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Cynical (a Calum Chambers imagine)

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Summary: love at first sight is all well and good if you believe in that kind of thing; Calum realises he’s a massive cynic- until he meets her

Calum never used to believe in love at first sight. In fact, he dismissed it as a pile of shit. A colossal, steaming pile of shit designed to sell romantic comedies and cheesy Valentine’s day gifts and false, unrealistic, unattainable promises. 

But when she walked in, shook his hand, smiled at him and introduced herself, he knew, deep down, that he was somewhat screwed. And whenever her jumper slipped down her shoulder as she moved and revealed an inch of her skin, or her scent of her perfume drifted over in his direction, he realised he wasn’t screwed, but fucked. Absolutely, utterly and royally fucked.

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