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I think family guy is really ugly, like it is styalized but its just ugly. Like they dont put any thought into colors or backgrounds or anything. Its the most generic of cartoon style and thats why there are so many clones now of it.

Art anon here. One more thing, i went from watching futurama to seeing a clip of family guy and i actually got angry at how lazy and formulaic their camera angles and backgrounds are.

it’s so true..

that’s actually part of why i don’t consider south park on the same level as family guy- if nothing else, they’re stylized an ENTIRELY different and unique way. the paper cut-out appearance is something that everyone can pretty uniformly identify as south park, while… if you take certain characters and draw them in family guy style, it’s… still difficult to tell what style you’re using.

like, i’ve seen a bunch of those “art style challenges” around, and i’ve noticed quite frequently that if you don’t use a pretty generic face while working with the family guy style (the main differences like… chin type, hair type, and appearance of lips), it looks Wrong and unfitting for the series.

like… did you see the episode where peter griffin meets homer simpson? they swap cartoon styles for a bit and it’s like..

tbh if i didn’t know the context to this picture i’d be hella confused who these mfers are. (and that’s kind of a commentary towards simpsons, too, but you can at least immediately tell one of the characters is IN simpsons style, while… the family guy style is very… ???? ? is that even a style?)

THOUGH i’m somewhat happy of the clones- there’s a in-episode joke that bob’s burgers is a simpsons/family guy clone, and i’m pretty glad that’s a show. 

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I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.


paladins in bows! bc thats cute! 

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