'snot bad

i feel like plot wise and personality wise superman is a concept with so much potential but most of the writers are just. Bad at making anythin interesting that is centered around clark. idk. i find every other member of the superfamily more interesting and it shouldnt be like that idk i just find anything ive seen with superman be really Boring.

As little as I try to hide all this I’ve decided I can never let anyone go to youtube on a device where I’m logged in on it because the recommendations are a mix of
“Wet cold sneezes and nose blowing (showing snot!!)”
“Bad cough from the flu”
[something emeto or scat related]
“10 facts about [insert language here]”
“[a person from one country] trying candy from [another country]”
Something Fi/nla/nd related

Like uhhhhh
Too personal 8 D


i’m surprised it was chocolate sauce and not like, fermented porcupine blood or something.