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Drabble List

So I just finished posting the last of the previous volley of drabbles so I decided to come up with a new prompt list. It’s mostly a hodge-podge of stuff from my own brain or inspired by songs or different shows and stuff but there are some from other prompt lists so, if anyone wants me to give credit, drop me a message and I’ll be sure to do so.

  1. “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  2. “You’re too good for this world.”
  3. “Could you be happy, here, with me?”
  4. “How long do we have?”
  5. “Do you think we’re bad people?”
  6. “How did we become this?”
  7. “I can hardly stand myself.”
  8. “Go to hell.”
  9. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’m going to take care of you.”
  10. “There was a time before all of this.”
  11. “No one will ever believe us.”
  12. “Don’t come near me or I swear I’ll kill you.”
  13. “My hobby is making fun of you when you talk.”
  14. “I used to do a lot of things.”
  15. “It doesn’t matter. You’ve moved on and I have to be okay with that.”
  16. “Do you wish things had happened differently?”
  17. “Don’t you dare look him in the eye.”
  18. “I’ll be here as long as it takes.”
  19. “We were never meant to fight on our own.”
  20. “Something’s clearly wrong.”
  21. “There’s nothing I can do anymore.”
  22. “This is going to hurt.”
  23. “I don’t need to be the hero tonight.”
  24. “Am I ever going to see you again?”
  25. “We always have a choice.”
  26. “You’re holding back.”
  27. “I don’t want to feel like this tomorrow.”
  28. “Is that a threat?”
  29. “If you don’t like this world then change it.”
  30. “Are you kidding me? We’re not fine!”
  31. “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”
  32. “Keep your eyes on me.”
  33. “You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to me.”
  34. “I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing.”
  35. “If you make one more stupid pun, I will literally stab you.”
  36. “I wasn’t going to mention it.”
  37. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”
  38. “I’m here for you.”
  39. “What are you so happy about?”
  40. “That’s not what I meant and you know it!”
  41. “You’re putting words in my mouth!”
  42. “We have to stick together.”
  43. “We’ll get through this. I promise.”
  44. “Don’t leave me behind.”
  45. “What are you looking at?”
  46. “How did you find me?”
  47. “Who did this to you?”
  48. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”
  49. “I have to tell you something.”
  50. “I need more time.”
  51. “You deserve better than me.”
  52. “This isn’t fair!”
  53. “If you kill them, you’d better kill me too, because otherwise I’m going to kill you.”
  54. “Please don’t shut me out.”
  55. “You are my best friend in the whole world, okay?”
  56. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
  57. “I don’t want to talk about it.”
  58. “You’re out of your damn mind.”
  59. “No one can hurt me like you can.”
  60. “You are my sunshine.”
  61. “This is all my fault.”
  62. “Please, don’t cry.”
  63. “Maybe I can’t fix you but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.”
  64. “You should see this.”
  65. “You make me feel invincible.”
  66. “I’ll keep you safe.”
  67. “Don’t look at me like that.”
  68. “Let’s do something crazy.”
  69. “We are not going to steal someone’s dog.”
  70. “Do you trust me?”
  71. “You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re stuck with me.”
  72. “You know I’m gonna win, right?”
  73. “Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.”
  74. “I didn’t mean what I said.”
  75. “Do you ever follow directions?”

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Hi Cassie! First of all, I want to say that I'm so grateful that you created the Shadow world. And I also hope you are not so sensitive to criticism and hate as I am. We really love you and you should never forget about this. So, I have a question. Tessa was the last Starkweather as we know from TID. How then could Hodge exist in TMI?

I think we all remain sensitive to criticism and hate, but we do grow thicker skins over time – we can’t not. But time and many years teaches you patterns; watches how misogynistic systems work to demonize and thus delegitimize women isn’t pleasant but does provide a way to frame your own experience. (Which means that even though there are comments literally on that post, which is about demonizing women and accusing them of things they have not done so as to make yourself feel more comfortable in separating Bad Ladies from the ownership of their work, that say “But you are a bad lady and thus should not be allowed to write any more Malec, don’t you understand YOU ARE BAD?” I barely note them as anything but ‘another one of those.’)

In short: hate sucks, but I have an amazing group of fans, friends and colleagues who provide incredible support. And I have my work, which I love. I have Magnus and Alec to talk to. :) And the other day I rode an elephant in Northern Thailand. I can’t complain too much.

As for the Starkweathers I actually don’t think Tessa was the last, we know some of her ancestors fled England because of the horror of what happened to Adele and what become of Tessa’s grandfather. But remember even if she had been, when a family dies out, an Ascendant can choose their name and start the family again.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve legitimately painted anything, so I decided to give the environment chops a dust-off and do a full rough-painting of somethin. I haven’t done much in terms of environment art for my AUs so I figured the Zombie!AU would be as good a subject as any. :3 So for this image we have Raindow and Scoots coming back home from a successful hunt, and they’re in pretty high spirits. ^.^

This is how I’d envision the home of Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo; what you see here is only the opening part of it. The two of them live under a small bridge in an old biking path they’ve walled off with a hodge-podge of metal and wood. The place is small but plenty big for the both of them, and it also hosts a small creek they get their water from. Their home is deep enough in the overgrown woods that it’s pretty concealed from wandering eyes of the living and far enough that aimlessly trekking infected don’t typically happen across it. Their own little slice of paradise.

This was originally supposed to be a speedpainting but it turned out to be a little more detailed than anticipated. That said, I had a bunch of fun with it! I might end up doing more of these like this; if so, is there anyone’s home/shelter you’d be particularly interested in seeing? o:

I also did a quick sketch of how it looks within their little home (that shack you see there on the right isn’t it; that’s their outdoor bathroom). It’s the one in the middle. :3

Feel free to ask any questions, and I hope you guys like it! ^.^


@ thatsnarkydragon : oh, man, I have now giffed these scenes so many times, and I still want to cry about it. To add something new, here’s my painstakingly done transcription of the audio commentary for these scenes:

