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So some guy on TSDF FB had this to say about Carol's character and I want to find him and kiss him all over the face. He GETS it!: "Huge as it now is, Carol's character didn't come out of nowhere, she was a promise from the start. I still remember her in the early days, shyly admitting that she missed her vibrator. She then moved to butchering her husband's body with a brilliant mixture of sorrow and pain, hatred and vengeance. Since then this promise has quietly delivered again and again" :)

Anon, I kind of don’t even know what to do with my heart right now (and I suspect you knew that would happen when you sent me this).

“She was a promise from the start.” That’s such a flawless description of her character, and I 100% admit to being wildly envious that I did not craft that sentence. Bravo, TSDF guy!

As I have said again and again – although I am unfailingly delighted to see more and more people tuning in and falling in love with this perfect character – I will always, forever, unceasingly, unswervingly, until-the-end-of-the-universe-and-beyond reject every person and/or article who says anything that lives on the same planet as, “Holy shit. Who could have seen this awesomeness coming in season one?”

I could. I did. TSDF guy could. He did. carol-on could. She did, and chose to devote herself to cosplaying Carol before most people even recognized her at cons. (Seriously, there is nothing so funny to me now as hearing Amelia tell stories about early cons where people would ask her who she was cosplaying. ALL of Walker Stalker 2014 was legit people screaming “CAROL!!!” as we walked down the sidewalk, asking if they could take pictures with her. And we won’t even talk about how terrified I am of trying to hang out with her this year;)

The phenomenal things Melissa has done with the character of Carol Peletier are a constantly unfolding revelation, a gift to fans with each new episode. Every single day I just feel so damn lucky to be a fan of both the actor and the character. Because there is no way I could possibly have picked a better fav.

Like this is pretty much my face whenever I think about Carol:

caa seems to have had an epiphany about how to get people real mad real quick, and has changed tactics. until yesterday he’s been content with calling his various internet enemies “cyberbullies”, “abusers” and “kinksters,” but today he dropped all that and went straight to “pedophiles and child pornographers”. 

it’s pretty sleazy and harmful to the people he dislikes who are, unlike him, actually childhood sexual abuse survivors, but he can’t stop the crazy train at this point. i have no interest in reasoning with him, i’m just making a note that the switch happened today, september 3 of 2015, and has the stink of talismanic language. i suspect that at one point he referred to fanfiction as “child pornography” for convenience, and got some actual ourage from the person listening. he’s never been one to waste an opportunity to spin shit his way. here’s his blog this evening:

if he hits you with his new favorite buzzwords, save a copy, send it to me and don’t respond. he is not in this reality, but he’s nasty as fuck and you’ll only get caught in the eruption when it happens if you get his attention.

and oh wow do i ever not need this stupid shit to be happening right now.

From Carly Rae Jepsen to 'Poison': 15 Great '80s Songs That Aren't Actually From the '80s

A great ‘80s song isn’t necessarily a song released between 1980 and 1989. It’s also a category of sounds (‘80s synths, '80s drums, '80s reverb, '80s hooks) and sentiment (longing, infatuation, intoxication). It’s a state of mind.

Eighties-inspired music is in right now. Carly Ray Jepsen’s E•MO•TION, released last week, plays out like a glossy, retro-pop response to Taylor Swift’s similarly inspired 1989—and the “Call Me Maybe” singer navigates the style well. As Billboard notes, even the track titles “appear to be ripped from a lost John Hughes soundtrack.”

Pitchfork, probably by coincidence, chose the same week to unveil a countdown of the 200 best songs of the '80s, topped with the usual suspects: Madonna, Michael Jackson, New Order, Prince (though it’s not the Purple Rain track you might guess).

So here’s a celebration of the 15 best '80s songs that aren’t actually from the 1980s. Some honorable mentions that almost made the cut: “D.A.N.C.E.” by Justice (a Michael Jackson pastiche that pays tribute to Quincy Jones’s arranging genius nearly as much as it does MJ lyrical snippets), “Softkiss” by Lemonade (a stuttering, sublime '80s dance-pop groove) and “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang (because old-school '80s hip hop emerged four months before the 1980s with this 1979 hit). And no, get lost, we didn’t include Bowling for Soup’s “1985"—these are songs in the spirit of the '80s, not songs about the '80s. Enjoy.


