'so you like country music now

So I’ve seen Moana twice now, and I’ve just got to say in a world where little girls now have to be told that a man who would sexually assault them is more fit to lead than a women who has dedicated her whole life to the service of her country, I’m glad there’s a princess movie like Moana that shows little girls that their leadership is not only not questioned, but supported, demanded, and depended on. Thank you, Disney.

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Can you do head canons for RFA and MC from America that has that southern belle thing doing on (ya know, short, freckles, secretly kinda loves country music and dogs and horses). Maybe she ended up in Korea for a study abroad? Thanks!!

I’m warning you now these are really bad and I’m so sorry this took so long.

Warnings: none

*would like the fact that he was a lot taller than them
*would be thankful that they were a dog person
*would get them a puppy for their birthday/Christmas
*loves their freckles
*might not mind the country music

*would think they were adorable if they were shorter than him
*likes to count their freckles
*there is always a pitcher of ice tea in his fridge now because they got him hooked on it

*wouldn’t treat them much different than he treats other people tbh
*would not let them get a dog if they lived together
*would secretly love their height and accent though (if they had one)

*would teach them tons of tech stuff
*would probably let the convince him to get a puppy
*spoils the heck out of it tbh
*would like hearing about their life back home

*likes that she found someone that’s a similar height as she is (if I’m remembering correctly Jaehee is like 5'4)
*likes to talk about their life back home
*and she would help with their studies if they’re studying abroad
*maybe would get a dog for the two of them

*loves their accent and freckles
*also loves to drink sweet tea with them outside in the morning
*thinks it’s cool that they came all the way to Korea to study
*would definitely buy them at least one puppy, maybe two

*would never say it out loud, but loves their freckles and how short they are so much
*traces their freckles with his finger like connect the dot while their sleeping or when the two of them are cuddling
*no country music is allowed in his apartment though

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What are some good Christian bands???

Well Anonymous Darling, you’re about to find out!

Some listed i don’t listen to anymore…Just because I guess I grew out of them or my music taste changed.
So I’m saying some bands I don’t listen to now and I do not stand by anything bad they say now.

• Casting Crowns. Their music has a country kind of feel. They have many good songs.

•RED. Hard rock/Screamo band, I listen to some of their stuff but it doesn’t really speak to me persay. My friends really love them tho.

• King’s Kaleidoscope. They have almost a rock, but like a really soft almost country feel. I can’t describe it. I’ve heard only one or two songs, but I liked those ones. Otherwise I can’t really say much about them.

•Flyleaf. Now settle down my dear and let me tell you about Flyleaf. Original Flyleaf with Lacey Mosely (now Sturm) was hard rock/Screamo and it was on the verge of not Christian but Christian kinda deal. Their best album, in my opinion, was Memento Mori. I haven’t heard every album, but I did hear quite a few. Now new Flyleaf is led by Kristen May, I’ve only heard their album Between the Stars, which I think is the only album they have. It has more of a rock feel…With maybe some pop idk how to describe it. I have in fact heard Kristen’s own album, which is ten times better then this. In this album she almost pushes her voice to sound like Lacey.

•Lacey Sturm. Her album is Life Screams and dear God it is good! Rock. With the exception of an acoustic song at the end, Run To You (wanna hear God’s unconditional love? BAM That’s the song)

•Thousand Foot Krutch, or TFK. They are a rock band, I used to listen to them but don’t anymore. I haven’t heard their new stuff, if they even have any. My favourite album was Phenomenon.

•Nine Lashes. Rock band however their most recent album I have heard sounds pop. They are good.

•We As Human. Hard rock band I guess would be the correct term.

•Barlow Girl. I guess a rock band, I used to listen to a lot. I don’t now but who knows, maybe they have some really good stuff.

• Lecrae. Rap, but he’s good. His most recent stuff I haven’t heard, but what I have I have enjoyed.

•KB. Also rap, my favourite album is Weight and Glory. Probably the main album I listen to, haven’t heard much of his other stuff.

•Andy Mineo. I have heard some stuff and it was interesting. My friends love him, and swear he’s one of the best Christian rappers however I tend to disagree. I don’t listen to him usually unless it’s in a mix or a playlist.

