'she told me this window this time'

today she told me about her all time favorite song and how she only listens to it when she is at her absolute happiest

she said she wanted to play it for me and i said but you aren’t at your happiest and she said no today has been a great day

so she played it and we were driving with the windows down and she was singing along and i swear to god in that moment all i felt was bliss

Creepypasta #1003: You're Not Really Alone

Each evening I sit on the roof facing into her bedroom window and watch.

Sometimes she brings someone home, and I don’t get jealous, I really don’t, I just feel sad. I’ve told myself I should just go, ring the doorbell, talk to her like a normal person. But I can’t. 

So instead, I spend my time trying to figure out what makes her tick, what excites her, or calms her down. I used to get a thrill out of it, but she’d go to sleep a hundred times, never once seeing me there outside her window. I realized that I wasn’t about to get caught. But I was still hooked on watching.

Then the same man kept showing up, at first every few nights, then every night. Then not at all.

I kept watching, waiting for him to come back into her room. I hadn’t seen them fight, but she hadn’t always come home either.

So I kept watching, waiting to see him again. When I did, he was walking towards me on the roof, looking directly at me.

So I looked back at him, and said, “She killed you too, huh?”

Credits to: 3sums

Parenting is:

standing in a playground with a bunch of other parents and sharing the ways your precious bundles of joy have creeped you the fuck out

Actual quotes:

“He draws clowns holding knives. I’m not sure if they are the bad guys or not” (the other mums agreed that if the knife clowns turned the good guys in the picture it was time to contact someone)

“He yelled out the window for ‘king demon’ to go away because he didn’t want to play with him”

“She ripped the head off her doll and carries around the head. She cries if you try to fix the damn thing”

“I woke up at 4am to them standing in the bedroom doorway staring at me. Just staring”

“They came out the room covered in red paint and told me it’s because they were holding rituals with vampire blood”

All of those quotes came from different parents. We were all just stood there going “they scared me shitless doing x”

We determined that since none of them are at all violent that it’s probably fine but we’re keeping an eye on them just in case of spinning heads or mutterings of “redrum”

Christmas Gift Fic #5

This is for @istudypirates who asked for: “Pretty pretty please Bucky going to see Peggy, pretty please. I imagine it devolves into him whining WHY ME quite quickly over Darcy’s trouble magnetism”

“I wasn’t sure you’d come.”

Bucky turned away from the window and looked over towards Peggy Carter. The room was dark, sunrise was still a ways off, though the sky outside was fading from black to gray. But, Steve told him Peggy woke early, so he thought early morning might be the best time for his visit.

“Agent Carter,” he greeted quietly. She couldn’t be sure it was him, but maybe she was just used to people turning up in her room at all hours. If she guessed him often enough eventually she’d be right, right? Or she was waiting for somebody else. 

“Sergeant. It’s been a long time.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

“Let me see you; come over here.”

Bucky hesitated a moment before detaching himself from the comfort of the shadows and approaching her. She lifted a hand, pointed to the side table. He reached over to turn on the small table lamp.

“There you are,” she said on a sigh.

“Darcy said you wanted to see me.”

Peggy nodded and her chin trembled. “I’m so sorry.”

With a groan, he grabbed a chair and pulled it closer to her bed. “Come on. You didn’t know.”

“She said you wouldn’t blame anybody, but,” her voice broke for a moment and she had to collect herself. “But, you have to know, that I looked for you. I want you to know that we didn’t abandon you. I am so sorry, I couldn’t find you. I’m so—”

“Agent Carter, please,” he said, trying not to sound irritated at the old woman.

This wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to give her the peace of mind of whatever it was she needed to say and then leave it. They’d never known each other very well. They had Steve in common, of course, but aside from work together during the war, maybe six months or so of it, that was it. But, he really didn’t want a load of apologies for something that wasn’t even her fault, for something she had nothing to do with.

“I wanted you to know,” she said, patting the air with one hand, stating her point one last time.

“Okay.” He ran a finger along the wood grain in the chair arm. “Thank you.”

“It was the least I could do.”

“It was dangerous.”

“I know.”

“I could have killed you.”

She gave him an amused look. “Obviously you did not.”

“Well … no.”

They fell silent, long enough for Bucky to be pretty sure Peggy fell back asleep.

“I looked for you,” she said, breaking the silence.

“I know. Darcy said.”

