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I was just wondering, how would you rank the members of seventeen in terms of their dancing? Like based off of stuff like execution, facial expressions, groove, etc.? [This can also be based off of personal taste :)] Thank you ^-^

Oh no this one requires research. Now you’re in for it. Thank you so much for the question OMG

Let me say that there’s no dance hole whatsoever in Seventeen, and it scares me a little. These boys have gone through so much training and practicing that even the “worst” among them is sharp and on point constantly. It tripped me out for months and months and I worked so hard to find any sort of flaw, panic during a mistake, even just one slip up. Because that’s how I spend my nights. But in reality, Seventeen is an amazing group full of amazing dancers.

Of course, the obvious choice for #1 would be Hoshi… But it’s not my personal opinion at all. xD

1. Dino

This video is my literal lifeblood. It may seem like a strange choice, but I honestly think Dino is the best dancer in Seventeen, mostly for his detail. The insane amount of expression control he has blows my mind every single time I watch that video, and one thing that really jumps out at me is how he STICKS his moves. One of the things that bothers me most watching other people dance (and watching myself dance sometimes) is when they don’t end their moves completely, and the move just kind of flails into it’s death. For him, when the move ends, it ends. My mum, when she was giving me pointers, told me to think of the time when a move reaches the point of it and to make sure it hits that. Kind of like when you’re playing a dance game and the moves are shown along the bottom and the ending point of where your hand should be has a tiny impact around it so you know to pump your fist in the air. Kind of like that? Anyway, the point is, Dino’s dancing is very sharp. Knife cut. And his expression control is insane. He hits the beats perfectly and is always right on where he needs to be.

2. S. Coups

Whaaaaaaaaaaat??? I think Coups is a better dancer than Hoshi? Than Woozi? I think probably why Coups is ranked so high on this list is because… He has no right to be as good a dancer as he is. For one, he’s a rapper, not even dance line. For another, it doesn’t really seem to be an interest of his. But I really enjoy watching him dance, mostly for two reasons. One, he seems really aware of what’s going on around him on stage. Why does that matter? It gives sort of an effortless air to his dancing, making it seem like he doesn’t think about it at all. Two, he has a lot of natural strength, and he doesn’t look like he does. For both of these, I’d like to point to Shining Diamonds (which is one of my favorite choreographies ever, by the way). Watch the sort of carefree way he moves on stage and mouths along to the words. A lot of the time, you see him look at the member whose turn it is. It gives him a feel of knowing exactly where to be when, but still has the natural added “swag” relaxation. Also, just a quick mention at the end here, but what I really love to see is Coups messing up on stage. Because you don’t see him panic until after it’s over. The situation happens, he deals with it hardly without even thinking, and then he panics. not only is it adorable, but his quick thinking is insane and amazing.

3. Woozi 

I feel a bit bad for Hoshi now… But Woozi is a phenomenal dancer. For all of Coups’s reasons, his easy control of the stage and his natural strength times like 50. Woozi is so dang confident on stage, and it kills. It’s not Coups’s casual approach, in fact it’s almost snarky, the way he makes it look like it’s nothing. The only arguments I might have with Woozi’s dancing is that some of his moves can look too jerky, which in fact isn’t a bad thing because like I said it means e sticks his moves really well. Also the argument that he can dance well and sing live and make it look like a breeze. Why is he so good at everything?

4. Hoshi

OTL… Why is the choreographing genius so low? Well, if you look at it this way, he’s in the top third of the group, which makes him better than more than half of them. I think what I love best about Hoshi’s dancing is the life that he puts in it. It’s not exactly the amount of expression control as Dino’s, but each of the movements feel so alive. He’s having fun, and you can tell, which is a great quality to have in dancing. Honestly, less than his dancing, I’m so in love with Hoshi’s choreo. It’s clever, well created, and so perfect for the songs. But since that’s not what you asked about, I’m not awarding him points for it. What I will say is that when I was little, my sister made up terms to describe my other sisters dancing styles, and they were “loose fish in a slinky pond” and “stiff stick in a pit of buttered snakes” (I wish I was kidding. Isn’t that catchy?) and Hosh balances each of those sides perfectly. His dancing is firm and sticks very well, and when he needs to be agile he can be. Only arguments… Hmm. He could be a little more engaging. Dancing should be entrancing but also fun to watch. And occasionally he’ll nail it with little smirks or eye contact, so it’s not like he never does that.

5. Joshua

Haha… Remember how I said it annoys me when people don’t stick their moves? You know how this list has (sort of) been logical choice? Well, screw that. I just really freaking love to watch Joshua dance. He looks like he’s having fun and dang it all, I’m having fun watching him. He puts hardly any strength behind his moves, sometimes he’s too loose, but he’s just so smooth. I like the way he moves around the stage a lot because of how smooth his movements are. You did say it could be personal preference and this one is entirely that. Joshua is charismatic, and I love it. Maybe he’s not the best dancer, but his stage presence is amazing in that he brightens up any dance he does and he has fun and that can make even the dance you’re worst at out to be amazing. Also, extra fancam because I feel the first one doesn’t count

6. Mingyu

This is where it gets interchangeable for the next few, but… Also @ fandom all I want is one good Mingyu Rock fancam. That’s all. Since I can’t find one, here’s a full group Rock fancam. The point is, I really like Mingyu’s dancing. It’s very intense, but also extremely clean cut and his expressions are on point. I definitely like how strong his movements are, and I’m a little in awe of his spacial awareness, since he’s so tall. It can be hard to estimate and do your moves when you’re surrounded by other people, especially with gangly legs or long arms. Mingyu’s biggest problem is only that it doesn’t look easy for him. Not that it looks hard, exactly, but it doesn’t look effortless either. He has very good focus, though, and I enjoy watching how much strength goes into his movements.

