The Capela dos Ossos Bone Chapel is an ossuary located in Faro, Portugal. The chapel is built entirely from the human bones of more than 1000 monks. As well as the walls being covered in human skeletons and skulls, there is a single complete skeleton covered in gold which hangs from the front of the chapel. An inscription above the entrance translates to:

“Stop here and consider, that you will reach this state too.”

“Don’t go…”

Max whispered and held Victoria as she wanted to leave back to her room. Vic can’t handle Max. As her cheek started to burn, she nodded and replied

“I won’t“


Kurt Cobain’s Jagstang - as requested! 

(Unfortunately I couldn’t find good photos of the exact Jagstang used by Kurt, but this is the next best thing) 

1996 Fender Japan Jagstang 

[Source: Shelton’s Guitars]