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Please tell me I’m not the only one eager to see some kind of interaction between Ruthven and Teach. Because if Teach hates Ruthven enough to erase his name from the books, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want him laying a finger on Noé, considering the amount of evidence that supports the fact that he’s using Noé for some otherwise unknown ulterior motive (and if that’s the case, then I’m also sure he isn’t gonna let Noé die until his mysterious goal is achieved). On top of that, I think if anybody has the ability to kick his ass, it’s most likely him. Why?

Because the Queen’s down, Luca’s just a lil baby bean and lacks experience, – he must be protected at all costs – Luca’s brother is pretty much held under captivity and probably was given some kind of medicine/sedative, knowing Ruthven’s secret. Ruthven was also able to take down Jeanne, who’s been described as, simply put, a fucking warrior queen (then again, she may also be weaker because of the medicine being distributed too). Dominique was easily taken out by Veronica, and fire beats ice so that also rules out the ice princess herself. 

Unless Noé has some super power that he’s gonna unlock in the near future – which, don’t get me wrong, that would also be pretty interesting to see – the only other person I can legitimately see handing his ass to him is none other than our sketchy faceless Teacher. Even if it’s not to save his student, I just can’t help but think that he’s gonna pop up sometime soon. Maybe not in this chapter, but ya know.

Also, under the assumption that Teach does pop up from out of the blue, does this mean potential flashbacks – even miniature sequences – to whateverthefuck happened between the two?? I really hope so.

’t IJ’s IPA (Picked up at de Bierkoning). A 3 of 4. Nice sticky, aromatic, bitter IPA. After several of ’t IJ’s offerings, it is clear they have hoppy beers down quite well. Nice creamy lacing that hangs around just about forever, and the nose is full of citrus rind and some faint tropical fruit. Drinks quite bitter with some sweetness near the finish that helps balance a bit, but this is quite solidly aggressive on the palate. Definitely American-style here - the focus is prominently on the hops, and the body is solidly bitter, yet somehow fades slightly to sweetness in the finish to remain very drinkable. Great stuff.

De Molen / ’t IJ’s Double IPA (Picked up at De Bierkoning in Amsterdam). A 3 of 4. Nice relatively thick body and lacing, and a quite sweet citrus presence on the nose. Some resinous notes as well. Drinks quite bitter (as a DIPA should), but there’s some nice balancing sweetness and the thick and oily body carries it well. Not the best DIPA I’ve had, but by far the best I’ve had from Dutch breweries.

Brouwerij ’t IJ Motueka Pale Ale (Picked up at De Bierkoning from @zijperspace /Ton Zijp himself - this was brewed on his 50th birthday). A 3 of 4 - a great pale ale, and as always, motueka is excellent. The nose is all hops - tropical fruit, a touch of pine, and quite a bit of melon and other fruit. Great lacing and drinks with a medium body that is somewhat oily on the palate. Decently bitter, but some relatively strong caramely sweetness helps balance. Great pale ale, and nicely puts the hops front and center.