7. Jun

Again, no fancam of the member specific, but I just love this performance… TT-TT To be honest, Jun’s really a lot higher on the list, since a lot of people really rank about the same, including Jun and Mingyu. For Jun, While his dancing is spectacular, it’s not the best thing about his performance at all. Jun’s biggest thing is his flawless control of the stage. Because of his acting background, I think Jun is really good at managing expressions and knowing exactly where to look and what matters when you’re doing a performance. His execution is nearly perfect, and he hits all of his marks really well. The problem in his performance is pretty much only that he hold a lot of tension in his shoulders and neck, so it makes it seem like he doesn’t have control of his entire body. If you watch him and Hoshi do the same movement, it’s pretty obvious because Hoshi’s head will move naturally, when a lot of the time Jun’s head will stay locked in one place while his body moves. Kind of… Like a chicken? That’s a funny image.

8. Jeonghan

I know it’s a part switch, so it’s kind of cheating, but this perfectly demonstrates what I want to say about Jeonghan’s dancing. I was a little on the fence about wether to put Jeonghan or Wonwoo first, since they rank about the same, but I decided on Jeonghan. As for Jeonghan, he’s by no means a bad dancer. In fact, he nails a lot of his moves and he makes it seem easy. His expressions are good and charismatic. The only problem is, he’s by no means a great dancer. There’s not a lot that stands out about his dance performances. And that’s not bad at all. After all, he’s a vocal, not a dancer. While he’s a good dancer, he’s not awful but he’s not spectacular either. Watching him is fun, though, and makes for a good show. In general, he’s relaxed and fun, and is a solid good dancer.

9. Wonwoo

I kind of spoiled this one already. But Wonwoo is next up. Personally, I like watching Wonwoo dance. Like Jeonghan, he’s a solidly good dancer. But his moves are occasionally messy, as he doesn’t put a lot of power behind them and he doesn’t usually stick all of his movements as well as he could. but again, he’s by no means a bad dancer. In fact, I find him really surprisingly agile, with those long freaking legs of his. A lot of his moves can seem awkward and stiff, but he’s very flexible in his range of motion.

10. The8 

It’s a bit surprising that I’m putting a member of Performance unit down this low, especially one of the few who has actual experience in competitive dancing. But to be honest… That’s pretty much my main argument with the way he dances, the fact that this bubblegum pop feel that Seventeen has just isn’t what he’s used to. In fact, I find his breakdancing and his Hip-Hop to be amazing and super talented and great to watch. But this whole lovestruck boy thing isn’t his jam. And that’s fine. In fact, it’s good that he can manage so well in a dance that isn’t his style. Still, I love to watch some break dancing The8.

11. Seungkwan

My biggest fault found in Seungkwan’s dancing isn’t exactly a fault either. In fact, Seungkwan’s dancing matches his personality perfectly. The fact is, Seungkwan and the last two members are the ones I find who have little natural dancing ability. That doesn’t mean they can’t dance. They work very hard and it shows. In fact, one of my biggest surprises coming in to Seventeen was the fact that they can all dance. It’s something you just don’t see. But these last three are the three that have to work at it. And you can tell. Seungkwan’s dancing clearly doesn’t come easily or naturally to him, but it’s adorable, slightly off kilter, and very focused like he’s trying to remember really hard and not mess up. Hardworking, cute, and endearing, just like his personality. Plus, with the added bit of his variety-sense, the dance matches the over-the-top style.

12. Vernon

No, this isn’t some drawn-out “White boys can’t dance” joke in the making. I think Vernon’s like Seungkwan, in that dancing doesn’t come naturally, but he still tries hard. Vernon’s biggest problem, I think… He’s too swag for his own good. Every hand movement just drips with swag, and every facial expression with derp. It’s not a bad thing, though. It fits his personality great, and he’s a rapper so it’s not going to waste. He’s very casual on stage and natural and that’s great, but he just doesn’t have the raw natural talent for dancing. The fact that he works so hard is amazing, even when he gets a bit lost.

13. DK

Okay, the fact that DK is last on the list proves that there truly is no dance hole in Seventeen. I mean, he’s pretty great at dancing himself. His expressions are great when he’s out front, and it helps that he’s practically swimming in good looks and great smiles. The only problem I have with DK’s dancing is you can tell it’s hard for him. You can tell how nervous and scared of messing up he is. Whenever he’s not in front, he’s controlling his breathing and looking to the ground. But, again, being nervous doesn’t make him bad at dancing. Actually, his dancing is almost perfect. His expressions are flawless when it really matters the most, and he sticks his moves often. Plus, his vocals are really truly great.

Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction: Take A Stand CH. 9- REMEMBRANCE

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge here AKA Crewefox with another chapter of Take a Stand, this is a quick update because I’ve got studying to do. Thanks to all the lovley folks who liked, faved, followed and reviewed this last chapter. So without further ado lets get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/9/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 9- Remembrance.

“Mom can I have ice cream?” The seven year old little lioness whined up at her mother, she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a cartoon alien on it.

“Kiara you just had a candy bar.” Nala dismissed, she was in skinny jeans and blue tank top combo walking through the bustling mall on the border of Savannah central and Sahara square holding her daughter’s paw.

“You can have some carrot sticks if you want.” Judy offered, she was walking beside Nala making sure the youngest member of the Priderock family, the rambunctious three year old Kion didn’t run off.

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