•Relient K. This band is…more of an acoustic, well back in the day it was. I haven’t listened to their most recent album, but they are good.

•Family Force 5. Pop rock band I guess is the term, maybe a hint of electronic. Don’t bash me cause I can’t think of the right terms. I don’t listen to them now persay but when I have heard them they are good.

•Crowder. More of a country feel. Good band, my favourite song by far is Lift Your Head Weary Sinner. They have had many good songs however.

•Mandisa. I used to listen to Mandisa a lot back in the day, now I don’t. But hey, she’s on this list.

•Skillet. The most recent album has a different feel from their normal rock, but it is really good. I’ve heard most if not all of their albums, and I’ve enjoyed most of them. (Literally this and one of TFK’s songs take me back to my ‘i am emo but still a Christian’ phase) Still love Skillet.

That’s about all I can think of right now, I know there are many more and if anyone wants to add on they definitely can. I don’t listen to some of them now, or I don’t listen to them at all except in playlists. I’m letting you make your own decisions but my favourites would be Skillet, Flyleaf’s album Memento Mori, and number one is Lacey Sturm.

So this happened in business class today
  • Girl in my class: You're white you shouldn't be listening to kpop
  • Me: *stares at them for a good 45 seconds, trying to stay calm* are you fucking serious? So because I'm white I can't enjoy music? Sure I don't know what they're saying but that's what translations are for, okay? Telling someone they can't enjoy something because of their race, is like telling someone who they can and can't be with. Would you tell a black person they can't listen to country music or a mexican they can't listen to pop? No you wouldn't because it's racist. and what you're telling me right now is racist and also considered bullying.
  • Other Girl: Do you watch kdramas?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Girl #1: Well if you watch kdramas and listen to kpop then why don't you move to South Korea?
  • Me: Just because I listen to kpop and watch kdramas doesn't mean I want to move there? If I told you, you can't listen to rap because you're white you'd get offended. Exactly what's happening to me, you may think you're doing nothing wrong but you're seriously acting as dumb as a rock, now please leave me alone unless you have common sense coming out of your mouth.
knowing you, knowing me

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Nickname: Mag or Mags- but usually only my close friends call me this.  My uncle calls me babe- the only male in my life that has ever called me babe.
Star sign: I am an Earth sign Ruled by Venus.  I am pretty much through and through a Taurus. 
Height: 5'8"
Time right now:2:42 pm 

Last thing googled: Buddha Bowls-have you seen these???  They look so yummy!!
Favorite music artists: I love everthing from Country to Hard Rock.  Not a lover of Rap, Jazz, I do enjoy some classical.
Song stuck in your head: Boy Gets a Truck
Last movie watched: The new Sar Wars Rogue One
Last TV show watched: The Vampire Diaries
What are you wearing now: Pants, shirt, sweater…I’m at work..
When did you create your blog: Oh Geeze…3 years ago..I don’t know to be honest.
What kind of stuff do you post: Whatever the fuck I want.
Do you have any other blogs: yes
Do you get asks regularly: No. I get the odd Anon and sometimes a pleasant message but that is about it.
Why did you choose your URL:  I didn’t @ricketywalela actually did.
Gender: Female
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw. 
Pokemon team: Not a fucking clue
Favorite color: Purple,Pink and black.
Average of hours of sleep: 7-8
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1-3
Dream job: I love my job.  I am happy doing anything working with children and their families.
Followers: I don’t know really, not something I keep up on.  I do know that block a shit load of porn blogs.  And I try and only follow blogs that say somethings about who they are.  I’m not interested in just reblogs, I want to know people and the lives they have chosen to live.

I’m not going to tag any one but I hope that others will do this.  Just for fun and so we can get to know you.


