'she's an alpha female!'

“Admit it! Your intimidated by her. She is a ALPHA female! You will kneel in her presence. How many beta boys are willing to submit to her authority?”

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I'm writing a femslash Alpha/Alpha smutfic, can you give me some headcannons

I am so sorry that these took so long, darling. I sometimes struggle with certain topics because I’m not use to them. These first five are written by my lovely friend @ms-alpha because she’s great. <3 

  • - With two alpha females even though they are partners they still like to try and dominate the other in playful banter
  • - With two alpha females, one will submit to the other during mating
  • - Two alpha females are a force to be reckoned with and are considered taboo maybe
  • - As both partners are alphas it is common for them to get into occasional fights, not enough to cause serious damage but maybe a few bruises due to their hormonal level
  • - Alpha female partners might have a hard time having children which can cause stillborn, miscarriages and even death to the mother, so sometimes they just adopt a whole litter of pups
  • - I feel like Alpha/Alpha relationships are very common, and like Asami said above, it’s taboo. Though Fem Alpha/Alpha are more common then men alpha couples are. 
  • - They share all of the clothes. 
  • - I think the one who is more common to submit for whatever reason will make a nest. 
  • - They will have ruts at the same time, like they synchronize like heats and ruts do. There would be a shitload of switching between the both of them
  • - They would be way more territorial with their pups than even an Omega can be. 
  • - They wouldn’t have many Omega friends because they would feel very overwhelmed with how much Alpha pheromones they omit 
  • - I think they will let their pups choose who will be the mom/dad or both (in my verse, alphas are automatically the father/sire while the omegas are the mothers/dam)
  • - They are a more levelheaded couple, they tend to become less feral
  • - Their children will be more levelheaded and opinionated 
  • - I feel like they will get jealous at other Omegas very easily
  • - Their scents often just meld into one because they already have Alpha pheromones, their added scents will just mix with each other’s 

I hope those help you out, if not give me another ask and I’ll try to think of some more. <3

A New Pack Member

Owen Grady x reader

Sent in by: anon

Charlie’s POV

The four Velociraptors had from the beginning looked upon the female and their alpha as mates. He had the look any mate would look look upon their own mate - Charlie had tested that idea when she had stepped too close to the female that had placed herself beside their alpha.

Her whole body had frozen as she felt the snout of Charlie, as she whispered out something that got their alpha’s attention. His green eyes had narrowed at Charlie, as he had ordered her to step away from the female.

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Blue gets mad at reader whenever she is near Owen because she wants to be Alfa female

Owen Grady x reader

Requested by: Anon

“Oh my god! Look at her, she’s so mad at you!”
Owen laughed and kissed you on the cheek. You felt his soft lips touching your skin. They were warm and steamy. He pressed his lips for a few seconds just to see Blue’s reaction. She was always so angry when he was next to you. Owen’s eyes were fixed on Blue, who followed all his steps. He wrapped his strong arms around your body, and pressed you against his chest. Blue was so angry that she rushed to the bars near you and roared. She wanted to be the alpha female, and felt threatened by you. Owen loved to tease her.
“Owen…stop it! Poor girl!” You said feeling sorry for Blue.
“You shouldn’t be sorry for her. She want to kill you.” Your boyfriend looked at you with a very serious expression. You know that he used to joke like that, but at that moment, you were hesitant. It looked like he was really talking serious. He withstood a little, but seeing you upset, he burst out laughing. You rested your head on his chest in relief.
“You scared me for a moment!” You said poking his cheeks. Owen slid down his hands to your belly and tickled you with his fingers. You shrank your belly and giggled. Blue interrupted you beating hard on the bars. She wanted to call Owen’s attention.
“Well, it’s time for me to leave…I guess…” You said and hugged your apha’s neck. He glanced at Blue, then turned to you and kissed you affectionately.
“Someone is getting really upset. I have to tell her who’s in charge here!” You walked over your car and waved goodbye. Owen turned to Blue and frowned. She looked at you walking away, and after a while, she was completely peaceful.
“She’s not that bad.” He said referring to you. She growled and hit the bars again and her eyes almost burned with anger.
“Hey! Who’s the alpha? Right, me!” He imposed himself.

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@grey-is-overrated ’d this starter call

          The alpha had just been minding her own business, getting some stitches in a particularly deep wound on her torso thanks to a fight she’d gotten into during her recent transformation, when she noticed an unsettling scene before her. Rebekah hated it when other alphas thought they were allowed to just put their hands on anyone they wished, exerting their power over those lower on the food chain. There was such things as respect and consent, and this guy had neither. Thanking the redheaded doctor for the stitches, she stood up, her nostrils flaring as she watched the alpha male doctor backing the omega female against the wall. “Hey, shithead!” Rebekah called out in a growl, her pheromones going wild. “Get your grubby paws off her before I rip ‘em off.”

Forever Together

Owen Grady x reader

Sent in by: anon

You had always liked the big over grown cats that you had worked with, as you had been there from the beginning - they looked upon you like a member of the pack. As they had their alpha female within the pack, you had become the beta of the pack.

Many had told you that was not the smartest that could happened, but as the saber tooth tigers acted more like dogs - you had not problems with them. They had their own ways to deal with trouble, as you would let them go through with it the way they would normally do it.

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My Queen

When Fiona was born her parents had plans. When she was four, those plans remained. As an adolescent they were affirmed.

She was to be married, engaged and given away and there was nothing she could do about it. To a female alpha, who lived quite far away.

She didn’t often like to think about the bad things that could happen. She just hoped that Cece was kind. At least as her fiancé.


The first one is archer. He’s the leader and the oldest in the pack. The second one is tank. She is the alpha female.the last three (left to right) are silver(he)Abby (she) clay(he).