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I'd love to see a post describing the impact of dominant judging and perceiving functions. Like how they affect how the types approach the world, and why IPs/IJs aren't what they seem regarding the traditional 'judgers' and 'perceivers' stereotypes.

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It’s important to remember that cognitive introverts filter everything through “me” and cognitive extroverts filter everything through “the external world.” The focus of this filter, of course, depends on the dominant function.

In the social extroverts – Fe: impersonal emotional dynamics, Te: impersonal objective logic, Ne: impersonal ideas and patterns, Se: impersonal sensory information.

In the social introverts – Fi: whether I consider this right or wrong, Ti: whether I consider this logically correct and precise, Ni: whether I consider this symbolic or visionary, Si: whether I consider this of sensory value.

The only truly pure (objective) perceivers are the EP types, and only in the realm of what they are exploring (Ne - ideas / patterns / motives, or Se - sensory possibilities, opportunities, and information).

But they share something with the IJ types: all eight are open-minded, they take a great deal of time to make up their mind when given new information, and they take in information freely without an immediate need or tendency to judge it. As a result, they share a “laid back” approach to judgments that makes them able / willing to change their minds, without the impediment of a rapid-fire judging bias.

Before IJs or EPs get too full of themselves; your lower functions eventually kick in after enough analysis and make you… biased; welcome to being a human! For the EPs, aux Fi will reach a moral judgment (nope, ain’t right, don’t care what you say); Ti will reach a rational judgment (this is what I’ve decided is true; nothing you say can change my mind); and for the IJs, tert Ti will reach a logical judgment (I’ve decided this is what I think is logical; good luck changing it) and Fi will reach a moral standpoint (that is or isn’t right, forget arguing me out of it).

The reputation IJ’s have for being “stubborn, rigid, or opinionated” isn’t entirely correct; as dominant perceiving types, they are not fast to judge unless the information presented has already been absorbed, experienced, analyzed, thought about in detail, and given to their judging functions for a decision or opinion. If it’s totally new, don’t expect an immediate judgment on it.

For the judging-dominant types (IP, EJ) … the rapid expression of a judgment is easily accessed, because all of them have immediate access to their dominant function, which judges new information based on their individual criteria. Thus, the Fe-dom can express a moral opinion as soon as they are confronted with it; a Te-dom can sense and debate whether that is a logical or factual fallacy when confronted with it; a Fi-dom will decide if that’s true or ethical based on a personal belief system; a Ti-dom must stop to analyze, categorize, or assess the logic before it goes further in the stack.

Remember that: with dominant judging functions, this goes no further until I’ve okayed it.

But in dominant perceiving functions: let’s explore, then I’ll decide.

- ENFP Mod

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’t IJ’s IPA (Picked up at de Bierkoning). A 3 of 4. Nice sticky, aromatic, bitter IPA. After several of ’t IJ’s offerings, it is clear they have hoppy beers down quite well. Nice creamy lacing that hangs around just about forever, and the nose is full of citrus rind and some faint tropical fruit. Drinks quite bitter with some sweetness near the finish that helps balance a bit, but this is quite solidly aggressive on the palate. Definitely American-style here - the focus is prominently on the hops, and the body is solidly bitter, yet somehow fades slightly to sweetness in the finish to remain very drinkable. Great stuff.

De Molen / ’t IJ’s Double IPA (Picked up at De Bierkoning in Amsterdam). A 3 of 4. Nice relatively thick body and lacing, and a quite sweet citrus presence on the nose. Some resinous notes as well. Drinks quite bitter (as a DIPA should), but there’s some nice balancing sweetness and the thick and oily body carries it well. Not the best DIPA I’ve had, but by far the best I’ve had from Dutch breweries.

Brouwerij ’t IJ Motueka Pale Ale (Picked up at De Bierkoning from @zijperspace /Ton Zijp himself - this was brewed on his 50th birthday). A 3 of 4 - a great pale ale, and as always, motueka is excellent. The nose is all hops - tropical fruit, a touch of pine, and quite a bit of melon and other fruit. Great lacing and drinks with a medium body that is somewhat oily on the palate. Decently bitter, but some relatively strong caramely sweetness helps balance. Great pale ale, and nicely puts the hops front and center.