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nickname: dani, roma, romama

starsign: Aquarius baby (Hello Changkyun, love me, we have the same sign)

height: 5′3″ to be fair, I am considered tall in my country okay!!!

time right now: 1:38 pm

last thing googled: word counter (i am writing a new fic yaaaay please look forward to it)

favorite music artists: oh god this is so hard. I love like a whoooole lot of things from oldies like Nat King Cole, Sinatra, Perry Como, etc. Then I also love a few local artists here. Then I also love Gallant and James Bay (more like James Bae) and Troye Sivan, then I also love BTS of course and Monsta X and up10tion plus a whole lot more. 

song stuck in your head : Oo - Up Dharma Down (a local artist from my country and they are so good I am crying) 

last movie watched: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them AHHHHHHHH NEWT MY LOVE YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS I LOVE YOU


what are you wearing right now: white sweatshirt i handprinted myself and gray shorts

when did you create your blog: I created this one this august but I’ve had a blog for years now

what kind of stuff do you post: I reblog a lot of stuff (queued because i am busy hahaha) then i also post a lot of bts wallpapers and icons then a few gifs and text posts (imagine, scenarios, etc.)

do you have any other blogs: Absolutely. I recently deleted my monsta x and up10tion blog since I decided to post them here instead, then I also have a separate blog which is personal, then a separate blog for my poems and feels.

do you get asks regularly: No i cri. Please talk to me. Hahaha. I got a few during the holidays with those passing hearts and other thingies tho. <3

why did you choose your URL: Because I am an ot7 trash and I do not like favoritism plus stanning bts felt like being shot multiple times because they bring me pain from their perfection ashkgdjafyajs oh and it was a bonus that it had X in it so now I can say that it’s for monsta x hahahaha

gender: i was born with the vajayjay

hogwarts house: First pottermore sorted me into Slytherin (I had to choose between that and hufflepuff but i was draco trash so…) then new pottermore sorted me into Hufflepuff 

pokemon team: Instinct babyyyyy

favourite colour: I am a sucker for pastel and black and white

average hours of sleep: I cannot function with little sleep so even during school days, I sleep about 6-7 hours (except for the final month when I was lucky to have 3 hours of sleep i cri) and now I am on break, probs 10 hours??

lucky number: 6!!!! 

favorite character(s): Sheldon Cooper from TBBT, Chandler and Joey and Phoebe from Friends, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom from HP, NEWT SCAMANDER MY LOVE, Goblin and Grim Reaper and Deok Hwa, Tae Oh from LOTBS hehehhee bb, and a whole lot moreeeee

how many blankets do you sleep with: One but I have 5 pillows with me haha

dream job: Writer or Chef or something where I just stay at home and earn money and travel haha

following: 503 blogs hahaha hello there people

I tag @wae-tae-wae @icybone @monstajaebum @hoseokjinns @onlyu16 @pentagonjuho @19daysgotmeweak @minsugaspice @monstax-nm @mochikissme @jjkbangtan @kellyzipcode @ctrbl @jin-oppa @mewlly @shunnies @chione-yeosin @btssmutgalore @http-trash-dot-org-posts @jungjuly helloooo if you want to do it then do it but if not, it’s okay. I love you all <3

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im 5'8 with brown hair to my shoulders and brown eyes to match. im pretty pessimistic and a stressed out, insecure mess. society kinda really sucks right now. i dont like being in relationships one bit but i still want somebody to love me. i like action or adventure stuff and cant stand long comedies. total sucker for anything about friendships. any type of music goes but country, alt rock is my fav (any series is fine and thanks in advance!!)


Jean Jacques Leroy [Yuri!!! On Ice]

Originally posted by miidoriyas

You sat alone by the large glass windows of a relatively empty cafe, staring at the rapidly moving world outside of your comfortable little space, as the strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee hit your senses. It was nice being away from the crowd but you didn’t like the silence, since it only gave you opportunities to think about things you didn’t want to. It felt like everyone around you was moving on someway or another while you were the only one left behind. You sighed heavily as the realization of not getting anywhere like that, sunk in. ‘Sighing so often is the sign of persistent inner thoughts that you’re struggling with.’ You heard a deep voice from behind you and turned around to see who exactly decided to interrupt your partially peaceful evening, only to find a suspicious looking man with his face mostly hidden by a pair of black sunglasses and a black scarf that loosely covered upto his mouth. You asked him if you knew him, in response to which he simply said that you didn’t but he approached you cuz he didn’t like seeing beautiful people down. Of course he sounded extremely ridiculous and the way he phrased it all, to you it felt like he was somewhat mocking you. 

