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sorry it took so long and sorry these rushed I just got pretty busy with my new part time job ! but I really wanted to at least submit a few more pages beofre the end of this year,  introducing a new character Storytell Sans from @maple-and-pie were gonna briefly focus on Underfell Sans and Underswap Papyrus. Story us not really coming close to the end,

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You will create parts of your world–coinage, magic, religion, sexual deviancy–that you’re especially proud of. And because you made it, you want to tell someone about it, because we are storytelling creatures.

But most of your world building should not show up in your story. I encourage you to really ride the brake.

Rule of thumb: 10 percent of what you know should be in your story. For me, it’s about 4 percent.

—  Patrick Ruthfuss

Delighted to Make Your Acquaintance

As the end of vacation was inevitably drawing near closer and closer, more often than not, one particular brooding brown-eyed loner could be found preoccupied with his favorite past-time activity - silently judging the world around him and appreciating the sound of silence. However, much to Lovios’ dismay, his time of tranquility was, unfortunately, short-lived.

Pete: oh, good morning! I believe I did not quite catch your name. I am Pete, by the way.

Lovio heard a voice that was enthusiastic to the point of being excruciatingly painful to tolerate, not that he could boast about having heaps of tolerance to spare, to begin with. That being said, instead of engaging in a pointless conversation, Lovio decided to ignore the happy-go-lucky idiot and proceed with his previous and preferred activity. However, what he had learned from the past was that optimistic imbecility and persistence would always go hand in hand…

Pete: are you one of Autumn’s friends, too? I want to get to know people who are close to her more, so maybe we could hang around a little bit, though I was planning to go and look for her, as it seems she is kind of a morning person and always slips through my hands-

Lovio: seems that she is just avoiding you if you ask me - he said sarcastically, trying to suppress that little bit of interest in the topic that threatened to find its way to the surface.

Pete: you think so? Well, what should I do then? Do you know what she likes? What is her favorite flower? Or favorite meal?

Lovio: *sighs* say, Pablo, do you ever shut up?

Pete: it’s Pete, actually. So, what about Autumn-

Lovio: beats me, if you want your answers, go and ask Val, that’s the only piece of advice I have for you.

Pete: but she is scary and she is always with her boyfriend in the tent..

Lovio could not help but chuckle under his own breath at that comment. While it was a truth that Val was scary in her own way, never had Lovio imagined that anyone would think of him as more approachable than his little sister. But then again, he remembered how protective Val was of Autumn as far as he could remember, so given the fact that his sister was already aware of the whole situation involving her precious Autumn and this idiot, Val had most definitely been extra scary and intimidating to this poor excuse of a man. On the other hand, Lovio made a mental note to punch his so called best friend for fooling around with his sister.

Storytelling Sunday

She was six years old when her uncle died. She was not allowed to go to the funeral , instead she stayed with distant family. They had goats that tried to eat her clothes. They also had bunk beds! She had never seen bunk beds before and being the guest she got to sleep in the top bunk!
After the excitement of the goats and the bunk beds , two more important events occurred during this stay. The first may be one of the most important events of her lifetime. She saw a naked woman on television. She was mesmerized by those soft , supple breasts with the soft pink areolas. Such beauty! The second life event that trip was a very important lesson that had to be learned the hard way. She started to get a sore throat and was given a little tin with red candy in it that would soothe her throat. These delicious little bits of heaven however delectable they may be, are not candy at all. One should never , Under any circumstances , consume the entire container.
To conclude today’s lesson :
Goats eat clothes
Bunk beds are awesome
Throat drops are not candy
Breasts are beautiful and hypnotic


This video makes me happy because it basically the culmination of a group of people just having fun at home, who then managed to turn it into something more. 

“Anush is the son of an iranian refugee. He was born in 1979, the year of the Islamic Revolution, in Tabriz during the last journey his parents ever took to Iran. In March 2014, we decided to get the closest we could to the country.  We stayed one month on the narrow border between Armenia and Iran without crossing it. We went on purpose during Nowruz (the Iranian New Year) hoping to intercept some iranians coming to Armenia for holidays.There is this ritual on Nowruz: People jump over a fire. It’s a kind of renewal ritual.So we had this fire image in our mind and one day, just in front of the border, ten meters far, a fire burned up!It’s the only daily image we kept in our series and in the book, it’s the very end of the story.”

Eden by Vittorio Mortarotti and Anush Hamzehian (¼)

okaaaaaaaay so @permashift tagged me in the thing (thanks for that, babe <3) and, since I need a break from freaking out over Sam and his two boyfriends, I thought I’d go ahead. ^_^

Where do you publish your work?

I guess ao3 (user: backtozain) I’ve published some stuff on here too.

What medium/application/etc.?

I like writing on paper for some reason, but fics and stuff are usually written in google docs.

Do you collaborate with others?

Once i figure out how to get me, myself, and I to work together, I’ll think to add other people to the mix. not a second sooner though :P

How much editing do you do before you publish?

I mean, it depends. with this story, I’ll probably do all the editing cause it’s a Mess™ right now.

Do you listen to music?

Oh yaaaaaaaa. that tends to be my downfall though, cause I’ll start singing and dancing and forget that I’m supposed to be writing ^_^

How do you decide what to write about?

