'the most handsome man in england'


Sitting at your desk, you looked at the clock, watching the minutes pass by. There still was an hour to go but you had finished all work for today and just waited for the clock to hit 8, so you could go home.  

Most days being Mycroft’s assistant was a bit more interesting but today seemed like nothing happened in all of England, at all. That was until a man walked in, coming right over to you. He was well dressed, all in black and exceptional handsome.  

“How can I help you?”  

“I’d like to see Mister Holmes.”  

“Alright, can I ask your name.”  


You give him a doubtful look as he smiles at you. Picking up the phone you press a button and wait for Mycroft to pick up.  

“Mister…Moriarty is here to see you.”  

You put the phone down again and nod to the door behind you, “You can go in.”  

He furrows his brows for a moment before walking to the door. Before he pulls down the handle he turns around again and looks at you.  

“How did you know?”  

“Just a guess.” It had been but you were doing your job long enough to know that you were right.  

He smirks at you but vanishes into the door without saying anything else.

BTS in Medieval England


The Prince duh

  • The most handsome and kindest prince this kingdom has ever known
  • There are songs written about this mans beauty that will be sung for centuries to come
  • Close friends with the head knight Jimin
  • Most trusted and loyal friend is Taehyung
  • Befriended Taehyung, a homeless peasant as a child when he found him stealing the food from the palace kitchens
  • Would sneak out at night to feed a starving taehyung
  • When Jin become old enough to choose a personal servant he picked Taehyung, who was still living on the streets
  • Jins kindness is viewed as weakness by his father
  • The public view it as strength
  • He goes out regularly with Jimin to villages, providing food to the poorest people in the kingdom
  • Did i mention how handsome he is
  • Refuses to marry for political gain
  • wants to marry for true love
  • already in love but doesn’t realise it taejin
  • Regularly sneaks out peasants arrested for stealing food to try and feed their starving families
  • His father is terrified of what will happen to the kingdom when Jin becomes king
  • Everyone else is excited
  • He becomes the best king the world has known and will be the stuff of legends 

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The Head Knight

  • The most feared and merciless men in the history of the kingdom
  • Will do anything to protect the kingdom
  • Says he only goes out with JIn to protect him but in reality he wants to protect the poor just as and doesn’t want any child to starve
  • Seeing jungkook have to starve as child made him want to help the poor
  • Pretends not to care but cares the most
  • He is ruthless when it comes to enemies of the kingdom
  • Even his own men are scared of him
  • But they trust him with their lives and would not wish for any other leader
  • Very few know a different side of his intimidating personality
  • Jungkook being one of the lucky few to know him for the sweetie he really is
  • Teaches jungkook how to fight with a sword
  • Jungkook ends up being better
  • He tries to find a way to visit Jungkook everyday
  • Jimin is happiest around Jungkook
  • Jin low-key jealous of their friendship
  • Thinks Jhope is one of the kindest, honest men that ever walked this earth

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The Blacksmith

  • He use to dream of becoming a knight, ever since he was young
  • Him and Jimin use to fight in fields using sticks as swords pretending they were in battle 
  • Unlike Jimin, Jungkook didn’t come from a family of nobles
  • He came from a poor farmer family, forced to starve whenever there was a bad harvest
  • One of the most loving boys you could ever meet
  • Jimin would try to give him food often got caught
  • Jimin left Jungkook to become a knight at 16
  • Jungkook took an apprenticeship to become a blacksmith
  • Left his family
  • Built his way up and eventually became a blacksmith for the castle
  • Reunited with Jimin
  • friendship goals af
  • Brings out the best in Jimin
  • Hates how brutal Jimin can be
  • Only person to have seen Jimin cry
  • Lives with Jhope in a small house next the the castle
  • Visits his family and village with food and gold every time there’s a bad harves
  • Bought Jimin a goat once idk why
  • Suspicious of Jhope but doesn’t know why