You told him to leave you alone unless he wanted you to call people on him and tell them that he was bothering you. At this the seemingly young man helped himself on a seat right across you on the same table. Before you could protest he took off his sunglasses and the scarf, revealing himself to be the best rising ice skater of Canada. You’d seen him on TV before and never in your wildest dreams could have imagined The JJ sitting right in front of you. The shock on your face was too obvious, to which JJ gave you a friendly smirk. He pointed out how you looked like a fish outta water, but he didn’t mind it cuz your reaction was definitely different from any other person he’d come across in a while. You shook your head trying to convince yourself that he was real and it wasn’t all just a dream. All you could do was ask him why was he there, in response to which he simply told you the same thing he did before sitting down with you. ‘I don’t like seeing beautiful people down.’ This time his gaze was gentle and for a moment you were left wondering if he really meant it. But then again, did you really look that depressed? You hadn’t realized when a waiter approached your table until he placed two mugs of hot cocoa in front of you. You raised a brow and told him that you hadn’t ordered anything, only to have JJ butting in and telling you that he ordered it on your behalf. You told him how he didn’t have to but he just shrugged it off with an expressive smile that said he didn’t want you to waste your time thinking more about it.

Some time later you found yourself engaged in a casual conversation with JJ. Even though he was doing most of the talking he asked you questions in order to make you feel equally involved. Seeing it as a chance, you asked him the real reason for why he had approached you. He was a sports celebrity and he had nothing to do with your worries or even you. ‘Would you believe me if I said I fell in love with you at first sight?’ Your eyes had widened at his ridiculous response but he continued as if ignoring your reaction. He said that he first saw you from outside the cafe and you just looked too beautiful sitting there silently looking like you were lost in a different world of your own. ‘It’s a meeting out of a fairy tale!’ JJ winked after finishing and you gave him a look that simply said ‘You’re crazy.’ Of course you didn’t believe a word he said, and he knew it because you definitely didn’t look or feel like someone who thought really high of themselves. He wasn’t there to simply give up though. It didn’t take you long to start liking his company. At first he was quite obnoxious, and you didn’t know what you did to deserve someone like him ruining your evening. But as time passed, you started to feel like he wasn’t as bad as you thought he’d be. He was weird but smart; he had a terrible sense of humor but still funny nonetheless. He was supposed to be a celebrity, wasn’t he? But at that point he only felt like a friend you’d known for some time. He told you stories related to his career, some of them didn’t make much sense whereas the others made you smile.

Before you realized it, a couple hours had already passed since he first talked to you. You noticed that you had completely forgotten about your pointless worries. You were feeling refreshed and cheered up. The series of conversations had come to a halt and you looked outside yet again. The sun had started to set and this time you didn’t notice a rapidly moving world, instead you could finally see just how beautiful the whole scenary outside was. The streets were partially covered in white snow as golden lights from the shops gave the whole place a magical feeling. Were you really oblivious to it all until you met JJ? Realizing that you needed to thank him, you had turned to him, only to find him looking at you with an affectionate gaze and a gentle smile. You hesitated to say something. Getting stared at like that somewhat made you feel uneasy. It wasn’t exactly a feeling that you disliked but you just couldn’t help feeling self conscious. Your struggle to say something ended as the sound of JJ’s phone ringing reverberated in the silence of the shop. Breaking from what seemed like a trance, he answered it and started to gather up his things after telling the caller that he’d be there right away. It all happened so fast that you missed your chance to say anything at all. All you could do was wish him goodbye as he told you that he had to leave. He gave you a huge grin and walked out of the shop as you watched his retreating back from the window until he was no longer in sight. Great. You felt lonely all over again and this time it was weighing way more on you than it did before you met him. Maybe he was joking about being ‘’in love’’ with you after all.

