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One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Twelve)

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One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

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The darkness of the evening rolled into the early morning sunrise, as certain as the tides, while its halo of rays eased underneath the hanging scarlet curtain in Gaston’s room. Desperate for a few more hours of blackness, Gaston craved more time to prepare, to mull over this thoughts and disquietude as his departure from Villeneuve was now just hours away. It was a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he considered the possibilities of the trip; When he and Anne returned to Villeneuve in the final days of June, the curse would either be broken or he would be awaiting his death. If he and Anne failed to fall in love with one another, everything would be forgotten: The people they met along their journey wouldn’t remember him, the tavern would disappear altogether, LeFou would never have heard the name Gaston, and Anne would continue with her life as though nothing happened. He desired a brighter outcome, but these consequences were still a strong possibility, particularly because every time Gaston opened himself up to Anne, something interrupted their intimacy: his temper, the townspeople, the curse. What if that happened on their journey?

Unable to cope with his pessimistic thoughts, Gaston rolled out of bed and wandered down to the stables behind the tavern. The deep golden hue of straw and the scent of multiple horses propelled Gaston back to his childhood when he would assist his father with cleaning the stables. Shaking his head at the thought, he attempted to distract himself and advanced into the stables with his mind set on the upcoming departure time. To his surprise, as he approached his jet-black thoroughbred, Gaston noticed LeFou saddling the horse to prepare him for the journey. LeFou’s eyes were downcast, his features settled in a vacant yet dejected expression, as he ran an oval-shaped brush through the horse’s dark mane.

“Good morning, LeFou,” Gaston announced, causing LeFou to jump at his voice.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there. Good morning,” LeFou spoke kindly with a smile, yet his eyes were dimmed with sadness.

It was quite unusual for LeFou, a normally optimistic and vibrant individual, to speak with such sorrow that it concerned Gaston. Since Anne entered his life, he began to respect his friends’ feelings, something he hadn’t considered since the days prior to the war, and he couldn’t help but wonder if LeFou’s drastic change in behavior was on account of their approaching farewell.

“Are you alright?” Gaston spoke tensely; It was still uncomfortable for him to display concern.

LeFou recognized this, and he couldn’t help but stare with widened eyes at his best friend. Gaston never asked him how he was feeling, not in recent years anyway, and the apparent worry he was now expressing caused LeFou to communicate honestly without regret.

“I’ve been thinking about…the curse.” It pained LeFou to even mention Gaston’s fate. “And I can’t help but think…well if things don’t work out, not that I don’t think they will,” he normally bolstered Gaston, it was odd for him to elaborate on a negative outcome, “But what if it doesn’t?”

“Then, that’s it…for me,” Gaston spoke to the ground.

They fell to silence, neither confident of how to initiate a response, as LeFou tapped the horse’s saddle rhythmically with his pointer finger and attempted to find his words.

“Right. I don’t want to be negative, but it’s eating at me. I can’t imagine…” He struggled to finish his sentence as his voice cracked with heartache. “I can’t imagine you not being here. I’ve tried since you mentioned that curse, but I can’t fathom waking up and not coming here to the tavern, not being around you…”

“If I can’t love her, maybe it’s for the best.”

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I’m fuming right now.

As I type this, I’m sitting in the barn on a thirty acre property. Rain is trickling down against the aluminum roof, the electric fence is snapping against the water. To the east of me is a beautiful, blue, well-fed pond, framed by tall, wise trees. Behind me are the pastures, where over a dozen horses are grazing. The rest of the property is all long grasses and flowering bushes and wild turkeys and gopher tortoises and deer and hawks. Across the street is a protected park, and it’s just as beautiful as the farm is.

