idk why but i decided to redraw this and i have several questions: number 1 is it me or do they just look weird in this one, number 2 why does this kinda look like a manga cover, number 3 is it enough progress for three years, number 4 should i redraw every pjo character i have ever drawn lol

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I'm really concerned over your post about your kidney. I haven't been keeping up with you for a couple months. Are you doing okay? Do you need a kidney? I have 2.

No, as far as I know I don’t need a kidney. I scheduled a procedure to try and get rid of the tumor but they pushed it off until December 30th. If that doesn’t work then I will have to get my kidney removed, but I’m trying to stay positive.

Unfortunately, due to my medical issues I missed a chunk of school this semester. My counselor advised me to file a grievance petition but my school denied me, saying that my tumor apparently was not a serious enough medical condition to them. I didn’t hear from them for a while after that, until today, out of the blue I received an email saying my school is demanding $3,100 in 10 days. I have no idea who could have that much money on such a short notice. I’ve booked a handful of commissions to pay my rent this month (which is covered) but this fee for school is too much.

I talked with some friends and family today and they advised me to set up a gofundme so I can pay my school this money. I feel like shit for having to do this but this has blindsided me. I’m not sure what else to say, but if anyone is able to help me try to reach this goal in ten days I’d greatly appreciate it.

As far as I know my parents are able to cover my sudden medical bills, and I am working on enough commissions for rent, and working between that. It’s just this school fee.

I’m sorry for having to make this post, guys. I’ll make it up to you sometime with something, like a request stream or something like that.

The GOFUNDME is here.


Thoughts on Yurio and Victor’s Relationship after Episode 10

Just as a disclaimer, I am a bit in love absolutely and completely in love with Victor.  This opinion may or may not be affected by that.  I also love Yurio but I think he’s a bit of a brat. 

I keep seeing posts regarding hate on Victor for abandoning Yurio (yes, I know that isn’t his name, but this spelling makes it easier to differentiate between the two Yuris.)  I do not think Victor abandoned Yurio.  

As we know from Victor’s character, he is charismatic and everyone adores his skating.  Now, this anime seems to take each character a bit deeper than the obvious tropes.  Victor is also a deep soul who longs for love and to be loved for himself and not his skating success.  He is compassionate, forgetful, flirty, and a bit clueless at times.  He is also sensitive, I would say, as identified when he cries himself to sleep with Makkachin after being refused by Japanese Yuuri to sleep together.  This was right after he left Russia, his life, and his skating behind.

Yurio is kind of a jerk (honestly, he is a bit worse than that.)  I mean, our first glimpse of him is kicking a private stall of a competitor (Yuuri) who is literally at the lowest of the low, crying and devastated at his own failure (which Yuuri knows is completely his own fault.)  While Yurio does have his gentle side, he often acts out physically violent to others, is rude, and demanding (yes I know this is a trope).  He is selfish and inconsiderate of others.  I mean, let’s reminisce to the moment when Victor tries to give him advice about his performance after the Grand Prix Final in episode 1.  Yurio interrupts him to say something like “who cares, I won anyway so it doesn’t matter.”  I do think Yurio’s character is very complex, but he needs to grow up before he can improve and follow the advice given to him by his coach or mentors.  I mean, Victor isn’t his coach.  He is just offering Yurio insight on how to improve his performance but is blown off.

I think this all boils down to what people think Victor actually owes Yurio.  He isn’t Yurio’s coach and he never was.  Sure, you can blame Victor for not following through with his promise to choreograph Yurio’s debut performance (Agape) until they were all in Japan, but I think this reflects on Victor’s forgetful and hopeless romantic nature.  Victor fell in love with Yuuri from Japan, and after what happened at the banquet and when Yuuri skates Victor’s performance, I think it is kind of hard to doubt that Yuuri loves Victor too.  

I mean, was Victor really supposed to stay in Russia and be unhappy with some brat who doesn’t even respect his guidance and feedback on his performances?  Victor left behind everything in his life for the chance to be Yuuri’s coach and he did this without a plan.  This is pure romance and Victor did not want to lose his chance at love.  

Now, I want to talk about what happened between Yurio and Victor during episode 10.  I find that Victor has put up with a lot of Yurio’s crap for a long time.  Yurio completely takes for granted Victor’s presence in his life UNTIL Victor leaves for Japan.  He constantly bad mouths Yuuri (which in my opinion is due to his own insecurities) and Victor just can’t blow it off anymore.  In the beginning of the series, Victor used to just laugh off Yurio’s abuse and bad manners.  He doesn’t do that this time.  