You decided to head back home yourself. It was getting late and you had lost count of how long you had been in that cafe. The walk back home was a long and cold one. Your head was filled with thoughts and flashbacks of all that happened in the past few hours. It all still felt like a dream but the warmth in JJ’s voice was indeed real. As soon as you thought of that a weirdly empty feeling filled you up. You were lost and confused and that’s exactly why you didn’t want to believe it when you heard the same deep and husky voice that you seemed to have been missing so much. A part of you was convinced that it was all playing inside your head but you were proven wrong as soon as the voice got nearer and more realistic. The sound of someone running towards you caught your ears and you were surprised at your own desire of that person being him. It seemed like your prayers were answered because moments later, it was indeed JJ who appeared in front of you looking completely breathless. He leaned on the wall nearby trying to catch his breath. You couldn’t stop yourself from asking what he was doing there, the surprise and curiosity was too much to bear. After finally getting a hold of himself, he admitted that he had forgotten to tell you to wait for him in the cafe for a while and when he went back you had already left. He was searching for you everywhere until he finally saw you in the distance. Judging from the state he was in, this time you knew he wasn’t lying. You felt like you were getting ahead of yourself but the thought of having someone who cared enough to look for you like that, was enough to help you get rid of every single bit of loneliness that you had been feeling. It was weird how a complete stranger could make you feel so many things in just a few hours. It took you everything not to let your newly found emotions overwhelm you and make you cry only to give him the chance to see you as a hopeless case. Though you didn’t realize it until he hugged you out of the blue, that you had already failed horribly at that conviction of yours.

It didn’t happen right away, but after weeks of pursuance, a lot of convincing and reassurance, you finally started believing that JJ wasn’t lying about his feelings for you. You two started dating not long after that. You were hesitant at first, not knowing if it’s really a relationship you wanted but as your feelings for him grew with time, you didn’t mind the idea anymore. Being in a relationship with JJ means having to deal with his narcissistic side. At times it gets annoying but at times he’s plain adorable. You still don’t get what made him fall for you at the first place. When you asked him about it the first time, all he said was that you reminded him of himself on days when he let his anxiety take over him. He had looked hesitant as he told you so, worried that you’d consider him weak and pathetic but those were the last things on your mind. You had hugged him like he always did when you were feeling down and anxious and he just knew that you are the best choice he has ever made in his life.

ID #61065

Name: Matilde
Age: 17
Country: Portugal

Hi! My name is Matilde. I came here to find someone who would like to share ideas, thoughts and pretty much everything you want. I love travelling and meeting new people with different experiences and stories.
I’m in high school studying sciences (I’m not familiar with other school system so this may not mean the same in your country as it means in mine) and I would like to pursuit psychology after high school. I do have a great love for nature and the wild life.
I have been dancing for about 1 and a half/ 2 years from now (after stopping for a while) and it is one of my great passions. Because of this, music is also a huge part of my life. I like drawing and everything that stimulates my creative side. :)
I would love to have someone from a different place of the world to talk with so don’t be shy and send me a message.

Preferences: Anyone is welcome to talk to me so please feel free to do so

Birthday Trope/ Country Song Challenge

I love @outside-the-government. She is always so good as solving my dilemmas. I am to excited to sit on this any longer. Even though there are like a ton going on right now. So I decided I would it this way. Since not everyone likes Country music, I decided on a compromise.  Here it is: You can do a Trope, a Country Song, or a Trope and Country song together (not sure how this one will work but we can figure it out together.)

1. Since this is Birthday Trope/ Country Song Challenge all stories will be due by my Birthday April 4. The Challenge also won’t start til the 1st of February. I am just impatient.

2. All stories must be reader inserts. Let me know you want to participate in an ask and I will give you a song, a trope, or a country song and a trope. Not everyone can pick Soulmate AU as much as we all love it. LOL!!!! 

3. They must come from one of the fandoms I follow: Firefly, Star Trek, The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Law and Order: SVU, and Game of Thrones . But I may make exceptions to this rule. Supernatural will not be the exception. Sorry guys I am just not into it. 

4. I would like if they were with the characters I follow: Mal Reynolds, Leonard McCoy, Jim Kirk, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Aaron Hotchner, Tony DiNozzo, Dwayne Pride, Rafael Barba and Robb Stark. But I may take into account others. But no Bucky please. I have reasons. 

5. It can be fluffy, angsty, smutty (may be as smutty as wish). Whatever you wish. I am not really picky. 

6. If you write more than a 1000 words please add the Keep Reading thing. Remember to put in trigger warnings if necessary. Oh and please please have your story betaed if you can. 

7. Be sure to tag @yourtropegirl in all entries and do #yourtropegirlbirthdaychallenge



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Say hello to my cat!

