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HOW TO STUDY when on your period

My first masterpost.. Yay!!

I’m pretty sure most of us have been graced by Aunt Flo’s presence, at the most unassuming of times.

The cramps, ache, flow.. It’s tough to manage and take care of yourself when you have a terribly hectic schedule.

This is a simple guide for studying when you’re on your period, I hope you find this useful!

1. Plan ahead.
Being in tune with your body is very important. You already know the kind of menstrual cycle you experience, your dates, your pms schedule. I’m not asking you to maintain a calendar, but have an idea of when your next period will arrive. Plus the one week before and after margin, because periods can be irregular and if you’re taking too much stress then they arrive much earlier than anticipated!
Planning your classes for the week if you can, would be really helpful. Work around your schedule and give yourself some time off, some breaks.
If you have any important presentations or exams, then you know that you’ll have to prepare really before hand because it’ll be too stressful for you to do everything during your period.

2. Take the day off, if possible.
I know that the second day is really horrible for me, so if I have the option to, I take the day off and relax at home. If it’s not possible, then it’s all right.
I know that you have to be really brave and face the pain, but sometimes, it’s good to just relax and pamper yourself.

3. Wear dark, comfortable clothes.
Comfy enough so you don’t feel so suffocated, but tight enough so that your tampon/napkin stays in place and there aren’t any possible leaks. I know many of us love wearing skirts and dresses, and if you can handle yourself, then it’s all right. But if you’re clumsy, like me, I suggest wearing some shorts underneath so that the skirt or dress doesn’t get ruined.
Also, a pro tip to avoid spotting- wear double underwear. Trust me, it’s a life saver.

4. Time yourself.
You know your body, your flow, and the intensity and the cramps you face. It’s difficult to sit for hours, or stay in one position for hours. Time yourself, and take washroom breaks to keep checking and make sure you don’t ruin your clothes. What I used to do was, I knew the classes where my teacher would be all right with me being a bit late, and went to the washroom accordingly. Schedules can be hectic, but little things like these save time.

5. Carry extra sanitary napkins/pads/tampons.
So that you don’t have to ask around! Once on my third day, I absolutely forgot to carry any napkins and I had to go to the medical room to get one.. Gosh that was embarrassing.

6. Stay hydrated.
Drink a lot of water, and warm liquids. I personally love drinking flavoured water. Tea and coffee helps a lot.

7. Keep yourself warm.
If you’re at home, use a hot pack. Keep it on your belly and snuggle inside a blanket. It eases the flow, and lessens the pain.
If you’re out, or in class, carry a warm scarf or a jacket or a stole. And when you’re sitting, just keep it on your lap. It’ll be really warm and comfy, when the cramps are too painful.

8. Study in short intervals of time.
Don’t go for long study sessions. If you haven’t already done this, do short study sprints. Study the subjects that you find easy, if you don’t feel like it but you have to as exams are approaching.

9. Take stretching breaks.
This is super important! You have to stretch yourself and your legs. If you can, do light exercises or some yoga.

10. Healthy diet.
The body is losing blood.. You have to replenish it! Take a good, balanced diet rich with iron. Eat well, have proper nutrition. Pack yourself some healthy snacks to munch on, or some crunchies. I tend to feel a lot hungry, so I binge. Won’t recommend that though!

11. Oils or medication
One of my friends on tumblr (@akiameokami) told me that rubbing lavendar oil on your wrists and stomach helps with the cramps and ache, relaxes your muscles and is also a good sleep aid. You can also use tea tree or peppermint, they’re natural and completely safe.
Also, if you really have to, take some pain relief. I wouldn’t recommend medication because it influences the cycle, but if your schedule is extremely hectic and you have important deadlines to meet, you can take some pain relief medications. Always be cautious when having medicines, and don’t overdose.

12. Relax.
Seriously, don’t stress out too much. Do whatever works for you. Take care of yourself!! Spend the day in a blanket, watch movies, and just chill.

These are a few tips that I have. If you have anymore please feel free to add them. This is my first masterpost.. Yippee!! Periods can be very stressful, but your body and health is important.
A few years back, I got ill and had my period at the same time, and I fainted from the exhaustion and the lack of nutrition. I have been very careful ever since. I didn’t find many resources on this topic, but I’ve take help from a few resources on google! Also, discussing periods can’t be very awkward but menstrual health is as important as anything.
Have a happy period!
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