate you.” He chuckled and slowed his movements to make it easier for Touka to catch up. “Can’t believe I’m dancing with some psychopathic murderer.”

“You’re enjoying it thought.”

“Shut up.” Why didn’t she disagree? “Is that guy here yet?”

Kaneki looked up, his eye scanning the crowd around them until they widened briefly with a dark smile formed on his lips. Looking down, he stepped back and placed her hand onto his arm, leading her away from the other dancers.

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Just another addition to this whole Brand New/Jesse thing. Jesse literally spent over half of his life writing music about his demons and essentially how shitty of a person he is. I don't understand why everyone is so surprised. We all should have seen this coming. The man deserves no defense, he's a shitty person. But the pedestal people put musicians on is unreal. Don't fault the band for a mistake one member made. You're allowed to still support the music.

*drops mic*

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Do you think it's time people stopped supporting harry completely? he's proved numerous times that he's not a good person and not a good celebrity persona, and yet everyone keeps being "disappointed" rather than actually taking a stand against his actions.

like anyone in the public eye, harry is under more scrutiny than your average person. but the thing is - harry IS an average person in most aspects. and we should definitely hold him accountable for the things he chooses to engage with, for the things he says, and all that. i wouldn’t call harry ‘not a good person’ or ‘not a good celebrity persona’. i believe harry is a good person (and a better celebrity than a lot of others), but he’s massively ignorant about a lot of issues. he makes vague statements to appease his zealous fans. does this make him a bad person? no. it makes him someone who wants to separate his celebrity life from his personal life/beliefs. that’s fine. but if he then wants to engage with political issues, then he must do so after research and introspection so he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth.

harry has made mistakes, but it doesn’t make him a bad person. i think it’s important to realise not everything is black and white - the world mostly operates in greys. part of being a better human is acknowledging your mistakes when you make them, apologising, and vowing not to make the same ones again (and acting in a way that follows through on that promise). that’s how everyone grows. and at the end of the day harry is 23 - he’s got a lot to learn, like we all do. i just hope harry uses these experiences to be better.

Christmas Snow Crystals ❄️

Pairing: Touka Kirishima , Kaneki ken

Rating: Slight NSFW, fluff


Haise was sitting at his desk , looking throughout the papers. Investing after the long party he and the Quinx had. He was thinking about one person, one never left his thoughts, one with a fluffy short blue hair, one wearing an apron hugging her body in its best curves.
He wished so bad that she could have joined them tonight.

“I wonder how’s that person doing? Is she on a date maybe?” He muttered , smiling to himself yet feeling a little bit of disappointment.

He looked at the clear sky from the window, “she should stay warm if so”, he looked bitter.

How much he wished. He’d be that man with her. On her date.

To Haise’s less knowledge, That person, was looking at the Christmas tree, holding her hand together. Praying.

Her older brother stands behind her.

“What are you doing?” He says.

“Im praying for Kaneki” she mutters.

Her brother was silent.

“I pray that he is not suffering, i pray he isnt alone anymore” she says. Trying not to sound sad.

Im praying he comes back soon. He comes back to me.

She sighed, knowing it wont happen. She doesnt want to be selfish, she knows it wont happen.

But, when a year passes by, at this time.

Changes of fates happen. Prayers get answered.

She was sitting between his thighs. Her legs above his waist. Her Arms hanging behind his neck. While his holding her waist. Lips collided in simple lazy kisses.

They were sitting on their bed in their warm bedroom. While the sky was snowing it’s crystals flakes of snow. Outside their balcony.

The presents were laying under the Christmas tree, ones he had bought them earlier, set up in their living-room of their 3+1 apartment.

Kaneki kept saying that he bought a lot for the Aogiri kids and the 24th Ward children. Making touka realise he bought them from the Cafe’s savings. But she couldn’t be mad over that. Knowing those children will be love it.

She interrupted the make out they were having. “Apparently you bought presents for everyone, did you buy the stuff i told you to buy for the baby?” She said.

“Of course, they have been the first in the list of good children that mr. Santa ken has written this morning” he said. Resting his palm around the baby pump between them.

“Good to know, they cant come and finding nothing to wear in this weather” touka muttered against his lips, landing another kiss.

“Actually, i … i also bought something for you” he whispered against her cheeks.

He reached out into his pocket. And pulled out a velvet small box. And handed it to her.

She gazed at the box in a confused look

“Its not Christmas morning yet?” She said.

“Its not a Christmas present in fact, i should have bought this before, as your husband “ he said as he brushed her bangs away.