In two years it will be gone. A developer owns this property, and what he sees of it is not how it is, but how it will be- houses and roads, concrete and cars. He can’t see the way the sunset turns the grass golden, or how the horses gallop across the fields when a breeze sweeps through their manes. He hasn’t been here while all the riders come down for barn parties. In this last wild place, we light a fire and watch the stars and embrace the outdoors. Out here, we can breathe and not smell pollution and people and buildings. This place is valuable in a way that money can’t begin to compare to, but all he sees are dollar bills and street signs.

It’s too late for this property. But developers have now turned an eye towards another- Cumberland Island.

Cumberland Island is just off the east coast. It’s gorgeous, surrounded by Atlantic water, full of ancient Spanish oaks and secrets of history long since past. It’s rich in wildlife, too. Endangered loggerhead turtles come ashore every year to nest and lay eggs. Birds of every shape in size, from the whimsical woodpecker to majestic eagles and falcon and the ever so graceful marsh birds such as egrets call this island their home. Living alongside them are the wild ponies, a remnant from times when people claimed the land we live on from the back of the horse.

Yet people see this as another way to make money. As another place to build condos, so the rich and famous can live in a beautiful, wild place like Cumberland. Yet after they’re through with it, it will be tamed just like every other human-inhabited place.

I’m tired. I’m tired of people thinking that money is an end all. I’m tired of people building and building and building with no time to realize that they’re destroying more than they’re creating. I’m tired of people not realizing that not everything has to have value to have a right to survive in these turbulent times. It’s time to stand up to this, to protest these “builders” and make them see that they’re ruining something worth more than any amount of money could make up for.

Protect the ponies, protect the turtles, protect the wild.


The newest Barbie is a smart doll you can't touch

Over her nearly 60-year life, Barbie has taken on many forms, but she’s never been a hologram.

Now, though, she is having a truly out-of-body experience, showing up in her first holographic figure, Hello Barbie Hologram. Barbie parent company Mattel unveiled the semi-translucent and chatty AI figure, which lives inside a pink plastic box, on Friday at the New York Toy Fair.

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This is far from Barbie’s first brush with AI. Mattel introduced Hello Barbie artificial intelligence inside a physical Barbie doll in 2015. She was a particularly powerful digital assistant, engaging in conversations about interests, favorite foods and telling jokes. A year later, the AI showed up in Barbie’s first smart home, The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse, where, using voice commands, you could ask the house to give Barbie a ride on the elevator and customize the lights.

Unlike previous Hello Barbie AI’s, Hello Barbie Hologram is designed to be a true digital assistant and will engage on the trigger words “Hello Barbie.” The AI offers speech recognition and is designed to answer questions about the weather, news and is ready to do “anything a digital assistant can do,” a Mattel representative said.

As we approached Hello Barbie Hologram, it was quite clear that she isn’t a true hologram. What we were seeing, a Mattel exec told us was a prototype using “just an effect, there are no lasers.” I could clearly see a 4-inch tall hologram-like Barbie dancing in the box, but it looks like a projection against a diagonal piece of semi-translucent glass. The final product will also be a faked hologram without lasers. To demonstrate Hello Barbie Hologram’s capabilities, they had us shift our gaze to a giant box on display next to the little box.

Out of the darkness emerged a person-sized Barbie hologram, which used the same technology to display as the smaller prototype. While much of the interaction between the Mattel spokesperson and the holographic Barbie appeared to be scripted (at one point, the hologram didn’t even wait for the spokesperson to finish her line), it was also clear how a child might engage with their night-stand-dwelling personal assistant.

When asked “What’s the weather in Malibu today?” the holographic Barbie walked over to a window that suddenly appeared, looked out, gave us a weather report and added that it was perfect flip-flop weather.  A child can even use Hello Barbie Hologram to set reminders. When asked to do this, the hologram takes out her virtual phone and makes a note.

Hello Barbie Hologram is also just as diverse as real-life Barbie, and Mattel demonstrated how, with voice commands, you can change Barbie’s skin tone, ethnicity and body type.