It’s hard to remember now, but there was a brief moment, after “Shake It Off” blew up but before “Bad Blood” became the embittered karaoke anthem du jour and “Blank Space” set a new bar for Swift videos, when it seemed like “Out of the Woods” might be one of the biggest songs from 1989. And it deserved it, too! The fast-talking chorus is huge, the chord changes appropriately monumental, the lyrics packed with instant Swifticisms like “You took a Polaroid of us, then discovered / The rest of the world was black and white / But we were in screaming color.” Most of all, “Out of the Woods,” with its booming '80s drum cues and those heavily overlaid choral vocals at the end, best encapsulates 1989’s titular mission; it’s awash in late-'80s pop nostalgia without quite sinking into cliché. (See also: “I Wish You Would,” which comes a few tracks later and literally nabs the air-hockey snare effect from “She Drives Me Crazy.”)

Source: http://bit.ly/1KtssCR
Atonement || Closed @ pmdsableyequeen

Several weeks had passed since Hopkins, Ken, Tucker, and Kelly had gotten sick, and two major things had changed. The older Sableye had left, and Dusknoir had started constructing a rudimentary shelter using a ground-down stone axe he’d made and several tree branches lashed together. Now it was just Dusknoir, the youngest four Sableye, and Jack…

Even so, Dusknoir seemed almost more withdrawn than ever. Once Hopkins, Ken, Tucker, and Kelly had recovered from their colds, he returned to being aloof. He worked hard, though still ate little, keeping to the shadows whenever he slept or took a break to relax.

To be perfectly honest… it wasn’t the most pleasant situation. And he wasn’t sure, but he was starting to suspect he was driving himself into the ground… but that was hardly important, next to what he still needed to do to make this place livable through winter and the years to come. He quite literally had nothing else to do, so he’d be wasting his time if he stopped. And that wasn’t acceptable. Time was too precious…

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Any horrible job-related story you can share with us? That is, that you feel comfortable sharing.

I told the one about the guy who was projectile vomiting blood.  So I will tell of the one time I witnessed a self extubation.  The patient was a middle aged man who drank a case of beer a day.  He was in the hospital because he drank a case of beer a day (fell, suspected neck head trauma).  He had to be sedated and intubated because was totally out of control and we couldn’t do a CT scan in his state.  It was really hard to sedate him, common with alcoholic and druggies.  Anyway he’d had his CT scan and was up in the ICU when I met him.  He was pretty well snowed, or so we all thought.  I did a vent check; noting ventilator settings, making sure all settings are correct, making sure there are no changes in lung compliance or airway resistance, checking patient, etc.  I am in the midst of charting the vent check when I hear a violent gagging sound.  I look up, and somehow in the blink of an eye he had gotten out of his restraints, and was puling out his own endotube. I immediately got the ambu bag and started trying to manually ventilate him because he couldn’t breathe, but he pretty much wrestled me, and since he was covered all over with his own snot, by the end of it all I was covered in his snot.  I took about eight people to wrestle him down and get him sedated and intubated again.  I went and took a shower and got new scrubs.

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If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is wrong with your legs? (sorry, I'm new here.)

Not quite sure tbh? I’m suspecting it’s the kind of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that affects my joints, but whatever it is whenever I walk any extended period of time my hips (and knees sometimes) start to really hurt. It’s gotten worse this past year which is concerning but? shrugs

If I end up with a cane, it’ll have a bitchin dragon head on it. If I end up in a wheelchair, you bet your ass I’m tricking that sucker out. Vanity plate and everything.

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(publish it so others know). I went to the tags "The Usual Suspects" and "The Garrison", and both have pages and pages of posts. The 1st one is more active because there's a movie called like that, and people post. The 2nd is some shop, or idk what, and also has tons of pages. IDK about you all, but I hate it when i see "new post" and it's related to what I want. But, Family of Letters has NO posts, so that makes it perfect for us


Still sick, suspecting food poisoning now and not the flu. Feeling terrible. Like so terrible that not even tumblr will take my pain away :( 

see you guys soon

OKay so in the case of Mr. robot being Elliot’s delusion, there was some obvious foreshadowing, such as when literally no one but Elliot acknowledged his presence. There are only two scenes where Robot is seen without Elliot and those are when threatening Romero and talking to Darlene about White Rose in the bar. 