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Personal Servant

  • Family died of starvation when he was younger
  • Roamed the city streets for years, stealing food to survive
  • He once tried to steal food from the castle kitchens but was caught by Jin
  • Instead of telling the guards he told Tea to meet him at the gates at night
  • They became friends, Jin would sneak out as child to feed and talk to Tae
  • Taehyung is the reason Jin has such a passion for helping the poor
  • One of the most loyal and sweet boys you  could meet
  • Always has a smile on his face
  • He may be just a servant but Jin will always go for him for advice
  • Hates the king with a passion for not helping his family
  • Blames him for his families death
  • The only reason he hasnt tried to kill the king is because of Jin
  • Befriended everyone inside and outside the castle
  • Is as well known as Jin around the kingdom 
  • cute af

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The villian

  • Neighbouring kingdom and wants more power
  • Wants Jins land so he is able to feed his people
  • To stubbern to ask for help hed rather battle for land
  • Close links with J-Hope
  • Gets lots of secret information on Hobie
  • Constantly worried for Hobies safety and everytime they meet up he tries to convinve him to come back home
  • Jimins mortal enemy
  • Was almost killed by Jimin twice
  • Almost killed Jimin 3 times check make jimin
  • Has the best intentions for his kingdom
  • Is only nice to Jhope 
  • Never purposley harms innocent civilians and makes sure his men never attact villages filled with peasants
  • Orders his men to sometimes attack tax collectors and take their collections to piss off  Jin
  • Petty af
  • Stubbern
  • Refuses to acknowlege that if he asked for help Jin would help his kingdom
  • Too ashamed to ask for help
  • Would never forgive himself if anything happened to J-Hope

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The Jester

  • lives with Jungkook 
  • The funniest man around
  • Handsome af
  • In love with Suga
  • Is torn between Suga and the Jins kingdom
  • Hes made so many friends
  • Knows how dissapointed they would be is they found out
  • Hates himself for it
  • Cares little for being caught, the only reason he is still doing this is for Suga
  • Would never tell Suga how hopeless and sad he feels 
  • Has cried at night on many occasions not knwoing what to do
  • Fears for the future
  • Wishes Jin doesnt trust him as much as he does
  • Knows Jimin is suspicious
  • Wants Suga to ask for help 
  • Tries to tell him he souldnt be ashamed and hell always be there for him
  • Will be with Suga until the day he dies

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  • Intelligent af
  • Worked his way up from the bottom
  • Was born a bastard
  • Taught himself to read and write with the posters and signs around his village
  • Saved up for 2 years to buy his first medical book
  • Moved to the city within the castle walls looking for work
  • Became an apprentice
  • The king made him the royals Apothecary after he manages to made a remedy to solve the kings illness
  • The worlds best apothecary 
  • His knew discoveries are hears ahead of his time
  • Is close friends with J-hope
  • Is also known as one of the wisest among his old village
  • He will often go to villages with Jin and Jimin to help the poor and provide them medical care
  • Provides free care to those in need
  • Actual bean 
  • One of the few that isnt scared by Jimin
  • Once made Jimin laugh

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#90 Tyler Bate- requested

(credit to the owner of the gifs*)

 You tried to keep your emotions in check as you swallowed back the tears and held Bianca’s hand as she talked to you backstage. You were feeling absolutely gutted because you were supposed to go  out there and be happy for your boyfriend Tyler Bate becoming UK champion again. But, an hour prior you had  received several dms and photos from a few loyal fans of a woman that Tyler had been cheating on you with. The feeling was a suffocating one you’d never felt before and wish that you’d never feel again.

“Just go out there and speak your truth. You shouldn’t feel ashamed. You’ve done nothing wrong and if he says two words to you I’m smacking him with my braid.” she says as she squeezes your hand softly and you to walk down the ramp with the other wrestlers. You put on a fake smile and wave at the audience. You weren’t expecting to get such a huge pop but the fans loved you from your own projects you work on and your little videos with Tyler. You valued your private relationship with him but this affair was open for the public to view.

