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I know this is such a hassle but please do a blog rec!! i just came back from a short hiatus and you are the only person I still know because you have your old url on your page :ooo

oh my god, I don’t even wanna know how confusing it must be for u right now, literally everyone changes their URL atm 😩
okay, so here we go!!
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I probably forgot like 7282727 people 😩

Change Your Mind // Final

Synopsis: Jimin is finally returning home to Busan after a few years of college. His friend, Jungkook, tags along as well. Rather than being interested in the new sights, he finds his eyes following Jimin’s old friend- you.

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook // (childhoodFriend!AU & FWB!AU)

Genre: Fluff

SERIES: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || FINAL

Word Count: 3178

A/N: i’m finally set free from this series… finally… the .gif is literally me

It would be a dream to have Jungkook come back for you just to utter out a simple apology; in fact, it is all you can ask for before he departs. As if your hopes have been filled to the brim, spilling it into reality, you see that dream.

Jungkook is running to you, hopping upon the cracking stones as a puzzled look sketches your face. It is different than how he thought; he expected you to be washed in anger, flames being fanned by faint recollections of the recent quarrel.

He stops a few feet in front of you, catching the normalcy of his breath before opening his mouth to speak words like flint that sparks a lighter. However, remaining rooted on your front door, you beat him to it.

“Did Jimin nag you to say goodbye to me?” You comment disarmingly, gaze averting from his to the ground.

Jungkook chuckles, charm limpid as day. “No.”

You peer at him past the blanket of your lashes and purse your lips. “Did you come here to yell at me again?”

“Not at all,” he sheens a smile.

“Then… are you here to say goodbye to me?”

The glint that sparkles in his eye is all that is needed to confirm the correct answer. His soft smile pairs with the crescent of his eyes perfectly, a look that gives away his limpid enamor towards you. And he cannot say, or do, anything to prove you otherwise at this point. “Yes,” he nods, “but I also need to say something else, and it’s an apology.”

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The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)

I don’t even know how or where to start…

I’ll never forget watching the series premiere of The Vampire Diaries back on September 10th, 2009 when I was just 19 years old. I’d heard about the show a few months before it aired and made sure to watch the first episode ever live on TV. And from the second the pilot ended with Elena inviting Stefan into her house with The Fray’s “Never Say Never” playing in the background, I was hooked. Obsessed. And that’s an understatement. I only had a couple hundred followers back then and most of those followers probably don’t even follow me anymore, or have forgotten my obsession with the show, but back then my blog used to be so much TVD it’s crazy. Just thinking back and even now going through my old tags from the show, I remember how much I used to love it. The Vampire Diaries was, in those days, 100% my favourite show on TV. Hands down.

I always thought Stelena was cute and I never hated on them. I get why people loved them, and their relationship was strong & sweet. But yes, I was a Delena shipper through-and-through, basically from day one. I think Damon and Elena were my first ever true “OTP”. Back then that term was so new, it was Tumblr that taught me the meaning of it, and Delena was absolutely my #1 OTP at the time.

The early seasons (1-3) of The Vampire Diaries were obviously the best, and in my opinion, iconic. There are so many epic, unforgettable moments from the earlier years that I wish I could just list off right now, like Katherine’s return to town, Caroline turning into a vampire, Delena’s first official kiss on Elena’s iconic front porch. There’s SO many more countless scenes, and I wish I could explain my love for them all.

I enjoyed Season 4 too, but I will never ever forget episode 4x15. For me, that was the turning point for the show. It was the saddest, darkest episode of television I’d ever watched at the time, and watching Elena’s house go up in flames was devastating. Who else remembers seeing the close-up shots of Elena’s converse shoes burning, and most importantly, seeing her infamous diary being destroyed by the flames? It almost felt like a series finale to me, and I think that’s where it all changed.

I started feeling a little less passionate in Seasons 5 & 6, and then when Nina left the show I just stopped watching it altogether. After she left I only downloaded the new episodes once in a while just to keep track of the general storylines, but TVD lost its magic, and I no longer felt the passion and obsession and love for it that I once did.