“Open it” he said. As he brought his lips to her cheeks. Closing his eyes, loving her scent.

She did as he told her.

There was a silver necklace with a pendent. The pendent was a ring with a rabbit looking up at the moon and the stars at the upper corner of the ring.

Her eyes twinkled at the beauty of the pendent’s idea.

“Kaneki..” she spoke but she was silenced with a kiss on her nose.

“I have a weak spot for buying you everything with rabbits on them, i guess i picked this habit from you.” He smiled.

“Idiot, you didn’t need to spend money on useless stuff” she blushed at the cute little rabbit.

“I can’t” he smiled.

And he brought his lips onto hers again. And pulled her slowly with him to lay on the bed.

She broke the kiss for a breath. And looked at the hanging clock on the wall.

It was 12:01 a.m.

“Oh? I guess its Christmas now” she said and looked at him again. Nose brushing.

“Merry Christmas, Anata” she kissed him.

Making him giggle.

It sounds so good on her lips.

“Merry Christmas, Tsuma” he muttered. And laid her next to him, and kissed her again. This time, not intending on breaking it.

Emotions take over them, warmth wraps them, love fills them.

A year filled with hardships, it was the time now to see the results of bearing along the hardships.

Touka knows he wont leave anymore, and he will be the first ever person who wont leave anymore.

Kaneki knows that she loves him, and will always choose him in everything, will want him to stay. And she is the first person he’d ever felt from this feeling.

He brings his hand under her shirt. While kissing her, reaching up to get rid of her bra. As she unbottens his black shirt’s buttons.

They break off their kiss for a breath.

“Kaneki, are we going really to do it?” She smirked.

Kaneki brought his lips toward her jawline. Kissing it, slowly bitting it. Getting moans from her in response.

“It helps you in birth, thats what the book said” he whispered against her shoulder.

“Y-you should read less” she giggled but then was cut by moans when his hands reached up to palm her breasts.

“I would only read less if you stop wearing those complicated bras” he said. Looking at her breasts and turned on by Considering her breasts are more huge than before.

“Yeah, you wish” she looked into him.

He smiled, as he kissed her forehead. And proceed to do what he was aiming for.

That night. Was one of the nights he wanted never to end. It was a chapter in his life he didnt ever want to finish.

He wanted to stay there in her arms. In her radiant beauty.


Haise looked at the documents in front of him. He couldn’t focus.

“I love her” The small boy said with the white hair.

“What?” Haise replied.

“I… I love her, yet she probably hates me” he said. Looking in distance through the window.

“W-Why would she?” Haise asked, not sure of who they are speaking.

“Because i…i broke my promise with her” he spoke. “She is treating you nicely because she is protecting herself..” he continued.

“Okay? But who?” Haise asked.

“You will know later, if she decides to” he said and disappeared.

Haise sighed and took off his glasses. Walked and Threw himself on bed.

He really was exhausted.

For sure, he was wishing someone would embrace him in warmth while he was dozing off in the cold bed.

But he never knew, a time into future, after two years. At this time specifically,he will be there laying on a bed for two, with the barista he liked. Sleeping on his arm. With a 1 year old baby sleeping on his chest.

After three, he will be there again, with his wife, with a two year old baby between them and a newborn baby in the crib next to them.

And so on.

Every Christmas night will be a night where the family gathers. Reminding him of the warmth.

Though it doesn’t continue when the babies grow, but for now he will savour it.

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so the whole h joke affected me a bit bc i was molested as a child so this whole roy moore thing in general (not just h) has been triggering and i feel guilty for being upset that he said it even tho i know it was scripted and it was mainly the show but still and its just eating at me bc i love harry but ppl are making me feel guilty for being a little upset about it :/

i know another lovely person in the fandom who’s a sexual abuse victim who was getting a torrent of hate, and it saddens me so much. you should be able to be upset without people hounding that reaction. take a step back if you need to, i find that always helps a bit, even if it’s only for an hour or so. 💕

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Right :D

My first thought is why didn’t the Mechanic target Thunderbird One when he’s already damaged Thunderbirds One, Two, Three and Four. He tore Thunderbird Four apart at the bottom of the Mariana Trench…but he’s not targetting TB1. Why?

My second thought is oh my god, Scott, my poor boy.

Nobody should ever be forced to help the person they think is responsible for their dad’s disappearance. idgaf what gramma says, chuck him down that big ass hole, Scott. It’s not like anyone will mourn him.

Something tells me Virg won’t approve of whatever big bro’s planning :D

Now alas I’ve been quiet on the GIF front cause I’m out tonight. Catch ya later :D