'sona in progress


I’ve been working hard on my fursuit yesterday and today and I’ve gotten about as far as I can with what I have. I need to buy the sherpa fabric, horn and hoof materials, a few wigs or something to cut apart and sow on to add the mane of hair a pair of light gloves to make as a base for the hand hooves and a pair of 1 ½ - 2inch heels for the feet hooves (I need the heels for the arch support, it’ll help with back and knee pain I have.)

I’m super excited to have the head almost done and I’m absolutely in love with the results so far!

Since I’m being convinced that people actually want me to spam on all my platforms- HERE IT IS. NO TAKESIES BACKSIES. 

I’m drawing things I shouldn’t be drawing Orz It’s really high time I learn the meaning of priority again Q__Q This started off as a doodle for someone but I went overboard and now i just want it as a print…

Starting things and never reaching completion is my specialty Q__Q