John Rogers: Now, this was interesting. We had a long talk in the writers’ room what this scene was gonna be. Because it is “why hasn’t –” because, let’s face it. Aldis, you’re a good looking man. You’re a very good looking man.
Aldis Hodge: Thank you.
JR: And, Beth, good looking woman. Why has that relationship not progressed farther, you know? And we wanted to not just do the hackneyed “because she was abused as a child,” because, you know, and so we really wanted to work on “why?” And it’s because she doesn’t feel worthy of the friends she’s made and the family she has.
AH: Gotcha.
JR: And a lot of this year is her feeling good enough about herself and feeling like she’s a good enough person to be with.
AH: You know, John, Sexual Chocolate gets a lot of mail about that, you know what I’m saying? It’s true, and I gotta figure out how to explain it.
JR: I know. I know. Boss of Sexual Chocolate also gets a lot of mail about that.
AH: Just saying.
JR: But look at this woman, look at this woman!
AH: That’s ridiculous.
JR: I mean, she’s melting down here. And, by the way, when we’re shooting this? Crew is crying, people behind the set are crying, I mean, she’s just devastating here.
Dean Devlin: She nails this.
AH: Yeah.
DD: It’s also this whole thing about she wants to do the right thing and trying to understand what the right thing is.
JR: That’s what’s great about Parker and what we so lucked into establishing this character first year and that Beth has done a great job of. Most shows have someone who’s just trying to do the right thing, we actually have a character who’s not sure what that is yet. And so it allows us an extra step of that character building. I mean, you know, that’s why we have to go so slow. We don’t want to fastplay this. These are real people in our heads.
AH: Now, what was the motivation between, I mean, as far as putting Parker and Eliot together in that particular situation?
JR: Because, I’ll tell you exactly why, because this is the year Parker starts to figure out that she’s actually a “better person” – quote, unquote – than she thinks she is. And this is the scene, right here. Eliot, because of the events of last year, has come to peace with who he is. And this is the thing, Eliot isn’t trying to redeem himself. A lot of people think Eliot, “oh, he’s doing good things to redeem himself,” Eliot knows he’s going to hell. But he can do some good along the way. And he can help his friends. And that’s his role this year, is a man who is very secure in who he is and who he isn’t in the world. Beth’s previous scene is amazing. This is some great acting, Christian is killing it here. Because what he has to do is he has to reach across this gulf, and, by the way, it only happened because of the way Christian and Beth have played this over the years. Eliot and Parker have a very specific relationship, it’s not brother/sister, it’s not boyfriend/girlfriend, but it is “I know the pain you’re carrying, because I carry a version of it.” And Eliot, at a lot of times, is the only one who can reach across to her, across that gulf, and in that moment, there’s no crying, it’s not showy, Christian acts the shit out of that moment. That is one of the keystone moments of the entire season right there.

Does anyone else have a favorite bit or highlight from The Long Way Down Job?

Alec Hardison's Superpower is Defying Stereotypes

Leverage showrunner John Rogers was pretty open about the fact that the show’s scriptwriters utilized plenty of tropes in their stories. In his blog, he often wrote, “You say trope, I say well-honed narrative tool.” However much they used those tools in the writer room, Leverage somehow managed to escape being a showcase of stereotypes, and no example is more obvious or satisfying than the character of Alec Hardison, the team’s expert hacker with a plethora of other talents, one of which is avoiding  becoming a walking, talking cliché.

Can I just say how very much I enjoy the fact that the black male member of the cast is the least physically aggressive man on the crew?  Dear god, Hardison, you know I love you, but you are the most hilariously unconvincing hoodlum I have ever seen, and it is glorious. I loved this exchange, right after a confrontation with a street gang in The Miracle Job:

HARDISON: How about that, man? Did you see me?

He was injured.

HARDISON: Well, somebody gotta fight the injured. Shoot, that’s my niche!

Hardison can do any number of incredible things: he can disarm a bomb on a plane while he’s miles away on the ground, he can forge an antique artifact in less than a week, he can even manipulate a mark’s perception of reality to a truly astonishing degree. And he’ll try really, really hard to be intimidating when the job needs it, but more often than not he’ll end up shooting a car engine while aiming for the enemy, or needing a rescue after his tough guy act gets him kidnapped. And that’s more than okay.  I’m happy that Hardison escapes the racist stereotype of black guys as hardened gangsters, that he tells Nate when he has to pretend to rob a grocery store that he has “no frame of reference” for that kind of violence. It’s great that Hardison portrays a different kind of masculinity than Eliot’s, that he’s allowed to express fear and panic without being declared a coward or somehow less than a man. Who the hell cares how hard this hacker genius can throw a punch? He certainly doesn’t need that skill set to overthrow a president.

Another stereotype that Hardison definitively rejects is the image of the shy, socially awkward nerd. Hardison is charming, witty, and self-assured–he can smooth talk his way in and out of most situations as long as he doesn’t get overly cocky, which is the opposite problem of being shy. Also, next to Sophie, he’s the most stylish member of the group, with his scarves, vests, and bowties–and dear god, the man looks stunning in a suit. And for all of these, he is proudly and unapologetically a geek, with passionate opinions about Star Wars and a healthy obsession with fantasy RPGs. Also, his artistic, creative gifts are shown to be as much a part of his genius as his more “masculine” engineering skills. He paints, he sculpts, he plays the violin, he mixes his own music–he’s a goddamn Renaissance man, and nobody ever questions it.

One more facet of this character that doesn’t play according to formula is Hardison’s history as a kid in the foster system. While Parker shows how very, very badly this situation can go wrong, Hardison’s story proves that not all foster kids end up traumatized. He was raised by a foster mom who cared, his Nana, who instilled in Hardison not only his convictions but the healthy self-image of a child who grew up knowing he was loved. Of everyone in the group, Hardison seems the most emotionally secure, the one who sleeps peacefully through the night. He has his own inescapable issues, sure, but his life as a foster kid is no cause for pity. He had Nana. He was loved.

Basically, Alec Hardison is a foster kid, a geek, and a black man, and he owns the hell out of these identities while rejecting the tired clichés associated with them. What’s more, he does it all with a sexy, confident flair, and we can’t help but fall in love with him for it. After all, it’s the age of the geek, baby. Age of the geek.


(bethanyactually, do I get tea and cookies now?)

“Treason” (Part 1) - Jace,Alec,Izzy and Magnus

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) is Hodge’s daughter and when he betrays the shadowhunters, (Y/N) doesn’t know how to cope so her best friend Magnus comforts her and so does Jace and the others.
[hello, somehow this imagine turned out to be very long so it will be posted in two parts. i’m not very happy with how it turned out too, but i hope you’ll enjoy it regardless. x]

(Y/N) had spent the whole day in her room at the Institute. She couldn’t bear to look at her friends in the eyes after what happened with her father, Hodge. Everyone liked (Y/N) at the New York Institute, just like they liked her father. Hodge has always been everybody’s mentor. Yes, he had made some mistakes in the past and had paid the price for once being a member of the Circle, but he had became a kind, wise and trustworthy man since then, or so everybody thought.

Last night, Jace, Izzy, Alec and Clary had found out that the Mortal Cup was gone, and no long after noticing it was missing, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw on the video surveillance who had stole it. It was Hodge. The person who taught them so many things over the years, the person they treated like family, had suddenly betrayed them all and had ran away with one of the most important object of the shadow world.
It was a real shock when they all found out the truth, especially for (Y/N), Hodge’s own daughter, who watched the video surveillance with horror.

(Y/N) didn’t say a word to anyone and ran quickly to her room where she hid and cried. Jace, Izzy, Alec and Clary knew (Y/N) didn’t suspect her father of such high treason, no one did. They saw the look on her face the night she found out the truth and they knew she had nothing to do with it. But (Y/N) couldn’t help feeling as though it was her fault and that everybody hated her now because her father turned out to be on Valentine’s side, like he had been several years ago. (Y/N) definitively hated herself for being so blind and so naive.

After crying for several hours, (Y/N) had pulled out a suitcase from under her bed and started to throw clothes in it. She was struggling to close the suitcase when a boy walked into her room.
“How are you fee-” The boy stopped when he was the suitcase. “What are you doing?”
“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m leaving.” (Y/N) replied, not daring to look at her friend.
“(Y/N), come on. Don’t be stupid. You can’t leave.”
“I can’t stay, Jace. You know why.” (Y/N) said with a trembling voice.
“And where are you going to go? The Institute is your home, this is where you belong.” Jace declared.
“Not anymore. My father made sure of that when he betrayed us all.” (Y/N) looked down.
“(Y/N), you-”
“Go away, Jace. Please.” (Y/N)’s eyes filled with tears. “I can’t deal with this right now.”
Jace stood there for a few secondes, trying to think of something to say to cheer (Y/N) up. But no wanting to upset her any longer, he left the room.

