'some of my fave scenes' perhaps

punkysteve  asked:

So many great jonathan&will scenes this season it was beautiful 😢 their bond was one of my fave things about the show & for some reason i was afraid we wouldn't get to see the bros together that much in s2 but the writers did not disappoint (thank u @ suffer brothers). Would u like to gif some of ur fave byers bros moments? Or just talk about them if u don't feel like making gifs

I thought there were some great interactions with them! I’m moving through the gifs slowly, but I gifed a few I loved from episodes 8 and 9 already and I’ll definitely be posting more soon. I want to do the whole monologue on castle byers–that scene hurt my heart so much. And also something perhaps of the number of times jonathan ends up carrying will, or is at his side. I also loved the “I hope it doesn’t suck” imitation of bob as dracula and just how, in the car scene, Jonathan tried to understand how frustrated Will was. Since the Byers family is my fave, I have to say, I’m still stuck on this moment:

The way he puts his hand on Will’s head; how you can just feel how much they care for each other. They are such a sweet, precious, brave family. 

anonymous asked:

i love bts pre hyyh so much like some of my fave songs are pre hyyb but content as in shows wise? i can only watch selectively esp ahl but perhaps mainly because i still get uncomfortable about the difference in seokjin tho... i feel bad whenever i think about him /changing/ concept

ugh mood! i can honestly only watch the scenes that are included in compilations there’s no way i would ever watch full episode of ahl ever again,,,