keep you warm — liam dunbar

summary ; in which y/n is sick and in need of liam dunbar’s cuddles. [191017]

warnings ; none

word count ; 1.6k


YOU FOUND YOURSELF awake still, into the late depths of the night. You sniffled lightly, and wrapped one of the many blankets crowding your bed tighter around your shivering body. With a harsh pounding against your skull, a sore throat, and despite the high temperatures gracing the summer season and the warmth spreading across your skin, a series of cold shivers - you were once again reminded of the sickness that had burdened your day (and now night too, apparently).

It took no genius to figure out you’d gotten incredibly sick. It also took no genius to figure out that you probably looked as rough as you felt. But that didn’t stop you from opening the cocoon of covers for your hand to slip out and blindly reaching for your phone on your bedside table through the inky shadows of the night, a grouchy groan slipping from your lips as you grasped the expensive object between your fingers and swiped to unlock.

You didn’t make an attempt to contain the string of croaky, expletive syllables that sounded with a painful sting under your breath as the glaring screen illuminated the dark room and brought burning tears to your squinting eyes, your mood decreasing more and more into the depths of brooding and dispiritedness as the minutes ticked further into the warm night.

Mildly unconscious of your actions, your thumbs pressed against your boyfriend’s name in your contacts and brought the phone up to the shell of your ear - listening to the repetitive dial tone with the ghost of a weak smile on your chapped lips, waiting patiently until the opposing side picked up. A few moments later, he did, and a muffled ruffling was heard as you softly called out his name,  “Li?”

“(Y/N)?” The comfort of Liam’s voice travelled through the speaker and reached your ears in hushed whispers. Without realising it, the press of a crestfallen weight, that had pushed harshly against your chest prior, lifted, and you already found yourself feeling slightly better.

Your head tilted to the side, your weary eyes peering over the clocked perched on the bedside cabinet, identifying the hands on the face to read half one in morning. With that acknowledgement, a burst of guilt swept through your fatigued being, “O-Oh, shit, Liam - I’m sorry, I didn’t realise it was so late-”

“Hey, hey,” He interrupted softly, and your rushed words fell to a faded silence, “What’s going on, baby? You sound sick - are you sick?”

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What Do You Get for Pretending the Danger’s Not Real? // Part Three // Kai Anderson

Originally posted by kaiandersn

A/N: This gif makes me want to set fire to all of my underwear underneath a shrine of Kai. ANYWAY, per request, here is part three! I think this will be the finale because I actually had a lot of trouble writing this and I’m not happy with it, as usual. Basically Kai being a manipulative son of a bitch in order to get what he wants. :)

Warnings: Smut, language, mental illness, murder, manipulation

Title credit: Sheep x Pink Floyd

Tags: @quicksilverbells​, @fragilelikeabomb0106​, @unhinged-on-the-fringe​, @delicrieux​, @bludesires, @iimaddhatzz​, @we-love-our-bandz​, @industrialgothbitch, @zaddywilk​, @suckerforpsychos

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We’re All Different *request*

Scott McCall - Teen Wolf

Request: Ive just seen your request of requests 😂 and i was jus wondering if you’d write a scott one? Where the reader is a mermaid and has been dating scott for a while and they both kept their secret from each other and then one day they somehow get revealed to each-other? If you dont wanna write this its all good! :)

Note: Sorry it’s short btw 😅

Beacon Hills has brought you plenty of wonderful surprises, a great group of friends, a kind boyfriend, turning you into a mystical creature after taking a late night swim on a full moon.

Staying away from water, being the most difficult part of your day on a good day, the smallest drop of water on your skin will have shifted and stuck in a unusual situation, considering most of the earth’s population do not believe in mermaids.

You’re still learning about who you are, and though you ever so badly want to share your struggles with someone, you thought best not to.

“Hey, Y/n” Scott said, planting a kiss on your cheek before directing you to the rest of the group. A round of hellos and groans of distaste of being at school so early.

Your heart ached to open up to these people you love so dearly. A few jokes and sarcastic remarks of mythical creatures kept you from doing so.

“It’s going to rain” Stiles pointed out to no one in particular.

Your head snapped up to look at the sky, dark angry clouds clumped together ready to pour heavy droplets of water, he was right it was going to rain within a few minutes.

You pushed your sleeves down and pulled up your hood, and ran toward a sheltered area.

“What’s wrong, Y/n?” Scott called for you.

“Uh my hair” you lied.

“I like her” Lydia smiled, as she made a run for it toward you.

“Girls” Malia rolled her eyes, before following pursuit.

“She used to love the rain” Scott shrugged

“Hey, do you think you’re gonna tell, Y/n about” he made ears with hands which were on his head. “You know” he raised a brow.

“Stiles… Stiles, stop doing that” Scott said, pulling Stiles’ hand down.

“I don’t want to scare her” Scott sighed.

“If she really loves you I don’t think it will matter to her” Stiles said, sudden words of wisdom putting a smile on Scott’s face.

“Soon I will… maybe” Scott said uncertainty tainting his voice.

“You know a little water isn’t gonna kill you, there’s worse things in this town” Malia muttered.

“You won’t understand” you whispered to yourself.

“What was that?” Lydia questioned.

“I uh said igloos don’t expand” you said without a second of thought, and squinted at the utter mess of words that slipped your lips.

“Uh right… okay” Lydia said, confused as you were.

“Can we go inside?” You asked nervously, watching the boys get drenched in the rain.

“We should take a stroll in the rain” Malia said, pulling on your arm.

Panic set it, there was no way of avoiding this. Malia carried more strength than you she could easily drag you out of shelter from the rain and expose your secret to all.

“Malia please no” you pleaded

“Come on, Y/n it’s just water” Malia justified.

“Malia, I don’t want to let me go please” you begged, with no affect on her, as she pulled you into the rain. The water seeping through your cotton sleeve and on to your skin.

“Malia help me” you cried, as you lost balance, feet being replaced with a beautiful tail.

Scott’s eyes emanating a red glow as his eyes flew on you. Mouth left ajar as he rushed over to you, a shift in process.

“Oh. My. God.” Stiles gasped, at the sight of you.

“Malia, no means no” Lydia scolded, as she helped hold you up.

You gasped, breathing becoming difficult, the rain not enough for your fully shifted self.

Scott by your side within seconds, eyes glowing, facial hair that was never there before. A low growl instructing to open the school door came from Scott, as he carried you into the locker room.

“Scott you…” unable to finish your sentence, you reached up to touch his face.

“Shh it’s okay” Scott reassured you, turning on the shower.

“You’re a … a mermaid” Stiles said from behind still shocked, eyes wide as he watched.

“And you’re a werewolf” you smiled at Scott.

“I was so afraid of being different” you said, hiding your face in Scott’s chest.

“Different?” Scott laughed, holding you tightly.

“We’re all different” he kissed you head