You avoid a kiss from Tyler before you grab a microphone and a hug from Trent. Tyler gives you a confused look before listening to you speak.

“Hello NXT universe, a lot of you know me as the UK champion’s girlfriend and it has been the most amazing time of my life with him. I thought that everything was fine and that eventually maybe one day I’d marry the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.” he smiles at you and the audience cheers and you look around at Bianca and she nods for you to go on before your eyes land on the girl from the photos in the front row of the audience and you feel a rage bubble inside of you.

“I’ve been with him since he was wrestling out of England and no one knew his name. We’ve seen a lot of dark times and a lot of good times. But, recently I was completely humiliated by Tyler carelessly having an affair with another woman. So, congratulations champion. You’ve done a hell of a job playing me for a foo-” you are cut off as they turn off your microphone and you put it down and hold up your phone so that he can see all of the pictures and you scroll through them.

The crowd erupts in an uproar of ‘TYLER TYLER TWO-TIMER’ and ‘YOU FUCKED UP’.

“I hope that she’ll be there for you when everything isn’t perfect in your life.” you say as you snatch your arm away from him before walking away. You turn to him one last time.

“All that glitters isn’t gold and baby you’ve found yourself a piece of Party City jewelry. It’s over, Tyler. I hope that one day someone breaks your heart the way that you broke mine.” you say as you shake your head and quickly leave the ring.

The girl nervously looks from Tyler to you and you look over at the girl and raise an eyebrow before Bianca grabs your arm gently and pull you away.

“She’s not worth it.” she says and you nod before leaving with the audience chanting “WE LOVE YOU”

My contribution for @jilyfest, something that I started ages ago and had to yell at myself to finish (I’m sure many of you can relate). A childhood love trope and Muggle AU that is rife with clichés. The title is from Taylor Swift’s This Love because Taylor has a way with words (unlike James and Lily, bless them).

when you’re young, you just run
harry potter || jily || pg—13 || 2200 words
about wanting closure, but what you get isn’t always what you want, sometimes it’s better.

Lily Evans had always wanted to escape from Cokeworth, with its grit and dustiness and its small town feel. But much like the dirt that perpetually lived under the fingernails of many of its residents, Cokeworth was something Lily could not quite rid herself of. Her mum, who kicked up a royal fuss any time she came back to visit, still lived here, and all of her childhood memories were rooted in the city, from the now rusty swing sets, to the lake that froze over in the winter, to the old Potter house that overlooked the rest of the town.

She pretended she had no real reason why she had felt the need to return to Cokeworth one last time before her move to Paris at the end of the week. She could pretend it was to see her mum and Petunia, who had deigned to visit as well, but the truth was that there was an aching sense of unfinished business that had pulled her back here. And she was not a fool; she knew that the likelihood of said unfinished business being resolved was slim to none, but she also knew that if she hadn’t given life a chance to work itself out, she might regret it, and Lily Evans was not one to regret anything.

Well, almost anything.

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Protection (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: 1940s Bucky saves reader from a PURSE SNATCHING PIECE OF CRAP outside of a diner?

I also had a mobster AU prompt somewhere, but I can’t find the actual ask :( 

A/N: So this is probably gonna be a fic in multiple parts because who doesn’t enjoy the idea of Mobster Bucky? Or at least, part of the mob. Also I just love 1940s!Bucky, but you all knew that anyway. I hope that you enjoy it- and thank you to those who requested it!

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The wooing of Arthur and his cat

Summary: England is a simple cat with a simple owner who is about to watch the interesting courtship of his owner Arthur Kirkland, without realizing that he himself is being courted as well.  

A/N: Before you begin please be advised that this story is told from England(the cat’s POV) although it does feature Arthur and Alfred as well as America(the cat).  Sorry for the confusion this is sure to bring I just couldn’t help thinking they would be named that if Arthur and Alfred were human.

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Saturday morning

“Sir, we’ll be landing in five minutes. Would you mind seat belting up?”