“She made it home?”

He wasn’t sure what to say. Both Darcy and Steve told him Peggy’s memory got a little shaky, particularly when she was tired. “Yeah, she’s home safe and sound. She came to see you a couple weeks ago. Do you remember?”

“That’s right,” Peggy said on a sigh, a warble in her voice. “She was afraid you’d be upset.”

“You dames,” he grumbled.

Peggy turned her head and settled herself more comfortably under her blankets. “She missed you so terribly.”

Bucky let his eyes wander around the room, trying to pretend he hadn’t heard her comment. There were private things between him and Darcy and he wasn’t quite comfortable airing them with other people just now.

They were both of them, for their own reasons, a little skittish about this thing between them. Maybe Darcy more than him, which might be strange to other people. And maybe he wouldn’t mind having somebody to talk to about it, and his only other option was Steve and that wasn’t an option. Or maybe Barton, but that also really wasn’t an option, because he didn’t want it to be one.

“I’m glad she wasn’t alone,” he said at last.

“No, she had plenty of friends.” He jumped a little, startled, when he felt her touch the back of his hand. “Everybody missed you, but her heart was broken for you.”

Bucky tried not to pull his hand away, that would have been rude. Geez, this was a weird situation, but she was an old lady now, and still Steve’s girl, so he oughta be polite.

But he also wanted to change the subject. “I read your report.”

“Did you? What did you think?”

“Do you think I was the sniper? The one who shot at her when she was going in to talk to your chief?”

“I don’t know. I don’t recall that we ever found any evidence identifying the sniper. It was so long ago.” Her fingers curled around his. “Darcy missed you so terribly.”

“You said,” he muttered. It seemed like she didn’t want to get off the subject. “She … uh, sounds like she got into some trouble.”

“Nothing horrible, I don’t think.”

“Except the ending up in 1946 part.”

Peggy smiled. “Except that. What a gift. I’ve thought it over the years. She said she was leaving me with a burden, but I thought it was a gift. To know. To know you’d come home one day. That you and Darcy would find each other. What a gift.”

“Guess I’m doomed to find all the people who spend their time finding trouble, huh?”

“Take care of them,” she said quietly, then laughed, just a little, “I’m old, I can’t help anymore. They need you.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m … I’m here,” he grumbled and her fingers squeezed his lightly. “I’ll keep an eye on ‘em.”


“'Course they don’t listen to me.” He said with a shrug. Because, they didn’t listen to him and he wasn’t sure which of them was worst about it.

“Well, they never listened to me, either.”

He finally let himself laugh and he also let himself turn his hand enough to take hers for just a second. “I’ll do my best.” He let go of her hand and stood. “I should go. Sun’s coming up.”

“Will I see you again?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m glad to see you now, Sergeant.”

“Good to see you, Agent.”

“I looked for you,” she told him, her voice serious but the tone going soft and reedy. Looked like maybe she was ready to fall back asleep.

“I know.”

“Sgt. Barnes?”

He pressed his lips together and stepped back away from the bed, finding the fading shadows, and back towards the windows. “Goodbye.”

A guy got mad at me on drive today because I went through the routine questions “anything else? any drinks? Desserts for a dollar? Sauce? Screen look correct?” And he apparently didn’t have time for any of it (there was a line ahead of him. It’s not like he was getting to the window any time soon)

So when I finally gave him his total and he pulled foward, my coworker H, who had a headset on too (she was on drive w me cashing people out) turned to me and laughed. She told me I should’ve asked more questions just because he got so mad at the required ones lmao

Moving Curtains

My husband died a couple of years ago, he was particularly close to my now 13 year old daughter. After he died my daughter was in my bed and said she saw the curtains move. I tried to reassure her and told her it was probably because she was tired. About two years later she told me about her curtains moving again. She came into my bed as she was afraid and I couldn’t believe my eyes as I also saw the curtains (this time in my room) twitch. They are stripey curtains and it was late so I though it must be my tired eyes making the stripes twitch. But then it happened on another evening she was in my bed, but this time it was like it billowed out (the window was shut as it was winter and the radiator is in another place so it wasn’t that either). I didn’t feel scared but more puzzled. So one day I shouted to stop messing with the curtains as it was scaring my daughter and that they had no right, just in case this was paranormal as I’ve heard of other people doing that.

