things i’m currently in love with tag;

I was tagged by the beautiful @daihun whose blog I love (thank you so much!)

  • one video game: I haven’t played it for a few months, but the most recent game that I was really into was fire emblem fates birthright/conquest/revelations played all three but revelations has my heart and soul
  • two bands/artists: b.a.p & bts do i ever talk about anyone else
  • three shows: b.a.p one fine day, nct life, and the best k-drama to ever exist, w: two worlds
  • four people: yoo youngjae, kim seokjin, byun baekhyun, and dong sicheng not to mention jung daehyun, min yoongi, lee minhyuk, lee sungyeol, kim taehyung, cha hakyeon, bang yongguk, park chanyeol, shin hoseok, jung hoseok, lee sungjong and wOW CALM DOWN
  • five songs: just one yesterday - fall out boy, 휘파람 - blackpink, 피땀 눈물 - bts, albatross - b.a.p, hard carry - got7 one song is not like the others

to be honest, if anything, I’m mostly in love with yoo youngjae and b.a.p’s noir concept

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sugodemic  asked:

not the anon and you didnt ask me bUT i want to know all your biases. for future reference. so i can know your weaknesses. and more things about you.

Alrighty. Let me try and think of all the groups I’m into.

Bangtan: Yoongi, Hobi, Tae

EXO: Channie, Baek, Sehun

VIXX: Ravi, Ken

SHINee: Jonghyun

Pentagon: Kino, Yuto, Jinho

Twice: Momo, Jihyo

Mamamoo: Solar

Seventeen: Jeonghan, S.Coups, Woozi

Monsta X: I.M I think…? I haven’t learned shit about them yet but I.M caught my eye

Infinite: Sungkyu but once I learn more than like two other names it’ll probably expand to Sungyeol and Sungjong too

Red Velvet: Joy, Seulgi

EXID: Hani

miss A: Jia :(

Sistar: Hyorin

Super Junior: Heechul, Leeteuk (formerly Siwon but dammit why is he so *shakes fist*)

Bigbang: T.O.P

SNSD: Sunny, Seohyun

2NE1: Bom

Beast: I only know Junhyung…

f(x): kinda don’t have one tbh but Victoria’s pretty

TVXQ: Changmin

GOT7: Youngjae

NCT: Ten

If a group’s not listed then either I forgot or I legit don’t know anyone’s names oop.