A lot of times, i see prompts or ideas on here, and I just want to elaborate on them and, when I have the energy, I do. :P

When do you write?

Night time usually, or whenever I can fit the time in.

How often do you write?

generally speaking, every day. but like, for stories that is more spread out. maybe every other day or two.

Do you take requests?

I don’t want to say yes and give the misconception to other people that I can really “write.” 

Is there a genre or type of story you want to write but are hesitant to?

you know, I’m open to any sort of genre, but I’d like to put some practice into writing smut cause you know, i don’t think I can do that right now o.O

Any inspirational quotes, videos, tricks, articles, etc that help you stay motivated?

No, I just have pretty inspirational people around me that put up with me when I’m ready to give up. (they’re all lovely.)

Go to page 7 of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, and share 7 sentences:

… Then he would think about Bucky.  

“Steve…” Bucky’s pale blue eyes dulled as a serious expression took over his face. Steve stilled, heart racing as he prepared himself for rejection. Sam was wrong, things weren’t fine, he should have-

“Steve, hey, listen to me.” Steve’s head snapped up at the sound of Bucky’s voice and he forced himself to make eye contact. “It’s not like that. I love you Stevie, you know I do. And I’m not against trying but… Can I have some time? I just want to think about everything, make sure I’m doing right by you and me.”

(I’m sure that’s more than seven sentences but… also, I tag anyone who would like to participate, feel free to join the fun(: )

I’d like to thank the unknown artist of the first squirrel statue I have ever seen, because it has reminded me to tell you the following story:

“Once, when taking photographs in a large, hectic city, I was stopped by a woman who, in a somewhat perplexed manner, asked me what I was photographing. ‘A squirrel’, I replied. The woman, surprised, couldn’t see a squirrel anywhere. Nevertheless, she nodded in satisfaction and went on her way.”

More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages: Squirrel by Torsten Schumann (Extra/5)

Emotion and Pacing in comics

One of the reasons that I love comics so much is that there are many valid ways to approach the medium. When I make comics, the parts I’m most concerned with are character and story. Everything I draw on the comic page is in service to character and story. Because of my focus on those two elements over, say, experimenting with my art and page structure, I will sometimes get criticism that my work is safe or boring. This is probably fair criticism! I don’t do a lot of experimenting with paneling or challenging storytelling or explicitly challenging artwork in my comics, because right now that’s not what I’m interested in. Maybe I will be more experimental someday, but not right now, with the kind of stories I want to tell. :)

When I make a comic, my goal is for my readers to be engaged with the story I’m telling, and the characters in that story. That’s also what I look for when I want to read a good comic. I want characters to love, I want a story to be engaged with.

For the most part, I struggle with drawing comics (most artists do, if we’re honest ;)), but there are some parts of comics I think I have a good handle on. I feel like I’m strongest when portraying emotion on the page, and I’m good at drawing those scenes out and making the reader feel what my characters are going through. Some of the techniques I use to convey emotion came from being obsessed with movies when I was a teenager, and some techniques are stolen from my holy trinity of influences: Jeff Smith (Bone), Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Naoki Urasawa (Monster, Pluto, 20th Century Boys). 

Of the three artists I’ve mentioned, I consider Urasawa especially to be a master of emotion and pacing. When I first started reading his comics, it was like light struck my brain; finally I saw what I’d been trying to do for years right there on the comic page in front of me! I like the way he lays out his emotional scenes a lot. Here’s an example (read right to left): 

Urasawa uses repeating panels and decompression to draw out the emotions of a scene. In this single page there isn’t a lot of movement. It’s literally just two characters staring at each other, but the tension rises going from panel 1 to panel five. Gesicht (the man)’s expression doesn’t change between panels two and five, but we literally feel his anger rising off-panel, concluding in the close up in panel 5.

There’s an excellent You Tube channel called Every Frame a Painting (I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but if you haven’t, please go watch all the videos! There aren’t many, and they’re all really informative). My favourite video is this one, about editing:

This video hit on something that I strive for in my comics: emotion takes time. When I draw a scene that is emotional, when characters are struggling with something, or celebrating something, or being challenged, I want my readers to feel what the character is feeling, and one of the best ways to do that, for me, is to take my time. To give that emotion time to breathe on the page. 

I’m going to use some scenes in my graphic novel The Nameless City to illustrate how I use decompression and pacing to underscore the emotion in my comics. To avoid spoilers and because this is getting a little long, I’m going to put it under a cut. Please read on! :)  

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“In this series there are stories of people crossing the border to reach some freedom, of prostitutes working in night brothels along the road to Iran, of Iranian truckers bringing oil to Russia, of miners working in Molibdene mines (that will be used in weapons’ factories), of Russian soldiers who still defend the Armenian borders, of teenagers who dream about escaping, of people who in their whole life never ever moved from there.”

Eden by Vittorio Mortarotti and Anush Hamzehian (¾)


Ok i’m kind of a huge loser and needed to draw this stuff to get it out of my system and I feel like I put enough time into it to… post it to my main blog. 

I imagine Tom and Janna would have a great friendship where Janna is constantly giving Tom near heart-attacks. I actually want to draw more just general interaction stuff for them for fun, so I’ll do that later. I figured I’d post these on their own though.