Another evening she said she heard her jewelry (on a cup holder) being moved. I then heard it too on another night. So I removed the jewelry and put it in a drawer.

She also said she sometimes feels someone sitting on her bed and lying on it too. She is a bit jumpy by nature but it’s starting to get to the point that she doesn’t want to be in her room alone at night and to be honest I understand.

I also felt an arm slipping round me one night recently, although to be honest I’m not totally sure if that was a dream or not. I know I was thinking to myself that it was very real but being so tired that I couldn’t be bothered to do anything else but go back to sleep.

I do have a 7 year old son too, but he doesn’t seem to have any problems. I do wonder if it is my husband as he was a lovely man and father. He was always very responsible and took great care of his family. I know he was very bonded with our daughter. I didn’t mention before, but he took his own life. I can’t help think he needs perhaps some closure or just wants to take care of his little girl. But how do I know if it is him or not an unwanted visitor? Any similar stories or advise would be great. Thanks.


Liam wandered to the window, staring out at the trees which were finally in full bloom. The pink leaves brushed against the glass; Lox remembered that he meant to tell his father that it needed to be cut back. 

“What happened with Faye? She was actually at the desk when I came in.” 

“Oh yeah, she’s trying to find a job. Dad told her that she could either get good marks in her exams or get a part-time job this year.” 

Liam snorted. “Bet she loved that.” 

“She complained. Noisily. Though she did start studying. A bit, anyway. I don’t think she’s confident that she achieved what dad asked for. Hence the job search.” 

Liam watched a bee collect nectar from a few flowers beneath their window, their bobbing colourful heads almost hypnotising. “You’re being kind of short with me.”

Lox shrugged and scowled at his twin’s back, but that wasn’t really fair. “I didn’t get the internship. I would have told you a few weeks ago, but…” But it wasn’t like they spoke much anymore. 

Five Minute Drabble Challenge Take Two

Sacrebleu, what is this, how on earth could I miss such a sweet little succulent… challenge?

I don’t know why? But I only now saw that @gigiree​ tagged me for the second round of the 5-minute drabble challenge. (And I saw it from @miraculousturtle‘s reblog whatttt) I’m going through a bit of a life slump right now, so maybe this challenge will make me feel better.

The rule, again: WRITE A DRABBLE IN FIVE MINUTES. NO EDITING. (Here’s the first time I did the challenge.

This time I’m starting with “lightning strike” as a prompt, because everybody’s still addicted to that Umbrella Scene, and…let’s see where it goes?


The thought is a strike of lightning.

The feeling, or the lack thereof, feels solid as the rain pelts against her windows.

The certainty grows as the water refreshes the flowers in her balcony.

Suddenly, but surely, she is over Adrien Agreste.


If someone told her three years ago that this day would come, her middle schooler self would have protested vehemently that it was impossible, impossible, her heart belonged to Adrien. If someone reminds her three years from now of this moment, her 21-year-old self would most likely laugh at how big of a deal she’s making it.

But, here she is, preparing for a night with Adrien—alone, as friends, to support Mme. Césaire’s new restaurant—and she’s not forcing her heart stop pounding or talking herself into breathing normally.

She just is.

And she celebrates it.

When he comes to pick her up, he is as dazzlingly handsome as ever. She smiles at him— Calm. Welcoming. Friendly. He’s the one who looks embarrassed when he asks her if she’s fine with walking instead of taking the car. He’s scratching the back of his neck, and there’s a blush on his cheekbones. Instead of blushing herself, Marinette only thinks that it’s adorable.

She’s over him, somehow, and the relief swells in her chest.

Her childish crush had to stop eventually.

And she’s tripped over herself because of him for far too long, anyway. She’d much prefer someone who enables her to stand and leap and fly, someone who firmly stands by her, someone who can rely on, someone with whom she can pound her fist after a job well done.

And he speaks so nicely and so properly all the time, sometimes Marinette finds herself waiting for a ridiculous pun or a mischievous lilt in his voice.

And he’s much too perfect and stunning in the spotlights of high society, amidst adoring fans and noisy crowds. Marinette thinks maybe she better enjoys candid laughter in the shroud of Parisian night sky.


Oh. Haha. Did that Adrienette suddenly become Ladynoir? Welp in the end, it’s still these two dorks, so…

Okay! Tagging writers that I started chatting with only recently, @skaylanphear and @terriblenerd and….err….everyone else who wants to do this! If you see this and you wanna do it, consider yourself tagged.


