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Hi Mister, Okay so I would appreciate your perspective on this... I think my boss knows that I'm a submissive/little but I'm not entirely sure. When ever I get my work done to his liking he says "that's a good girl." AND he doesn't laugh when I'm being sassy he just looks at me and presses his lips together as if he's refraining from doing it saying something. He will also speak in length with me about all things Disney. Is this all in my head? Do doms typically act this way in public too?

ahahahaa..ahaha.hahahaa….. ahem.


Let me preface my words with a true story from Mister’s diary:

I remember plain as day when she walked into the library. Scattered.. emotional… confused. Her spirit frantic, searching, clamoring for any sense o relief and safety it could find.  She had all the traits that my inner being had been so well trained to recognize. Right down to the way she moved.

My heart grew an inch and so I approached her, calmly and gently in the way I would always when I became awakened to the kindred soul among me. 

“You need me” I gently said to her. The look on her face of shock was amazing as her spirit awoke to who I was. She didn’t know what to say to me, so I gently reached out and touched her little wrist. 

“It’s going to be ok, you’re safe with me. Tell me what you are wanting to do”

I solved the problem she was having and then invited her outside for a chat. We spoke about many things for the span of around 45 minutes.

3 weeks later she was kneeling in front of me eager to fill any desire I had.

- Perspective -

Now, for me to say your boss is a Dom or Daddy is difficult because I dont know the full context of your workplace, how you present yourself, or if he has somehow investigated you and found your profiles and what not.

What I CAN tell you, is that advanced Dom’s and Daddys like myself pride themselves on both self awareness and behavioral recognition. When I was first coming up as a Dom, my mentor trained me in non verbal behavioral recognition skills. Recognizing your sub/littles needs and wants through simple behavior right down to the way she greets you, and also communicating on a full cerebral level without words. 

In fact, you could line up 50 people today and I could choose every single one of them that identified as a submissive without ever speaking a word to them. I’ve done it several times… and even today, I can tell when one is bothered or off simply in the way they say hello through a text.

three of my in person subs became such simply from my ability to look at them from across the room and immediately make a spiritual connection with them.

IF… this is the case with him, then congratulations. Though I would absolutely NOT recommend you pursue a relationship, because he is after all, your boss and source of your income.

But… for all intents and purposes, he does sound quite like myself and how I might act if I was still that kind of position. 

I was just speaking to someone about this yesterday… the spiritual component to our lifestyle that many often bypass because they dont even know it exists or how to nurture it in the first place.

My last sub… I could completely control her in a public crowded room with simple eye movement and gestures. with a simple look she knew exactly how I wanted her to be, what to do, and how to do it. Because I had trained her to connect with me on a spiritual level. Those in this lifestyle, who are truly genuine, we all have.. as cliche’ or cheesy as it may sound… kindred souls that cry out to each other beneath the surface. 

Its the same reason my first mentor recognized it in me and woke me up and its the same reason that IF.. he is a Dom and in tune with himself enough, that hes seeing it in you.

Defying the Norm

The question of how often I go to the gym keeps coming up more and more. When I tell people I don’t go to a gym and workout at home they look at me like I’m crazy. Then they laugh and want to know how much I had to spend on home gym equipment. And I tell them only a couple hundred dollars on some used stuff and the basics. Then they scoff and ask me how many hours everyday I have to workout out. And I tell them about 45min to 1 hour usually 5 days a week. Then they stare at me for a bit and usually shake their head as they walk away. So I either defy the norm or people look too quickly for all the reasons they cannot reach their goals and sell themselves short. I’m no freak or anomaly I’m just a guy who didn’t buy into all the reasons others were selling that I could not succeed on my own terms. You can do the same!

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I don't understand the point of the number and nudes thing? Why not just ask for nudes and then enjoy them in pvt if you aren't going to post them for your followers to see? Why flood our dashboard with nonsense? For all we know you are just posting comments and nobody is sending you anything.

Oh, fuck off.

It’s fucking fun, it promotes body positivity, and most of all - its my fucking blog so I can post whatever the fuck I want and if you don’t like the way your dash looks, unfollow me. 

As for whether or not the submissions are real, well that sounds like a personal problem of you projecting your ugliness onto me and acting like just because no one wants to show you their dick that the same must be true for me. 

Go take a nap and maybe try being less of a fun-sucking leech when you wake up. 

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hey! i'm looking for a fic where phil started actually going to the gym and he looks hella ripped, dan notices it (because they live together) and gets really attracted to him. one day dan accidentally stumbled down the stairs and phil like caught him before anything happened and dan was like staring at his muscles and shit, smut ensues etc. could you hell me out?