When Jace left, (Y/N) emptied her suitcase and filled it again, more tidily this time so it would be easier to close. Without her noticing, tears rolled down her cheeks again. She heard the door creak and quickly wiped her tears as Alec walked into the room.
“What are you doing here?” (Y/N) asked, trying to hide her red eyes.
“Jace sent me. He waid you were packing.” Alec said softly and looked at the suitcase.
“Can’t you guys just leave me alone? Please. I need to be alone.” (Y/N) sounded desesperate.
“We’re worried about you.” Alec declared. “We want to help.” He added.
“There is nothing you can do.”
“Actually, there is.” Alec sounded a little bit angry. But because Alec always sounded a little angry and annoyed, (Y/N) ignored it. “Let me help you with that.” Alec said, refering to the suitcase.
(Y/N) had a sudden heartache. Was Alec so happy about (Y/N) leaving the Institute that he couldn’t wait for her to close her damn suitcase?
(Y/N) watched Alec as he walked towards the suitcase. But when he reached it, instead of closing (Y/N)’s suitcase, he opened it wide and started throwing (Y/N)’s clothes out of the suitcase. (Y/N)’s eyes widened and she immediately grabbed Alec’s arms to make him stop.
“What are you doing? Stop!” (Y/N) shouted.
But Alec ignored her and kept throwing her stuff out of her suitcase. (Y/N), who was getting so mad she wanted to cry, pushed Alec as hard as she could, but he hardly backed away.
“What would you do this?” (Y/N) shouted. “What is wrong with you?” At this point, (Y/N) looked like a total mess. “Get out of my room!”
“You can’t leave! I know you’re upset right now, but if you could just hear me out for one minute, you would know that we don’t want you to go.” Alec looked sad and worried about his friend. He had never seen her like this, but he knew how much (Y/N) used to admire her father. After (Y/N)’s mother died, Hodge was all she had.
”You’re lying! Everyone lies! How could you want me to stay after what my father did!” (Y/N) shouted.
”No (Y/N), I’m telling the truth, I-” Alec started.
“Just get out, Alec.” (Y/N) was trying so hard not to cry, she was getting tired of crying, but she couldn’t help it.
“Please, (Y/N). Don’t do this.” Alec tried to sound as calm as possible but he felt so angry towards Hodge for hurting (Y/N)’s feelings so badly.
“Get out.” Alec didn’t move. “Get out!” (Y/N) shouted.
Eventually, Alec left. (Y/N) sat down on the floor for a moment, crying. She never yelled at her friends before. But what happened with her father was too much for her to cope, and she couldn’t think straight. She just needed to get away.

After a few minutes, she decided to clean up the mess Alec had made and picked up her clothes from the floor. As she was packing for the third time, someone else walked into her room. (Y/N) sighed and looked up, expecting to see either Isabelle or Clary this time.
But it was Magnus Bane. (Y/N) loved spending time with Magnus, he was funny and kind, and there was something about him that made (Y/N) feel as if she could tell him anything. But right now, she wasn’t so pleased to see him, as she didn’t feel like talking to anyone.
“Let me guess,” (Y/N) started, “Alec sent you.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“He did call me, yes. But I was on my way here anyway, to check on you.” Magnus declared.
“Don’t bother.” (Y/N) said.
She picked up her suitcase and walked towards the exit. As she reached for the door handle, Magnus snapped his fingers. (Y/N) tried to open the door but it was suddenly locked.
“Open the door, Magnus.” (Y/N) said through gritted teeth.
“Sorry, no can do.” Magnus replied with his usual calming voice.
“Open the damn door!” (Y/N) was shaking, but she couldn’t figure out if it was because she was angry or because she was about to burst into tears.

[to be continued…] (PART 2)

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Do you have any book recs?

Yes, I do!!

The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes (first book may not be much but trust me)

Finnikin of the Rock/Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta

Poison Study/Study series by Maria V Snyder

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Cinder/The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Vicious by V.E. Schwab

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Demon King/Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima

On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Addicted Series/Calloway Sisters by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Magnus’s Only Love(A Alec x Magnus’s Daughter/Reader Imagine) Part 1

Warning ! I do not have a problem with Malec, they are my OTP along with others. Alec is Bi in this scenario so… yeah. I’m sorry!

Anyway, back to the topic.

Imagine that the party that Clary and the others are meeting with Magnus for the trade is actually a celebration for your 18th birthday. Magnus is a father to you ever since he rescued you when you were just a baby and finds out later that you were a warlock.

You are a prodigy and possibly becoming one of the most powerful warlocks in history. A genius in potions, a literature in spells, and a badass with a samurai sword. (I mean c’mon, Magnus bounds to have one he’s asian… like me)

(3rd’s POV)

It was a beautiful night in Brooklyn.

Magnus Bane, the party goer, the dealer, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, was walking down on a empty street after a small meeting with one of his clients. 

But suddenly, as he walk past a dark alley, he heard a strange sound coming from the shadows of the dark alley.

Magnus stops and began to walk cautiously towards the strange sounds into the alley. His eyes glowed yellow and cat like, ready for a fight if needed.

The sounds came from a box next to a garbage can. Magnus slowly stretch out his hand to the box. And after a few moments of hesitation, he lifts it. 

And what he saw, made his heart drop.

It was a baby. No older than a month old, wrapped in a beige blanket.

The baby was crying. It’s wailing cries echoed the walls more when the box was away.

Magnus’s glowing eyes died down as he frowned in surprise and worry. Who would leave an innocent baby out here near the garbage?

The baby’s cries snaps the warlock’s out of his thoughts and bends down to pick up the fragile babe.

“Shhh.” Magnus shushes the baby as he holds it. “There, there, little one.”

The baby’s cries quieted down when it heard the warlock’s soothing voice. It looks at Magnus with it’s still teared up eyes, but continues it’s whimpers in cooing.

What intrigued the warlock’s curiosity was the baby’s eyes. Even though they showed a color of (your eye color) they shine brightly by the moon’s light from the sky.

“Well,” Magnus whispered with a soft expression. “This certainly changes everything.”

And from that moment on, Brooklyn’s High Warlock, Magnus Bane, decided to raise the child as if it was his own.

After taking it to his home, he bathe it and found out that it was a girl.

He named her, Y/N.

————————-~18 years later~

“Magnus Bane. He’s over 300 years old. And as you can see, he’s not exactly shield away from the pleasure of every century.” Hodge explains as he shows a bunch of pictures to the young Shadowhunters. Each photo contains Magnus in different century and parties. 

“His taste are both peculiar and quiet excessive.” 

“He looks like the Downworld’s David Guetta.” Clary remarks.

“Guetta’s already a Downworlder. Vampire? Ever seen him in daylight?” Isabelle states.

“Can you two focus.” Alec says in a orderly voice. “This is not a joke.”

 “Someone needs to get slayed.” Izzy teased.