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Divia watched the progress of that single tear. The perfect drop as it rolled across Marzia’s smooth complexion “is that what happened to you?” she asked unable to fathom how someone could hurt such a perfect creature.

“I screwed up once too many times,” Marzia scowled up at a second story window “I always let my insecurities and jealousy get the better of me.” She shook her head “that’s enough about me. We’re talking about you. What happened to you?”

“I…told my roommate that I liked her,” she blurted out needing someone to tell.

“I take it she didn’t take the news well,” Marzia asked feeling sorry for the girl. She wanted to reach over and run her hands through the girls long blue hair. Pull her close, tell her everything would be alright. She did neither of those things. Just held her hand rubbing her thumb back and forth across her skin.

“I’ve liked her forever,” Divia admitted relieved to have someone she could confide in “we grew up together. She’s my best friend. I thought… I hoped she felt the same. I’m so stupid,” she wailed wiping her eyes “she likes boys. Always has. I was just too blind to see it. She would only ever see me as her friend.” She closed her eyes breathing deeply “it’s going to be so awkward in our room now.”

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #13

Call Of Warning

My mother told me once that when I was just a toddler that she was in the kitchen ironing and then heard a voice behind her say “Alister”, which is my name. She turned around and obviously nothing was there. 

Then, recalling where I was, she ran to the living room where I apparently was up at the window and near to falling down and luckily caught me. This is super strange and she says she does not have a clue how it happened as nobody else was home at the time and had left me to watch the TV briefly.

Credits to: AlisterM

Weirdest Coincidence In My Life Time

In January of 2011 I went to a “lock-in” at a local indoor skate park where everyone would skate or bike from 9pm until 9am and nobody could leave until your parents picked you up in the morning. My friends and I had a great time and filmed some clips and it was great. I was 15 at the time. 

I met a lot of cool people from around the area and I also noticed these two weird kids that were there. They were both probably 11 or 12 years old. One kid was fat and had a buzz cut and the kid he was with was taller, really skinny, and also bald (not sure if he had health problems or just no hair like Caillou). They sat up on the ramps without a skateboard or bike and just stared at us and it was pretty weird but I forgot about it for a long time.

Fast forward to summer of 2014, I was skating in my home town with two of my good friends that both skated. After a few hours skating at the middle school we headed back to my house to play Xbox. We started talking about skate spots and eventually about the indoor park that I had gone to a few years back. 

I started telling them the exact story and even described to them the part about the two weird kids. Specifically as I’m talking about the kids I saw, my friend gets a Facebook message sitting next to me. The message came from someone he had no mutual friends with and all it said was “did you hit Ashley?”. He had absolutely no idea who the person was or why he asked that. The person was from a town almost an hour away from us. I was looking at the message and told him to look through his pictures to see if we recognize him. So my friend starts scrolling through his public profile pictures and saying that he’s never seen him before. 

I decide to take a look. It was a short fat kid with a buzz cut. I jokingly comment that he looks like the kid from the story I was in the middle of telling them. I take a good look and realize that he looks exactly how I remember the kid sitting on the ramp. I start to get a little weirded out but just think it’s a look-alike. I’m clicking further through his pictures and then it happens. There he is in a picture with the fuckin’ bald kid exactly how I remember. I was completely freaked out.

So three years after I attended the skate park, I just so HAPPENED to be telling my friends about my time at the park and I just so HAPPENED to be telling them about those weird kids at the exact moment that this message just so HAPPENS to pop up on my friends computer. I couldn’t believe it. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I’ve had some pretty weird coincidences but this one blew them all out of the water.

Credits to: jmason215

My Phone Called My Friend’s As We Touched Hands 

This girl was a friend of mine I didn’t meet often. As far as I know she is a bit of psychic. We met at a pub and left our mobile phones on the table in front of us. We were talking and I dearly held her hands in mine. 

At about the same time her phone rang and she said excuse me, got to check the phone. There was my name as the caller and in fact my phone had started a call to her.

Credits to: GioLasar

Me And A Friend Lost 3 Hours Of Time

I was staying a night at a friend’s (Marley) house since her mom was going to be out for the night and she thought it would be fun if I came over. We decided that around 10pm we’d bake some cookies since nothing’s better than fresh sweets at night. I perfectly remember at 10 pm checking the time on my computer and saying in a few minutes we should get to baking.

