Tristan knows Joey’s ‘secret’

Tristan: *leans against the door frame*  Heyy Joey~ 

Joey: *Looks up from his duel monsters magazine* Sup Tristan, how you doin’?

Tristan: *straightens up* Am alright now that I know yer secret! *points a stern finger at Joey* 

Joey: *narrows eyes* ‘Ang on a second what secret? *crosses arms*

Tristan: Well y’know… *fidgets a bit*

Joey: No I don’t know *rolls his eyes*

Seto: What’s going on? It is far too noisy in here *stands behind Tristan, spooking him* 

Tristan: I, we- uhhm *Sweats a little as he looks from Seto to Joey* 

Joey: Ignore ‘im Set and get over here will ya? *he licks his bottom lip and looks down at his reading material* 

Seto: *Shoves Tristan to the side and enters the room to join Joey on his bed* Are you finally expressing signs of actually learning some- hold on are you seriously catching up on the latest volume of duel monsters magazine?

Joey: Of coarse I am *Sighs and turns a page and sneaks a glance at Seto* 

Seto: So tell me mutt, what have you learned from this volume? *pushes closer to Joey* 

Tristan: *Stands by the door with a “ WHAT THE FU*K “ look* 

Joey: That the head of Kaiba corp, dat’s you- *Seto rolls his eyes* have shed some light upon yer time training to take over Kaiba corp as a kid an’n stuff *Shrugs, looks a bit sheepish* 

Seto: What about in the volume before that? *sounds slightly interested* 

Joey: That you were gonna be workin’ on more duel disks in da future and some other weird ass stuff *smiles stupidly * 

Seto: Do you just read my input in that magazine? *raises eyebrows slightly and puts one leg over the other* 

Joey: I- uhh maybe *blushes as he rubs the back of his neck and looks at anything but Seto*

Seto: Puppy.. *Pulls Joey by the shoulders towards him until the blonde is resting closely against Seto’s side* 

Tristan: I knew it! Joey has a crush on Kaiba~ *Points dramatically at the pair on the bed with glee* 

Seto & Joey: Are you an idiot? * they speak perfectly in sync* 

Marik: They’re dating you overgrown baboon! *Slaps Tristan on the back of the head as he races past the room in search of his hair dryer* 

Tristan: * MIND IS BLOWN* 

Seto: We all know who blows Tristan’s mind *smirks evily* 

Joey: Set! *punches his boyfriends arm playfully* 

Seto: I don’t see what is wrong with stating the obvious Joey, after all Duke boasts about it all the time at Kaiba cafe *rubs his temple to relive stress*