Instead of us speculating where in the world is tayvin rn.. How about we appreciate and talk about this new video Armani has just posted of shirtless Calvin posing like a God bcos I swear I’ll go nuts if I won’t share my dirty thoughts about this man lol

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What do you think of Bambam? I think he tries too hard to get attention...but I want to hear what you think.

I think “tries too hard” sounds negative and we shouldn’t talk about Bambam like that :o I think Bambam is one of the sweetest people on the whole entire earth and people misjudge him a lot. I don’t think he tries to hog attention, but rather, he knows that he’s an idol and works hard at his job.

There are very few people who give as much effort into being an idol as Bambam. Almost every single silly or sweet thing he does is to make fans happy. He regularly updates SNS, replies to fans, holds mini fanmeetings at airports, sends winks and hearts, makes weird funny faces, says way too sweet / mushy things, all because he knows it makes fans happy and/or entertained. He’s dedicated almost his entire life to entertaining and making people happy.

Also, Bambam is one of those people that seems like they’re carefree and open, but actually probably has all his troubles buried inside. Like Jackson, Bambam is always trying to smile and make people laugh. And it takes so much effort to always make things happy/lively >< so Bambam deserves a lot more love than he gets.



Damnit Sans, stop putting sugar everywhere, not everything needs to be sweet, jeez….

Eyyy, another ‘epilogue’ thingy, loosely based on “Flowey is Not A Good Life Coach” by @unrestedjade . I love how the brothers were portrayed in it, with Papyrus being a lot more relatable, snippy and less cheerful. More real. 

Not a spoiler by any means

I got back to drawing stupid bros comics, yaaay….

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As a paramedic: I never get angry with welfare checks on people who might be suicidal. Because at best, it is a false alarm and at worst I am there with my partner (and sometimes back up) to save someone, which is the job I went to school for and signed up to do. We aren't mad at you if you yourself called and you're the person with suicidal ideations, we are actually way happier that you reached out for help!

yes thank you!! this insight from medical professionals like you is priceless! thank you!


 “If I do go through with this, I’ll end up losing you for a second time… 
       But I swear to you… one day, I will bring you back to life…”

                           “I know… I’m okay with it… Go save your friend…
                       You silly boy… you don’t have to ask for my forgiveness…”

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I know the V app update pisses me off so much.

i feel like its ridiculous honestly. i get theyre trying to make a profit and maybe bring in some earnings for both them and the groups that use their apps but, what they seem to plan on charging people is outrageous and im sure there are tons of people that arent going to be happy with it. fans of any group arent made of money and the way they set this up will be charging fans way more than they should be for this type of content. v app was supposed to be a free and easy way for fans to interact with their favourite groups, now its going to be a game of who has enough money to buy coins and watch a stream and quite frankly, i think most people arent going to do it because this is just honestly about the worst way they could have implemented it. i dont know if theres still going to be any free content but from the looks of it, a lot of content, bangtans included, u will need to pay for


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“And you’re absolutely sure there isn’t some sort of magical healing or whatever that you can use to help me get back on my feet faster?” Marinette types out on her phone.  She shows the screen to Tikki, and the spirit shakes its head.

“Sorry, Marinette.”

“Oh, come on.  Plagg stitched Adrien’s VOCAL CORDS back together that one time.”

“And Plagg was exhausted for two months afterwards,” Tikki says patiently.  “You’ll be fine once your fever breaks.”

“Tikkiiiiiiiiiiiiiii T_T,” Marinette whines.

“No,” Tikki says.  “Healing anything that isn’t caused by one of the akuma is incredibly tiring for me, Marinette, and I won’t do it for something as minor as this.  I’m sorry.”

“Aw,” Marinette types out.  “All right then.”

Marinette slumps back in her bed, then rockets back upright as a coughing fit hits. She hacks a glob of mucus into a bunch of tissues, then throws the entire wadded-up mess into the trash can by her bed.  She lies back with a little more care and groans pitifully at the pounding headache.

“Still sick, huh?” Adrien asks.

“Yup,” Alya says.  “You guys gonna be able to, uh, handle it?”

Adrien shrugs.  “You said it was just a bad cough and a bit of fever, right?” he says.  “If she can still transform, I can probably solo anything Papillon throws at us and hand it off to her for purification.”

“We should visit, at least,” Nino says.  “Or send her a care package.”

“She’s under quarantine until the fever breaks,” Alya says.  “Doctor’s orders.”

“Well, shoot,” Nino says.  He turns to Adrien.  “You can’t visit?”

“I’m impervious to physical damage,” Adrien says. “Well, near-impervious.  I’m fairly certain that I can still get sick from her.”

“Face masks?” Alya suggests.

Nino and Adrien fall silent for a second as they consider this.

“I’ll go pick up some after school,” Adrien says.

Marinette slumps back into her bed, groaning pitifully.

Mama had come up to check on her fever a few minutes before.  While her temperature had apparently gone down—she didn’t feel any less flushy—it had been replaced in whole by a headache like railroad spikes being driven through her temples, and all the begging she’d had the strength to muster hadn’t moved Tikki one iota.

The visit had been nice, though short.  She hadn’t been able to do much talking, or any at all, but the company had been nice.

She curls up in her bed.  Be nice if her bed-warmer was here too, but that was a bit much to hope for.

On cue, a knocking comes at her skylight before a familiar mop of blond hair and a pair of green eyes, luminescent with reflected light, appear.  She sighs, picks up her phone from her bedside table, and is halfway through typing out a message when she thinks better of it and just waves him in.

“Princess,” he says as he slides into bed next to her, his voice a little muffled by the surgical mask he’s donned.

“Kitty,” Marinette types on her phone.  “Sorry I’m poor company.”

“You’re never poor company,” he assures her before he curls up around her.

“Are you PURRING?” Marinette types up after a few seconds.  She nudges him in the side with an elbow and shows him the message.

“Yes,” he says.


“Helps healing,” he says.


“It does,” he insists.

Marinette gives up.

Three days later, Marinette, recovered enough to talk and her fever completely gone, arrives at school to find Adrien’s seat unoccupied.

“Where’s Adrien?” she croaks as she slips into her seat.  Nino shoots her an amused look while Alya rolls her eyes.

“Apparently got bronchitis,” she says.

“Same as you,” Nino comments, with far too much nonchalance.

Steve Rogers as the genius loci of America (or perhaps the American dream?): discuss. 

(RoL-style magic makes everything in the MCU significantly more logical, don’t argue with me on this.)