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Jewish businessman from Canada saves Yezidis from ISIS captivity

Steve Maman, a 42 years old Jewish businessman with morrocan roots decided he had to rescue the abducted Yezidis. He established the “Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children in Iraq” (CYCI) and has raised over $125,000 US dollars in less than one month. The CYCI team includes Jewish, Christian, Agnostic, Yezidi, Kurdish & Muslims.  Each team member has his or her separate role. Steve tasks are raising funds and meeting with government leaders & parliamentarians, In the last month, the CYCI team has liberated over 35 Yezidis, mostly children with their young mothers. CYCI has been able to release 102 women and children so far. The price of a child’s life to remove them from the hands of ISIS is between $1000-$3000.

“As Jews, we know what it’s like when the whole world is watching and not doing anything. I’m the child of a nation that has been part of the most devastating genocide. And yes, the world didn’t come in time to help us. Too many Jews died because they reacted too late. This is what prompted me to act immediately. When I saw what happened to the Yezidis and Christians, I decided to not just watch idly. I decided to liberate Christians and Yezidis from the ISIS captivity, as once Oskar Schindler rescued Jews from the Nazis.” He would like to say to the Yezidis: “The Jews will help your people. We will not let you down.”

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So I showed my Kurloz sprite to Xamag (who has done a number of art contributions to Homestuck, including some for Vriskagram and many of the talksprites, namely Kurloz for example), and I must say her response was really inspiring, in a horrible way for me considering I am known to sprite utter abominations.  Consider this my gift to her and another step into the Omegapause.


The Face of the Yezidi People

During the Genocide on Yezidis, where ISIS Terrorists massacred more than 5,000 Yezidi Men and abducted 6.000 Yezidi Women & Children on August 3, 2014 - a Moroccan photographer shot these photos of a 6 Years old Yezidi Girl, trapped on the Shingal Mountain.

“Men, women, and children in dirt-caked clothes were struggling in temperatures of over 45 degrees (113ºF), waiting patiently for local Kurdish aid. At first, I focused my camera on a group of women sitting on the ground, but when I turned away I saw this little girl. I took one shot of her there and as she saw me, she gave me a smile. I was drawn to her wild beauty in this terrible situation. There is a kind of intensity, distress and sadness in her eyes.”

White America is suffering from a type of cancer. It is hurting you; it is killing your children; it is damaging families; it hurls shrapnel in many directions, maiming and otherwise bringing an end to the lives of those people who are unfortunate enough to be in its blast radius. If you want the truth, this is it: toxic white masculinity, and the backward right-wing politics which nurture and protect it, are hurting millions of you every year.

“In reality, right-wing domestic terrorists and mass shooters are the number one threat to America’s safety and security”

Last Thursday, six people were stabbed at the Jerusalem Pride Parade. One of them, a sixteen year old girl, died yesterday of her wounds. Murdered, for supporting equality. Her name was Shira Banki.

The next day, a Palestinian infant was burned to death in a terror attack in the West Bank. His name was Ali Saad Dawabsheh. He was eighteen months old.

Pray for Israelis and Palestinians, think about us, speak about us. Remember Shira Banki and Ali Saad Dawabsheh. They were victims of hatred, but the terrorists who murdered them will not break us.

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going to the haunted house in disneyland with luke, who's too ashamed to admit that he gets scared incredibly easy so he clings to you the entire time

“Luke, your face seems awful pale,” you said teasingly, digging a finger into his rib cage.

“I’m fine,” he squeaked out, and then cleared his throat. “Totally fine.”

“Are you sure?” you said, smirking at him, “It’s pretty scary. Lots of ghosts and dead bodies and gore. And it’s dark.”

“Shut up,” he said, watching a small boy run into the room before him. He laced his fingers with yours and took a few steps into the room. “I’m not scared.”

You pulled on his hand leading him into the center of the room, amidst the flickering lights and the eerie organ music. Without warning, a voice came through the walls. “Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. I am your host, your ghost host.”

He squeezed your hand and you whipped around, only to find his face had drained of all color. “Don’t you DARE let go of my hand for even one second,” he breathed out.

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Today marks one of the worst acts of genocide against the Kurds- and this is not an easy statement as the Kurd’s history is splattered with acts of genocide against us. On this day a year ago, thousands of Yezidis escaped for their lives as ISIS advanced towards these ancient, and long persecuted people. Many children and the elderly died due to thirst and hunger in the extreme heat, waiting for help from the international community (the wait ended when the PKK tracked for miles to clear the mountain of ISIS and delivered them to safety). The men and boys were rounded up and summarily executed- more Kurdish men and boys in mass graves reminiscent of the Anfal campaign. Over 5,000 women and young girls were kidnapped and sold off like cattle. Hundreds of these girls have been killed and/or committed suicide as a means of escaping their pain and suffering.

Yes, the Yezidi Kurds have endured more than words can convey; subjected to over 75 genocides and massacres throughout history. But there is so much more to these people than this history. They are survivors and they endure the unendurable with a resolve that speaks for their collective strength. Through Şingal and that immense, unspeakable violence, a new era was born: The formation of the YBŞ (Şingal Resistance Units) is an effort to end this history of oppression! It is an effort to reclaim an identity under persecution and terror; to reclaim history itself and write a new one. Our history isn’t just pain, suffering and genocide. It is also RESISTANCE, ENDURANCE, PERSEVERANCE against insurmountable odds! 

Shout out to the Yezidi women who are actively fighting and resisting ISIS now! That second image is of 3 Yezidi sisters fighting ISIS on mount Şingal!

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