Anyway, haha I’ve posted on here before but I just love being able to talk to new people so here I am!
Im gaby, 18, and I’m from Mexico. I live in Canada 🇨🇦 though♥️ I do speak Spanish, and English!
I love watching movies and shows! My favourite right now for movies is sing and fantastic beasts and where to find them!!
I am bi, however I do have a boyfriend, I generally like to talk to anyone honestly. Although for age I think it would be better 16+.
I listen to music all the time and I have a wide range the only type I don’t click with is country, sorry!
Ummm so talk to me? I would love to get to know any of you!!! If you’re feeling shy just ‘like’ this post and I’ll message you♥️
Snapchat- gabydreams
Instagram- alvaggstef
I also have kik, whatsapp, and iMessage☺️

i could and should be doing 50 other things rn but here’s a tag. i was tagged by @tactileintrovertedace so go follow her

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dear god bre, breezy, breezy, baby, covergirl, gabe (don’t), gabs, gabby, gambre, gambrella, santeenie

Star sign?



5′ 9 ish?

Time right now?

7:16 pm (CST)

Favourite music artists?

panic! at the disco, pentatonix, troye sivan,dodie clark, ed sheeran, anything that isn’t country tbh

Song stuck in your head?

move your feet by junior senior, oddly enough

Last movie watched?

just saw hidden figures

Last TV show watched?

brooklyn nine nine

What are you wearing right now?

a camo shirt and jeans

When did you create your blog?

soon after march 11th 2016

What kind of stuff do you post?

memes, dan and phil, hamilton obvs, omgcheckplease!, night vale every once in a while, sorta the bright sessions, aesthetic shit, and overly personal thoughts and feelings!

Do you have any other blogs?


Do you get asks regularly?

whenever i post aks memes @existentialcrisisconvention​ always comes through 

Why did you choose your URL?

i wanted a ham/g wash ship name kinda deal and this is what happened 



Hogwarts house?


Pokemon team?

the pretty ones

Favourite colour?

green, black, mint, lilac

Average hours of sleep?


Lucky numbers?


Favourite characters:

hoo boy. 

night vale: cecil, steve carlsburg, carlos, the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home 

the bright sessions: caleb and dr. bright

brooklyn nine nine: rosa and holt

hamilton: burr and the theos

and just bc i love it inkeart: mo, meggie, dustfinger (*cough*myhusband*cough*), and elinor

How many blankets do you sleep with?


Dream job?

forensic anthropologist or something to do with linguistics (:

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EVE Online/Elite Dangerous: Dealing With Space Boredom

I like Elite: Dangerous. I like that it simulates the “boring” parts of the space pirate fantasy. You spent a ton of time driving from place to place and requesting permission to dock and docking and being worried about fuel and saving up for a better ship and HOLY SHIT A FUCKING PIRATE THIS IS NOW THE SCARIEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME WHAT IF I LOSE EVERYTHING

Boredom is a big part of what makes that experience work. Boredom makes the intense moments that much more intense. You also feel way more like Malcolm Reynolds when you’re sighing and going “WHEN are we going to GET THERE” than when you’re doing big epic space fights.

But! Boredom is boredom, and you have to do something to alleviate the boredom. So you may do exercises, or you may get a beer and a trucker hat and listen to country music so you feel like those rednecks who get killed at the beginning of Starcraft.

Me? I break out my Surface and watch The Good Wife. I roleplay as a feminist space trucker who really likes legal procedurals.

twenty get-to-know-isms!

i was tagged by @p-rc & @runningandpunning !!

