If Infinite got interviewed for a job
  • Employer: What can you offer to the table?
  • Sunggyu: I have 5 years of work experience in a manager role and also a year of internship. I believe leadership and organisation is vital in this position.
  • Dongwoo: My top strength is optimism. Every cloud has a silver lining. And sleep is good too!
  • Woohyun: Responsibility, leadership, teamwork, organisation, resilience *Monologues for next hour*...
  • Hoya: I believe hard work is key to success. No matter what the task is, I will achieve it with highest possible results.
  • Sungyeol: I think my coconut cake is pretty good. I can bring that if you guys like?
  • Myungsoo: The person before me said WHAT? *Hopes it was not Sungyeol*
  • Sungjong, thinking: *Can these people be any more generic?*