“Yes, of course,” the classically handsome man in the suit and tie replies, sitting up. Fortunately, he’d been able to sleep during most of the night time flight. Tom reaches for his water bottle and takes a sip, looking out the window. The sun hasn’t yet risen, but the sky is a magical shade of light purple, and he can make out the rooftops of New England.  Tilting his head, he can just barely see the ocean in the far distance.

Yawning, he tucks his head back into the off-white leather chair and checks his phone for the time. Quick math tells him he should be with her in about forty-five minutes. He closes his eyes once again, eager to speed up time. For a moment, he lets the plane noise invade his mind and he neither thinks about nor hears anything else. The constant whir of the jet engine is somehow calming, and he finds himself drifting back to sleep.

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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she thinks: Philip Michael Lester, born on 30th January of 1987 in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, Northern England is one of the most beautiful people in this world. Not only is he a handsome man doing funny and creative videos on Youtube, no, he's generous, lovely and extremely nice to everyone. He's the angel humanity needs in this cruel world and if anybody tries to hurt him, for example by saying he is "the ugly one", I personally will kick this persons face. We all should be as pleasant and marvellous as Phil Lester. All I want is for him to be happy forever. Bless this man.

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Nagisa arrived in France from England. palace workers helped the princess out of the carriage and she walked over to where the king and queen are. She bowed politely to them and their son then and looked to her future husband Daichi. They bowed to each other than her eyes landed on the most handsome man she's ever met, it was Daichi's brother. "Welcome to France." The king greeted and Nagisa smiled "Thank you, your majesties." "Rin, shower to her room." the queen ordered

Rei blushed, this was the princess? She was so beautiful. “Rin needs to clean the dining room, I’ll show her.” Rei said and held her hand gently as he lead her to where she was staying. When they got to the room he let go of her hand and bowed. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you Princess Hazuki, I’ve heard so much about you.” He said and smiled.

i’ve lost a lot

summary: 33. both of our shifts end at four in the morning, after this do you wanna grab breakfast doctors au. requested by 3 Anonymous users.

word count: ~ 2,600

rating: t. trigger for any death/surgery failure etc

a/n: school next week is gonna bite me back in the ass for having so much writing to do before then. this one’s a little dark, no major character death in case you thought that.

Being an ER surgeon is sporadic at most, but the part about being an ER surgeon means not getting attached to the patients, not when all she has to do is do the best she can to ensure a recovery, and then move on with another doctor being assigned to whoever gets rolled in. It’s an easier path for her not having to feel the hurt later on, a process she’s always been following since the start of her career, despite the rough patches from before. If a patient doesn’t make it the moment she has to do her job or while she’s in the middle of it, she usually just has to deal with the faces of any family members or friends.

The pain in that is enough.

It’s far better than getting to know a possibly unstable patient overtime and then losing them. Then breaking the news. That’s too much for her. Quick and simple and clean, getting the job done, doing her best to make sure she doesn’t have to break someone’s heart or lose a life - that’s all Emma Swan sticks too.

Some nights, between breaks and low hospital activity, she wonders why she chose to be engrossed in such a doctoral job like hers in the first place.

(Her answer, constantly, is because saving a life, means sparing anyone else any further pain.)

Some nights, she feels like she’s seen too much in her life for being twenty-nine. Some nights…she feels like there’s been too many times she’s seen life and death, too many times someone’s been on the edge, too many times she’s almost failed or has failed.

And if she does fail? Well, there’s not really anyone she can go to for comfort. (Again with the entire family and pain thing.)

Well, that’s only until a new doctor arrives in town, replacing one of the retired ones. The one that ends up on the same schedule as her on most days. His name is Killian Jones, transferred over from London, England.

Her schedule is completely twisted now that he’s around with his handsome, rugged looks, his blue eyes and dark, messy hair as if he’s run his hand through it an uncountable amount of times throughout his work period. Most of her patients in the ER are handed over to him in the end, and he always takes them with a smile, no matter how grim the situation seems or how unlikely a patient may survive in the end.

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