New artwork time!
First piece of 2017 had to be Captain Jack, and with a new movie coming out this year why not?

This is done on black suede illustration board using in Iwata Revolution airbrush, Createx paints and black and white charcoal for added texture and detail.

You can check out more of my artwork at my deviantART page here:

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Thanks for looking!

“Break a leg - or your brother’s face, Sparrow.”

Beck is back, Liam has a new confidante (who is not Jasper and looks like a mix of Beck and Scott Foley), Robert is flirting with Willow and Cyrus is saying what we are all thinking. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!


UTOPIA released final individual member teaser for SPARROW!

After releasing teasers of five other members, 2K finally released the last individual member teaser for Utopia’s comeback album ‘The Night Circus.’ This time Sparrow (@sparwei) is revealed to play as the acrobat for their circus themed album. 

The Chinese member’s teaser image is him wearing a dark outfit along with black fur sleeves that’s almost similar from Block B’s outfits in their Nalina mv years ago. Is it possible that he’ll showcase his gymnastic and martial arts skills in this comeback? The fans were left curious on what utopia has in store for us.  As for the whole group, they still yet announced their title track, so keep ann eye out for their scheduled teaser mv.


  • yumyum09: YUM YUM DIM SUM! I’m suddenly craving for some Chinese!
  • splatextra: He’s an acrobat! I figured! I’m waiting to be slayed by this!!
  • kirkberry465: Does he come with subtitles though ;) if you know what im sayin’
  • intensity_char: I hope he gets more lines this comeback! Please 2k please!
  • youthfouls: So handsome! Utopia fighting! I can’t wait any longer!
  • inmyblood: I wanna to bite on his steamed buns! MAKES SLURPING NOISES! 10/10 would hop.

Hi again~

yes haha! I’m a 4th year art student and I need help…I can’t resist drawing the sparrow for my practice sketches… QAQ  more turtleneck sweater Professor Genji invading my thesis time~

p.s. thank you so much for featuring my work! I love y'all!  you tumblr account and its posts means a lot to me <3 More power to the coolest crew ever <3

Mmmhm! Thought so! But make sure you finish that thesis and perhaps show Prof. Genji the art pieces? We’re sure he’d like that and maybe suggest that he “models” for you when he has free time.

Another awesome pic of Prof. Genji Shimada from @sparrowhawkash!

p.s. WE would like to thank you for submitting your art! We love you too dear student and appreciate you for stopping by. You’re making us blush…shhh

anonymous asked:

What's Snappy hidden secrets

I guess one thing that I never admitted was that for almost my entire life, I had no idea what a Sparrow was. I mean I’ve seen them of course, but I had no idea what they were called. Pokemon taught me that Spearow was an aggressive pointy bird, so I believed the real life counterpart was similar. Pirates of the Caribbean made me think they were majestic Sea bound birds. I just called them, Puffy Sh*ts.

That and I thought Goose and Geese were two different types of birds. I thought the plural of Goose was Gooses.

(BASED ON this —  ♢ )

 ♢ ( she was persistent ) he’d give her that. but his usual loitering was cut short these last couple nights. what in the HELL had gotten into miss america ?? matrixing through the crowd, vincent spoke into the microphone attached to his jacket. “the sparrow has left the nest.”  menuvering around the back, his toned chest provided a BARRICADE for the woman. “leaving ??”

the-princess-of-fandomness  asked:

How's that au your working on going?


ye so anyway its going good ;v; im having so much trouble working out the fine details tho… like its an au set in a modern day university which focuses on the university LGBT+ club/union/thing (p much as an excuse to have everyone be LGBT+ lmao) and their shenanigans… and mostly im having trouble trying to figure out everyone’s majors, like i keep changing my mind…. ;;;v;; im the worst with decision making…

anyway, because this took so long have an unpublished drawing i did of the “bisexual punk trio” from a lil while ago (they’re occasionally joined by Sparrow to form a quartet when he’s not bugging ‘Chess at her ballet rehersals)

lil animated thing i did as a sort of exercise. some of the drawing is sloppier than i’d like (cough hands cough) but i just wanted to get it done so i kind of rushed it? she’s a character from a comic i have planned but probably won’t make for a while.

it was fun trying to animate that super-twitchy lightning. like, I feel like i’ve seen it a bunch in 80s / 90s anime but i can’t think of any specific examples. anyway, first new animated gif in a while, enjoy.