Few minutes later we do get up and head to the kitchen but when we get there, the clock reads 1am. That’s pretty impossible given minutes earlier I’d JUST seen it was 10pm. I know on the internet you can lose track of time but I think it’s pretty unlikely we sat there for 3 hours without realizing it. We checked all the clocks in the house and yeah, it was definitely somehow 1am.

Just to be sure that us ‘losing track of time’ wasn’t the case, we checked our computer histories since we were on them just before getting up to bake. From 10 m to 1am there were no sites recorded, meaning for 3 hours we hadn’t been online at all. It was like we’d both just sat there doing absolutely nothing for hours and if that’s somehow the case than neither of us remember it at all.

Credits to: CassMasterGreen

New Arrival

“Okay Leo, ready to meet her?” I asked him for the first time as he swung his legs back and forth in the over sized chair. Seeing the excitement in his eyes made my heart want to melt as I helped him off of the chair and held his small hand in mine as we went towards the room. 

Walking with Leo like this made me think back to Y/n having Leo, how I waited to be told and all the guys helped me make it to the room in one piece. I remember seeing how happy Y/n looked, sweat like a sheen across her face but a delicate life in her arms. Her smile that formed when she saw me walk in, the guys looking through the window with equal smiles as I laid my eyes on him for the first time, my little boy, my little Leo. 

Now I was helping Leo meet his baby sister, Y/n had been in labour all throughout the night meaning Leo had to stay at home with my mum, but now here he was. As we got to the door I knelt down in front of him, his blue eyes resembling mine wide with excitement and I let out a small laugh. “Now remember, she’s very small so be careful okay?” He nodded eagerly as he jumped up and down with excitement, scenes like this make my heart melt with joy. 

As I opened the door Leo remained at my side, Y/n sat up and let out a yawn. Once she saw Leo an enthusiastic smile formed on her face, “Hey baby boy, are you ready to meet your new sister?” I picked Leo up by his small waist and lifted him up onto Y/n’s bed, she held our newest family member in her arms. 

Judging by the curious look on Leo’s face he looked to me and then back to his mum. “My sister?” He pointed to her small figure as she kept her eyes closed but squirmed in Y/n’s arms. 

We both nodded to him as he reached his small hand out to hers, she gripped onto one of his fingers with his whole hand and I could see the spark in his eyes. Y/n began to tear up as did I as I imagined all the memories we would share as a family from now on, how these two would grow up together and blossom into beautiful people. 

“What’s her name mummy?” Leo asked as Y/n adjusted our newest family member in her arms, bringing Leo closer to her to sit with her. 

Y/n gave me a smile and I came round the other side of her, all four of us sitting close as a family, a unit. The amount of joy I felt could not be contained at this sight, at my family. “Her name’s Lily.” I told him and he gave us a wide smile, nodding.

“Welcome to the family Lily.” 


Damon’s POV

Y/N was new in the group; she was helping us with Kai since she was Siphoner just like him. Helping us understand how it worked, what we should and shouldn’t do. Apart from that she was really nice but also extremely sarcastic at the same time, the perfect combination, not to mention she was really pretty. Now she was sitting in a chair next to the window at our house, reading one of Stefan’s old books. I couldn’t stop watching her and trying to discover what was going on inside her head.

‘You know; a picture would last longer’ her voice took me back to reality. She was looking at me now with a big smile on her face, a perfect one.

‘Don’t flatter yourself. I was just looking outside’ I told her, trying to hide the fact that I was staring at her.

‘Yeah sure’ there was her sarcasm. Then she laughed and I swear that sound filled the hole room, it was all I wanted to hear once and again and again. That was the moment I realized maybe I felt something for that sarcastic beautiful girl, maybe I wanted to be more than friends if we even were that, maybe I wanted to just grab her by the waist and kiss her till were out of breath or cuddle up next to her in the couch in front of the fire while she read on of her books just so when she felt asleep I could carry her upstairs and lay next to her the hole night.

Requested ↴

Anon: Could you do more with Damon? -When he realise the feelings for you -catch me if you can - the first look - fighting with Ric because of y/n -Elena seeing you two in bed - stefan is jealous of Damon course he is the boyfriend - the first fight -children -wedding You know what I mean? 🙃🙃

First one done! I’ll post the next one within two days probably.