Sexercise - “Confession: My friend is working out and getting bigger. I can’t help but think about him topping me and pounding me looking at his new muscles.”


it’s so cold

the sun is shining but 
i can’t feel its warmth
i just want to feel warm again
but i can’t remember what warm feels like
can’t remember what my lips looked like before they turned blue
i don’t look like me when i’m cold

i watch as goosebumps rise along my arms
the most interesting thing i’ve seen in
time seems to have frozen as well
i look at clocks but the hands aren’t moving
the numbers won’t change

i wonder if anyone else can see their breath dancing in front of them
i wonder if it’s just me
am i the only one shivering? 
—  i just want to feel warm always, everything is too cold lately // insp. @horrorcutie‘s text post
(cc, 2017)

So I had this dream where I was getting more and more frustrated and distressed and finally yelled out “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND A GF IF I CAN’T TELL WHICH GIRLS ARE GAY?!” Someone just looked at me like I was the biggest dingus and pointed to someone behind me saying you just have to check their feet. Confused, I turned around and saw a girl who was tracking rainbows behind her with every step.

I mean, in the dream it was just some random girl walking through grass but… I dunno… this happened?

I’m honestly happy for Ferrari for clearly being bold and trying to go outside the box. The past few years their cars have been visibly bland since day one, but I think we can agree that’s not the case at all this time around. The car’s design seems aggressive and different than the other cars we’ve seen which is a positive, I think. Now let’s wait and see how she’s like on track in Barcelona. Fingers crossed for a fast red beast.

   So, probably by next month I’m going to move this blog to somewhere fresh and clean! Relationships, threads, and the works will still be in order. I will continue drafts here then move them onto my new blog. I think Ally just needs a fresh start where it doesn’t feel so cluttered. It’ll take a little time but, I will have it set up and slowly following back people once it is done. Until then, like I said, I will be doing drafts and answering things via ask! I just got to dye my hair and I will be on today.

Puppy Dog Eyes - Drabble Request

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“[Y/n], doll!” Bucky singing your name plus his gallant smile once he found you on the couch were enough to make you suspicious.

You lowered your book so he could only see your narrowed eyes. “What do you want, Barnes?”

“Oh, c’mon, doll, don’t look at me like that,” he all but whined. You marked the book and laid it on the coffee table.

“Don’t pretend you’re not here to ask me for something.” He opened his mouth to respond, but you were quicker to continue. “And don’t say it’s nothing. You know the meaning of the word ‘subtle’ as well as Steve.”

“Thanks!” The blond supersoldier yelled from the kitchen.

“This is terrible, Steve!” Bucky answered.


“Anyway, doll,” he sat beside you and grabbed your hands gently before pressing a caste kiss in each, “All I came here for was a minor, tiny, innocent favor from my favorite person in the world.”

“Hey!” Steve yelled again.

“You two share the first spot!”

It took a few seconds, but the answer eventually came. “Okay!”

“Now shut up, I’m trying something here,” Bucky shouted then turned back to you.”

You arched an eyebrow. “And what would that be?”

He brought your hands nearer his face and rested his chin on them, while still holding them with his own.

“You see, you make those delicious cak-“

“You’re asking me to cook for you?”

“Only if you want to feed your boyfriend and your friend.”

“But I’m so comfortable here.”

And you indeed were. Laying on the couch, binge watching a new show, with chocolate right next to you, wrapped in a cozy comforter and your favorite hoodie, the hood pulled up.

But then Bucky gave you that face.

“No, no. Not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you fucking dare. Dammit.”

You tried to avoid you gaze from falling over him, but there was no way to pull away from him. Not that you really wanted to.

You had no choice but to raise and make his favorite cake, with Bucky grinning beautifully. At least he and Steve kept you company.

Today is beige. I told you not to go. You picked up your pants from the ground and I told you not to go. You didn’t look at me as the silence pushed you out the room, away from me.
—  E.M.

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You're trying to bias wreck me. I must stay loyal to Jimin!!!! <P> *Re - reads "Not So Honest" for the third time.* <P> Me: This isn't what it looks like. I'm loyal to Jiminie.



They wrote such dialogues for twelve that can easily fit in  romantic drama movie

“You look at me but you can’t see me”

“Do I care for you so little that betraying me will make a difference”

“Your face does that thing when it is happy and sad at the same time, it’s like you are malfunctioning”

“When do I not see you? There was a crowd too?”

“You let Clara Oswald get into your head, trust me she never leaves”

“Don’t go, stay with me”

And people still find Whouffaldi implausible? Their relationship is deeper and more meaningful than any romantic pairing you could hope to see on-screen. There is no doubt!

(P.S. I wrote these from  memory so apologies for any mistake)

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-“OMG. That’s perfect. I approve”

-”AH ITS THE BIG GUY! So happy with this.”

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-“Commissioned Matt in the past. Excellent work, would recommend!“