'that was not the only time. Stiles always guesses right...'

The Cintron Hall Situation

Summary: Stiles is freezing and miserable in his dorm, so he decides to knock on his hot neighbor Derek’s door for help.

Notes: I just wanted to write some bedsharing fic! (On AO3)

Stiles loves Cintron hall. It’s the oldest dorm on campus, made of sturdy, weather-worn brown brick. It’s known as the “boring” dorm, because it’s filled mainly with the nerdy and socially awkward (and the science majors, who are often both).

There are never any loud parties or fights at Cintron, but sometimes on the weekends, people hang out in the lobby and watch movies or the latest episode of Doctor Who.

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Happy Little Thoughts

A/N: So, I had this in my drafts for ages and I finally got around to writing it. I used some of @alloftheimaginesblog prompts for the writing contest (I’m sorry, I hope that’s all right!) They helped spark off some ideas so yeah, gonna stop rambling now! x

The library was dark, other than a little halo of light coming from one corner. It was a warm glow which calmed Stiles most of the time, one which he knew all too well, but which currently sent a shiver of dread down his spine. The keen interest that the Nogitsune was paying to it made Stiles’s stomach squirm. He wanted desperately to get out of there. To run far away. He never wanted to destroy the peace which that little corner of the library brought, but he knew that was exactly what the Nogitsune had in mind.

He felt a twisted little smile slip onto his face, but it felt odd. It was as if someone had put a mask on him and was controlling it without his consent. Stiles was very aware of the little niggle of malicious intent in the back of his mind. The whole thing made him panic. He didn’t like it one bit.

‘Don’t!’ he whined, desperately trying to fight the dark spirit for control. He couldn’t let this happen.

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live-long-and-potter  asked:

Hi! So bc apparently I like pain I've somehow spent the past 2 hours on youtube watching sad teen wolf videos which led to sad Derek videos and GOD I JUST NEED HIM TO BE HUGGED so can you pretty please rec some fics where its like in canon, Derek gets one thing after another unfairly thrown at him and just... Stiles is there to help? Like. I need it. ESPECIALLY IF IT INVOLVES HUGS BC MY BOY NEEDS ONE RIGHT NOW thank you

Heeeey @live-long-and-potter. First of all *hugs* and second of all here is Derek’s Life is Hard and Stiles is There For Him fics. - Anastasia

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It’s Knot Unusual by khasael

(1/1 I 2,017 I Teen)

For once, Derek and Scott have something in common.

Stiles would have preferred to never ever know that.

lettin’ your worries pass you by by HalfFizzbin

(1/1 I 2,086 I Explicit)

In which Derek fails at loving himself, and Stiles accidentally becomes his guru.

What would you think of me, if you read my diary? by raisesomehale

(1/1 I 2,607 I Teen)

Distantly he feels his shirt being ripped open, but he can barely recognize anything other than the hands currently touching his face. The touches range from cupping his jaw, brushing over his forehead, and pushing his hair back, even though his hair isn’t long enough to be in the way.

They’re the only hands that make sense, so when they start banging on his chest he tries to focus on why they’re doing that, why they are there of all places.

We’ll Pick You Up by bat_hawk

(1/1 I 3,426 I Teen)

The Hale family has a tendency towards early marriage, and Derek and Cora are the last single holdouts from their generation. When Cora abandons Derek to endure the latest pack weekend on his own, Derek takes drastic measures to get his family off his back. He calls Enterprise.

Hair of a Wolf by elsmaster

(1/1 I 3,946 I Teen)

Derek is dying. Again.

Fog by flaming_muse

(1/1 I 4,575 I Teen)

The fog is thick and dense, not so much drifting through the trees of the Preserve as sitting there, heavy, like a layer of silt settled at the bottom of a lake.

Or, the one where Derek goes for a walk.

I Know What You Did Last Summer by sceal

(1/1 I 7,457 I Mature)

Yeah Stiles is not looking forward to delivering Derek’s eviction notice.

I’m Betting This Wasn’t Beta Tested by dancinbutterfly

(1/1 I 7,870 I Explicit I DubCon)

Derek is thrown into a violent heat in the wake of Lydia and Peter’s actions at the end of Party Guessed. Debilitated by his own needs, Derek reaches out to Stiles, the only person he wants and can hope to trust.

Subterranean Homesick Wolf by stormproofmatchgirl

(7/? I 11,141 I Teen)

It was while watching—hell, participating—in this process that Karen realized she was praying for the creature’s survival. Every time. And every time it recovered, she breathed a silent sigh of relief that was partly for DH006, but also for her own slowly corroding soul. As if its ability to heal itself might somehow absolve her.

Yeah, right.

Stiles had always been cursed with terrible timing. And so it had made perfect sense to him that on the night he and Malia split up, the night he drank a half a fifth of Old Turkey—or was it Wild Crow?—and stumbled to Derek’s apartment to confess his feelings for him, that Derek wasn’t home. And as it turned out, had disappeared completely. Again.

A Hunter’s Pet by LiluHale

(7/? I 19.520 I Teen)

Stiles Stilinski has been a hunter for years now. He killed those who hurt the innocent ones: rather they were humans or not.
He was a hunter. Not a werewolves, vampires, witches or whatever you decide to call it hunter - he was simply… a hunter. That killed those who hurt innocent creatures.
He usually saved all the victims - if he was lucky enough - and did his best not to lose anyone or let them down. What he never did, though, was to… keep one of the people he saved with him. He let them all go: he didn’t want them involved in his life. Why would he bring anyone into a life full of danger and pain? let them live for a while, then get themselves killed while helping him fight? Oh, no. He didn’t want that.
But then he met a certain wolf that really, really needed a place. Needed someone to take him.
Well, there’s a first time for everything….