Nickname: i only have a couple nicknames from special people! abby calls me “karin” and my little sister and my mom call me “niah” (from back when the former couldn’t pronounce my name!)  and my dad calls me “niah/neebs/etc.” lol
Star sign: aries
Height: almost 5′10!
Time right now: 4:19 PM!
Last thing googled: “can someone tell if you screenshot them on imessage” HAHA when you’re a snake :/// 
Favorite music artists: my music taste is so weird and eclectic so it’s really hard to choose - i’ll always be true to mumford and sons/bon iver and stuff, i really like ingrid michaelson and things of the like, and i love country music. 
Song stuck in your head: i am listening to ‘future looks good’ by one republic! 
Last movie watched: i watched like 40 min of creed with my friend last night but i was not having it so i googled the entire plot. he was not pleased.  
Last TV show watched: grey’s! 
What are you wearing now: pj pants and slippers, a bralette with a loose top, my fluffy robe
When did you create your blog: i made this one at the end of my freshman year of college but i have been on here blogging since my sophomore year of high school.
What kind of stuff do you post: ah, just lifestyle stuff! lots o’ running. i like looking back on it!
Do you have any other blogs: yes! a personal blog for pretty pictures (treasure-y0urself), a password protected blog, and my old running blog that for some reason still has like 3x the followers. 
Do you get asks regularly: if i’m active on here i usually will get them pretty regularly!
Why did you choose your URL: it was from a quote that i liked! i don’t think it’s super applicable to me now that i’m more settled and content, and it’s a bit more on the harsh side. which is why i originally chose it but?? i’m not sure if i’m feelin’ it anymore.
Gender: female
Hogwarts House: i have taken multiple quizzes (the most accurate of which is allegedly pottermore.com) and i have gotten hufflepuff every. single. time.
Pokemon team: n/a i’m sorry don’t hate me
Favorite color: i love soft blues and pinks! for pink: see the color of my garmin. let’s not get too soft.
Average of hours of sleep: 8ish right now, probably will settle at around 7ish! 
How many blankets do you sleep with: typically a comforter and a lighter blanket!
Dream job: I HAVE NO IDEA i just want my dream life in which i am happy and loved and content; a successful career is very important to me but secondary to these things. 
Followers: anybody who wants to do this!!

ID #51651

Name: Noelia
Age: 19
Country: Spain

Hi! My name is Noelia and I would like to find someone that shares the same interests as me, because everyone around me is tired of listening to me talk about things they don’t care about. I spent most of my time listening to music, reading or watchin TV shows. My favorite show right now is skam (so, if you are as obsessed with it as I am please let me talk about it with you!), but I love many more like jane the virgin, lost, doctor who, shameless… I mainly read YA books, and my faves are TMI and Carry on by Rainbow Rowell.
I speak english and spanish fluently and I’ve recently started to learn norwegian, though my level is still pretty basic, so if you could help me with that it would be amazing :)

Preferences: 17 or older pls. Any gender or sexuality is welcome

I was tagged by @toobadforthefacts to do this, so why not? 

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Nickname: Cat

Star sign: Aries

Height: 5′2 (S/O to all my other fun-size friends) 

Time right now: 12:30 pm  

Favourite music artist(s): I grew up on country music artists including George Strait, Martina McBride, and Brooks and Dunn; and while I still love them, I don’t listen to them much anymore. Switchfoot is also a childhood favorite and their music always brings back good memories. Mostly listen to Twenty One Pilots, Anberlin, Zac Brown Band, the Rocket Summer, and 1D.

Song stuck in your head: This song by Dodie Clark (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite youtubers)

Last movie watched: Fences. I’m not a huge fan of movies because I have a hard time relaxing and sitting still, but my mom loves them and we saw it on Christmas. 

Last TV show watched: Gilmore Girls I think? Not a huge fan of TV either, but I like that show every once in a while when I’m tired. I’m pretty sure Netflix loves customers like me because I don’t use my money’s worth. 

What are you wearing right now: What I’ve been wearing practically everyday since I was 15- Nike tempo shorts, a t-shirt, and Asics running shoes. When it gets chilly, I’ll wear a sweatshirt or a jacket too. When it gets below freezing, I’ll wear tights underneath my nike shorts. (To be fair, my college had a huge campus, and I had to walk everywhere when it was hot, so there was no point of dressing up. And now I’m in PT school, so we’re encouraged to wear exercise clothes, so it’s easier to work on each other.) 

When did you create your blog: November 2015 when I wanted a place to vent and get some stuff off my chest about Larryland before leaving the fandom for good. Over a year later, here I am still.  

What kind of stuff do you post: My blog is all over the place- anti stuff, Niall/Narry stuff, ex-Larry stuff (less now though) plus animal pictures and other random things. 

