'that's all there is'

I don’t know what everyone is talking about but here is what I DO know:

• I love harry
• I love louis
• I love both of their solo work
• I want ** to ***
• Louis’ situation is not Harry’s fault
• I miss louis
• I love larry
• I miss blonde Niall
• Where is Liam’s music?

anonymous asked:

Wait what did kj do?

he liked a comment on insta that says: “making fun of fat people is the only thing that’s gonna stop those useless bags of shit dying a fat early death”

all around fatphobia and fat shaming. by liking the comment, he’s agreeing with the post and stating that fat people are useless bags of shit and that all fat people are going to die young. he agrees that making fun of fat people will encourage behavior of “getting thin”. he agrees that making fun of fat people is okay at all.

blueminthoe  asked:

Please write those 24356643 meta posts on post Azzano Bucky!!!! I wanna get sad!!!

Let’s start with one!!! But when??? There’s so much to think about and see with post-azzano Bucky and it’s only because Sebastian is truly great. I’m gonna pick my favorite and start with The Bar Scene

are you sad yet? Because I am.

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If you wanna love Comic Negan and TV Show Negan, do it.

If you think the show is ruining him and hate TV show Negan, that’s fine.

If you have never read any of the comics, it’s okay.

And if daddy kink helps you get your rocks off, than by all means, call Negan Daddy.

We all celebrate Negan in our own ways.

Stop policing a fictional character. If you don’t like someone’s portrayal make your own.

… so i just saw linnea’s @linneaxskam post about how many times her and kristina have said ‘isak’ in their chat which was 731 times!!!!
so i was like wow i wonder how many  times me and ashley @hemrikholm have said isak… and….

we definitely love isak a lot

Also… @ my people who put on loads of makeup: I just wanna take a moment to appreciate y'all because makeup is hard and y'all make it look like art… Your faces are art

and @ my people who don’t wear makeup: I also wanna take a moment to appreciate y'all because your natural beauty always amazes me… Your faces are art

Anyway it’s really fuckt up that I am never just. Sad about 1 thing ?? Its always like,,, hello ! Yes u will now begin grieving ur teacher,, then! U will grieve ur childhood,, then u will regress n feel like a teenager ! Who is actually completely 100% alone ! And then cry n sob in the shower n then begin 2 sob abt ur childhood n the fact that it was The Worst Time and how u were Never Safe. I can see my brain in my head drinking a beer on a lazy boy chair n watching me on the tv n laughing at how much This All Hurts