'the machine spam'

From the outside it would be easy enough to dismiss the so called King of Los Santos. Geoff Ramsey might have come from a legendary crew but he’s a long way from The Rooster’s now, and lord knows talents fade fast in this game. There are those who would claim his image was a distraction, the expensive suits, the overly-confident demeanour, the highly skilled crew, all used to hide his weaknesses.

Here’s the thing though. For all they push and mock and act out, every single member of his crew comes when he calls. Every one of them have proven their loyalty time and time again, and there has never been so much as a rumbling about a takeover. And that? Well that should give you pause.

Every member of the Fake AH Crew has a reputation, the kind that’s whispered in dark corners and grows with every telling. The time bombs, the vicious thrill seekers, the boogeymen - the kind of people even fellow criminals know to avoid. Ally or enemy its an undeniable fact that the world will be a safer place when they’re all dead and buried.

So consider, for a moment, what kind of man could lead them. Could not only convince them, notorious lone wolves and trouble makers all, to work together, but also to accept him as their uncontested leader. The kind of man who could look at the country’s most corrupt and depraved city and see a throne.

Its unfortunate, really, that many don’t stop to think until its too late. Can’t shake their swagger and bravado until the curtain falls and reveals not an ageing has-been, not fear or incompetence but cold calculation and a shark-toothed grin.

Thinking is rarely a problem for them after that.