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I feel like Rick didn’t make those cardboard cutouts on his own


Patrick Chan’s new FS to Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

Ok guys, so here’s something rather interesting to take note of:

Disregarding the obvious ‘friend’ David scrawled on top of the label (what are you doing david, stop being so precious) we can clearly see this bottle, which for the sake of this post I’m taking to be his own, are Pills PX.

Now Ze and me got to talking about this, and I noted how PX Pills are in fact an actual type of medication. With a simple search, you’ll find they’re being used to treat: Restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder; parkinson’s disease and tardive dyskinesia.

(In other words, various types of disorders that cause involuntary spasms, tics or movements)

This in itself is already very interesting and could say a lot about David’s character. However, there’s an even higher potential for angst here:

Tardive dyskinesia is known for being diagnosed in people who have been taking anti-psychosis medication for extended amounts of time. (We’re talking months/years here)

I’m just saying…

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Short Writing prompt: "It's like that inane Disney movie that Grayson forced me to watch. Fish are FRIENDS, not food." Damian trying to convince the rest of his family to go vegetarian.

Sorry this took a bit, but I hope you like it!

Dick was rather proud of himself, through some clever planning and the calling in of favors he managed to get the whole family together for dinner at the manor. Between him, Bruce, and Jason they even convinced Alfred to sit and relax while they served dinner. He was just setting down the platter of pork chops in the center of the table when chaos erupted.

“I can’t believe that is what we’re eating,” Damian said with a sniff.

Steph leaned across the table to stab one of the pork chops with her fork and transfer it to her plate. “What’re you talking about Baby Bat? Alfred’s cooking is the literal best!”

“Seriously, this stuff is the best,” Tim all but groaned as he shoveled mashed potatoes onto his plate.

Jason grabbed the bowl of string beans from Babs. “Not gonna lie, this is the number one reason I’m glad I came back to life. You know after the whole not being stuck in a coffin anymore.” 

Bruce shot his son a glare but didn’t say anything to Jason. “Damian, you’ve had no complaints about Alfred’s cooking in the past. He’s even made you a vegetarian option.”

“That is exactly what I’m talking about! How can you all just sit here and eat that while Batcow and Jerry are right down stairs,” Damian growled.

Dick shared glances with his other siblings and Steph and Babs. All of them seemed to shrug. “Dames… You know that this is pig right?”

As soon as he said it Dick knew it was the wrong thing to say, Damian all but clawed across the table at him. Cass had caught their little brother by the sleeve of his sweatshirt and pulled him back into his seat before he could. Though Damian continued to snarl at everyone at the table.

“Master Damian, while we all respect your lifestyle choices there is no need to judge ours.” Alfred told him calmly.

“How comes no one respects mine then?” Jason muttered, earning a well thrown dinner roll to the forehead from Cass.

“-tt- This is exactly like in that inane Disney movie Grayson always forces us to watch. Fish are friends! Not food!” Damian glared.

The room fell silent for a few seconds. “Did… Did Damian just quote Finding Nemo at us?” Tim asked.

“I know. I’m so proud,” Steph breathed with a huge grin.

Dick blinked. “I can’t decide if I’m happy that you actually paid attention during our movie marathons or if I’m annoyed that you’re trying to use them against me…”

Damian growled, going limp in his chair like a child having a tantrum. Cass patted his head with a smile on her lips. “Proud. You’ll like Disney yet.”

Dick glanced at Bruce, he was smirking at his family but otherwise letting them hash this out. 

“I’m not going to convince you to stop eating meat, am I?” Damian finally grumbled.

Dick laughed. “Not today Little D, but solid attempt.”