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Can you do a head cannon of Eddie and Richie 'coming out' per se and telling the rest of the gang about their relationship? Thanks, love your blog xoxo

a. it was a lot easier for richie to tell the group than it was for eddie.

    i. but eddie definitely told richie he was gay first.

    ii. richie made a joke about it, telling eddie he was also gay.

    iii. eddie probably got upset, glaring at richie as he told him he was serious.

    iv. richie is just like “so was i.”

b. the group lowkey already knew but pretended they didn’t.

c. richie definitely said something gay asf like “sup hetero’s, it is i, a gay.”

d. when they were coming out richie did all of the talking while eddie was all flustered and embarrassed.

    i. but once he saw how confident richie was about it, eddie didn’t care as much.

e. the group is so supportive, mainly because they’d already known for a long time.

f. richie 100% has his arm around eddie when telling the group, don’t even fight me on this

g. the only time eddie will speak during the whole ‘coming out’ is when richie says something stupid and eddie tells him to “shut the fuck up.”

h. the group is just like, “ok, cool.”

    i. which clearly makes eddie all like “what.”

    ii. the group probably end up telling them that they already knew.

    iii. which makes eddie so FLUSTERED because was it THAT obvious??

    iv. yes, it was that obvious.

i. just the start of a beautiful relationship. i love my gay babies.



Since september i started to go to a kayak club near the Charente ( river that go through Angoulême) . It’s really a good stress reliever and the wildlife is really nice to paddle alongside. At the beginning of summer i offered myself a stand-up-paddle to be able to paddle during the week anytime. Both of those sports really fullfill my need for nature & sports ( and vacation haha ) .

Une illustration inspirée par les dernière ballades en kayak et SUP sur la belle Charente.