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Found some Looney Tunes comics I scanned years and years ago. Thought, what the heck, might as well share. I do encourage everyone to also support the comic by subscribing, by picking up a copy at your local comic book store, or somewhere like Barnes & Noble, which I think still carries them. 

I could post more if anyone’s interested. I know I told someone long ago I would scan some but I….am really bad at following through when life gets hectic. Uhm, but yeah, if you guys wanna see more or have any requests for some that I may have (I’ve been subscribed to LT comics for around 20 years so I have quite a few lol) I might be up to uploading some more? 

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How do you feel about the change in Harley and joker's character in the movie? Harley now is an equal and is more psychotic than innocent victim to joker. Do you think this weakens joker to see her as an equal and have feelings for her?

In my opinion Harley was never an innocent victim of Joker. She always where an equal and a psychotic killer. But that’s just my opinion XD I think Joker still want to be the one who controls everything, but I think Harley is more a help for him as an equal as if she where an innocent victim. Harley would’ve not been interesting for him if she where innocent. That he got feelings for her … Yes, he might see it as a weakness.

Hey, guys! I know that this week is coming up and it’s gonna be comic con and it’s exciting and amazing, but we have to also be prepared for disappointment. Remember that we don’t have any control over what we get at comic con, and neither do Jeff or the actors– this is all about the higher ups and what they want to give us. With that in mind, we might not get Dylan, or a release date. Still, please be respectful and not too angry. 

There’s also some rumors swirling around that the “trailer” is actually just a little teaser that doesn’t really give much information. Although I’ve been predicting that they would want to try to keep the fandom interested with a trailer, I/we might have to accept that this might not be the case. They might give us barely anything so that they can save the actual trailer for a time closer to their actual release date when they can monetize the fandom’s enthusiasm, as opposed to now, when they could get nothing from it. 

Just… brace yourselves for not getting that much footage. And if we get more, that’s great! Keep your hopes up and your expectations low.

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re: the favorite colors thing (sorry for not reblogging it to say this, but I'm shy) I think it could also be interpreted as a reaction to Sketchbook's lesson. Yellow Guy just shuts down at the question (no!), Duck Guy nervously avoids it (saying something irrelevant) and Red Guy gives the safest, most boring non-creative answer one could think of. (1/2)

(2/2) Considering that Red Guy is the only one who seems to have been ‘successfully’ educated (he goes on to the bleak adult world) it makes sense to me that blue might still be his favorite color, but he’s learned that being creative, colorful or different is dangerous. Hence, medium brown. Obviously this doesn’t have any more support than the theory you put forward, but I thought it was an interesting other way of looking at it.

Oh, that’s a neat thought! Would certainly be a good way to show the effects of Sketchbook’s horrible teaching.

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"Well, you must have had ..." "Had what" "You know." "No." "Experiences." "Pass me your revolver. I have a sudden need to use it." "Damn it, Holmes, you are flesh and blood. You have feelings. You have ... you must have ... impulses." "Dear Lord. I have never been so impatient to be attacked by a murderous ghost"; sorry everyone, I think there might be a chance Sherlock is ace, that’s not still not straight though, even if he was heteroromantic (I like aro ace Sherlock)

He’s definitely not interested in having sex whatsoever and it is nice.

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I honestly doubt that dan and Phil are gonna put out another book. Especially since they've been on tour. Where did rumor even come from? Lmao it's interesting though

if anything i think it’s less of another full blown book and more of a tatinof memorial type of thing like dan suggested they might do in their liveshow, although i doubt they would release it until the tour was completely over (they still have australia, probably europe, and most likely a variety of other places) so it’s fishy that websites supposedly know about this when it probably isn’t even in development yet

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Hey guys! Sorry to bother you with another inbox entry, but do you guys know if anybody's written an AU where Steve and Bucky were born later and were in the Vietnam War instead of WWII? My searches have brought up nothing, but I think it'd be a really interesting idea to explore - I might write it if nobody else has, but I don't know if my emotions could take it... Love you guys! x

hm. let me see, I found A True War Story by ShowMeAHero which has Bucky as a soldier and Steve still in brooklyn. Theres also we have all been here before by chalmskinn which looks like its what you want but focuses on thorki and has stucky as a side pairing.