That being said though, it has always and will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

I don’t feel for the characters as much as I once did, and yeah that’s a little scary to me, but I guess we all grow up and we all move on. I’m 27 now, things have changed. A lot of things. It’s all in the past now, and it hurts. But no matter what, I will always, always love this show and will forever be grateful for it, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t perfect.

The series finale wasn’t the greatest, but I still am 100% satisfied with the ending overall. My general thoughts:

  • Damon and Elena’s reunion was anti-climactic to me, especially since they didn’t have any dialogue with one another. But I also am okay with that I think? Ian & Nina’s break-up obviously caused the show to go downhill (yeah I said it) so I didn’t necessarily need some lovey-dovey romantic speech from them. I’m not sure if it would have felt authentic enough. So I’m okay with just knowing that they ended up being ENDGAME (yaaaas) and living a long and happy life together. If this was 2010 I would have been SO passionate about them being endgame. The amount of times I discussed and debated Delena vs. Stelena back in the day, omfg. I’ve grown up and I don’t feel as passionate anymore about it, but my 20 year old self is still inside me jumping up and down that my ship was endgame (sorry haters). 
  • I feel like Katherine didn’t get enough air-time, her story and presence in the last episode felt more forced and rushed rather than cathartic, but I’m still just happy that I got to see her fierce crazy bitch ass one last time. (Even though I kind of always wanted her to end up with Stefan tbh…) 
  • Stefan dying was predictable but so depressing. Although tbh seeing him reunited in the afterlife with his bestie Lexi made everything okay.
  • Seeing that letter from Klaus to Caroline made me smile so fucking hard. I still ship it and I hope to god she eventually ends up on The Originals.
  • Bonnie Bennett is QUEEN of everything and all that matters is that she saved the day and got to live a long, happy life after all the bullshit the poor girl had to go through all these years. I’m so happy she’s safe and sound.
  • I loved how they incorporated the “ghosts” of all the characters who’ve died, it gave me so many feelings, especially seeing Sheriff Forbes.
  • The fact that at the end of his long life with Elena, Damon found his way back to Stefan in the afterlife makes me feel so happy and satisfied. But NOTHING compares to the happiness I felt seeing Elena turn towards her old house, to that iconic front porch, and her being reunited with Jenna and her parents. That’s honestly all I could have ever hoped for and more for the ending to this show.

I don’t think I can ever truly explain the love and passion I used to feel for The Vampire Diaries. It may sound stupid to a lot of people, but it meant so much to me and I’m not embarrassed to say it. It breaks my heart that I’ll never get the good old days back again. But I’ll never forget it, ever.

Thank you, The Vampire Diaries, for a bumpy but amazing ride. It’s been epic ;)

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Hey, could you please recommend me some books or information to read about sigils? Thank you so much

Ooh have I got a thing for you - [my sigils FAQ blog page]. If you can’t view that, you can find a rebloggable version [on my old blog], but some of the links might be dead / broken at this point. (I hardcore need to rewrite that for this blog, don’t I?) Imma copy and paste the links and resources section for you from my blog page, just in case:

Links and Resources

* = external links and resources

So yeah. Sigils. Enjoy, anon :D


alright so here’s the masterlist on my new blog. it’s the exact same, just on another blog tbh ;) 

if anything isn’t as it should be (the links aren’t working, wrong title, ect) please me so i can fix it 

if you wanna chat about writing and 5sos and stuff pls hit me up ! 

now, happy reading and tell me what you think about the writings!

(most/some of the pieces are on my old blog but there won’t be posted any writing on @calumsbtich anymore)

☆ = means personal favourites 

☼ = means over 100 notes

= means over 200 notes

 = means over 300 notes

* = means smut

valentine!5sos blurb night with @calumsbicth​







The Awful and the Adorable ☆ ♔

The Unprepared Guest (Halloween series)  ☼


Eyes ☆ ♔


soft apologies *✧



Nia  ♔

Coping Mechanism

That Lovelis Bitch  ♔

Years Long Past ☆ ☼ - Part 2

Jealous Daddy ✧

The Cutie from Stanford

You Could’ve Killed Me  ✧ (Halloween series)

Two Lovebirds In The Water ✧

Love In The Air(port) ✧

Please ✧

In Charge ♔

One Match 

Change of Status 

A Christmas Miracle ✧



How Can I Be Good Enough? 