They also showed how Hello Barbie Hologram could act as a sort of playmate, dancing on command and, yes, even dabbing.

Having a Wi-Fi-connected always-listening digital assistant in your child’s bedroom might be cause for concern, and Barbie is no stranger to controversy. In 2015, watchdog groups took Mattel to task for the way it was handling the audio recordings it used to interpret and answer queries. At the time, Mattel told the Washington Post they were “committed to safety and security, and Hello Barbie conforms to applicable government standards.“ They also made it clear to Mashable that they expected children to turn off Hello Barbie when not in use. This time around, the company does not plan to store any of the conversations with Hello Barbie Hologram.

The Hello Barbie Hologram assistant, though is intended to stay on and listen for “Hello Barbie.” Mattel wasn’t clear on how long Hello Barbie Hologram will listen before she turns off.

"We are still exploring how long the listening window will be to provide the optimum conversational experience for kids,” the Mattel rep said, adding that Hello Barbie Hologram is not always listening.

But that leads us to wonder how the hologram can hear the trigger phrase. In addition, nothing will be sent to the cloud unless it’s preceded by “Hello Barbie,” according to Mattel. Hello Barbie Hologram relies on PullStrong for its AI, natural language processing and IoT connectivity to, according to Mattel, “create a safe, cloud-based platform for girls.” They will also use 256-bit encryption for all the data the AI does manage.

Parents, who set up Hello Barbie Hologram via an app, will have some customization control, but it’s too early to say if they will be able to set a listening schedule (for example, “Stop listening or responding after 8 p.m.”). Mattel says parents can turn the device off at any time via the power switch.

Hello Barbie Hologram will ship this fall. Pricing has yet to be set.

Ride 'em, Barbie

The Barbie Dream line is also expanding in the physical realm with a new animatronic horse naturally called Hello Dream Horse. 

Large enough for a typical Barbie doll to ride, the white stallion with a long-flowing golden mane can walk and even dance on its own to three different songs. The Dream Horse, which you get to name, features realistic horse sounds and can even fake eat plastic carrots (you hear a chewing sound). It’s also touch- and voice-sensitive (ask the horse if it’s having fun and it will nod its plastic head). 

Hello Dream Horse has attitude.

Image: Lili Sams/mashable

That mane is insane.

Image: lili sams/mashable

We got a quick demonstration in which a few things became immediately evident: Dream Horse doesn’t move all that smoothly and it lacks any kind of visual sensors to keep it from galloping off a table. 

Even so, it’s probably the most active toy horse Mattel has ever created for Barbie. It also arrives this fall and will list for $99.99.

BONUS: Invisible liquid can make your phone screen as hard as sapphire

~Poseidon, who was equal to his brother Zeus in place but not in power, and who had a surly, defiant character, he set straight to build his underwater palace where the sea of Aiges (aiga, αίγα stands for goat in greece, and the goat is one of Poseidon’s totemic representations) lies, in Euboea. In his spacious stables Poseidon’s white horses for his chariot reside, with bronze hooves and golden manes, and a golden chariot that when approaches the storms cease, and sea monsters emerge thrilling around it.~
Robert Graves

Poseidon, the primary force of the element of water, feared in his unpredictable nature and yet abundant. Poseidon’s waters are no different than those lurking inside our unconscious mind, the storms ready to emerge as we’re examining our emotional wounds, as we’re confronting the mystery of our origins and consciousness levels. Poseidon’s power is underwater, where many treasures as much as wrecks and ruins hide. We should approach Poseidon with great care and sensitivity in order not to awaken the “sea monsters” but to gain a meaningful access to inner realities.

Poseidon statue, Versailles, France

~My Litha Altar~

Featuring three spell candles I made in honor of Litha, made especially for my best friend, my mother, and I.

Decorated with yellow, orange, and earthy green wax to celebrate the beautiful colors of summer.

Sprinkled with a few drops of Lemon and Frankincense essential oils, for adding a fresh yet masculine fragrance in nod to the Sun god.

