'that woman from south africa'

PJO Headcanons

- Jake Mason is from Lexington, Kentucky, coming out as gay was hard for him and he didn’t know who he could trust to stand by his side. He was born without both legs and makes prosthetics in his spare time. He’s basically a universal big brother who looks out for everyone.

- Connor and Travis Stoll speak Spanish. They grew up in Seattle and drive their mother crazy. Connor has been Jake’s best friend since they first met.

- Nyssa’s mother is from South Africa. Nyssa’s a transgender woman and proud of it.

- Katie Gardner is asexual. Kids used to call her a prude in high school and she can get defensive if someone brings it up.

- Malcom is gender neutral and couldn’t care less about his identity. He doesn’t care what pronouns are used, he just wants to drink his damn tea and read.

- Hephaestus kids get nervous when they’re off the ground whether it be flying or just being picked up.

While incarcerated, Jeffrey Dahmer was sent over $12,000 by pen-pals. A 74-year-old nun who sent Dahmer $10 and corresponded with him for five years said “He did real bad things. But deep down, he’s a good kid.” 

His correspondents came from far and wide, from Canada to South Africa. One woman from London even sent the cannibal a staggering $5,920 as a ‘donation’.