Let’s Just Pretend ☆ ✧

Scary Ex-Girlfriend ♔ (Halloween Series)

A Treaty Trickster  (Halloween series)

Long Time No See ✧

Angry Arzaylea ♔


Hurt ☆ ☼



Doctor Stranger(Halloween Series)

Movie Theatre and Chill 

No, Please & Thank You 

Everything that doesn’t make sense about me, makes sense when I’m with you

4 / 4 / ALL

Jealous (4/4) 

Worried about nothing (4/4)

How you cuddle (4/4) 

Breakups are painful (4/4) 

Closer - Song Preference

Outer Space - Song Preference

Request here! (unless they’re closed. of course, you can still share your ideas, but don’t expect them to be written)

Prompts if you can’t think of anything

Reaching almost 3000 majetes, but this had to happen soon or later ...

I was on Tumblr since 2012, and in my old blog (@redworld96) there was EVERYTHING I HAD and I was about to post someday in the future ….. 

But when you’re someone that makes things that maybe Tumblr doesn’t approve, it’s just matter of time that you pay the consequences.

I will try to get back my old blog (I think it’s impossible, but I will try anyway). Meanwhile Redworld96 will stay in this new tumblr.

Dear fandom, I have always said to you that I didn’t need any kind of reward for helping you with the episodes, clips and news. 


I need you so spread the word, reblog this post and announce in the #tmnt2012 and #tmnt2k12 tags that @redworld96 moved to @redworld-96 because the old one has been deleted by Tumblr. 

Of course I don’t have any control on all the messages, asks, those I followed them, clips, videos, promos and episodes I had from many TV Shows anymore, and in this moment 

I don’t have ANY IDEA what I am going to do. 

I’m feeling …. really sad and angry right now. 

Please if someone asks where did I go, answer them that now I am here.

And guys …. I’m sorry

- Reddy

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HEY GUYS! Long time no post eh?

Sorry I’ve gone AWOL. TLDR reason: I’ve been working on a video game all this while. Will elaborate more in my next post.

Anyway, THANK YOU to everybody who has left me wonderful messages & still follow this poor old neglected blog. I’ll try to keep this updated as often as I can with lots more yummy art from now on.

In the meantime, here’s the ever adorable MEI from Overwatch! I’ve been playing this game a lot recently & it’s super fun! Don’t worry, there’s plenty more Disney fanart in the works. I’ll be posting them here soon.

Until then, see y’all! XD

My post isn’t to claim I get treated any worse than other people with a platform. Although the gory photos are really something else… I just wanted to vent and this is my blog and that’s where I do that stuff. If you don’t like it, no worries. You can move along and it won’t hurt either of us. Thanks for all the kind words from people who have left them! I have a great life and I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people in this journey who have moved me and given me a tremendous amount of courage. I just needed somewhere to put my thoughts and I remembered not too long ago, I was a 19 year old girl with a blog and this is exactly where I put them. So I came back to a familiar place. 💓

it’s raining today

I’m going to take a few days off tumblr to mourn for a while

I’ll still be working on commissions and..well..my job, but..yeah.. I’ll answer the remaining submissions and asks on the siren blog, and head off after that

I’ve seen people come and go in my life

Family, friends of friends, acquaintances, all go either from being too careless, becoming too ill or too old. I’ve lost plenty in life. But today


I lost a friend

…I haven’t…felt this pain in a long long time and I’m so…so confused… I’m so confused as to why this happened and I can’t understand why

I can’t register it in my mind that I’ll wake up tomorrow and find that…there’s now another empty hole in my heart

