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Marie Doro, Photo by Bassano Ltd., December 1913.

National Portrait Gallery, London.

Marie Doro (1882-1956) was an American stage and film actress of the early silent film era.

She was born to Virginia Weaver and Richard Henry Stewart. She was first noticed as a chorus-girl by impresario Charles Frohman, who took her to Broadway, where she also worked for William Gillette of Sherlock Holmes fame, her early career being largely moulded by these two much-older mentors. Although generally typecast in lightweight feminine roles, she was in fact notably intelligent, cultivated and witty.

On Frohman’s death in the RMS Lusitania in 1915, she moved into films, initially under contract to Adolph Zukor; most of her early movies are lost. After making a few films in Europe, she returned to America, increasingly drawn to the spiritual life, and ended as a recluse, actively avoiding friends and acquaintances.

My life

I was born in sweden, 1995. My mom was a refugee from south america. She had a man in Chile, who was killed. She had a son with him, Francisco. They flew to sweden 1984.
My mom and Francisco (my brother) struggled in sweden, moved everywhere all the time. Mom met a man. Jan, my dad. He drank. Alot. But not anymore. He is clean now. And i Love my parents.
2014 me and my mom found Francisco dead in hes apartment. My big brother,my hero and my biggest idol. My mom just sank to the floor and cried. I tried to make cpr. But i just had all hes blood on me. He was dead. I found him on the bathroomfloor covered in blood and split bits of glass.
I have had anxiety problems and depression since i back in the days. This is still hard.
2017, april i tried to commit suicide at a bridge in Stockholm. I was lost. In my head. I had a girlfriend. We broke up.
But everything happens for a reason, doesn’t it?
When i felt suicidal and i was standin on the bridge. I got help. By a therapist. I was then livin in a healthissue home in two weeks. Without permissions, just ate medicin every 3 hours.
I just wanna say. There is help. Always.

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when gabby was doing her livestream last night I felt so bad bc at one point she was talking about how hard she struggled last year with all the bullying and said something about it being so hard to go from "here to here" indicating she didn't come back as strong/dominant as before - it's terrible her amazing comeback is overshadowed by her being bullied/not winning the AA again. However she did say she was finally feeling better/working on being her own person which was good :)

that would be so hard to work through. when she won in London, yes she still had her hair haters, but she was ultimately America’s sweetheart. then in Rio she won her gold and it was one thing after another - she’s not patriotic, her hair still sucks, she doesn’t support her teammates. and none of that was true! I can’t imagine dealing with such high profile bullying. I’m glad she’s doing better now. I know this will only make her that much stronger.


Avengers Infinity War

Brief action shot


After The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I was thinking, was there any other film or TV series that featured more than one actors here in the HTTYD franchise?

Turns out there are quite a lot!

It’s so interesting to hear those familiar voices interacting with each other in completely different stories and different characters~


ladies who should be part of the mcu tbh get on this

laverne cox as she-hulk
stephanie beatriz as spider-woman
afshan azad
as ms. marvel
arden cho as hawkeye
gina rodriguez
as america chavez
gwendoline christie
as thor

(credit GettyImages for actor shots)

america chavez is a lesbian. she identifies as a lesbian. the marvel wiki lists her as a lesbian. she’s disgusted by men hitting on her and unashamedly loves women. so the fact that people, from fans to actual media outlets refuse to call her a lesbian is at best concerning at worst extremely lesbophobic. she’s not ambiguously queer. she’s not maybe bisexual, she is a LESBIAN. it’s not a bad word so say it.