“Alec’s right. Now, Magnus is one of the most powerful warlocks I’ve ever known. He has a mistrust of Shadowhunters.”

Clary groans. “Well, then why did he help my mom remove my memories? Isn’t she a Shadowhunter?”

“Yes, one of the best. But help might not be the most accurate word. Now, did Magnus provide a service for Jocelyn? Perhaps. But more than likely, your mother paid Magnus handsomely for his magic. Warlocks usually require payment before they help anyone with anything.”

“Word from the Clave is that most of the warlocks have gone into hiding since Valentine began hunting them.”

Hodge hummed. “Valentine must be searching for the warlock. Where did Jocelyn-” Suddenly, he made a hissing sound of pain as the rune from his neck started to burn.

“Hodge, your rune!” Clary says in concern. “You okay?”

Hodge nods a bit once his burning stops.

“So how do we find Magnus?” Clary asked the others around her.

“We don’t.” Jace states. “Magnus finds us. We’ll set up a meeting. Somewhere protected.”

“We don’t have to.” Izzy says as she taps her index finger on a tablet. 

“What?” Alec said.

“Check this out.” She shows them the tablet. Clary caught a glimpse of it. It was an invitation for a party of some sorts. 

“Of course. She’s turning 18 today.” Hodge announced.

“Who?” Clary asked.

“Magnus’s daughter, Y/N Bane.” Hodge then shows a picture of the girl. “Magnus found her in the streets when she was just a baby. Later he found out that Y/N was a warlock herself. We suspected that an unmarked Shadowhunter is possibly one of her biological parent. We tried to find him or her, but couldn’t.”

“Talk about sad life much?” Jace comments.

“Where’d did you get that?” Alec suddenly asked apprehensively at his sister.

She shrugs casually. “During my surveillance of the Downworlders. From what I hear, Magnus would do anything to make his daughter happy. Even if it means risking Valentine to find them in one spot.”

Hodge ignores the three and continues to show more pictures. A picture shows both Magnus and Y/N at a party together. Y/N was the only one who dressed decent in the picture by wearing just a simple summer dress and a pair of military boots

“There’s also another reason why Magnus wouldn’t cancel Y/N’s birthday party.”

“What do you mean?” Clary asked,

“Valentine’s men are afraid.” Hodge states in a simple manner. “Y/N is a prodigy, after Magnus founds out that she was a warlock, he thought her everything he knows. Making her one of the most strongest pupil he’s ever had. Valentine’s men doesn’t know what she’s is capable of, and they wouldn’t dare crash into the party to find out.”

“Isn’t she one of the good warlocks?” Jace questions with a frown.

“She is.” Izzy answered the confused blonde shadowhunter with a cold voice, making the others staring at her in surprise, mostly her brother. “I-i mean, she is isn’t she?”

She was referring the question mostly to Hodge as she ignores the stares.

“Yes,” Hodge says without any fault in his voice. “She’s actually the reason why the Institute doesn’t have a death count for almost two years. Until Valentine shows up at least.”

“So she’s the Downworld’s Princess? Is that it?” Clary asked.

“Basically.” Hodge confirms. “And since she’s in good terms with us shadowhunters, it’ll be less difficult for us to contact her father.”

The other went silent for a moment, thinking if the pan might work. But Alec, being the most serious out of everyone, objects the idea. 

“He’ll never go for it. With Valentine trying to kill him, he won’t trust any shadowhunter that’ll come to him for a simple deal.”

“Of course he will. “ Jace interjects.” He can never saw no to his precious princess.” 

“But to make sure,” Hodge pressed.”We need an extra pull. Come with me.”

And with that, the shadowhunters goes through their second phase of the plan. 

Meanwhile, an important event was getting ready under the watch of a very tensed warlock.


“What is this?!” Magnus exclaimed as he pointed at a ice sculpture. “I specifically asked for a magenta swan, not a pink one.”

“But magenta is pink.” The delivery man states.

“No, no, no, no, no, no. Magenta is a elegant color, whilst pink is sad color that shows a lifetime of sadness and failure.” Magnus was beginning to feel stress. “Just get rid of it, I’ll come up with something else.” He waved to the man who brought in the sculpture and began to roam the very large venue room.

Today was Y/N’s eighteen birthday. One of the most important celebrations in the Downworld of Brooklyn. And everything has to go perfectly.

It was not hard to know that Magnus Bane loves his daughter more than life itself. He raised her, spoiled her, loved her in many ways only a father can understand.

But even though Y/N was spoiled, she never had the desire to own everything or anything expensive. She was just a typical warlock teenager who wants nothing to do but protect the people she cares about.

Magnus was ordering a couple of warlocks who were setting up a bunch of purple wisteria flowers on the ceiling and as he complains to one of the workers of he knows his rights and lefts, a young elegant voice calls from behind him.


Magnus turns away from his argument with the warlock and felt his heart bursting against his rib cage.

There she was, the birthday girl, wearing the dress that he chosen for her to wear for the party. No words can express of how beautiful she looked. Though the worry expression from the warlock behind her, Elias, made the tension in the air a bit more wary. But Magnus didn’t care, he was busy studying the nymph beauty before him.

“Oh, Bulan.” He awes at her. “ You are an absolute vision. Oh! give us a twirl.” He took her hand and Y/N did a small elegant twirl. They both chuckled and Magnus cups her face gently.

Bulan was a nickname that Magnus has chosen for her for as long as she can remember. Y/N once asked of what the Indonesian word mean’t. He told her that it means ‘Moon’.

Magnus takes a moment to look at his greatest creation in his 300 hundred years of living carefully. “Tonight, you are going to be the talk of the ball. And not because it’s your birthday.”

Y/N chuckles shyly. “Thanks Papa. But I think we’re going to have a little bump on the road of what’s suppose to be a perfect night.”

Magnus frowns slightly. “What?”

Y/N sighed and turns to Elias. “Tell him.”

Elias sighs hesitantly but manages to hide it and said.“Jace Wayland contacted me.”

Magnus’s smile slowly falls at the mentioning of the shadowhunter. “What does he want?”

“He wants to make a deal.” Y/N states. “One that you can’t refuse.”

“No deal will make me miss the celebration of my little Bulan.” The High Warlock taps his daughter’s nose. 

“Not even for the custom made necklace that you gifted to Camille years ago?” 

Magnus’s whole happy aura was away in a instant. “They have it?”

“And they want to trade it, for the memories of a Clary Fairchild.” Y/N knew who Clary was. She met her along time ago when she was just a child.

Magnus sighs. “I knew this day would come.” He mutters. “Where does he want to meet?” 

“Here. At the ball. “Elias exclaimed. “Magnus do not agree to this meeting. Who knows what will happen. It could be a trap.”

“Please.” Magnus scoffs. “No one who dare to crash in this party. We have the most powerful weapon of all.” He gestures to his daughter, who smiled mischievously, flattered by her father’s comment. But Elias didn’t give up.

“Magnus, consider the other warlocks.” He states.

“When did you become so talkative?” Magnus says in irritation.

“Magnus, I beg you to reconsider.” Elias steps forward.

“Always frowning Elias. You maybe mortal but, mmh,” Magnus says as he reachs out to touch and tightens the temple of Elias face. “immune to crows feet.”

Y/N snorts quietly.

