'the most handsome man in england'


Sitting at your desk, you looked at the clock, watching the minutes pass by. There still was an hour to go but you had finished all work for today and just waited for the clock to hit 8, so you could go home.  

Most days being Mycroft’s assistant was a bit more interesting but today seemed like nothing happened in all of England, at all. That was until a man walked in, coming right over to you. He was well dressed, all in black and exceptional handsome.  

“How can I help you?”  

“I’d like to see Mister Holmes.”  

“Alright, can I ask your name.”  


You give him a doubtful look as he smiles at you. Picking up the phone you press a button and wait for Mycroft to pick up.  

“Mister…Moriarty is here to see you.”  

You put the phone down again and nod to the door behind you, “You can go in.”  

He furrows his brows for a moment before walking to the door. Before he pulls down the handle he turns around again and looks at you.  

“How did you know?”  

“Just a guess.” It had been but you were doing your job long enough to know that you were right.  

He smirks at you but vanishes into the door without saying anything else.

My contribution for @jilyfest, something that I started ages ago and had to yell at myself to finish (I’m sure many of you can relate). A childhood love trope and Muggle AU that is rife with clichés. The title is from Taylor Swift’s This Love because Taylor has a way with words (unlike James and Lily, bless them).

when you’re young, you just run
harry potter || jily || pg—13 || 2200 words
about wanting closure, but what you get isn’t always what you want, sometimes it’s better.

Lily Evans had always wanted to escape from Cokeworth, with its grit and dustiness and its small town feel. But much like the dirt that perpetually lived under the fingernails of many of its residents, Cokeworth was something Lily could not quite rid herself of. Her mum, who kicked up a royal fuss any time she came back to visit, still lived here, and all of her childhood memories were rooted in the city, from the now rusty swing sets, to the lake that froze over in the winter, to the old Potter house that overlooked the rest of the town.

She pretended she had no real reason why she had felt the need to return to Cokeworth one last time before her move to Paris at the end of the week. She could pretend it was to see her mum and Petunia, who had deigned to visit as well, but the truth was that there was an aching sense of unfinished business that had pulled her back here. And she was not a fool; she knew that the likelihood of said unfinished business being resolved was slim to none, but she also knew that if she hadn’t given life a chance to work itself out, she might regret it, and Lily Evans was not one to regret anything.

Well, almost anything.

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The wooing of Arthur and his cat

Summary: England is a simple cat with a simple owner who is about to watch the interesting courtship of his owner Arthur Kirkland, without realizing that he himself is being courted as well.  

A/N: Before you begin please be advised that this story is told from England(the cat’s POV) although it does feature Arthur and Alfred as well as America(the cat).  Sorry for the confusion this is sure to bring I just couldn’t help thinking they would be named that if Arthur and Alfred were human.

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Saturday morning

“Sir, we’ll be landing in five minutes. Would you mind seat belting up?”

“Yes, of course,” the classically handsome man in the suit and tie replies, sitting up. Fortunately, he’d been able to sleep during most of the night time flight. Tom reaches for his water bottle and takes a sip, looking out the window. The sun hasn’t yet risen, but the sky is a magical shade of light purple, and he can make out the rooftops of New England.  Tilting his head, he can just barely see the ocean in the far distance.

Yawning, he tucks his head back into the off-white leather chair and checks his phone for the time. Quick math tells him he should be with her in about forty-five minutes. He closes his eyes once again, eager to speed up time. For a moment, he lets the plane noise invade his mind and he neither thinks about nor hears anything else. The constant whir of the jet engine is somehow calming, and he finds himself drifting back to sleep.

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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she thinks: Philip Michael Lester, born on 30th January of 1987 in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, Northern England is one of the most beautiful people in this world. Not only is he a handsome man doing funny and creative videos on Youtube, no, he's generous, lovely and extremely nice to everyone. He's the angel humanity needs in this cruel world and if anybody tries to hurt him, for example by saying he is "the ugly one", I personally will kick this persons face. We all should be as pleasant and marvellous as Phil Lester. All I want is for him to be happy forever. Bless this man.

xiberry  asked:

Nagisa arrived in France from England. palace workers helped the princess out of the carriage and she walked over to where the king and queen are. She bowed politely to them and their son then and looked to her future husband Daichi. They bowed to each other than her eyes landed on the most handsome man she's ever met, it was Daichi's brother. "Welcome to France." The king greeted and Nagisa smiled "Thank you, your majesties." "Rin, shower to her room." the queen ordered

Rei blushed, this was the princess? She was so beautiful. “Rin needs to clean the dining room, I’ll show her.” Rei said and held her hand gently as he lead her to where she was staying. When they got to the room he let go of her hand and bowed. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you Princess Hazuki, I’ve heard so much about you.” He said and smiled.

i’ve lost a lot

summary: 33. both of our shifts end at four in the morning, after this do you wanna grab breakfast doctors au. requested by 3 Anonymous users.

word count: ~ 2,600

rating: t. trigger for any death/surgery failure etc

a/n: school next week is gonna bite me back in the ass for having so much writing to do before then. this one’s a little dark, no major character death in case you thought that.

Being an ER surgeon is sporadic at most, but the part about being an ER surgeon means not getting attached to the patients, not when all she has to do is do the best she can to ensure a recovery, and then move on with another doctor being assigned to whoever gets rolled in. It’s an easier path for her not having to feel the hurt later on, a process she’s always been following since the start of her career, despite the rough patches from before. If a patient doesn’t make it the moment she has to do her job or while she’s in the middle of it, she usually just has to deal with the faces of any family members or friends.

The pain in that is enough.

It’s far better than getting to know a possibly unstable patient overtime and then losing them. Then breaking the news. That’s too much for her. Quick and simple and clean, getting the job done, doing her best to make sure she doesn’t have to break someone’s heart or lose a life - that’s all Emma Swan sticks too.

Some nights, between breaks and low hospital activity, she wonders why she chose to be engrossed in such a doctoral job like hers in the first place.

(Her answer, constantly, is because saving a life, means sparing anyone else any further pain.)

Some nights, she feels like she’s seen too much in her life for being twenty-nine. Some nights…she feels like there’s been too many times she’s seen life and death, too many times someone’s been on the edge, too many times she’s almost failed or has failed.

And if she does fail? Well, there’s not really anyone she can go to for comfort. (Again with the entire family and pain thing.)

Well, that’s only until a new doctor arrives in town, replacing one of the retired ones. The one that ends up on the same schedule as her on most days. His name is Killian Jones, transferred over from London, England.

Her schedule is completely twisted now that he’s around with his handsome, rugged looks, his blue eyes and dark, messy hair as if he’s run his hand through it an uncountable amount of times throughout his work period. Most of her patients in the ER are handed over to him in the end, and he always takes them with a smile, no matter how grim the situation seems or how unlikely a patient may survive in the end.

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