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Oh gosh I'm so worried for Hanna I mean I think we can all agree Dr Rollins deserved what he got but hafting to live with knowing you took anther person life that must be terrible and I feel like Hanna is such a wild card when it comes to how she handles things she could survive this or she could let this destroy her

It’ll be awful :/ I hope that Hanna and Aria can help her. They’ve both killed someone too. The circumstances might have been quite different but it is still taking a life and hopefully they can just help be there :/ 

It’s interesting though, in the scene we had of them digging the grave, Emily says “Poor Hanna”. And I agree, poor Hanna, she was the one behind the wheel and her participation in it is much greater, but… like… they all were there. They’re all helping to cover it up. They’re all accomplices. This isn’t something Hanna did on her own… idk.

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Hi! Would you please analyze the Sylph of Heart? Thank you <3

Okay! A Sylph is a passive creation class that specializes in healing and repairing.

Heart is the aspect of one’s soul, and emotions, particularly those amorous and affectionate in nature.

A Sylph of Heart is someone who would be very interested in helping people! They would make an excellent couples counselor, encouraging people to be honest about and embrace their feelings. They might also be good at helping people through insecurities and unsure times.

The Sylph might have to face times where they must encourage their teammates to follow their Heart when their Mind has been set on something else. They’d be much better at fixing things after a problem blew up than at preventing it– Maybe to the point of frustration. Still, they’d always be a steady source of advice.

I think Rose Quartz from Steven Universe would be a good example– She’s even able to literally repair cracked gems!

Thanks for the ask! [Classpect Masterlist]

So. I’ve set up a blog for one of my oldest (HAH, PUN!) muse. It’s a canon-divergent John Winchester (canon divergent because, obviously, he’s not dead ;) ) and I’m very happy to have this muse back. I haven’t been watching the show since s6 so I don’t know what’s going on, but since it’s very irrelevant for my blog, I don’t really worry about it. I’m a little reluctant to reach out to the SPN-fandom bc of what has happened to me a couple of years ago AND the hate that still is in his tags (I went to his tag yesterday and the first thing I saw was someone having to defend him AGAIN), so I might be staying in the Gotham fandom for a while. If anyone is interested to do something, let me know! <3

General Fact

{Alright, gotta be honest.  I’ve been feeling a bit down and lonely lately, and this isn’t helping.  The efforts I make seem to get little to none attention, so unless otherwise interest is shown, I’m only getting online for those who were regulars enough or replies when they’re done, rather than actively seeking out new things.  It doesn’t work lately, and I’m not wasting my time getting online just to stare at my dash when I get my three replies I owe done.  

In other words, if we talk, just drop me a line when you want to rp or you have a reply done (or enough done that you feel like you’re ready for me to reply).  Otherwise, I’m not sure.  I know this has killed past accounts, but I feel like this account is already headed in that direction and I’m not thinking making a new account would make any difference.  

I’m sorry guys, but I can’t sit here and feel like shit and like other Sam’s are better than me because they’re popular where I’m scrambling to try to get a foothold.  It’s not healthy with the rest of the shit going on in my life.  I’ll probably bury myself in pokemon go and other video games I’ve downloaded.  Let me know if you want to talk.  <3}

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I love your Closeted fic and was wondering when you might update? Jinki and Kibum have such an interesting relationship and I lov ehow you wrote them!

I’m still writing the chapter (and the ending), unfortunately. I’m not dedicating it as much time as I wish I could because I’ve been crazy busy with exams and work and life in general. I should have more time in August, so I’ll probably update then. I’m sorry for making you all wait so long, but I can’t do otherwise ;; I’m surprised that someone still remembers my fiction exists, thank you <33

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(Game of Thrones Season 6 spoiler warning)... I kind of find it hilarious that given the revelations of Jon's parentages it means that now his most eligible matches for a love interest are either the girl raised as his sister (technically his cousin which might be okay if he finds out) and a political marriage to a beautiful queen but who's actually his aunt. I mean, I know they'll probably ass-pull a new romantic interest we've never met, or Yara but still... lol, best options so cesty.

It is pretty hilarious. I guess it’s a good thing he was in the Night’s Watch and didn’t have many ladies around - now all of his connections are familial! Blessings.

I’ve been thinking a little bit about Dany/Jon, and I’m not sure what others have said on this before, but Dany doesn’t really need to marry a Targaryen since she can’t bear children anyway. A political marriage to Jon would make sense now, since he’s king in the North (I don’t know what will happen if/when Bran returns), but Jon needs to be out there making Targaryen babies. I guess he should just marry Sansa and one of their children can inherit the Iron Throne from Dany. Right?