Topped off with a pinch of golden glitter for brilliance, and my own concoction made of common herbs dedicated to Litha & the Solstice…

- parsley (for divination)
- thyme (for invigoration)
- orange oil (for love, luck, and divination)
- ground hair from my horse’s mane (for connecting to nature)

Surrounded by clear quartz & carnelian… just another summery detail for a Solstice Litha altar💛


Hylian Retrievers

-Literally goofy goobers

-Protective AF of their masters

-OMNIVOROUS AF, They love all manner of fruit and meat and fish and can pretty much share every meal W/ you [plus they don’t beg they pray to Hylia that you’ll give them noms too]

-They have a pelt sorta like a husky/golden mix very soft and plush and lil’ velvet ears

-SUPER obedient and love to do tricks but still lil’ goofy goobers


-Some mixture of what would be real world Clydesdales/quarter horse/shires

-The SOFTEST manes

-They don’t have the same strength in swimming as real world horses and that’s why Link can’t hold their mane and be tugged along while they swim

-They don’t NEED shoes as they’re very hard hooved but all members of Hyrule just sorta agree it’s nicer to give them shoes 

-They have better hearing than real world horses

-2 people can easily ride them and they LOVE the attention

-Easy to make bombproof


- Deer are some mixture of elk/other various cervines that are larger and stronger than real world deer

- The birds are still connected with a world in the sky 

- Fish are smarter in BOTW than their real world counterparts

- Bears have stronger backs than real world counterparts

Glass (LokixReader)

Request: Ok so I don’t know if ur planning to make it into a one shot or have several parts to it whatever floats ur goat but ok I had this idea: ok so u n Loki were childhood friends u developed feelings for him as u grew older he was forced to marry someone else and u tried to forget Loki and started sorta date fandral if ur ok with that n Loki was not happy about like idk how to end it I guess u could decide if u decide to write this sorry if it crosses one of ur boundaries

Author’s Note: Woo-hoo! Another series coming up! I hope you folks enjoy this as much as I will writing this.

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  “Wake up.” You opened your eyes. Above you was the face of a man with black hair slicked back. He had the greenest eyes you had ever seen and the palest of skins. He was your best friend.

  He smiled down at you, his hand running down your shoulder. Your heart raced. “What on Midgard are you doing here, Loki?” you groaned, pushing your hand against his chest, pushing Loki off of you. You glared him down before rubbing your eyes.

  “I wanted to spend the day with you.” He watched you as you sat up. “I feel like I never see you anymore.”

  “You have been saying that since we were younglings,” you joked, standing up. You swept down your gold nightgown. “Unless the Alfather has business, you are here.”

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All wanted yokai passwords for NA version, end reward is 10 of some coins.