Do you have any other blogs / saved URLs: catthecatlady because my friends keep telling me I need to start a cat blog, plus I need to do something with my 2000 cat pictures. Also have a studyblr. (Let me know if you have one and want me to follow yours.) And FLP. 

Why did you chose your URL: Because Niall is definitely a ravenclaw :p

Hogwarts house: Huffleclaw 

Pokemon team: No idea… My two best friends love Pokemon but I know virtually nothing about it. 

Favorite color: blue 

Average hours of sleep: 4-8 (yes it varies like no other) 

Lucky number: 4? Don’t really have one to be honest 

Favorite characters: Spike from BTVS, Hermione, Sirius Black, the Weasley twins. Can’t think of others rn because I usually prefer to read non-fiction for leisure. 

How many blankets do you sleep with: If I actually manage to not fall asleep while studying- one duvet. If I fall asleep on the couch, usually 2 because my cats usually hog one when they sleep on top of me, so one for them and one for me. 

Dream job: So many… My childhood dream was to be a marine biologist and study dolphins. Then I decided to do something more practical and become a veterinarian and work with marine mammals or work in wildlife/exotic animal medicine. Then I went to college and decided I wanted to work with people. And long-story short, I decided I wanted to be a pain-management physical therapist which I’m working towards currently. 

Following: 250 blogs. Probably 50 or so are random, non-1D blogs. 

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Nickname: Cass (mostly online), Cassie (which is what i go by usually is technically a nickname as well), smol lion (thanks Anne ♡)

Starsign: Sagittarius 

Height: 5′4ish

Time right now: 6:53pm

Last thing googled: I was looking up fitness trackers

Favorite music artists: I have a lot… BTS, Monsta x, DAY6, B1A4, Seventeen, Panic! at the Disco, Hunter Hayes, Years and Years, Troye Sivan, X Ambassadors, For King and Country, Madeon

Song stuck in your head: Highlight by Seventeen

Last movie watched: Rogue One (on NYE)

Last TV show watched: Goblin

What are you wearing right now: black sweatpants and black sweatshirt from my uni

When did you create your blog: 2013

What kind of stuff do you post: kpop

Do you have any other blogs: no, but I’ve been considering making a Monsta X sideblog (should i????)

Do you get asks regularly: i wish

Why did you choose your URL: bc Tae is a fluffy lil lion cub

Gender: female

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: don’t have one bc I don’t play lol

Favourite color: light blue

Average hours of sleep: 7-8

Lucky numbers: don’t really have one

Favourite character(s): Derek Hale from Teen Wolf, Kang Chul from W, Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss

How many blankets do you sleep with: one (just my comforter)

Dream job: Graphic Designer

Following: 70 (i need more to follow i know !!)

I tag @taehyung-centric @daegucrew @carrotjiminie @silvertae @yoohnseok @parkjiminer @jimintensify ♡

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  • Fawn: Have you ever been camping? Do you like nature? What's your favorite animal? Least? Any reason why that one's your favorite/least favorite? If you could have any pet, what would it be?
  • Onion: Can you cook? What's your favorite thing to cook? What's your favorite food? Least? Do you like anything that originates a specific country? Do you like spicy food?
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  • Mod: Any tattoos/piercings? How bad did they hurt? Any tattoo that means something special? Why'd you choose to get pierced where you did?
  • Sun: What's your favorite season? Favorite weather? What's your favorite thing to do on a stormy day, provided you aren't obligated to do anything?
  • Moon: Favorite time of day? What time do you feel the most calm? When do you usually go to sleep? What are your dreams like?
  • Star: Is there anything you really hope to achieve? What object do you have that you cherish over anything? Where do you feel most at peace?
  • Sea: Can you swim? Do you enjoy swimming? Are there any other water based sports that you do? Do you like sea creatures? Any favorite sea creatures? Do you believe there could be something like mermaids in the ocean?
  • Land: What's your favorite flower? Do you garden? is there any plant you like a lot that's not a flower? Are you interested in geology? Do you have a favorite rock/mineral/gem?
  • Sky: When is the sky at it's prettiest? Do you enjoy sunrises or sunsets more? Can you see a lot of stars at night where you live? Do you prefer cloudy or clear days/nights? Do you have a favorite moon phase?
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