Maybe a marriage with Sansa doesn’t even make that much sense, but it’s like you said, it’s not like there’s anybody else. 

I ship Jon with Melisandre too, but they’re not actually love interests. That would never happen. (She is a redhead tho!) And then in the books I shipped him with Val a little, but she doesn’t even exist on the show. 

I love not knowing what’s coming, and also knowing that I’m definitely going to find out. Sorry, George, but I have serious doubts you are ever going to finish writing this series. 

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this question might have been asked before but will your peachy milk painting be in stock any time soon?

hmm…not until about two weeks from now, i still have to design 2 sticker sets and set that as an order to go along with it, so it may take a while. sorry and thank you for your interest! 

Nothing terrible, I swear!

Hello! Hope you’re having a good day! Passing by, firsty, to apologize because I haven’t updated in over a week! I’m writing the next request, so, please bear with me!

Secondly, I wanted to ask if you would be interested in a confessions/imagines blog. I have been pondering about it and came to the conclusion that I want to start one. It would be about various fandoms: One Piece, Kuroshitsuji, Shingeki no Kyojin, Death Note, Ao no Exorcist and Free! I might add some more anime as I watch them :D

I’m still learning how to edit images and add text to them, but I’m really, really eager to start this kind of blog.

(Also, I would like to do it as a thank you for all those incredible followers and people who read, like or/and reblog my posts ^^)

Opinions are greatly appreciated ^^ So what do you think? 

I know I’ve been gone from tumblr for a while but I kinda came back now? I still won’t be on here as much as I used to be because I might have lost a bit of interest in this site tbh.
Keeping my blogs running feels like a chore so I think a break is what I needed since I feel a bit better about it now.
I hope you guys have been well though! ^^ 

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aww! okay, I'm not the one who requested it but I wanna say, I love that aokaga drabble you wrote! flustered Aomine is so cute! if you're still taking fic requests, might I suggest something with Kagami? idk what, I just love that boy, but maybe him noticing that Aomine is acting weird lately and someone else trying to hint the idea of Aomine having a crush on him? or something sweet with Kuroko and Kise, I'm easy to please, and anything you write is just so nice...! ^‿^

Of course! Always happy to write for Kagami :D

Empty Heads (Rating: G) AO3 Link

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Life and Love

“Do you love me?”

Laxus blinked. Then he frowned. Finally, slowly, he went back to shaving, standing there in front of the sink, staring into the mirror. Behind him, he could see Mirajane where she still was, relaxing in his bathtub, bubbles covering up anything that might have been of interest to him.

“What brought that on?” he grumbled, just a bit, not glancing back at her. From the reflection of her, he could see that she wasn’t looking at him either.

“I dunno. I just… We’ve never talked about it before.”

“Why do we need to?” Dunking his razor in the water filled sink then, he said, “What difference does it make?”

“I was just asking.” Mirajane reached a bubbly hand out of the water just to grab the glass of wine resting on the edge of the tub, just where Laxus had set it when he brought it for her. “Never mind.”

“I mean,” he went on, because she’d brought it up and now he wasn’t going to be bale to let it go. “If I said no, would you get up and walk out? Huh?”

“Not, like, immediately, no. I would need to get dressed, you know.”

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Welp, I had an AO3 account for a good number of years before I had to get familiar with the comment deletion function. Not bad. Obviously could be better, but.

So the same rules I just set up on my 63!Keith fic apply, pretty much. I’m just flatly not publishing anon (or otherwise) hate. I’m also not really interested in hosting a debate on whether or not rule 63 is inherently bad/transphobic/should be nuked from orbit. If you have a concern with the way I’ve specifically implemented it (and aren’t just being a jackass about it), that is another story.

(In retrospect, there was one set of non-anon comments that I might have responded to privately if I hadn’t been wading through and deleting some hate. If you’re still hanging around my blog, sorry about that. Of what I remember, you were largely preaching to the choir on the issue of lgbt representation, and if I was a show runner, I wouldn’t be rule 63ing characters to the detriment of representation. I’m not a show runner, though, and my fics don’t affect canon. If they did, Shiro/Keith would already be canon lbr.)

For the “this is homophobic and you’re homophobic for writing it” argument: you’re not really familiar with my full body of work, are you.

Finally: Voltron fandom, c'mon. Knee-jerk hate for Rule 63? /emphatic gesturing towards Pidge You know what, I’m gonna remove that last bit since it’s been pointed out that it makes at least as much sense if not more for Pidge to be trans.