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Tricks and Treats: Harvest Moon

For October 18th! Oh lord…what have I done to myself haha…

And for @wolf–ink~

Prompt:Harvest Moon

Summary: Saitama just wanted some help around the farm. He hadn’t known his former neighbor was a witch and he certainly didn’t think much of fixing up an old scarecrow.

“Come on, my grandmother said that he was great around the house when she needed him to be. I’m sure he’s not that bad.”

“He came into my bedroom through the second-story window,” he replied flatly.

“Hmm…grandma never told me he was clingy. I guess he just likes you.”

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weird college shit

one time me and my flatmate were putting away dishes and a plate slipped from my hand, rolled the length of the counter, and promptly fell out the window where it crashed 6 floors down

and another time we hadn’t heard from this girl in like 4 months and thought she might have died in her room so we spent a night wasting 34 hair pins trying to break into her room to find out and then told security and she opened the door to check and surprise surprise nobody was deadthen once i walked into the kitchen and found a group of people huddled around a tiny lamp on the floor and warming their hands on it when the lights worked completely fine and chanting something

i was running to get the bus and after a minute, realized i left a shoe behind, had to run back and get my shoe, held it in my hand and ran with one foot barefoot to get the bus like some crazy idiot

one of my friends woke up after a drunk night on the other side of town with a broken finger. another drunk friend on halloween got mugged and didnt realize he was already mugged until a cab driver told him to be careful about muggers

around 1 am this guy rang my doorbell wearing nothing but tighty-whiteys that was stuffed with paper to look bigger and lumpier and made macho poses (and also got inappropriate and tried to kiss me but thats a different story)

another friend came back from a drunk night out, cut her thumb on some weird shit, decided she wanted toast and woke up to realize that the way she made toast was putting her purse in the microwave with $200 in it and now its just ash.

me and my friend sat in McD until 3 am, not high/drunk or anything and talked about universe and existential stuff and paradoxes and things people only say when theyre high while a myriad of drunk people just flickered in and out

So this girl from my class told me that she started watching Doctor Who recently

Her: Hey, I’ve actually started watching Doctor Who!

Me: Cool! But please tell me that you didn’t skip season 1!

Her: Oh, I jumped right to season 5! Matt Smith is soooo hot!

Me: You skipped Nine and Ten?

Her: Yea, you know, they’re ugly.





Police: And she just fell out the window?

Me: Yea

Police: And exactly how many times did she fall out the window?

Me: I lost count.

♡ Philkas Week –》 Day Seven: anything you want ♡

*Based on Confessions by Usher*

Lukas pecked Philip’s lips softly, knowing he had screwed up big time. “I’m sorry, Philip. I wasn’t thinking.” Lukas whispered. “Yeah. Obviously.” Philip scoffed and moved away from Lukas. Philip felt like he was in a dream and he wanted to wake up. “I thought you said you didn’t do anything with her.” Philip said and looked out the window, not wanting to make eye contact with Lukas. “I did, too. But i-i was drunk and i don’t remember it. She just called me and told me.” Lukas whispered and Philip rolled his eyes. Lukas sighed, not wanting to fight anymore. “There’s no promise it’s mine. I’m thinking about having a DNA test done.” Lukas said and Philip looked at him. “You’re going to put Rose through that? She’s seventeen!” Philip said. Lukas narrowed his eyes at the smaller boy in front of him. “First you were upset because she’s pregnant, and now you’re upset because i want to know for sure? Make up your mind!” Lukas snapped. “I’m not upset because she’s pregnant. I’m upset because you lied to me, and i don’t think it’s fair to put a seventeen-year-old soon to be mother through that.” Philip said and threw his hands up in the air to make a point. Lukas sighed and walked outside, done with the argument at hand. Rose was having Lukas’ baby, but Lukas had a boyfriend. Lukas hears the door open and feels Philip sit next to him. “I’m sorry. Really, i am.” Lukas said and Philip gripped his hand. “It’ll be hard, but we’ll make it through this. Rose, you, the baby and i. It’s gonna be okay. It’s fine.” Philip said and looked out at the sky and trees. Lukas placed his index finger and thumb on Philip’s chin, causing him to look up. “Thank you for understanding.” Lukas murmured and glanced at Philip’s lips before placing his free hand on the side of Philip’s face and leaning in to kiss him.