Meanwhile, Tyrell has had several scenes without Elliot and is shown to have a very different life with several people who acknowledge his existence. He sent people to collect Elliot so he could be offered a job. He has sex with that guy then comes home to Joanna. The whole thing with Scott Knowles and killing someone. Being suspected by the police, firing that man after his homophobic remarks, being fired himself. 

Without Tyrell, Elliot wouldn’t have been able to get to the Steel Mountain’s level 2. And if Elliot did have Tyrell Wellick’s power, why would he not use it? He would’ve have direct access to Evil Corp’s network and thus AllSafe’s network. 

There is no evidence suggesting Tyrell and Elliot are one in the same except his being missing in he latest ep. This missing state which could be accounted for by several factors such as death, being held at some location, being on another mission, trying to get rid of Scott Knowles, trying to get his job back. 

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How will VF do im terms of box office , in your opinion ??

Hey! ginagemeni and I just posted an hour and 21 minute podcast sharing our thoughts on that… you can find that here.


Victor Frankenstein has a very, very challenging box office weekend. Its biggest competition is, of course, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. Mockingjay Part 1 holds the third highest five day Thanksgiving record of all time with $82.6 million… seeing as how this is the very last Hunger Games film, I strongly suspect this last one will make even more money…

Also, let’s not forget, Disney’s “The Good Dinosaur” is likely to be a smash hit that weekend. 7/10 of the top most selling movies during the Thanksgiving weekend has been Disney films… averaging around $50-$60 million…

“Creed”, the followup to Rocky movies, is also coming out that day… Of course you know how popular the Rocky movies were… 

There’s also the comedy film “The Night Before” starring box office giants Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie.

That being said, Thanksgiving weekends usually tend to make around the $250 million dollar mark with all movies combined, in the U.S. Box Office alone.

So, if we think about it, if Mockingjay and Good Dinosaur make around $145 million together, that leaves around $100 million for the rest of the movies…

You have to keep in mind people will still be watching movies like the 007 sequel “Spectre” and possibly “The Peanuts” movie…

In my honest and educated opinion, I think “Victor Frankenstein” will make at LEAST $30 million dollars in the Box Office in the United States. I think it could possibly make another $10-$20 million in the international box office that weekend as well.

So, with both the U.S. and International box office, “Victor Frankenstein” should make an estimated $50 million during its first weekend. 

So, if we’re all lucky and the movie rocks and word of mouth gets around that it’s a great movie, “Victor Frankenstein” could potentially be #1 or #2 in the box office during it’s second weekend. 


If “Victor Frankenstein” cost, lets’ say, an estimated $60 million to make (that’s not the official number, I’m just guessing), I believe the film will definitely recoup that money and make more. I would hope that by the end of its theatrical run, that it will make $100 million, in the U.S. and  internationally, combined. Hopefully. That’s my dream. 

Another reason why self diagnosis pisses me off: I have literally been taken less seriously and/or been completely dismissed by nurses and mental health workers while having a professionally diagnosed disorder because “some people fake it for attention”. It’s harmful to those who are trying to seek help. If you suspect you have something it’s much better to say “I relate to these symptoms” rather then actually claiming you have it. So many disorders have overlapping or lessor known subtle symptoms that only someone who has been studying it in an educational setting for years would have the skills to pick up.

And yes, people DO fake it for attention. I had the misfortune to live with someone who kept claiming to have bipolar or schizophrenia despite never actually displaying a single symptom, would glorify these illnesses and lie to their GP about symptoms to get medication. When they found out how much medication I was prescribed, they self medicated and would some nights take four times the prescribed dose because they thought it was cool and wanted to get on a disability pension as it meant more money. When they actually saw someone other then a GP who could read the situation better, they were told they were fine. It happens, and it happens a lot. It’s dangerous. I’ve even been told by a doctor to not research my disorder because of the placebo effect. I honesty cannot understand why it’s so socially acceptable on this god forsaken website. Stop.