Password Trophy Reward

asc Slither Trophy Large Exporb

Ank Hunger Trophy Brute Bracer

ojXr Meow Trophy Speed Bell

HhZ7 Granny Trophy Silver Doll

cTvth Horse Trophy Mega Exporb

z4jy3 Mane Trophy Blue Coin

ERGddj Hood Trophy Lunar Ring

8RMtS9a Wrinkly Trophy Reflector

YKz58zb Katana Trophy Holy Exporb

cXBmoYmv Papa Trophy Vampiric Fangs

fkcKmC9o Tengu Trophy Fiend Badge

tjG Cicada Trophy Yellow Coin

NaIx Mochi Trophy Cheery Coat

TwG Bird Trophy Tough Bell

rQYqwf Wannabe Trophy Restraint Belt

mJBJK Gambler Trophy Golden Doll

C3j5rBs Good Job Prize Big Bottle

rAzkFDUV Wild Trophy Fiend Charm

HzK Cool Hair Prize Orange Coin

hNcD Flutter Trophy Spell Bell

srsvv Shogun Trophy Turnabeads

2rBkYbb Kids’ Trophy Sun Bracelet

uSF Daze Trophy Monkey Circlet

cJxR Sack Trophy Beefy Bell

enyQKc Kimono Trophy Nail Bat

kHfynh5Y Glasses Trophy Fiend Band

WdF Buzz Trophy Holy Exporb

dqu Kappa Trophy Reversword

zDCJ Guardian Trophy Ritzy Studs

Eqyf Heart Trophy Meteor Badge

FPKZj Master Trophy Thick Specs

F3FAcW9G Snake Trophy Pink Coin

AkLdjF3 Bottle Trophy Heavenly Sash

cjUwfYN Lion Trophy Sleepillow

xDRt9n84 Cloak Trophy Venoct Gauntlet

Afx Hat Trophy Sleep ‘n’ Study

JSGpG Stilt Trophy Die of Fate

MkE Stylish Trophy Green Coin

h4QRad Stag Trophy Iron Plates

sPFE Cupid Trophy Purple Coin

Fxw4SnF Comedy Trophy Ancient Scale

LWjsEP Beetle Trophy Cicada Sword

WakHxN5X Darkness Trophy Guard Gem

xyg Toothpick Trophy Red Coin

KsBP Eel Trophy Ski Mask

HtXLA Shark Trophy Galaxy Charm

T6hQXwz Demon Trophy Crystal Ball

gkH Seaweed Trophy Sticker of Hate

KwPS Dragon Trophy Light-Blue Coin

trzSf Shell Trophy Golden Doll

rFFP8m Triclops Trophy Holy Exporb

zbMk2Cph Cyclops Trophy Fiend Ring


100 HORSE BREEDS ↬ 23. Kiger Mustang

Horses have been present in the American West since the 1500s, when they arrived with Spanish explorers. Many escaped, were released by the Spanish or stolen by Native Americans. Their descendents crossed with horses who escaped from or were released by other European settlers, including draft breeds brought by farmers and wagoneers and lighter riding horses brought by the United States Cavalry. Horses of French descent also moved across the border from Canada to contribute to the herds. The mixture of these breeds created the Mustang present in the western portion of the US today. By the early 1970s, it was assumed that due to crossbreeding, the original Spanish stock had been eliminated from feral herds. In 1971, the Wild and Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act was passed, giving the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) the authority to manage the feral horse populations in the American West.

Discovery of the Kiger Mustang was the result of a BLM Mustang roundup in the Beatys Butte area in Harney County in 1977. During the roundup, it was noticed that among the horses collected from the area, there was a group with similar color and markings. DNA testing by the University of Kentucky showed close relation to the Spanish horses brought to the Americas in the 17th century. These distinct horses were separated from the other horses and the BLM placed two groups in separate areas of Steens Mountain to preserve the breed. Seven horses were placed in the Riddle Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) and twenty in the Kiger HMA.

In 2001, the Kiger Mustang was proposed as the state horse of Oregon. State Senator Steve Harper proposed Senate Joint Resolution 10 after being encouraged to do so by the Kiger Mesteño Association. The resolution, however, failed to pass. Kiger Mustangs have been used as models for model horses and animated films. The original herd stallion Mesteño was used as the model for a series of Breyer Horses, showing the horse at several ages from foal to old age. It was the first time the company had made a series of models showing the same horse. The artist’s model for the title horse of the animated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was a Kiger Mustang named Donner, also known as “Spirit”, who lives at the Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Kiger Mustangs are most commonly dun in color, although the breed registry also allows bay, black and roan horses to be registered. There are numerous shades of dun, all variations on a tan base, and many shades have their own names. The Kiger Mesteño Association separates dun shades into four categories: dun, red dun, grulla, and claybank. “Dun” as used by the Kiger registry covers dun horses with black points, and adds the terms zebra dun, dusty dun, smutty dun or coyote dun, depending on the exact shade of body color. Red dun, or the variation “apricot dun”, covers horses with points that are red, brown or flaxen. Grulla covers horses with blueish, mousy or slate-colored bodies and black points, and these horses may also be called lobo duns, olive grullas, silver grullas or smutty grullas. Claybank, another variation of red dun, describes Kiger horses who have golden body coats with red or orange tints and darker red points. Dun horses may have primitive markings, which include any of the following: a dorsal stripe, lightened outer guard hairs on the manes and/or tails, zebra-like stripes on the upper legs, transverse striping over the upper shoulders, dark color around the muzzle, and ears with dark outlines and lighter interiors.