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Thanks for sticking around with me you guys :’) As of today, my old blog @suzychi-sims-has-moved has a whopping 1913 followers! The reason I’ve moved blogs to this account now (which you’re more than welcome to follow *cough*) is because the old one wasn’t my main blog, so I couldn’t send asks and replies from the blog you knew. But now, I can interact properly with my followers! This post is so I can re-follow my fave blogs in a snap, and also give kudos and love to blogs that I genuinely love! My deepest apologies if I somehow skipped over you and forgot to put you on my list… I’m sure I’ll find you out there somewhere and slam that follow button! ♥ 

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“Felicia, Jakob and I even had a little book club. You see? I was too busy to feel alone.” -Fire Emblem: Fates ~ Birthright

This one didn’t turn out amazing as I had hoped (lack of details probably ahaha), but nonetheless I managed to get it done. The more I look at it though, the more it’s growing on me. Perhaps a potential future redraw! :> Anyway, fe14 is a great game(s) and I highly recommend~

※ Please do not delete caption or repost this image without permission and source.

Dance with me my old friend
Once before we go
Let’s pretend this song won’t end
And we never have to go home
And we’ll dance among the chandeliers
And nothing matters when we’re dancing [x]

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Dorian Pavus - @rikyocosplay

The Iron Bull - @raddigested / @bara-roses-cosplay

Photography - @xxyumeganxx

*Psst! Do follow our blog for frequent cosplay content from us, it helps our blog grow and means the world to us! :>*


                  ⛓What kind of bird don’t fly? –A jailbird 😂

     Excuse my sense of humor I’m old asf 😩. My lil sister Da’koda is finally out of Juvie, and my ma just had to send her my way. The lil demon gonna be spending the whole week with me…funnnnn. 🙄🙄🙄, hopefully Koda stay out my shit 😤

     Big ups to my bruh@kinginwitdario for sending me his merch from @dandchi and lettin me flex in this savage shirt before it was released. He doing big things, yall keep a look out for the rest of the collection.🤘🏾👌🏾 What’s Gucci tho? 👀


Here are a bunch of those outfit requests I finished for my OC! I’ve actually been working on these from January 23-29, I only just now decided to post them all. I thought I was going to do the remaining ones but I think I’m just done with this thing. Plus today’s her birthday (February 12) so I thought it would be a good day to post this set. I guess I’ll use this for RP references?

I recently remade my blog so if you haven’t re-followed me yet, please do so! My old blog had 8.7k followers so I’m hoping to get that back eventually.

[Commission info] [Art usage/repost rules]


New studyblr!

Hey everyone ☺️ I’m Phe, a 19 year old second year psych student from Australia. I lived on a farm all my life up until last year, where I moved on campus to uni. I have two horses, a dog and a large amount of chickens 🐔
I’m also chronically ill - while that doesn’t define me it does make my life a bit more difficult when it comes to studying. So you can expect both studyblr and chronic illness posts from my blog!
A few of you may recognise me, I’m formally @strongstudying but I changed my URL and blog theme for a while - however now the semester has begun, I have returned!
A lot of blogs on here inspire me but I don’t want to list them as I am scared I will forget some people and I don’t want to make anyone sad!
Thanks everyone for reading this, I hope you’re having a lovely day ☺️


So since my blog got deleted, over the next few weeks I’ll be reposting most of my old one shots. 

Summary: Killian kisses Emma every time she steals his hook, because he couldn’t the first time she did it. 

The second time she did it was shortly after they defeated Zelena.

Emma and Killian were sitting at a booth in the diner with Henry, sharing cocoa and eating fries.

“Want to see something impressive, Henry?”

Henry nodded.

Emma waved her hand and suddenly Killian’s hook disappeared from his brace and reappeared hanging from a light fixture.

“Cool!” said Henry with glee.

Killian smiled indulgently before retrieving his hook and clicking it back in to place. Then he leaned in and kissed Emma tenderly, not even caring that Henry was sitting right there.

“Gross,” said Henry.

“What was that for?” asked Emma, when he pulled away.

Killian just gripped her hand and took another fry.

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