morning suprise! @luxjii 

oh man… have soo much things to say to you.. but first.. thank you, seriously. I still confused, why someone so nice like you can be chatting with me. We started talking when I was depressed af, you made me change in some stange way, I’m bad at explaining… idk man,, I really feel happy. Your happiness is good 4 all.. and I really feel bad when you’re sad… but i suck at giving advice?? Just…….. aaAA,,, ily, you deserve being happy all ur life 

thanks for being the best <3


The Capela dos Ossos Bone Chapel is an ossuary located in Faro, Portugal. The chapel is built entirely from the human bones of more than 1000 monks. As well as the walls being covered in human skeletons and skulls, there is a single complete skeleton covered in gold which hangs from the front of the chapel. An inscription above the entrance translates to:

“Stop here and consider, that you will reach this state too.”

Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 automatic rifle - late war variant

Designed by Louis Stange c.1941-42 and manufactured by Heinrich Krieghoff c.1942-45 - serial number 02314.
7,92x57mm Mauser 20-round removable box magazine, gas operated select fire, bipod, ZF4 4x scope, spike bayonet, muzzle brake, 30mm Schießbecher grenade launcher.

An automatic rifle designed to do everything and not weighing much for airborne troops, it somehow worked and inspired small arms development in the following decades.

Emails from the Dead - In June of 2011, 31-year-old Jack Froese suddenly died of a heart arrhythmia. Over the months following his early demise, his friends and family in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, continued to receive inexplicable emails from his account. Even more bizarre, the topics were often things that Froese and his friends had spoken about shortly before his death. One email read: “Did you hear me? I’m at your house. Clean your fucking attic!” While the emails creeped a number of people out, his mother told them to accept it as a “gift.”


MG 39 Rh prototype general purpose machine gun

Designed by Louis Stange and Manufacture by Rheinmetall-Borsig in Sömmerda c.1937-39 - serial number 006.
7x57mm Mauser belt-fed, gas operated automatic, removable barrel, makes extensive use of stamped sheet metal and spot welding to facilitate production.

Made first to be a cheaper replacement for the MG34, the then widespread German prejudice against gas operated firearms - based on the thought that drilling the gas tap inside the barrel would affect ballistics - screwed it over in favor of the future MG42. The Rheinmetall company nevertheless developped their prototype further in the hope that the then disastrous short recoil competitor might be abandoned at a later date, at which point they would have a finished gun of a much higher quality than any other prototype for the Wehrmacht to look at.

Sauce : Forgotten Weapons