Kiger Mustangs generally stand 13.2 to 15.2 hands high. They are compact, well-muscled horses with deep chests and short backs. In general, they are agile and intelligent, with the stamina and sure-footedness seen in many feral horse breeds. They are generally bold but gentle and calm. They are used for pleasure riding as well as endurance riding, assorted performance competition under saddle, driving, and many other situations where an athletic horse is desired.

Aesthetic Norse Gods | Heimdallr

Heimdall is the guardian of the gods’ stronghold, Asgard. His dwelling is called Himinbjörg, which sits at the top of Bifröst, the rainbow bridge that leads to Asgard. His eyesight is so keen that he can see for hundreds of miles by day or by night, and his hearing is so acute that he can hear grass growing on the ground. Heimdall possesses the resounding horn Gjallarhorn, owns the golden-maned horse Gulltoppr and is the son of Nine Mothers.

The tale of King Jack The Great

On a swift horse, black with a white mane. 

Majestically running through the country side. 

Me, a top it! Brandishing my sword and shield. 

It’s in it scabbard right now but I have glorious golden armor with red tint, shimmering, shining! 

Through the country side as I ride, my crown glistens in the sunshine and my hair flows longingly out the back. 

People look at me, they think I’m pretentious but they know better to come up and challenge the will of the king.

For I AM


- King Jack 735

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A Night Mare come to life

-in a world of dirt and lush terrains of golden grass, not much could be expected. A pride of lions here and there, herds of herbivores grazing in peace besides the occasional predator to startle them. But that was typical in most of the lands dead or alive..but one animal would come from the darkness..the pits of fear and shadows. A horse of black sand, glowing blue eyes, a curved unicorn sand horn and it’s mane and tail flowing by it’s own with no wind, baring hints of blue strands, would travel slowly through these golden grasslands, hissing low at the sun. Where it has landed it didn’t know, but it could only remember coming in the night by a calling of fear from a small animal. But as it ran away, it wasn’t able to return to where it had come from. The horse wondered slowly, black ice bleeding from it’s hoofprints in the dirt and causing a trail in which it lead.-

