'the comix zone'

Playing Let it Die

There’s too many things they explain

But I like this, it reminds me of Comix Zone

It surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Everything is solved by walking in circles and punching.


Comix Zone | Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

The intro cutscene. 

Sketch Turner, starving artist and protagonist of the game, is working on his new comic, the titular “Comix Zone”. As he’s doing so, a chance lightning bolt strikes his work-in-progress, and in that instant brings Mortus, the comic’s main villain, to life. 

Not possessing any power in the real world, Mortus throws Sketch into his own comic book, hoping to kill him in order to become flesh and blood. 

Archie Gang Playlists 02 // 05Jughead Jones ➳ Chiptune // Grunge ➳ 8Tracks // Playmoss

1. Lazy Bones ➳ Green Day // 2. Opinion (Nirvana Cover) ➳ Steve Welsh // 3. Exhausted ➳ Foo Fighters // 4. Society ➳ Eddie Vedder // 5. Ice Cream man ➳ Blur // 6. 8Bit Smiles ➳ Philter // 7. Fountain of Dreams (Gamer Rika Remix) ➳ Kirby // 8. The Importance of Being Idle ➳ Oasis // 9. Rockit ➳ Gorillaz // 10. Nothin’ Song ➳ Alice in Chains // 11. Boss Theme ➳ Comix Zone // 12. Don’t Fall in Love ➳ Danko Jones


Everytime it’s storming outside while I edit or draw I think of Comix Zone’s intro