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drawings from the stream!! thank you so much again to everyone who came it was really fun <3!!

mmmm will i ever get enough of these three being adorable together?? no, the answer is no

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: You know what makes me crazy? I'm sorry, can I say this? You know what makes me nuts? The fact that we could be together, here together, sharing our night, spending our time. And you are gonna choose someone else to be with, no, you are, yes, Jamie, that's EXACTLY what you're doing; You could be here with me or be there with them, as usual, guess which you pick! No, Jamie, you do not have to go to another party, with the same twenty jerks you already know. You could stay with your wife on her FUCKING birthday! And you could, god forbid, even see my show, and I know in your soul it must drive you crazy, that you won't get to play with your little girlfriends. No, I'm not, no I'm not! And the point is, Jamie, that you can't spend a single day that's not about YOU.

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What are some of your favorite yoonseok moments or gifs?? Btw I really enjoy your blog + your theme is very nice🌸🌸

first i’m so sorry this took me so long to answer this 

my favorite yoonseok moments there are loads of yoonseok moments i love its hard to pick these are not gonna be in order

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there was so many more yoonseok gifsbut i had to stop myself at these and its still alot 


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thank you so much for your kind words 


I wanna recommend a really talented kaisoo author, she’s a great writer and her fics are really good ;;;; 

Pls check out ailisa ( @kamelodi​ ) and read her fics~! 

The Apple Of My Eye

Birthday!au, fluff, romance, smut. Jongin wants Kyungsoo to read to him but not in the conventional way. 

Midnight Kiss

Fluff, romance, smut. The world knows of Kai as the mysterious butler who kisses his master’s scarred knees, wipes away his falling tears and chases away all his fears. Kyungsoo knows of Kai as Kim Jongin, the man who loves him unconditionally. 

Heaven Is Being On Your Lap

Hybrid!au, romance, fluff, smut. Jongin was no mouse but the mischievous kitten Kyungsoo lured him into a chase of cat and mouse anyway. 

Spaghetti Kiss

Non!au, fluff, romance, smut. In which Jongin is jealous of Kyungsoo’s spaghetti kiss with Kwangsoo.

Love You Like An Angel, Fuck You Like A Demon

Demon!au, romance, smut. Pure and untainted, Kyungsoo has been raised in a bird cage all his life, to be the perfect little toy for rich old men. Yet when Jongin becomes his brother (he was adopted), he becomes the perfect little demon for him instead. 

Call Me Your Baby

Romance, smut, crack. In which actor Kyungsoo is mad that director Jongin gets him to suck on a pacifier so Kyungsoo decides to suck on something else.

The Little Performer And The Little Violinist

Romance, fluff. Do Kyungsoo, a thirteen year old boy with a sun allergy likes to watch the golden Kim Jongin dance outside his window.

 A Lifetime Of You

College!au, romance, fluff, smut. It all began when he thought Kim Jongin was kidnapping his neighbour’s dog.

I know soon you’ll forget the sound of my voice and what color my eyes were. You’ll forget how much I loved music and how I loved your blue sweater. 
Soon you’ll see me as a stranger; walking by without recognizing me 
you won’t even know me while I’ll be getting drunk, trying to forget your name.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1230

I discovered fandom in 2001, and fell down the rabbit hole. I landed hard. My life got busy in 2002 onwards, and I all but vanished from fannish life. I was well and truly out by the summer of 2010, but when a friend nudged me to watch this new show called Sherlock that had just aired, I did. I loved it. 

I loved the relationship between Sherlock and John. I loved what they’d done with Watson! He had depths! He was a man of action, but he was obviously made of coiled, unspoken emotion! So compelling, so many possibilities! The desire to dip into this nascent fandom was rearing its head. This time around, I knew what choice lay before me, and what its consequences were. Open that door, or not?

If it hadn’t been for the fact that I was one year post cancer treatment and facing another surgery to determine if I had a new round of treatment to endure, I think I would have closed that door. Fandom takes up a lot of time and energy. It can be deliriously fun and damagingly distracting at the same time. I had a surgery date. I wanted to be distracted. I opened the door.

I tried not to write anything. I love writing fanfiction, but I never plan to do it. When I write, it’s because I have to. It’s wonderful, but it consumes me completely, and who has times for that? Who choses to be so consumed?I read and read, I had my surgery, I read some more, I got good news regarding my health (yay!), and then, goddammit, I wrote something.

Something small, I thought that would be okay. I thought I could get away with it. Don’t write any novels this time. Just a little thing. Just scratch the itch.

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes is a novel-length story written by someone who was trying very hard to avoid writing a novel-length story. I was in denial about it being a novel-length story for the first half of it, easily. That damn story forced me to do something I’d decided never to do again, and I’m grateful for that.

I wrote it because I felt compelled to, even though it contains a characterization of Sherlock that few if any people wanted to read about. It’s in first person present tense, another decision few if any readers want a writer to make. I apologized for it a lot, but I had to write it. And I loved it. That story reminded me how much I love writing, and how happy writing makes me, and that’s not something I’ll soon forget again.

The voice in that story is so sticky that half the comments left on it are in the same voice. I had to work myself up to write in that voice every time I sat down to work on it, and I was never sure whether I was getting it consistently or not, even right up to the end. But afterwards it took me fully 6 months to stop writing in that damn voice.

Honestly, I have no idea why my difficult, weird, inappropriate on many levels attempt at a story, written after only 3 aired episodes of a show in 2010-11, received its 10,000th kudos today. That’s a variety of madness and kindness that I cannot explain. But I am grateful for it.

Thank you for being here when I needed you. Thank you for finding a place for a story that no one, including me, really wanted. Thank you.