“I love you.” They both mumbled at the same time as they pulled away.  💖

~ Audrayy🍒


girl meets the bay window: future

someone told me that I should check out this tv series and I’ve tried watching some of its episodes. i saw this episode where the past, present, and future rileys and mayas were in the same timeline which was in the future.

In that future timeline which was considered “the present”
Maya was going away to be a resident artist and that should mean that she had to be separated with Riley but when Riley asked when are they going to see each other, Maya answered “all the time”.
(more on this later)

The camera zoomed out to capture
1. the older riley and maya by the bay window
2. the younger rileys and mayas by the bed.
by doing this we see the older couple hugging out and we direct our attention to the younger subjects by the bed because we expected them to just be hugging.

The camera then focuses on the younger versions but then child and teenage maya both said, “well I’m disgusted”. Before that Riley was still looking at the direction of the older couple (dreamily) but when the mayas reacted she raised her eyebrows and looked at them like “really?” but she knows its going to happen soon.

When the camera zoomed out at the same time that the older couple ends the hugging their faces were inches from each other and then the camera focuses on the younger versions.
I think they were kissing.

That would make sense when the younger versions of Maya think its disgusting because at that time they haven’t thought about the idea of being in a romantic relationship with Riley.

Riley on the other hand just stares at the older couple and didn’t react like Maya did because maybe she knew it was going to happen sooner or later or maybe she was open to the idea of being in a romantic relationship with Maya.

the older Maya asks the older Riley what do they do next and then the older Riley answers now we leave this place, ( at this point i kinda expected Maya to argue that Riley can’t leave that place because that was her home) but she just say how can they leave when all of their memories were there.

At this point i think they’re moving in together in that apartment that Maya found.

(everything is just a theory i just thought of)

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22, 55, 97 ☀️

22. How many times a day on average do you check your phone?
I check my phone like Osama checked windows. Money always comin’ thru and I ain’ tryna miss it ya feel me?

56. When was the last time somebody complimented you?
A lady earlier told me I had a nice belt… Yea sure she was lookin’ at the belt haaa.

97. Is it harder to love or to hate somebody?
Its harder to love imo. Lovin’ someone means you lettin’ ya guard down, you gainin’ some trust, you givin’ them apart of your mind and emotions, being able to take rejection and sometimes pain, having mad patience and putting another before you sometimes… Love takes work fam. Today? Hate is glorified and encouraged for some reason. It don’t take much work lmao.


I’ve read it a few times like years ago and ive thought about it too, pretty eyes has been mentioned thrice now but how did i forget this something about eyes has also been mentioned before long before. I started rewatching from season 3 and something hit me(a lot of things did but this particularly lol), we still do not know who wrote “Steamy with wren steamy with me” people thought it to be red coat or melissa ill get to that later lets discuss the pretty eyes references or references to eyes, in season 1 ep 15 = long fucking time ago where the bead lady told -A they had “interesting eyes which are windows to the soul” the first ever EYES reference props to this person 3 years ago and i think its spot on

Second reference was in season 2 episode 12, the waitress calls -A “pretty eyes” which marlene said to be as a welcoming thing she told to everyone and this was actually Mona to throw us off, it will make sense read on.

Now this is the second reference to pretty eyes since it was a welcoming thing the waitress did and said it to toby in season 3 episode 24 and everyone brushed it off so did i, and after that everyone thought the FIRST reference was actually to mona and also brushed that off, like i said marlene only mentioned it to keep us off track.

THIRD is in season fucking 6 well played marlene, an old lady calls toby pretty eyes and this old lady is not a waitress who says it to everybody, AKA MARLENE JUST CONFIRMED SO MANY THINGS RIGHT NOW.

This means it could 90% ACTUALLY be toby who wrote the steamy with wren thing and he lied about being on the A team later on, i still need to watch more to make more connections.

Toby has been A for a very very long time guys, marlene also mentioned toby was not supposed to be a recurring character but they made some changes and guess what other storyline he is also connected to, BETHANY YOUNG AND MARION CAVANAUGH which also adds up to Alison’s family’s storyline. I dont really remember but someone posted it or it was in the episode in the dollhouse there were 2 boys one blonde one brown haired, and the blonde boy had blue eyes and so does Toby.

I have seen more weird connections with characters especially ezra and aria also maya tell me if yall wanna hear it so ill just make a video of it if you want.