Yokai Watch Criminal Passwords

asc - Slither Trophy - Large Exporb
Ank - Hunger Trophy - Brute Bracer
ojXr - Meow Trophy - Speed Bell
HhZ7 - Granny Trophy - Silver Doll
cTvth - Horse Trophy - Mega Exporb
z4jy3 - Mane Trophy - Blue Coin
ERGddj - Hood Trophy - Lunar Ring
8RMtS9a - Wrinkly Trophy - Reflector
YKz58zb- Katana Trophy- Holy Exporb
cXBmoYmv - Papa Trophy- Vampiric Fangs
fkcKmC9o - Tengu Trophy -Fiend Badge
tjG - Cicada Trophy - Yellow Coin - NaIx - Mochi Trophy - Cheery Coat
TwG - Bird Trophy - Tough Bell
rQYqwf - Wannabe Trophy - Restraint Belt
mJBJK - Gambler Trophy - Golden Doll
C3j5rBs - Good Job Prize - Big Bottler
AzkFDUV (Doesn’t Work)- Wild Trophy - Fiend Charm
HzK - Cool Hair Prize - Orange Coin
hNcD - Flutter Trophy - Spell Bell
srsvv- Shogun Trophy - Turnabeads
2rBkYbb - Kids’ Trophy - Sun Bracelet
uSF- Daze Trophy - Monkey Circlet
cJxR - Sack Trophy - Beefy Bell
enyQKc - Kimono Trophy - Nail Bat
kHfynh5Y - Glasses Trophy - Fiend Band
WdF - Buzz Trophy - Holy Exporb
dqu - Kappa Trophy - Reversword
zDCJ - Guardian Trophy - Ritzy Stud
sEqyf (Doesn’t Work) - Heart Trophy - Meteor Badge
FPKZj - Master Trophy - Thick Spec
sF3FAcW9G (Doesn’t Work) - Snake Trophy - Pink Coin
AkLdjF3 - Bottle Trophy - Heavenly Sash
cjUwfYN - Lion Trophy - Sleepillow
xDRt9n84 - Cloak Trophy - Venoct Gauntlet
Afx - Hat Trophy - Sleep ‘n’ Study
JSGpG - Stilt Trophy - Die of Fate
MkE - Stylish Trophy - Green Coin
h4Q (Doesn’t Work) - RadStag Trophy - IronPlates
sPFE - Cupid Trophy - PurpleCoin
Fxw4SnF - Comedy Trophy - AncientScale
LWjsEP - Beetle Trophy - Cicada Sword
WakHxN5X - Darkness Trophy - Guard Gem
xyg - Toothpick Trophy - Red Coin KsBP - Eel Trophy - Ski Mask
HtXLA - Shark Trophy - Galaxy Charm
T6hQXwz - Demon Trophy - Crystal Ball
gkH - Seaweed Trophy - Sticker of Hate
KwPS - Dragon Trophy - Light-Blue Coin
trzSf - Shell Trophy - Golden Doll
rFFP8m - Triclops Trophy - Holy Exporb
zbMk2Cph - Cyclops Trophy - Fiend Ring

An Enchanted Christmas

Surprise, @athenascarlet!!! I’m your Gutter Flower Secret Santa!!! I’ve had so much fun getting to know you over the past few weeks and I can’t thank you enough for giving me the idea for this story.  I absolutely fell in love with it and writing it has given me so much joy.  I really, really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited to write and I have you to thank you for that.  Thank you for being patient while I worked on it.  To make up for taking so long, I created you a pretty collage.  My sorry attempt at being artistic.

Enjoy and I hope the new year provides you with abundant blessings!!! Happy Holidays! 

(p.s. a little reverse shoutout to our beloved Princess Leia is included, as promised)

Summary: Emma and her family have returned to the Enchanted Forest, villains vanquished and lives safe from future calamities.  But as happy as they are, Killian realizes that something is bothering Emma.  He sets out to bring her the joy of a Storybrooke Christmas in a land full of magic.

Rating: a most romantic and festive M - these two can’t keep their hands off each other! 

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you know those horses. the ones that are like kinda golden and have darker manes and noses and such. those are really good horses. horses arent even generally good but those are good horses

SELENE: From her immortal head a radiance is shown from heaven and embraces earth; and great is the beauty that ariseth from her shining light. The air, unlit before, glows with the light of her golden crown, and her rays beam clear, whensoever bright Selene (the Moon) having bathed her lovely body in the waters of Okeanos, and donned her far-gleaming raiment, and yoked her strong-necked, shining team, and drives on her long-maned horses at full speed, at eventime in the mid-month : then her great orbit is full and then her beams shine brightest as she increases.

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seriously guys do you know how much ganondorf cares for his damn horse!

look at this guy, in every game he has a horse he takes fucking good care of it, in twilight princess he BRAIDS ITS MAIN! He gives the horse golden horse shoes and protective armor….. look at the tiny skulls too all that detail~

Ocarina of time look at that horse armor… look at that detail and protection. Look at how well that mane has been groomed and how healthy that horse is!