Elias sighs in frustration and finally spits the words out from his brain. “You have to cancel the ball tonight. No matter what the shadowhunters are offering, Valentine is getting close. Not to mention that it is far to dangerous to throw all of this. “He gestures the room. “for your daughter.”

“I was alive when the dead sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly. Well I’ve value your constable. So much red bricks made me feel like a cage animal. That is why I am not canceling the party.”

“Why?” Elias begged.

“Because Valentine wants us to fear him.” Magnus explains. “Throwing a celebration like this would show him and his followers that we are not afraid of his threats. No matter how powerful he is.” He gave the other warlock a hard stare. “Are we clear?”

Elias stares down in anger. Frustrated by the High Warlock’s words. “Yes.” He bits out.

Magnus smirks. “Good. Now then, send word to the shadowhunters that they are invited to our soiree, and also tell them that they need to dress formally, but not too much. I don’t want them to steal my Y/N’s thunder.” He smiled at the young warlock teenager.

Elias sighs. It’s obvious that he is not winning. “Is one necklace really worth the risk?” 

“This necklace is.” Magnus points out. “This discussion is over.” He turns to go and talk to one of busy warlocks in the room but stops and snaps in realization. 

“Before I forget, go to the Spiraling Labyrinth and tell Tessa that we need more shields. And when it’s time, have every warlock send and maintain in the protective wards. Y/N and I may be prepared to take on Valentine, but my guests aren’t.”

Despite Magnus’s stubbornness, Elias nodded.

Magnus smiled and leads Y/N away from Elias, wanting to continue to prepare the big event.

“Are you sure this is a good idea.” Y/N asked in worry. “The ball I mean. Do we really have to show our courage towards Valentine.”

“Oh dear god, no. “Magnus declines. “But I know that it’s something that you would do. And I know it’s something that you would ask for me to do, even though you don’t have to say it.”

Y/N giggles. “Remember that time when I was ten, I accidentally turn that mean boy into a newt.”

Magnus groans. “Don’t remind me, I have had a long boring conversation with his mother about disciplining children.”

“He turn back to his normal self.” Y/N argues in embarrassment.

“In two weeks?”

“… Okay, I may have gotten carried away with the spell.” She admitted shyly. “But hey! It was his own fault.”

“Mhm.” Magnus shakes his head. “You’re just that cruel.”

“I learned from the best.” Y/N smirked.

“I’m flattered.”

“Oh I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about Delilah.”

Delilah was Y/N’s personal caregiver. She was a african-american Mundane woman who knew the secrets of the shadow world. She is the last descendent of a family who were loyal to Magnus for generations after he save a short amount of Delilah’s ancestors from an abused master back in the 1800’s.

For as long as Y/N can remember, Delilah has been the one who looks after her when Magnus goes off to his meetings. She was the only mother that Y/N has ever known.

She was a very strict women, there’s no denying that. But she was also a very sweet and kind woman who took a big part in raising Y/N by Magnus’s side.

“That woman is a nightmare.” Magnus agreed. “Which reminds me, I have a little surprise for you.”

He snaps his fingers to one of the warlocks who were hired to protect Y/N during the party. Even thought he knew that Y/N can take care of herself, he still can’t take the risks of her being in danger.

The warlock goes and came back quickly with a decorative red box with a black bow on it.

“A birthday gift from Tessa. Since she can’t come to the ball for obvious reasons, she asked me to deliver this to you as an apology. Open it.”

Y/N smiled excitedly and opens the lid of the box. She gasps. 

“Oh my god.”

It was a small persian kitten. It’s slight blue fur and yellow eyes captured the birthday girl’s heart immediately. She quickly places the lid on the table beside her and went to pick up the small kitten.

“Aww, Why hello there.” Y/N cooed as the kitten lets out a small meow. “Hi, aren’t you just the most adorable thing in the world.” 

Magnus smiled as Y/N gave little kisses to the small creature. “Do you like him?”

“I love him. Does he have a name?” She asked as she stroked the kitten.

“That’s for you choose.” 

Y/N thought for a moment, she looks at the window and the first thing she saw was a small local church that’s right across the building where the ball was being held.

“. . .Church.” Y/N whispered. 

“Church?” Magnus repeated with a raise brow.

“Church.” Y/N confirmed with a satisfied smile. “His name will be Church. And what about you?” She coos at the kitten.”Do you think you can live with that name?” Church only meows in response.

Y/N giggled. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Everything was going perfectly, the waltz was coming together just finely. Y/N was dancing with one of warlocks boys. Magnus was talking with his loyal allies, discussing about the upcoming attack, preparing for it. 

It was going wonderfully. Until the shadowhunters came in.

And as requested, they all wore a slight formal attire, along with a mask. The girls’s clothes were a bit revealing, but it didn’t matter since most of the woman in the venue were wearing inappropriate dresses. Even Y/N’s showed a little skin.

Alec decided to split up so it would be easier for them to find Magnus and also be on the look out for any of Valentine’s men.

As Alec was passing through the small crowd of well dressed Downworlders, he had the strangest feeling like somebody was watching him. He looked around to see if anything was out of the ordinary, but only saw the small crowds and the dance floor filled with partners dancing in a classical waltz. 

“May I have this dance?”

A feminine voice spoke from behind him made the uptight shadowhunter turn. 

A girl with (your hair color) and (color) eyes smiles mischievously at him.

“Isn’t that suppose to be the guy’s line?” Alec asked with a emotionless voice. 

“I’m not one to follow rules. Only toyed with them.” She smirks.

Alec rolls his eyes humorlessly. “I don’t dance.”

“Now what kind of Shadowhunter you would be if you don’t know how to dance?”

“That’s not-” Alec trails off when he realised what she had just said. “How did you_”

“It’s not hard to noticed that rather large rune on you neck. Even if it is half hidden by your tux.” She smiles teasingly. “So about that dance?”

She lifts her hand. Waiting for the oddly shy Shadowhunter to take it. Alec eyes it in slight hesitation. It was a risk for him to be friendly with a Downworlder, unlike Isabelle. And yet, he takes it and unexpectedly kisses it.

In his normal self, he would’ve just walk away and to not look back at the Downldorld girl. But when he suddenly finds himself staring into her eyes, he couldn’t find the heart to do it. Even if it is a Downworlder. 

Though if it helps, his mother did always say to be polite to girls. 

The mysterious girl smiled in satifaction and leads the dark haired Shadowhunter to the dance floor. 

They began to dance along side with the other partners. Alec was grateful for the dancing lessons that he had received from his mother when he was just a child. The fear of stepping on the girl’s feet slowly fade away as he swiftly lifts her on the air, then safely drops her on her feet and they began to dance the pattern again.

Meanwhile, as the two unlikely strangers dance. Jace and Clary stayed together. And despite of everybody wearing a mask. Jace manages to find Magnus at the top of the stairs, fixing his hair with the help of his small mirror.

“Magnus!” Jace calls at the High Warlock. His loud voice echoed the room, making the musicians stop playing and the guests who were dancing to stop and look at the Shadowhunter in either confuse or anger. Hushed voices, filled the air of the venue.

Alec looks at his Parabatai with a nervous look. His eyes bounced around the room, trying to catch any threat that could possibly ruing the exchange.

