fake novel prompt: the wrong magic

meh-g requested, The Addams Family meets Matilda

the family knew fairly early there was something different about her. flowers flew in through the window and circled her black crib. when she cried, no windows broke, no fires started, nothing. but when she laughed, white sparks flew around her. she showed no interest in the arts of knives or guillotines or fire, but instead with healing and communication not with ghosts, but with small… fuzzy… creatures. it is the first time there has been a white witch in the family for as long as the tree had roots. but every family has their burdens, and they still love her fiercely. even when she uses her abilities to make… pastries. she loves them too, even when they leave black lipstick mark on her or accidentally kill her blooms. 

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Would you be able to translate RM's part in Yankie's new song?


SongHangul lyrics

나는 MONSTER but 지금은 nobody recognize it

Im MONSTER but right now nobody recognize it

허세뿐인 꼰대들 they tryna undersize it

These stereo typed people with an attitude they tryna undersize it

난 변태성향 나르시스트 날 찔러 자꾸 I kiss my own tightness

Im a freaky narcissist, I repeatedly stab myself, I kiss my own tightness

Who the damn mufucka do really wanna fight it

난 걍 예술이 좋아 그 어떤 술보다 더

I just like the arts, more than any alcohol 

임마 여긴 RM이 차린 칵테일 bar, 넌 주는 대로 쳐 마셔

Hey (man) this is RM prepared cocktail bar, take the hit as it was offered

넌 날 진화시켜줘 내 불만 빼고서

Please evolve me, without my dissatisfaction 

아 오빠 좋아 좀 더 때려줘

Ah oppa, I like it. Hit me a little more.

Show what that bitch about 함 지껄여봐

Show what that bitch about, try to chatter away

Show what that bitch about
Show me what you got yo what you bout
Me gone headed to the top, make yo bitch rock but you not
난 믿어 나의 팀, 나와 친구들 we makin’ dreams

Believe in me, my team, me and my friends we makin dreams

랩으론 반쯤 죽여놔 덤벼 call me 밥 싸먹는 김

Half-killing you with my rap, bring it on, call me, the Kim that eats rice wrapped in lettuce.

T/N: 꼰대 is a slang word for an old man who has an aggressive attitude.

The arts and the alcohol part is a word play.


interrupting your daily dash routine with a dose of sleepy gta jack:

  • jack in a holey tank top and baggy pyjama bottoms and mismatched socks
  • jack hitting the snooze button for the third time and burrowing inexorably deeper underneath the covers because fuck mondays, for real
  • jack curling her hands around a cup of coffee. attempting to become one with the coffee. debating the logistics and practicality of just hooking herself up to a rolling iv of caffeine because fuck mondays, for real
  • jack burrito’d in a thick down comforter on the couch, eyes half-masted and slowly losing focus on the flat screen
  • jack yawning midway through explaining heist plans and then gently beating ryan with whatever happens to be on hand when he fails to hide a fond smile
  • jack rolling over in a motel bed with messy hair and a sleepy smile, eyes still shut as she curls herself around ryan on instinct and by feel alone, murmuring “morning, baby,” in a voice languid with sleep as she feels the warm bulk of ryan stir