I think Victor is finally sick and tired of Yurio’s crap.  I know he has excuses for being the way he is, but I don’t think a bad childhood is enough of a reason to treat everyone like crap whenever he feels like it (yeah, I know this is a anime trope but still, all of these characters are deeper than tropes).  I think this is identified in the routine Victor choreographed for Yurio.  Agape: unconditional love.  I think this reflects what Yurio and Victor’s relationship was lacking.  Victor may have been able to love Yurio (not sexual or romantic love), as a friend and a collegue, but Yurio was never able to show Victor that kindness.  

Victor knew when Yurio followed him to Japan, he did so for purely selfish reasons.  Yurio was pissed because he wanted Victor to choreograph a program for him, so he could win.  I know this was promised by Victor previously, but I don’t understand why Yurio didn’t pester Victor about this before now.  You think if it was that important to Yurio, he would have been all like MORON CHOREOGRAPH ME MY ROUTINE YOU PROMISED RIGHT NOW back in Russia, especially if Victor was already choreographing his own routine… sorry I am going on and on about this…

This is important.  I truly think that Victor feels that his decision to coach Yuuri was the best thing for not only himself, but also for Yurio.  Victor knows that Yurio is an amazing skater.  He knew that when he would try to give Yurio tips to improve his skating, but Yurio was never able to realize how resourceful and beneficial it was to have Victor be there for him…until he was gone.  I do think this helped him grow.  I mean, just look at the way he treats his current coach now versus when he was first learning how to be a prima ballerina.  Sure, he still has anger issues and is that Tsundere trope, but he has kindness and compassion as well.

I also think that for all the mean words Yurio has said about Yuuri, he truly think of him as a friend.  I do have questions about this:

I am not sure if Victor is talking about Yurio here, but I think it might be likely.  Especially when we look at this interaction between Yurio and Yuuri in episode 9. 

Sorry for this word vomit.  I have no friends who watch this anime and I just want to talk about it with people!!!  

I die alone every Wednesday.  *cries*

I hope each and every exo-l out there knows how ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING it is to mock a person’s death if ANY of you think the “jokes” made about the BTS fansite master’s death is in anyway acceptable you are blocked and reported for being inhumane and a piece of shit. As of now, only troll accounts and a few “exo-ls” on twitter have been involved in this –but were quickly reported by other exo-ls and it better stay that way. Kpop is just kpop. A human life is not something ANYONE should EVER joke about, and anyone who does that isn’t considered a human, let alone a fan. 

Please reblog this and make sure that people know that in no way do exo-ls support this slander. May the girl rest in peace, and her family gain strength in these hard times.

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 11) Senior Year: Nursey

Nursey has never looked less chill. He’s practically vibrating as he props up the wall in the attic. “Bro, I don’t think I can.”

“Nurse,” says Holster, wondering where he went wrong. “Bro. It’s dibs. Isn’t this literally what you’ve been working for all year? You cleaned my haunted jockstrap. Twice.”

“Yeah,” says Nursey, spacing out. “But Ransom asked Dex yesterday.”

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Soooooo. Thoughts on the Viktor and Yurio beach scene from ep 10? ^.^ I'm not seeing a lot of commentary around...

Get ready for my overanalysis! (also I’m sorry I can’t concentrate so this is probably really all over the place)

I’m not too sure what’s going through Yurio’s head, but I feel like when he was insulting Yuuri, it was more to insult Viktor than Yuuri. In fact, I think most of Yurio’s anger towards Yuuri is just a projection of his anger towards Viktor. (Although I’m still not sure as to why he yelled at Yuuri in a bathroom in episode one cause Yurio not wanting to compete with another Yuri isn’t that good of a motive to go harass a stranger + they had a dance battle so I don’t think Yurio hates Yuuri) 

Anyway, all of Yurio’s anger after Viktor left was because of Viktor leaving for Yuuri. Viktor promised to choreograph a routine for him (which technically he did, but he forgot and left first sooo)

So my thoughts about the beach scene…

  • Yurio is 15
  • Yurio, being a kid, probably felt pretty bad when Viktor forgot him and left
  • Yurio, being a kid, is having a hard time letting that go
  • Yurio, being a kid and seeing Viktor get engaged to Yuuri, the man Viktor abandoned his promise to him for, probably made him feel angry again.

Viktor broke his promise to Yurio to go train another Yuri. The Yuuri that Yurio told to retire because there was no room for two Yuri’s in their bracket. We haven’t really unlocked Yurio’s tragic backstory yet, but from what I’ve seen, Yurio probably has some abandonment issues. Yurio probably also has an issue with NOT winning as if he needs to prove something to someone. So Yurio is insulting Yuuri and Viktor's relationship because he knows Viktor isn’t going to leave Yuuri, Viktor broke his promise and him and Yuuri are a very real threat to him getting gold in the GPF. 

tl;dr: Yuuri is 15 and all 15yr olds are angry