Magnus smirks and begins to walked down the stairs. Staring at only oneof the Shadowhunters. “Clary Fairchild.” He chimed. “Grown into a beautiful young woman.” He complements.

But Clary was immune to it and wanted to state their real business. “Magnus Bane, so your the one who stole my memories.”

“At your mother’s request. She knew the risk.”

Clary felt her a slight pain at the bottom of her stomach but ignores it as she hides her emotions. She didn’t want anyone to see her weak, not what after all she learned in the past few days.

Magnus was feeling a little bored and decided to continue with the conversation. “Show me the jewelry, Shadowhunter. “ He says clearly to Jace, who takes out and shows it by hanging it in his hand. Magnus smiled and went to grab it but Jace pulls it away, giving him a teased look.

“Give Clary back her memories and you get the jewelry.” He demands softly.

“I have to confirm it’s authenticity.” He states.

After a hesitate moment, Jace obliged and gave the necklace to Magnus. Magnus stares at it with a longing and pleased look. He turned it over and reads the small inscription that he had it made for the old love of his life.

He looks up to search the new one. Once he found her, he smiled and motions her to come. “Bulan, come here.”

Shocking Alec, the girl he had been dancing curtsied to him and said.”Thank you.” And left him alone at the dance floor as he stared at her with widened eyes.

The girl that he had been dancing with was Y/N Bane.

Y/N walks to where  her father and the Shadowhunters was. Once she arrived, she stole a glance with Clary, who stares at the girl with a studied look. She doesn’t know why, but somehow Y/N looks oddly familiar. As if she knows her from somewhere. Y/N simply smirks and stands in front of Magnus.

“Another present for you my Bulan. Amor versus quantrum moritus. True love cannot die.” He translated it to the others, mostly to his daughter. “Oh, how I missed this jewel. But I feel like it needs a new owner with the same quality of it’s beauty.” He gestures Y/N to turn and she did, she removed her hair for Magnus to claps the necklace on. 

“Thank you Papa.” She says in content with a slight smirk on her face.

“Anything for Bulan kecilku.” He cups her face and stroked her cheeks a little with his thumbs.

Jace then coughs, snapping both of the warlocks out of their sweet moment. “I know this must be one of your most memorable moments together as father and daughter, but . .”

“Now it’s your turn to pay up.” Clarys finishes.

Magnus’s smile falttered a bit. “I wish I can retrieve your memories but I no longer have them.”

Clary’s eyes widened. “What? Where are they?”

After a small pause of awkwardness he answered. “I fed them to a memory demon for safe keeping.”

“Why the hell would you do that?” Jace snarls out.

“To protect Clary and the cup.” Y/N says it as if it was the most obvious reason. “If Valentine ever capture my father, he could tortured Clary’s memories out of him. Just like he tortured Dot.”

“Tortured?” Clary asked in slight panic. “Wait? Is Dot okay?”

Both Magnus and Y/N looks at her in surprise. “You don’t know?” Y/N said.

Clary didn’t answer which clears up to Y/N’s question.

“Dot is dead.” Magnus said.

Clary felt like she was about to drop to the floor on her knees, but she was so in shock that she didn’t move. Dot was like a sister to her. “What?” She breathes. “How do you know?”

“We can’t feel her magic anymore.” Magnus explained.

“Valentine killed her because she would not betray your mother.” Y/N explained to the pain looking shadowhunter as softly as she could.

“Oh my god.” Clary says in shock. 

Magnus places his hand on her arm and looks at her with a soft look. “Come with us Clary. My lair can offer you protection no shadowhunter could ever could.” 

Jace scoffs and rolled his eyes. 

“No!” Clary manages out as she pulled her arm away from Magnus’s grip. “No, I’m not going anywhere with you or her.”

“Don’t be a fool. “ Magnus said. “Your mother would want you to live.”

“Not if we get my memories back from whatever demon you gave it to.” Clary said with a firm voice. 

“Valentine is hunting you too.” Magnus snaps. “We are behind schedule to leave this venue, our protection spells are almost wearing out. Every time matters now that he is out there. And every time, he is one step closer to finding us.”

Suddenly every warlock at the dance floor began to open portals around the venue and went in. Non warlock guests went along side them. 

But it was too late, the protections spells wore off, and suddenly the large door of the room breaks down and unknown men with dark clothing came rushing inside. 

The people who were still in presences screamed and quickly jumps into their portal. Luckily, Y/N aims her hand at the Circle members and places a large shield between them and the guests. Magnus’s hands glows a lapis blue color and turns quickly to open a portal himself. “Y/N go, help the others with the protection wards.” 

“What about you?” Y/N asked in fear.

Magnus looks at Clary quickly and back to Y/N.”I’ll be there, just go. Hurry.”

Y/N looks at him in worry, but nodded and gave a quick peck on the cheek. And after giving her father one last look, she jumps into the portal and disappears.


Hi! Kapamilya (Family) Readers! 

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Requested By: @stydiascreams

Being a year younger than your sister, Izzy, was a lot of fun sure you were no longer the youngest child but you were the youngest girl. The one problem with being the second youngest was Alec. Sure it was nice to have a super protective and fussy big brother to step in because your parents were never home, only sometimes he took it to far.

“I am not letting you out of the building after dark to see a vampire.” Alec snapped as he stood between you and the door. “You’re fifteen dating a vampire … no.” He snapped again as you tried to push past him and decided that the only way to stop you would be to physical stop you.

“Alec put me down and so what he was sixteen when he was turned and It’s not just any vampire it’s Raphael.” You yelled as he threw you over his shoulder and headed back to the bedrooms.


“(Y/N) I’m not going to allow such a stupid decision so enough.” He set you down and pushed you into your room, shutting the door behind him.

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anonymous asked:

Alec is my favorite character but I do think he is being worse to jace than jace ever was to him, if it's true that he's going to neglect his friendship with him for Magnus. Jace ignored Alec for Clary, but Alec was not in the aftermath of being tortured and jailed or homeless at the time. Also, Alec did make legitimately terrible decisions in the first season, such as going along with the Clave while Jace rebelled against it. But hopefully that scene is misleading and Alec is more sensitive.

note to anon: this is incredibly long. don’t feel like you have to read it all lol. at some point it just devolves into me venting. but I appreciate the opportunity to do so, so thanks for the question and opportunity to entertain different viewpoints!

also quick disclaimer: i really love jace wayland/herondale/lightwood/whatever. this answer might make it seem like i don’t but i really do.  

“if it’s true that he’s going to neglect his friendship with [jace] for magnus” <- unfortunately, anon, the entire premise upon which you build this argument of yours is either false or not currently provable, so, um, no. If you recall, Magnus and Alec “started” the concept of their relationship in 1x12, seven episodes before their first date. Immediately after that, Jace goes with Valentine to save everybody’s asses, and then we move into Season 2. If Alec is as horrible as you describe, Alec would be like “lol ok boy bye” and go start having drinks with Magnus b/c Jace is finally out of his hair. Instead, what actually happened is over the course of three (3) episodes (half the season thus far), Alec is destroying himself and potentially his relationships with everybody else (including Magnus) in order to get Jace back, because “he’s out there and he’s in trouble” (Alec 2x01) and “he needs me” (Alec 2x02). Nobody was as acutely aware of how much Jace had been suffering more than Alec was. And, for the love of God, Alec was inches away from killing himself in order to save Jace from Valentine. Like, did you just…pave over that part? Alec willingly participated in a procedure that he knows most people don’t survive if it meant helping Jace – in fact, if you count 2x01, he did it twice. For all that you say Alec is your favourite character, and I don’t doubt he is, but his literal life doesn’t seem to have much currency with you.

As for what happened after 2x03 and up until now and future episodes, I mean, Alec is human. If Jace is allowed to treat Alec quite poorly over a girl he met a few days ago (we’ll get into this in just a moment), then if Alec wants to focus (not even exclusively, but at least a little bit) on a relationship that he has clearly been interested in ever since 1x04 (over a whole season ago) – and moreover, if he wants to focus on trying to cultivate a kind of happiness he has never allowed himself to have in his entire life, why does that make him automatically awful? He has not once yet neglected Jace – please see a nice breakdown of that concept here – even in 2x07, it’s not like he’s ignoring Jace, he’s trying to help solve his issues.

Like, if you look at the ways in which Alec and Jace have historically interacted, Alec and Jace are generally not “sensitive” with one another, so to expect Alec to be out of character towards Jace so you can approve of his actions is a bit strange in my opinion. The last time Jace was messed up was when he first discovered Valentine was his father, and he almost killed Hodge in 1x13. Alec spoke to Jace in a very similar way – not sensitive or gentle, almost goading him out of his own bad decisions (much in the way that a parent or big brother or mom friend™ would do), because that’s how his relationship with Jace is and has always been. Rough but ultimately understanding. The only lapse in this was in 1x12, when they reconciled over a whole season of fighting, so it’s understandable to have them be a bit noticeably kind towards each other. (I spoke about this in more detail here).

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Scribble-Doodle: What Kind of a Parabatai

This is for @only-1-a who had this idea and for @reivenesque who loves Hodge.

Alec feels everything - Jace nothing at all. A teen parabatai story.

He didn’t feel it happen. He didn’t feel anything at all.

Alec feels every one of his injuries, every time Jace stubs his toe or cuts himself shaving, he senses all these things on some deeper level, but Jace, Jace didn’t feel anything when that demon gutted Alec and left him for dead in a back alley, there was no sense of impending doom, nothing at all. For Jace it was a regular Tuesday.


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Talk to Me [2]

part 1

Featuring: Yoongi, You

Warnings: slight dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

He never would have imagined you would like him. You never would have imagined he would like you. And yet somehow, he became Daddy, and you became his most beautiful, most precious Babygirl.

Originally posted by notjustaphase

Yoongi doesn’t hate grocery shopping.

He just “highly dislikes” it.

It’s Sunday and he’s at the supermarket, pushing his cart along amidst the rest of the various other shoppers. In front of him the fruit and vegetable displays are a hodge-podge of colors, but Yoongi can’t help but feel absolutely nothing.

All he’s thinking about is you.

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books meme: twenty series and books
►[9&10/20] Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge

“You deserve all that and more. It made me happy to see you suffer. I would do it all over again if I could.’ I realized I was shaking as the words tumbled out of me. ‘I would do it again and again. Every night I would torment you and laugh. Do you understand? You are never safe with me.’ I drew a shuddering breath, trying to will away the sting of tears.

He opened his eyes and stared up at me as if I were the door out of Arcadia and back to the true sky. 'That’s what makes you my favorite.’ He reached up and wiped a tear off my cheek with his thumb. 'Every wicked bit of you.”
Cruel Beauty

“I think it doesn’t matter what either one of us regrets,” said Erec. “We are going to live forever, in darkness and in dancing. Because I know you, my lady, and you don’t have it in you to be a lamb for the slaughter any more than I do. The same wolfish greed beats in your heart: to have what you will, and kill for it. Or why would you be alive? And you are alive, and have your will, so what should you regret?”
―  Crimson Bound

The Crystal Kingdom Part 3: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap

Griffin’s self-confessed elevator fetish rears its head.

  • Angus going “I love you!” whenever he hangs up the stone of farspeech is pure and good
  • I now have a visceral reaction to hearing the phrase “Upsy Your Lifting Friend”.
    • Everyone talks about Upsy but no one ever talks about its successor, “Upsy Your Rad Lifting Dude”. So thank fucking god for that
  • “Last time I was in an elevator, vines tried to eat my dick! I’m never getting in an elevator again, suck it.”
    • “I will burn a spell slot on you! I give no shits!!!”
    • [after the elevator shrinks] “Don’t look so stupid now do I, you tiny bitches! I could eat you!”
  • Why on god’s green earth does Lucas have the demo mode for the elevator of tomorrow running? He lives alone in the lab with a bunch of robots. What a nerd.
  • Taako pretending to help the boys against the cockroach from outside the glass and Magnus and Merle talking about what a great job he’s doing is excellent player-character separation and also, really fucking funny
  • Travis: “Should I pull off his legs, or his mandibles?”

    Griffin: “Oh god not again

  • Merle’s A Decent Cleric Tally: +1, he heals himself and Magnus after the cockroach fight. In case you were wondering, definitely haven’t been keeping track of these.
  • I forgot how much I enjoy the Hodge Podge music. A real club banger, that one is.
  • “No I’m a flesh boy!” — Angus McDonald, flesh boy detective
  • So, is Hodge Podge flame-throwing the boys supposed to be Kravitz taking control of the R&D facility? Or did Lucas just design this robot to go all “hello naughty children it’s murder time” if someone cheats???

Recaps are tagged as ‘Lauren pounds some TAZ’. Thanks for reading these!

Burn a spell slot, give no shits, and have a lovely day!

Scribble-Doodle: Who Will Speak for the Guilty Ones?

Set in episode 205. Where did Alec disappeared to for a whole day, between the scene on the roof and his arrival at Magnus’?

The dimly lit room in the City of Bones is very cold. Alec’s standing next to the large granite slab, looking down at Hodge’s dead body, covered with a simple white sheet. He wants to be angry - Hodge’s betrayed them, stole from them, he hurt Lydia, after all! - and yet, all Alec feels is sorrow. Because in the end, Hodge died saving his parabatai.

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To Me: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Inspiration: Billy Joel’s ‘She’s Always A Woman’

Featuring: Emily Prentiss x Female Reader, BAU Agent

Setting: Season 7

Rating: Mature        Warning: Unhealthy relationships, Smut, Religion

A/N: This song got stuck in my head and all I could think about was how it fit EMILY to a tee. I own none of the characters/ lyrics / images. Here is my first piece featuring the gorgeous and fierce Agent Prentiss. The reader is a little hopeless guys, I wanted to make her a challenge. I hope you enjoy. xoxo Stu

She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She hides like a child
But she’s always a woman to me 

You and Rossi were talking video games in the conference room on that Tuesday morning. JJ was hovering by the doorway, she had Spencer and Garcia going over ideas for Henry’s birthday party. You were proud of Spencer, being such an active Godfather. Emily was running late, nursing her coffee, her lip stick staining the lid. You inadvertently lick your lips as you notice hers. Finally, Hotch entered the conference room at a hustle, nodding to Garcia.

The bubbly blonde took her usual place by the giant screen. “Alright, we have three dead in the forest of Vermont. Victims are all female, white and brunette, ages are harder to pin-point. The dumpsite was discovered by a leadership retreat; the company that owns the land wants it out of the press as long as possible. No local missing persons match the victims, and the local officials need all the help they can get.” Garcia said without taking a breath.

“Garcia, what do you have on C.O.D.?” Reid inquired.

“Oh, yeah, the icky stuff,” Garcia pouted, “Best guess so far is, they were crushed to death? The M.E. has a lot of work ahead of them, the bodies had been there from 3 months to two days, respectively.”

“What are we talking about here?” Emily pressed, “Boulders? A compacter? An Acme Anvil?” You smiled despite yourself, her humor was dark.

“Nothing is ruled out at this time,” Hodge added.

“It would take approximately 4000 newtons of force to crush a human femur bone. To crush the whole body it would need consistent pressure ranging from 2300 newtons approximately 520 lbs of pressure for the skull to up to 19000 newtons the maximum force human bone can withstand. Obviously death would occur without that much force, but these crime scene photos show overkill. This was not something the unsub could have done alone, he would need help mechanical or otherwise.” Reid shared.

“If he decimates his victims, how is he transporting them to this dumpsite?” You interject. “Wouldn’t that be a mess? He would need a lot of planning.”

“Is the cause of death just a forensic counter-measure?” Rossi noted, “To obscure the identities of the victims? What is he doing with them before then?”

“With Morgan on vacation, we need to be on our toes.” Hotch closed the briefing, “Wheels up in 20, its a quick flight.”

You watched Emily gather her tablet and notes. Her hair a curtain hiding her from complete view. She was graceful, confident and you were still completely in love with her.

The case dragged on, more bodies, more evidence to shift through. You and Garcia had finally pinned down who the victims were; all seven were soccer moms-types missing from different states of New England. So far the unsub hadn’t found a victim in the same state twice. But with the discovery of his dumpsite, he knew the FBI and the BAU were on to him.

Hotch had sent you and Rossi to Maine to speak with the latest victim’s family. It was a terribly long drive for such a small distance to cover. The files in your lap kept calling out to you, but your mind needed external stimulation, even insight.

“Rossi, do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or more of a Casanova?”

“Well, kid, way to hurt a guy while he’s down.” Rossi chided. Rossi had just got back from burying his first wife. “I like to think of myself as a little bit of both.” He seemed thoughtful, “But with the work, Casanova is the only thing I can offer, ya know?”

You nodded, appreciating the honesty.

“Can I ask where this is coming from?” Rossi asked knowingly.

“I am debating on who I want to be.” You admit. “There are needs and there are wants. Sometimes they don’t fit the same person. I NEED to move on, but my heart won’t let me.”

“Y/N, you are a tough one. You can get over her, but you have to make the decision to do so. Stop with the moping, maybe?” Rossi was summarizing, the emotional stuff wasn’t usual what he had to talk with you about.

“Maybe.” You agree, with an embarrassed smirk.

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I have to admit, I wasn’t sure you were gonna open up about this. But I was moved by what you said earlier. About the part of sacrificing yourself. And I believed you. I want to believe you. So here’s the deal. You agree to go with this slaver here, and submit yourself willingly back into bondage and I’ll buy these men and women their freedom. It felt like, to me, you were fairly certain of what you were gonna do if you had a chance to do it all again. Well, here it is. Be the hero. You just got to go south and these people go free.



isabelle to clary: “God, you don’t understand anything, do you? You’ve known Jace what, a month? I’ve known him for seven years. And all the time I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him fall in love, never seen him even like anyone. He’d hook up with girls, sure. Girls always fell in love with him, but he never cared. I think that’s why Alec thought—
It always worried me, and my mom, too-I mean, what kind of teenage boy never even gets a crush on anyone? It was like he was always half-awake where other people were concerned. I thought maybe what had happened with his father had done some sort of permanent damage to him, like maybe he never really could love anyone. If I’d only known what had really happened with his father-but then I probably would have thought the same thing, wouldn’t I? I mean, who wouldn’t have been damaged by that?
And then we met you, and it was like he woke up. You couldn’t see it, because you’d never known him any different. But I saw it. Hodge saw it. Alec saw it- why do you think he hated you so much? It was like that from the second we met you. You thought it was amazing that you could see us, and it was, but what was amazing to me was that Jace could see you, too. He kept talking about you all the way back to the Institute; he made Hodge send him out to get you; and once he brought you back, he didn’t want you to leave again. Wherever you were in the room, he watched you….
He was even jealous of Simon. I’m not sure he realized it himself, but he was. I could tell. Jealous of a mundane. And then after what happened to Simon at the party, he was willing to go with you to the Dumort, to break Clave Law, just to save a mundane he didn’t even like. He did it for you. Because if anything had happened to Simon, you would have been hurt.

You were the first person outside our family whose happiness I’d ever seen him take into consideration. Because he loved you.

Clary: “But that was before-”

Isabelle: “Before he found out you were his sister. I know. And I don’t blame you for that. You couldn’t have known. And I guess you couldn’t have helped that you just went right on ahead and dated Simon afterward like you didn’t even care.
I thought once Jace knew you were his sister, he’d give up and get over it, but he didn’t, and he couldn’t.
I don’t know what Valentine did to him when he was a child. I don’t know if that’s why he is the way he is, or if it’s just the way he’s made, but he won’t get over you, Clary. He can’t.
I started to hate seeing you. I hated for Jace to see you. It’s like an injury you get from demon poison- you have to leave it alone and let it heal. Every time you rip the bandages off, you just open the wound up again. Every time he sees you, it’s like tearing off the bandages. There’s no one i’d rather Jace be with. But I hope you can understand when I say that if by some miracle we all get through this, I hope my family movies itself somewhere so far away we never have to see you again.”

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Hi! Do you have any fantasy book suggestions that has good romance (like a court of thorns and roses)?

Hey lovely! 😊

Here’s a short list: 

Click the links to head over to Goodreads to check out ratings/reviews/synopsis. Hope this is helpful anon! Maybe any followers with other suggestions could add their own? 

Hope you’re having a great day/night sweets! 😘

Shy (Ch. 8)

Summary: Ian spends time with his therapist, and the doctor encourages him to have more fun. Ian’s birthday comes around, and Mickey surprises him with a few new things.

Word Count: 3649

Notes: This chapter took me longer than expected, sorry! For Ch. 9, I got a request about Terry coming back and beating on Mickey, if there is any other requests for the next chapter, let me know :)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 79

Just like everyone had told him he would, Ian was starting to adjust to the pills. He still didn’t feel like his full self, but he was definitely taking steps in the right direction. Therapy was going well, he liked his counselor mostly because he was Southside too— it wasn’t his psychiatrist, Dr. Saria, this was a man named Dr. Hodge. A few other good things that had been happening were that he and Mickey were becoming stronger as a couple, he pitied his little siblings when something would happen with Frank, he felt sorry for Fiona with how much she has to deal with— he could feel more than just emptiness. It was a work in progress.

He was currently sitting with his therapist, Dr. Hodge. “How have you been feeling lately, Ian? Have you had any nightmares about the incident with Walter?” He raised his eyebrow.

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